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Hi, I’m Lauren and Patrick Stump is literally the prettiest person I’ve ever seen. I am the old, sagely, sincere mom friend that worries too much. I might seem distant and monotone, but if the opportunity is given I will chatter your head off. I really just want to be nice and have a fun time.

If y’all want you can follow my instagram (you can find my folie and soul punk tattoos on it if you want to see them! I got to show Patrick my Soul Punk one and he thanked me for getting it aaaah)

I really do need to bring up tagging before all of this. I’m autistic and it’s very hard for my brain to think of/notice certain or several things at the same time. I do try my best to accommodate but I highly suggest reading my taglist because I tag certain things under different names and generalize some to make it easiest for me. If for any reason you want to unfollow, I completely understand. I want everyone to feel safe!

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And I am more than happy to be patient until you have the motivation you need to update :) Being a writer is often such a thankless job, so I honestly want to emphasize how much I genuinely appreciate what you do. And with such skill, sweet goddess

I mean, I don’t mind the work I put in- it’s enjoyable for me as well. And it’s awesome to be able to share my writing with other people. I appreciate you too– it’s readers like you who make the whole thing fun ^_^


An Unexpected Journey - Appendices: Mark Hadlow’s License Plate.