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ok first of all who gave you this talent??? bc damn ive stayed up until like 4am stalking this blog i love it so much lol 💕💕i was wondering if you had the time of you could write a little thing about if BTS were going out with someone who actually did the jobs they had in the Dope Era? I just kinda thought it would be a cool concept welp anyway I love you remember to eat all three meals 💖💖💖

omf all u people who stay up till like the am hours need to sleep,,,,,also this was such a cute idea so!!! here you go!!!

Namjoon x Bellhop 

  • thinks your little uniform is the absolute cutest, gets all smiley when he sees you in it
  • listens and comforts you when you talk about people being rude to you on the job
  • once snuck into the building pretending he lived there, just so you two could ride up in the elevator alone and had there not been a surveillance camera he mumbles that he would have kissed you
  • knows your job can get pretty boring so he sends you samples of music he’s working on
  • made you a playlist called: my elevator love LOL

Yoongi x Military General

  • your job title is so intimidating, but yoongi is so into it,,,,like so so so into it
  • “so you order people around for a living? that’s hot” 
  • wants to know all the military slang and probably tries to use it around bangtan and they’re just like ? and he’s like “did i mention im dating basically a superhero? you think you’re tough jungkook have you seen my significant other?”
  • honestly,,,,yoongi isn’t one to brag about much - but i think he’d really be proud of you 
  • but,,,,,even though he doesn’t show this side of himself a lot,,,,he’d constantly worry that your job might get you hurt in the future
  • once you and him were hanging out with the rest of bangtan and there was a loud noise and all seven of them hid behind you,,,,,,,,yoongi clutching to your arm so hard it nearly went numb 

Taehyung x Detective

  • “can you tell me about the FREAKIEST criminal you’ve ever met?”
  • “did you see something gruesome today?”
  • “can i look at the evidence with you?”
  • it is a,,,,,constant barrage of questions because taehyung thinks your job is the cOOLEST
  • but then he realizes it is a shit ton of paperwork and he’s like,,,,oh,,,,,like he is genuinely upset at this fact and you have to cheer him up with kisses about it
  • once introduced you to bts as the sherlock,,,,,,who solved the mystery to his heart
  • and jungkook was like that was cornier than anything seokjin has ever said in his life
  • late night working on a case and taehyung tries to stay up and keep you company but ends up falling asleep against your shoulder 
  • you have the same coffee orders because being a detective and being an idol = stress = need caffeine 

Jungkook x Police Officer

  • asks if you’ll ever consider joining the k9 unit in the future,,,,,,,you know,,,,,because dogs are great
  • knows work can take a toll on your mood so he’s always trying to make you laugh when you come home 
  • but sometimes he just holds you in his arms, your face buried in his chest
  • just for fun, you let jungkook take the physical exam that police officers have to take and he,,,,passed,,,,,,,,,it
  • you can recite law from memory, which jungkook thinks is amazing he just stares at you in wonder 
  • accidentally handcuffed himself when you told him not to play around with them like ten times
  • falls in love with your hard work and perseverance a little more every day

Jimin x Office Worker

  • stresses that you should eat during your lunch break no matter what, he knows you think chips are a meal but they’re not - they’re really not
  • put a keychain of chimmy on your ID badge
  • knows your bus schedule and gets a lil grumpy if you’re late and you’re like sorry sorry im going im going
  • but then also he runs out of the apartment still in his slippers to give you your keys and kiss you one more time before you go
  • “9 to 5 jobs suck but i want you to know that i love you and you’re doing great!! here is a photo of the sky i took for you because it’s beautiful just like you”
  • gets shy at the christmas party because everyone is like “oh, they talk so much about you!” because you do,,,,you love talking about your adorable boyfriend,,,,

Jin x Doctor

  • the amount of times he’s feigned sickness ,,,,,,,,, just to say “my heart is sick with love for you” is probably in the hundreds by now
  • wore your doctors coat but it was too small in the shoulders
  • got you a picture frame of you two and was like put it on your desk so your patients know you love me
  • and you’re like oh my god,,,,,,i already have a photo of us on my desk and he was just like !!!!!!!! really!!!!!!!!! 
  • texts you “jungkook has a fever - do you think we should go to the ER?” and you’re like,,,,,,if he gets worse yes but soup and rest can work?????
  • and jin is like wow. my smart doctor significant other. i love you. you are the smartest. and my heart is sick with love for- 
  • you: i know what you’re going to say seokjin and i love you too
  • he knows it’s overused but he’s like “love is the cure for everything. come here and let me kiss all your sadness away” and you can’t even argue with him,,,,because most of the time it works

Hoseok x Race Car Driver 

  • in theory, hoseok thinks your job is so cool and you’re a badass who can handle his wild, energetic self
  • in practice, you are a badass but hoseok is the one who cannot handle race cars
  • all that noise??? the literal chance of getting super hurt???? someone sidesweeping you into oblivion??? no thanks
  • but he knows you love it, and you get a thrill so he’s still the supportive boyfriend
  • who always has 911 on standby during your races even though that’s not necessary LOL 
  • you do both look hot as hell in leather jackets and holding helmets 
  • also, hoseok has the biggest heart eyes watching you fix your car - a little oil on your cheek and being just ,,,,,,, so good with your hands and passionate about something
  • like it makes hoseok happy that you love something like he loves dancing
  • “my love is a race to the finish line and you got first place~”
  • i think couple tattoos are definitely in you and hoseok’s future 
Kinky - Harry Styles




“Think about it, you say she loves rough sex. If she loves rough sex, dirty talk and fooling around in private. Then this means she’ll probably like that kinky shit people use.”

“What kinky shit people use?” I asked Niall as we drank one night. {Y/N} was off on a schedule to work nights. I had been trying to spice up our sex life but it isn’t as easy as you might think. She’s not one to change up things, she likes change but not in the bedroom. At least that’s what she’s been thinking.

“You know, toys, vibrators - those things make women go crazy.”

“How would you know about that stuff?” I smirked, taking another sip of my beer.

“My girlfriend is not what you’d expect Harry, believe me.” He chuckled, his Irish accent drifting into my ears. I wasn’t drunk but I was a little tipsy.

“Where would I get them? People would see me walking into a sex store, that would make me uncomfortable and {Y/N} would know in an instant.”

“Harry, don’t be an idiot. That’s what the internet is for.” Niall rolled his eyes at me. He was right, if I wanted a little change I had to act on it. This just sounds like the best opportunity. After I let the pub and went off to {Y/N} and I’s, I went online and did it all. I researched different things, wondering what she would like. I felt weird doing this, without even having a conversation with {Y/N} before getting these things.

“You’re still up?” {Y/N} said, coming into the bedroom - heels in hand, shirt unbuttoned and pulling the hair tie out of her hair. She looked unbelievably sexy, I could rip the rest of her clothes off and fuck her against the bed. I didn’t. I only watched her walk into her closet and come out in her robe. “Harry?” She came up to me, looking into my eyes.

I closed the laptop before she could see what I was ordering. She climbed in my lap as I sat, back against the headboard and my legs out straight.  I could feel her wet pussy resting against my bare knee. She wore nothing under the robe as always, pressing her lips to my neck softly. “I wanted to wait or you.” I whispered, running my hands through her luscious hair.

“You did now.” {Y/N} giggled quietly, she clearly was horny. The way her hips swiveled, how hot her thighs were.  The amount of pre cum from her pussy seeping out and the way her hands roamed my bare chest. “It’s not too late, don’t you think?” She pushed some of her hair behind her ear. {Y/N} looked so adorable, sexy and back to adorable again. You’d never be able to believe how rough she likes it. She’s not into a lot but she sure is into rough, steamy, sex. Missionary, riding, from behind - she loves it all.

I rolled her over onto her back and climbed over her. Her hair had gotten caught on my pillow, the lamp shining on her face. I untied the robe and pulled it off her body. I threw it off to the edge of the bed, pulling my boxers down. She had propped her feet down on the bed, flat, her knees pointed towards the ceiling. Her legs were spread, her arms and hands above her head. I stared into her eyes, leaning down to her lower abdominal area. I placed little kissed here and there, making sure not to kiss the same place twice.

Since, I just bought those ‘toys’ and they won’t be here for a couple more days… Why not go ahead and prep her? Tease her a little more, talk to her in the filthiest way, fuck her harder - rougher. It’ll be like preparing for anal compared to what will take place. I climbed over her, placing my cock at her entrance. A sweet moan leaving her already agape mouth, “don’t be a tease,” she whispered.

“Oh sweetheart.” I groaned into her ear, entering her and hitting the limit of her pussy. “We’re just getting started…”

A week passed, nothing in the mail came. I waited patiently, knowing it might take some time but after it had been seven days I was sick of waiting. {Y/N} and I’s sex life basically stayed the same except we were taking on more. Ever since that night {Y/N} was becoming ‘hungrier’ for lack of a better word, or verb rather. We’d fuck once and she’s want it again five or ten minutes later. She doesn’t get that is takes men longer to pick back up again.

She got my message, “rougher, harder.” She knew exactly what I wanted and she seemed to feed that request and live off it. Over the week we had had more sex than we’ve ever had. I don’t think I’ve worn myself out that much, sexually. I told her I had a surprise five days after I had ordered those things. Every day since she has asked me what it is, when I’ll tell her. It’s the main reason why I am sick of waiting for the damn package.

“Harold, something came in the mail for you.” {Y/N} called upstairs as I worked on a new song in my office.

“Bring it up here, pretty please?” I called back to her, then hearing her feet treading the stairs. {Y/N} walked into the office with a medium sized box, setting it on my desk.

“What is it?” She asked curiously.

“Open it.” I kept strumming my guitar, watching her closely.

“Does it have to do with the surprise?” I nodded and she grabbed a pair of scissors. Her face made her look as if she were going to open it up to see a new blanket. I didn’t think anyone could love blankets as much as {Y/N} does, it’s an obsession. Besides that, she wouldn’t be opening it up to a blanket, rather things she’s probably never seen.

She opened it, pulling out something white and long covered in plastic. {Y/N} then ripped off the plastic and looked at it with disbelief. “Did you buy a fucking vibrator?” She wasn’t mad or happy. Her face showed no expression, not even a hint of one. “What’d you do that for? Trying to tell me you’re going off on tour again?” She finally smirked.

“What else is in the box?” I ignored her questions. She looked again, pulling out something silver wrapped in plastic.

“Cuffs, classy. Can’t wait to cuff you to the bed.” She sounded so sexy, it was hard to restrain.

“What else?” I knew there was more. {Y/N} pulled out yet another item, satin cuffs with a tie around them.

“To delicately tie me to the bed, even classier than the cuffs.” She raised her eyebrow at the next item. “Anal beads?”

“Well it’s not like I could go and ask you. It was meant to be a surprise.” I placed my guitar down and stood, walking over to her, behind her.

“If you had,” she stopped, “I wouldn’t know what to think. But now that you’ve gotten these things…” She looked up at me. “I have to lay down some rules.”

I touched her hips, pressing mine against her. “By all means kitten, go on.”

“One; no hair pulling.” I automatically cut her off at rule one.

“I like it when you pull my hair.” I whispered, clutching her right ass cheek firmly.

“Just don’t pull my hair. Two; if you spank me, only with your hand no wips. Three; if you use a vibrator, you press it against my cunt until I orgasm. Four; don’t try to make me orgasm before you, you’ll get frustrated. Five; don’t stop fucking me over and over until my pussy is raw.” I stared down at her in disbelief. I had never heard her use such vulgar ideas and words. It turned me on indefinitely. I could feel myself growing in my jeans, feeling myself growing for {Y/N} with the thought of fucking her time after time.

“Agreed.” I nibbled at her left ear, holding her pressed against my body.

“Do you have any rules, Harry?” Her tone had gotten seductive ever since she read out her rules.

“No safe word.” I whispered, running my hand up his chest. “If it really hurts or you really want me to stop, you’ll figure it out.”

“Jesus.” She hissed, “fuck me now, use these things and christ, make me feel good.” I lifted her into my desk, pulling her pants and knickers down. {Y/N} was pulling me forward into her grasp and kissing my lips hard. We were making out by now, her bare hips and legs hooked around mine.

I grabbed the vibrator, having to plug it in kind of ruined the mood. Except when I looked back up at {Y/N} she was shaking. Shaking with anticipation and waiting for me to hurry up. I turned the vibrator on just to see how it worked, looking at all the settings. I walked on my knees over to my desk where she sat on the edge. Her legs dangled off, toes curled, clearly waiting. She was gripping the edges, her nails going into the wood just barely.

“Has my baby girl been good? Good enough for an orgasm?” I turned it on to the lowest setting. One out of four settings. One being sweet, two being steamy, three being hardcore and four being massage. I laughed, looking back into her gorgeous, seductive, {Y/Eye/C} eyes.

“Really good.” She whispered, scratching her thigh and putting it back to where it once had been. She was going to touch herself but thought against it. I wished she had touched herself, seeing her masturbate is such a scene. A fucking beautiful scene.

“Then you want me to press this to you -” I coughed. I thought women found that foul word to be offensive, I know I do find it an offensive word. It can’t be that bad if she used it but it makes me hesitant to use it with her. “to your cunt.” I whispered.

“God it’s sexy when you say that, really sexy.” She ran her hand through my hair, tugging on the curls just barely. Just how I love it.

I pressed the vibrator up to the second setting. I then guided it to her cilt and held her thigh so she couldn’t push away from me. “God.” She said again, holding my hair and letting the moans reign free from her mouth. “Harry.” She whined, longing out the ‘r’ and bucking her hips ever so lightly. I whispered dirty things to her, watching her and holding the vibrator against her cilt. Bearing more pressure and talking filthier to her.

“Like this?” I finally asked.

“Fuck - fuck it. Turn it up.”

“Turn the setting up? Do you need to cum?” I bat my thick eyelashes, staring at her intently with so much intensity in my eyes. “Answer me.” I said after a few minutes, the virbator still pressed against her.

“Yes, yes I do. I’m almost there.” I turned it off. She looked down at me, an expression of disbelief written across her face. “What did I tell you Harry.”

“I heard the rule. But you didn’t seem to enthusiastic about needing to orgasm.” I shrugged, holding it in my hand. I was sitting with one foot planted on the ground and my other leg, sitting on the knee and lower part of my leg.

“Fuck you.” She hissed, wrapping her legs around the desk legs and curling her toes again. She sighed, closing her eyes, opening them and rolling ‘em at me.

“Yes?” I waited for her to regain herself, compose herself.

“I was so close, so fucking close. Thinking about your mouth on my ear and your cock in my tight pussy. You’re a bastard, stopping like that, when by now you could have gotten an orgasm out of me. My cum could be pouring out of me right now, I know you are hard.” I got harder at the sound of her voice. “You could have my cum dripping on your swollen tip. Baby.” She popped the b’s and sighed, waiting.

I pushed the vibrator back on and to the highest level. I inched the vibrator onto her cilt and she began with the beautiful moans again. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck like that that. A little harder, harder, fuck!” I pushed it harder against her, opening the lips of her pussy up so I could work. Then she came and the moan from her orgasm just fucked me up. “Harry!” She hissed, “fuck you’re so good at this. You make me feel so, so good.” She half whined.

Cum came out of her pussy, just a tad, still making my pants feel tighter and unbearable. I stood, stretching and becoming taller than her. I closed her legs, unplugging the vibrator and placing it in the box with the rest of the items. I took the box in the bedroom, going back into my office down the hall to {Y/N}. “We’re not done, are we?” {Y/N} sounded innocent and almost sad.

“Far from done.” I murmured, picking her up. Her legs dangled on either side of my body as I held her ass in my hands, her arms around my neck.

Once in the bedroom I placed her on the bed, right in the middle. She laid there like a fucking angel, her {Y/Hair/C} hair spread all about the upper half of the bed. I stood back, looking through the box. Grabbing the silk cuffs for now, not wanting my mother to see cuff bruises on her wrists tomorrow at lunch. I tied them to her wrists and she didn’t care at all, just breathing quietly beneath me. “From behind or atop?” I whispered into her ear, slowly.

“Behind, then top.” She bit her lip, blushing terribly.

I turned her over onto her stomach and tied the remaining bit of the satin cloth to the headboard. She seemed content, sitting up on her knees, a pillow under her stomach. She must have thought I was going to just fuck her now, she had forgotten about the other surprises. I grabbed the anal beads, not being able to hide my smirk. Not that she could see me. But - I had to do a few things before putting it in her. Yes, I did research about these things before I bought them.

I grabbed the lubrication {Y/N} and I used if we ever had anal. I also grabbed a condom so it wouldn’t be so harsh on her body. First the condom and then the lubricant. I pushed the first bead in, the smallest one. “AGH.” She groaned, gritting her teeth.

“Hurt too bad?” I kissed her ass cheek, leaving a love bite just before her waist.

“More, push.” I hissed. I pushed in the next two, getting the next reaction but louder and more frustrated. I pushed the last one in, but not the one to guide it into her. I twirled it around inside her, pulling the last one out and shoving it back in.

“Good lord!” She moaned, basically howling by now. “God it fucking feels so good!” Since we’ve had anal before (a few times actually) she isn't’ so hurt by them. If this was the first time, she would be hissing and howling out of pain.

We worked at this, reaching my way up to her cilt again. “Rub my cunt, harder.” She whined, raising her ass up higher. I pulled the beads out, pushed them back in. Rubbed her Cilt harder and faster. I only wished I had gotten to see her face, her gorgeous expression when she orgasmed this time.

“Harry!” It wasn’t just her screaming my name. You would have heard her from outside the front door. She clutched the sheets, shoving a pillow off the bed, barely able to grip anything for the constraints. “You’re so good!” She hissed, trying to look back at me.

I pulled the beads out completely, her cum had dripped onto the largest bead. I threw the condom away and put it on the bedside table. I grabbed my phone, hooking it up to the speakers we kept in the bedroom. I played the fifty shades soundtrack, along with a playlist {Y/N} made one night in Paris. I walked before the bed and tugged my jeans and boxers down, stepping out of them and pulling my shirt off. I untied the cuffs, rolling her exhausted body over. Tying her hands back to the headboard.

“You’ve been a decent woman.” I lied to her. “Though,” I trailed off, climbing on the bed and teasing her entrance with my beyond swollen tip. “Do you even need me to fuck you?”

“Yes.” She opened her eyes, sweat glistening down between her breasts and under them. She looked like she had just crawled out of the tub and gotten in bed.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, I need you to fuck me. Fuck me like only you do. Hard and sweet. Fast and powerful. God fuck me Harry.” I slipped my tip into her, smirking. I pressed my cold chest to her hot breasts. Feeling her nipples on my pecs, slipping my whole cock into her.

“Argh, {Y/N} fuck. You don’t even understand what you do to me. I pulled her legs around my waist and moved her hair out of her face.

I moved slowly. Gripping her sides and lowering my head as I started, sucking her nipple eagerly. I moved between them from time to time as I moved faster. I thrusted into her tight little pussy, working harder and faster. I thrusted till I hit the back of her pussy, earning moans I’d never heard. I rested with my forearms on either side of her torso. Feeling our hip bones colliding. I stared at her; she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Her lips looked so delicious as well as every other part of her body.

“Ohhh.” She shook, she was fresh out of orgasms but was trying to build me up. “C’mon, fuck me faster.” She urged, gritting her teeth.

I moved faster, feeling the bed move just slightly. I had never fucked her so hard, so good, so fast. She was loving every second of it. I pulled myself up, using my hands to support myself. I thrusted once more and I was done.

“{Y/N}!!” I howled her name louder than I ever had. My accent much deeper than it had ever been. “CHRIST.” I fucked my hips into hers about ten more times, before stopping completely. We sat there, staring into each others eyes for a few minutes.

I pulled out, lying right next to her. I pressed my lips to hers as we began to make out again. Her tongue touching mine and she wrapped her leg around mine. My arm resting under her neck and her head on my shoulder. “How was that?” I whispered, my voice almost gone as well as hers.

“I don’t have the words to explain. Check back in the morning.” {Y/N} closed her eyes and fell asleep.

“I love you kitten. Goodnight.”

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Hurrah on your blog! Welcome to the family! Good luck with college and life, I'm a college student too so I can relate ;; okay, can I request RFA's, V's and Saeran's reaction when MC brings a baby home (She found the baby abandoned at the streets)? And how will they interact with them? Thank you!

wooooow! my first request! i got excited when i saw this. i wish you good luck with college and life too. let’s hang in there. ;; if this ask was from a while ago, i am so so sorry if it took too long. i just saw this today. tumblr didn’t give me a notification ;;;; this is going to be pretty long, so i’ll put the rest under the cut. 

note: use the browser on your phone instead of the app if you can’t see the ‘Keep Reading’



  • he would be a bit surprised when you arrived home with a little bundled in your arms
  • over the course of the night, he and MC discussed what they should do and came to the conclusion of adopting the baby
  • he believed that he and MC could make good parents for the baby
  • it was really difficult for him to see her at times, so he finally agreed to getting the eye surgery
  • he wanted to be able to give her the best of the best
  • he’d take a lot of pictures of her no matter what she was doing
  • whether she was sleeping, eating, crying, biting onto one of her toys, or smiling, he’d be there with his camera in hand
  • he wanted to capture and cherish every moment
  • “Haneul, smile for the camera~”
  • he’d just be so kind and gentle, doing whatever it would take to make her laugh and smile
  • he’d put together a whole scrapbook full of photos with him, MC, and Haneul
  • when he’s feeling down, he’d look through all the pictures in his camera and soon enough, a smile appears on his face and he’s ready to take on a new day
  • he would enjoy going on picnics with MC and Haneul
  • he’d just love watching her interact with nature
  • sometimes he’d make flower crowns or even necklaces and bracelets
  • if there was a stream or pond near the area, he make little rafts out of twigs and grass with sails, so then they can watch the rafts race down the stream and see which one would win
  • in the backyard, he’d lay out big blankets and brings tons of fluffy pillows so the three of them could stargaze at night
  • he loved seeing Haneul’s eyes full of curiosity and pure innocence
  • her excited baby talk as she points up at the stars cleansed his soul made him feel so happy
  • he and MC with Haneul in the middle, would fall asleep all snuggled up in the fluffy blankets and pillows


  • he had arrived home late from work and thought he was just hearing things when a little giggle sounded from the living room
  • keeping a cool composure, he made his way to the living room and saw MC playing with a baby
  • “MC, why is there a baby in our penthouse?”
  • after MC tells him the whole story of finding her wailing, abandoned in the streets, his eyes soften and he bends down to peer at the baby’s face
  • he takes out his phone and asks Jaehee to contact people and try to find the parents
  • if no one could be found, he’d go through with all the paperwork to become her legal guardian and registering her as a part of the family
  • welcome baby Han!
  • “What should we name her?”
  • “Miyoung sounds like a pretty name.”
  • guess who’s a Daddy’s Girl?
  • he would spoil her with gifts from the different countries he visited and talk to her like a regular person
  • he said he read in a parenting book that you aren’t supposed to use baby talk
  • he’d never change diapers
  • he even suggested hiring someone just for diaper changes and MC just heaves a big sigh
  • but like HE FREAKIN HAS MIYOUNG’S DIAPERS TAILORED not just her clothes
  • she wears silk diapers omf- Han Jumin wut r u doing
  • ……tailored diapers why
  • he doesn’t even let her eat baby food from the jars and stuff either
  • he hires nutritionists and a special chef to make sure Miyoung gets all the vitamins and nutrients she needs
  • sometimes MC would bring him lunch and take Miyong along
  • his face would lighten instantly when he sees the two walk into his office
  • even though he’s always busy traveling around the world and having meetings, he’d make sure to spend time with the baby
  • he even started making future plans to go to different places once Miyoung was old enough
  • sometimes when he’s out and sees clothes that he thinks would be perfect for his baby girl, he’d purchase it right then and there
  • “Jumin, the closet is overflowing!”
  • “But it’s for my Baby Angel.”

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