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Why are there no PoC Heathens? Is Kenaz Filan right when he says that Odin has a covenant with white people?

It’s taken me a few days to reply to this as I’ve not had much sit-down-and-think time and this is an ask I find troubling and demands a thought-out answer.

To your first question, anon, there are heathens of colour. They may not be loud or public about it, they may be put off calling themselves capital-H Heathen, all because of the white supremacist and neo-Nazi bullshit that is horrifically frequent in heathenry … but they exist. One of my own mentors, a man who has worked with Odin for years upon years, and has a deep understanding of the runes, is of South Asian descent. 

And, frankly, even if there were none now, that would be no barrier to anyone choosing to follow heathenry. One of our most treasured values is hospitality, and as far as I’m concerned, anyone of any ethnicity or nationality is welcome to sit at this table and drink to the Gods with me. What ought to matter most to any right-minded heathen is whether our fellow heathens treat others with compassion and respect, not the colour of their skin or where their parents were born.

As to your second question, I don’t know exactly what Kenaz Filan said or didn’t say on this topic so I cannot speak to that specifically.

Historically Odin was indeed a God of Northern Europe, though the Norse travelled widely, famously even crossing the Atlantic. But the living religion of heathenry as it is today is not confined to the boundaries of history. We as heathens have moved into the twenty-first century and the Gods have moved with us. 

Odin has never said anything to me about covenants with entire groups or races of people. The Old Man is notoriously fond of recruiting as many followers as He can, and equally notorious for playing all sides, and oathbreaking. I can see no reason why He would limit to one demographic the followers He could choose, nor, since He values knowledge and skill and personal sacrifice over all, why He would elevate one group of them based on the colour of their skin or ancestry. [”White” does not in any way translate to “ancestors came from a region where Odin was historically worshipped”. I mean.] 

All I can say is, I am white - from Northern Europe specifically - and I am an Odin person and I know of no such covenant. It smacks to me of someone’s ideology informing their gnosis, and not the other way around.

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“anastasiaoftheironwood: jordfast-lokaverr: You know, as far as I can…”

Nope not a single person or god or anything of value can be a or be from a white guy no not one thing at all. Not even the gods from the farthest northern region of ancient Europe

I am afraid that you have misunderstood my intentions. I did not say that the gods of northern Europe couldn’t be white. In fact, they were likely most commonly envisioned in the appearance of what we would describe as white today, since most worshippers would have been white in complexion and thus imagined the gods in accordance to their own appearances. I was saying that gods are not called white because of race, but rather to describe them physically or abstractly. Furthermore, I meant to explain that people in the past did not necessarily use race in the same way that we apply it today.

I am not here to assert that the gods were strictly white, nor am I here to assert that the gods couldn’t be white at all. I am here to illustrate the complexity of the concept of race to begin with, and the obvious political baggage that it now holds (and hasn’t always held).

I encourage that we all remain reasonable and not jump to hasty conclusions when discussing sensitive subjects such as this. Otherwise we will never be able to discuss these things in productive ways wherein both ‘sides’ can engage in decent discourse.

Með vinsemd og virðingu,
(With friendliness and respect,)
– Fjörn

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What are the different types of witches and what are their specialties?

How does one list off an infinite spectrum of a craft that has only the boundaries we set ourselves?

Hahahaha, pretentious sounding enough? 

Yeah, not a very easy task. Truthfully, most lists I see that try to include a bunch of types, usually are full of the tired old Wiccan flavoring, or are just dead wrong. They blur together religious types of witchcraft with the non-religious types, which can lead newcomers to think that they have to be a certain type of witch, which is silly because there are even specifically secular witches.

Witchcraft is a broad practice, and as such it has unique flavoring in most regions of the world (though this can come down more to flavors of magic than of what we call “witchcraft” since not every region identifies with the word). There’s the traditional approach, that usually means the common overlapping traditional European witchcraft, which also varies between areas (like English, the Welsh, Cornish, Italian, etc). 

Don’t forget the Satanic witches! They’re in there somewhere, generally pissed off because someone’s telling them they don’t exist. I cannot even count how often I see these big lists with all their wrongness and they list Satanic witches and then the description is “they don’t exist because we don’t believe in Satan!” Okay there, Wiccans. Calm down.

There’s the modern approaches, that can be broken down into more of an interest area sort, like hedge witch, green witch, kitchen witch, seasonal witch, sea witch, sand witch (tehehe), tea witch, tech witch, urban witch, etc. If you have an interest in just about anything, it can be a type of witchcraft (and most likely someone out there already is). I could keep listing off things, but I think this gives you an idea of how broad a range witchcraft can have, depending on the individual witch.

I mean, myself alone, I have a range of types I practice or let influence my craft: death, winter, autumn, threads & needlecrafts, paper, sigils, domestic, kitchen, green, solar, stars, weather. I am also exploring the more traditional magic of Northern Europe (without straying into appropriative areas) (seidr).

No but seriously I hate those lists!!!!!!!!!!