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“Every player feels the same pride about the fact that they’re going to be on the court, no matter whether they’re some genius or just a regular guy.”

Merry Christmas @yuri-o!!! From your Secret Santa (◠︿◠✿)


[12.21.16] In preparation for the days leading up to Christmas, I think I am going to post bujo spreads either every day or every other day until Christmas. this is totally not because I’m behind in posting. sorry its late also. I hope you enjoy! :)

Hi guys! I just wanted to say sorry I haven’t been posting any Newt stories lately. I’ve been working on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day would include and Christmas Newt fanfics. Thanks for your patience!!! Hope you’re just as excited to read them as I am to write them!

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Octopus: Hey Amanda, by ‘trim the tree’ you meant tear it down and destroy everything, right?

Me: What? NO. Don’t do that.

Octopus: Sorry, can’t hear you, I’m too busy trimming the tree…..

#ifoundit #merrychristmas #iwaoi

From the start of the month before Christmas, Iwaizumi and Oikawa start posting random posts among their usual ones on Instagram with a similar hashtag “#ifoundit.

It’s not hard for their friends to notice there’s something up their sleeves, especially with the increasing amount of Instagram posts on Iwaizumi’s account. 

Kuroo is the first to figure out what it might be after his shared calculous class with Iwaizumi. Oikawa has visited them before the class started, rubbing his hands while accepting the hot chocolate Iwaizumi got from the cafeteria with a happy thanks, then saying how he’d want to get a new scarf, preferably red with cute reindeers on it, because the weather is trying to murder him.

That night, Kuroo sees a new post on Iwaizumi’s account of a red scarf with reindeer and tree patterns. Its caption read “They don’t look that cute, but the trees are nice.” with #ifoundit. 

Similar posts continue and whenever anyone asks the dating couple what it is, the only answer is always “they are potential shopping list.” 

They didn’t lie though. It’s their little game ever since they started dating in high school when Iwaizumi got all worried and panicked about not knowing what to get for his now-not-only-best-friend-but-also-boyfriend for Christmas. Not wanting to spoil the surprise of the gift, Iwaizumi started posting anything he thought Oikawa would like on Instagram and waited for Oikawa’s reaction to the posts. 

It somehow becomes a tradition between them after that year and they’d now leave every possible hint starting from the very beginning of December just to tease and challenge the other to see if they could figure out the surprise.

It’s a guessing match because it’s like their thing to turn anything romantic, or simply just anything, into a competition. They’d guess, before the other presents the present, which, out of the numerous photos, would be their actual gift. If one guess right, the other has to wear the ugly Christmas sweater they pick up together that year for a whole day on Christmas. 

They end up both wearing the sweaters more than once, because they always leave hints under the posts with the things they like by hearting it or leaving messages. 

Since, to them, the point is not winning, albeit how much they love it and hate losing. The point is when they present the present, there’d be a smile lighting up the other’s face, either excited or victorious.  

It doesn’t matter, both suit the other man just perfectly.

On Christmas Eve, they post a selfie of them wrapped together in a stupid reindeer scarf and Iwaizumi pressing a kiss to Oikawa’s cheek while holding out a new pair of sport sneakers. 

No caption. One hashtag.


In His Lap (Mick x Plus Size! Reader) Imagines - Request


To my darling anon,

I hope you don’t mind; but I actually combined your idea with another reader’s request, since it was very similar to yours. In addition to, I apologize for the late post. Due to technical difficulties - and just the fact that life sorta got in the way - I am turning this piece into a New Year’s prompt. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, dear anon, but, if you find that you aren’t happy with the piece, please let me know and I’ll write you a seperate Christmas one…!

With love,

Kendra tries to get you to talk to Mick at the New Year’s Eve Party. At first, you said no; but, after taking a shot, you gained the courage you needed…


“Talk to him!”

“I can’t!”

“You can!”

“No, I can’t!”

“Yes , ________, you can!” Crossing her arms, Kendra gave you a gently scolding look. “Please do yourself a favor and just walk over there.”

Upon hearing her suggestion, you flushed bright red.

While you have had a crush on Mick for the past few weeks now, you still had yet to start a conversation with the pyromaniac; much less, confess your feelings to him.

Chances were he probably never noticed you.

I mean, who would? Your harsh inner voice scoffed. You’re not pretty, you have no sex appeal and - worst of all - you’re fat. What kind of guy would want THAT?

A small part of you hoped it would be Mick.

Though many assumed there wasn’t much to the guy - what, with his brutish behavior and vulgar language - a part of you liked to think there was more to him.

That he would somehow accept you the way you were.

Peering over at the poker table across the room, you watched your darling hulk of a man play against Leonard and Jax. His brows furrowed, he focused all his attention towards the hand he was dealt with.

You bit your lip. He just looks so…badass.

“Oh my god, ________,” Kendra turned her eyes up to the heavens, before shaking her head. It was her typical ‘don’t-make-me-do-this’ gesture. “You’re a great girl! You could so go over there and say ‘hi’! He’s not that complex of a man to talk to, anyway…”

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asterroc replied to your post “Just curious: A few days ago you mentioned how dark Christmas carols…”

What do you think of the song “Christmas Shoes”?

Okay, guys, I am gonna tell you a truth that nobody believes: I have never heard Christmas Shoes.

The song was released after I was already an adult and could make my own choices about my media consumption, which meant I’d stopped listening to the radio at all sometime in the late nineties. I know they play it in shops, but if I am outside of my home and not with people I know, the odds of my having headphones in are nearly 100%, so I haven’t heard a song in a shop in probably years. Or if I have I’ve been talking with a friend or the cashier and haven’t been listening.

So I don’t actually know what Christmas Shoes is about, though I’m aware it’s pretty reviled. I’m under the impression it’s about a guy who spends the money he was going to spend on presents to buy a pair of warm shoes for a homeless guy instead, but I don’t know where I got that idea. I also conflated it for many years with the song Live Like You Were Dying, and was baffled as to how that song might be considered a Christmas song. (I was also confused about why people hated it, because I quite like Live Like You Were Dying).

I could go look up the lyrics and provide you with a full analysis, but I kind of enjoy the mystery.

THE MYSTERY OF THE CHRISTMAS SHOES, a new detective novel by Sam Starbuck, starring a fortysomething detective who once went 2.7 seconds on a bull named Blue Manchu.

Sorry I am late getting this kicked off, but since I am not moving and my computer does exist intact, THIS YEAR I CAN BRING THE ART SKETCH ADVENT THING BACK YAY!!! I missed doing it last year, so I am happy to do this again. 

If you are new this year to my blog, basically I will post a sketch a day from now through the 25th. :D

To star things off:
Oh Snowy Night, (Fandom: Marvel,Characters and/or ship: Bucky/Natasha) 


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i said i’d post on the 2nd but here i am three days late again ;;

pictured: barebones list of exam prep (ft. many items from my now abandoned, overly ambitious holiday to-do list), spanish holiday homework about christmas in spain and sample q+a questions as preparation for my spanish oral after the winter break! 

+ loving my wallpaper courtesy of @emmastudies! i liked her designs so much that i’m currently using both the white and black versions (っ˘ω˘ς )

Passengers (Part Four)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah or however else you celebrated the holidays! I hope they were fun, full of love and family. Christmas is a little difficult for my family due to the passing of my Mother was during the holidays so I’ve been a little down. But it was a few years ago so we all try and make Christmas a celebration, not a sad occasion. So as an apology to you for positing this late, I am going to post a few imagines for you all. x

Previous Parts:

One Two Three


We had all somehow managed to swap seats in the space of an hour. Grace eventually woke up and begged me to take her to the toilet because she didn’t like the sound of the toilet flush. Harry was now sitting in the window seat with Grace now in the middle of us. She started to colour in some more books and asked harry to help her.

He had a much more steady hand than Grace which wasn’t surprising since he was 19 years older than her. They started to colour in a picture of a dolphin and Grace demanded that Harry drew more little ‘fishies’ around the page. So he did just that.

“I think we should name them.” Grace put down her pencil and thought about it for a minute.

“The pink one.” She pointed at Harry’s drawing. “That’s me.”

“Okay.” He wrote ‘Grace’ next to the small pink fish.

“The rainbow ones.” She pointed to the two multi coloured fish. “That you and mummy.” My heart fluttered in my chest as I watched my little girl so grown up.

“Why?” He asked. In no way accusingly just curious but with a caring tone in his voice.

She paused for a minute and picked up her colouring pencil and carried on.

“Because I love rainbows.” Harry slightly looked up at me and smiled lightly, small dimples forming in his cheeks. I couldn’t fight the smile which wanted to appear. Grace happily carried on colouring next to us.

Grace fell asleep again, her head resting against the window with a small pillow to support her neck. Harry had gone back to his seat and I sat there, trying so desperately to fall asleep. I closed my eyes lightly, taking deep slow breaths.

“Are you asleep?” A small voice whispered. I let a small smirk form on my face and I nodded.

“Very much so.”

“Good.” I could hear Harry undoing his seatbelt and sitting down next to me, his heat radiating off him. I opened my eyes slightly and saw him lifting up the arm rest so nothing was separating us. As if in instinct, I naturally let my head fall against his shoulder. I let my eyes flutter open and I was greeted by his broad chest raising every so often as he inhaled and exhaled.

His palm rested on my forearm, his fingertips tracing small patterns ever so lightly onto my skin, causing small goose bumps to appear.

“Are you cold?” He asked, his voice filled with sarcasm. I slapped his hand lightly which caused him to chuckle deeply, his shoulders moving lightly as he laughed.

“Try and get some sleep, Rachel.” I let my eyes shut slowly, his strong hand keeping my close to his body. I felt his soft material of his shirt comfort me into a lulling slumber.

Grace woke me, her small hands lightly shaking my shoulder. I opened my eyes and looked at her straight away, concern washing over my face.

“What’s wrong, baby?” I sat up and she just smiled behind me. I looked round to see an air hostess holding a tray, a smile on her face.

“I’m so sorry to wake you, Miss.”

I waved her off, straightening myself out.

“This is the young girl’s meal.” I nodded and Grace pulled out her tray. I placed her meal on her fold out tray and she immediately dug in. I laughed lightly and I opened mine and Harry’s trays. She handed our meals to me and I thanked her. She then walked down aisle, leaving us.

“Want to wake up Harry?” I whispered lightly to her. She looked over at him and shook her head. “Why not?”

“He looks pretty when he sleeps, so do you.” I looked down at her and she popped a bit of pasta into her mouth. “He might get angry with me, like daddy did.”

I felt like I had been smacked. My chest felt tight/

I had been living the past two years thinking she didn’t know. My four year old daughter knew about her father’s violence.

“He got angry?”

She shrugged lightly.

“He didn’t hurt me, Mummy, but he shouted.” I let a single tear release out of the corner of my eye, quickly falling into my lap. She looked up at me and frowned. “Why are you crying, mummy?” I smiled lightly and shook my head.

“I’m fine.”

“No you’re not.” She stood up and sat herself on my lap. Her small thumb came up to my cheek, wiping away my tears. “Why are you crying, mummy?” She repeated again. I looked at her, I admired my little girl.

“You’re so brave.” She looked a bit confused but smiled.

“I love you, mummy.” She placed a small kiss on my cheek. My hands wrapped around her small waist, bringing her in for a hug and holding her against my chest. I wouldn’t let anything ever  happen to this little girl again. She didn’t deserve a single second of it. She deserved a father who loved her and took her to the park and played for hours with her. “I want Harry to be my daddy.” She mumbled against my chest. I chuckled lightly and shook my head.

She pulled away and frowned.

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t love Harry.”

“Yes you do.” I furrowed my eyebrows.

“Is that so?”

“You held his hand. When you hold my hand you tell me you love me, so you love Harry.” She smiled lightly, tiny dimples forming in her cheeks. I brought my hands to her shoulders and brought her towards my face, peppering small kisses over her face. She giggled loudly and tried to squirm away. I tickled her sides and she turned her face to the side, her eyes widening.

“Harry’s awake!” She tried her hardest to escape my tickling but couldn’t do it. She eventually fell against my chest, her deep breathing occasionally replaced with little giggles.

Christmas at the Lesters’

Summary: 7 years after Dan first spent a Christmas Eve with the Lesters he’s finally returning, this time for the whole festive season.


Arriving at the Lesters’ Dan is immediately hit by a wall of warmth and festive smells - Phil definitely inherited his love of scented candles - and instantly thereafter by a wave of sound, raucous enough that he’s not quite certain it’s happy. Phil doesn’t seem to be concerned, however, dumping their bags in the hall and heading straight towards the source of the noise, so Dan just shrugs and follows suit.

word count: 4.4k

a/n: did I say Advent fics would be posted on Fridays? Sundays, clearly I meant Sundays and am not in fact two days late… (But seriously Fridays from now on. Hopefully.)

It takes until the 7th of December, when ‘All I Want for Christmas’ comes on in the back of the cab they’re sharing home, for Dan to realise exactly what’s been missing from his Christmas experience this year. He’d known something was off, but had chalked it up to touring and Gamingmas, to not being properly settled in their home for Christmas yet - they haven’t even managed to get any decorations sorted out yet beyond the office, and work decorations somehow don’t seem to count.

“This!” he says blurrily, struggling with words as he surfaces from his doze. “This is what’s missing!”

Dan’s glad he and Phil are basically psychically linked - or ‘too fucking married’, depending on who you ask - by now, because he’s not sure anyone else would have understood what on earth he was going on about.

“Well, I’ve got you this year, haven’t I?” Phil points out, smiling a little.

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[!!] Christmas Card Event

Hello cutie pies!

Christmas is just around the corner! Who’s excited? I know I am! So, if y’all haven’t seen this post around on your dashes enough lately, here’s another one :’D

I am that one person who absolutely loves sending people Christmas cards. So four years ago I decided, why not send Christmas cards to my friends on tumblr? Four years ago, however, was the year I decided, why not send Christmas cards to my followers? So here I am again this year making a post about Christmas cards!~

If you would like to receive a Christmas card from me, please let me know via inbox. For those of you cuties who are minors, please make sure you have permission from your parents first before sending me your address. I promise I won’t be holding onto any addresses after I send the cards. So don’t worry, you won’t be getting spam or anything of the sort! I am also totally fine with sending cards internationally, so now worries at all there either! ♥

TL;DR - If you want me to receive a Christmas card from me this year, send me a message with your address ♥  


My secret santa gift is out on the rhss15 blog so I’m (I think I am) allowed to post it on my blog now too, so here it is - open the pictures in a new tab to see the high-res version! Merry Christmas Sailorbryant (:’D apparently you’re just destined to receive all my love this holiday haha)! I actually drew a storyboard for like four chapters for this mermaid!AU but time was not on my side. I might draw the rest of it someday or might not, we’ll see!

Anyway, Merry (late) Christmas to everyone else as well <3!

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Imagine Natasha can't stand Christmas but knows her friends love it so she just uses it as an excuse to be extra sweet to them (I know I'm a grinch but Christmas my style sucks and I need someone who agrees)

(This is sooo late, and I’m very sorry. Have a blast of Christmas in…March. >.>)

While every Who down in Whoville may like Christmas a lot,

But Natasha who grew up in the Red Room did not!

Natasha hated Christmas, the whole Christmas season!

Now, please don’t ask why. We all know the reason.

Upon growing up, trained only to fight,

Natasha was never given time for Christmas, it was seen as a blight.

Now this reason is likely to appall,

But brave reader, please try not to bawl.

But however good the reason, Natasha did not want to be this way,

And stand here on Christmas Eve hating the day

Staring out at her friends with a thoughtful frown,

Wondering at the warm lights and smiles gracing them like a crown

And even though she had to grit her teeth,

Natasha stood up and helped Bruce put up a wreath.

Finally all the Avengers were dreaming sweet dreams without care,

And Natasha snuck back to the little display in the hall, and stood on a chair.

There wasn’t much time, indeed she was rather pinched,

But if Santa could do it, so could the redheaded Grinch. 

Then she slithered and slunk, with a smile most pleasant,

Around the whole room, and distributed specialty presents!

And she slunk to the icebox, and pulled out the Christmas feast,

Made sure every last delicacy was preped and greased.

She cleaned out that icebox as quick as a flash.

Why, afterwards, Natasha even threw out the trash!

It was a quarter of dawn, all her friends still a-bed,

All the Avengers still dreaming on, when she pulled out her freshly made bread.

She surveyed what she had done in the night,

Checking to make sure everything was done up right.

Strewn about the room was their presents, their ribbons, their wrappings,

The tags, and the tinsel, the trimmings, the trappings!

She smiled to herself and whispered a dare,

Welcome Christmas, bring at least my friends their share.

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My dearest Ooshie, I've been late with my messages recently, I apologise. However, life has been treating me fabulously, as of late. Christmas Edition Tiny Box Tim arrived at my doorstep about two weeks ago, and has been good company since. The "A Date With Markiplier" video series was a joy, just as talking with you has been. Your posts never fail to cheer me up, as always! But your well being is just as important to me as mine, so how have you been? ~Your Fair Partner, Bernard

Hi Bernard my darling.

Its ok, you dont have to apologise. I am more than happy for you to message whenever you can. YAY! Mine did too. I love him so much!! He’s a lot bigger than I thought. Defiantly not so tiny. 

I’m so happy that they cheer you up. Its what I’m here for. I have been well thank you. I’ve hurt by back, which is annoying but I’m good apart from that.


Oosh out
Thank you for existing

Preference #6- Halloween

A/N: I am so sorry for not posting lately. I’ve been busy with school, but I figured I’d make a Halloween preference since it’s my favorite holiday, aside from Christmas. Enjoy! 

Scott: Halloween was just about everyday for Scott, so when it came to costumes, humor was always his go to. After spending two Halloweens together, it was finally your turn to pick the costumes and you wanted to do something a little more out there. When you suggested that you two be Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Scott was thrilled. You two ended up winning best couple costume at Lydia’s annual Halloween party. 

Stiles: You and Stiles were both nerds. You were in love with theater, but Stiles was in love with video games. The two of you went back and forth for hours about what you could be for Halloween. It was hard to find common ground. “Wait, I have an idea!” He jumped up from the couch. “Let’s be Mulder and Scully from The X Files. I’m the one with crazy theories and you’re the sane one.” You loved the idea and raided your mom’s closet for the perfect pant suit. 

Derek: Derek didn’t want to do anything for Halloween. He thought it was a childish holiday, but you refused to let him do nothing. You invited him over to your house for Halloween, so the two of you could pass out candy. You did pop art makeup and sat outside with Derek, who wasn’t festive at all. You were upset with him, but you thought of a perfect way for him to make it up to you. For the rest of the night, Derek would hid behind a bush and jump out as a werewolf whenever the older kids came by. 

Liam: Liam wanted to be a superhero this year, but you weren’t completely sold. All of the outfits you tried on were too revealing and not age appropriate. You had almost given up on the entire idea, until Lydia helped you make the cutest Wonder Woman costume. Liam, who was dressed as Superman, was so happy and couldn’t keep still the entire night. 

Brett: Ever since Brett found out about your talent in special effects, he’d been begging you to make him into a zombie. You promised him that for Halloween the two of you would go as matching zombies, so you did. Being regular zombies wasn’t enough for the two of you. After thinking for a while, you decided to be prep school zombies. “That’s true, because school sucks the life out of you.” Brett joked.

Theo: This year, you and Theo decided to do a couples costume for Halloween. The only thing is, you didn’t know what to go as. “Mickey and Minnie Mouse?” You suggested. “No, that’s lame. Let’s just watch a movie and think about it more. What do you want to watch?” He asked. “How about Grease?” Just then, you had a brilliant idea. “Theo, let’s go as Danny and Sandy!” At first, Theo was a bit skeptical, but seeing how happy it made you and how gorgeous you looked with red lips and leather, he happily agreed. 

Jordan: Parrish was never a fan of Halloween. Every year he wore the same costume, his deputy uniform. You told him to switch it up this year, since you were going to a work party. On the day of the party, he showed up in a cowboy sheriff costume. You just shook your head and laughed. He was more than passionate about his work.