am i having too much fun with this

I thought I would share something...

It seems to me that I probably come across as a stern, serious person all the time. And that is untrue. I have a couple of best friends that I am so close to and we get together all the time and laugh so much.

I do discipline Pet from time to time, but my friends do that more than I do.And he gets much more rewards.

Something that cracks up my friends is how I dress in public. They know first hand that I am a very sensual person in private. I just don’t share that side of me with strangers. So sensible shoes and modest clothes. People still notice me, because I smile so often.

My friends started out a joke to buy me sexy outfits that I would never wear in public. Some them I have been almost too shy to wear at home. But trying them on has been fun. We have a ritual. Pet gets undressed and sits in the middle of the living room and I go upstairs to change. He isn’t allowed to look until I give him permission.

Last night was questionable I would model the lingerie they gave me. The top is so sheer and I have such sensitive nipples, there was no question they would going to erect.

Downstairs they were laughing. Kind of part knowing what I was thinking and part excitement. I knew Pet would be going crazy. Then I looked at the panties. OMG, crotchless?? I never have worn something like that.

I still put them on and my nipples were so hard. I looked in the mirror and decided to go for it. Put my sassiest walk on and went downstairs. The tension in the room was incredible. I went into what I call my stance in front of Pet. Hands on my hips, legs wide apart.

One of my friends bent down and reached around Pet to stroke him. When face was wild with lust, she ordered him to look at me. Then she surprised me, she had him get up and go to the punishment chairs.

He hates that worse than anything, but it isn’t that bad. It is a recliner that we added restraints to it. I think the boredom is what get to him. After she restrained him, they had me parade around. To etch the lingerie in his mind and let him know what he would miss out tonight.

The three of us went upstairs to watch some Gilmore Girls, that show always make us laugh. Great friends.. great times together….

I have nobody to talk about Yuri on Ice seriously :C the romance particularly.

Like, not overreact, not be like “lol gay/omg my inner fujoshi is so blessed cause i ship everything and suddenly something is canon” neither “im having fun wathing the show but im gonna not talk about the realtionship cause it makes me uncomfortable”

I enjoy the whole show but i am just in awe on how warm and touching that relationship was portrayed. Like a good romance. Just. I think it actually is  exceptional. I would like to talk about that without the feeling that i’m the one talking too much or getting too excited. 

i mean, except for my girlfriend, but she’s tired with me already… at least a bit. 

wanna talk? write me or something.


“The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches… Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies… And the Dark Lord will mark him as equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not… And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives…”


forgive me..


An Unexpected Journey - Appendices: Mark Hadlow’s License Plate. 

You forgot...
  • Aries: That I am not all about myself, that I love to make others happy, to make friends and lovers. // But you also forgot that I pretend all my issues aren't there.
  • Taurus: That I can work hard when I choose to, that I am not always lazy, that I love to put in the effort. // But you also forgot that I can be dangerous when hurt.
  • Gemini: That my love of learning is not selfish, that I want to make others happy too with what I know. // But you also forgot that I am not immune to anger.
  • Cancer: That I can be strong and have fun, that I am not always whining and making a fuss. // But you also forgot that I can manipulate you if I choose to.
  • Leo: That I am not arrogant, that I love other people so much more than I love myself, that I am a true romantic. // But you also forgot that I have a terrible temper.
  • Virgo: That I can laugh sometimes, that I am not so uptight that I never let myself go. // But you also forgot that I am always, always clever enough to get what I want.
  • Libra: That I try my best to love for keeps even if it's sometimes difficult, that I will always be kind. // But you also forgot that I don't know what's best for myself.
  • Scorpio: That I am sweet, that my sting is reserved for those who actually deserve it. // But you also forgot that I don't always care and sometimes I really can hurt you.
  • Sagittarius: That I always go out of my way to make others happy, that I put myself last. // But you also forgot that despite my wisdom I can be so naive.
  • Capricorn: That I do care about other people, that I try my best not to hurt others because I am actually nice. // But you also forgot that in every situation, I come first.
  • Aquarius: That I am one of the most honest signs, that I don't often use my ability to lie. // But you also forgot that I enjoy being loved even if I know that I can never love back.
  • Pisces: That I am intelligent, that I am not always lost in my head, that I can actually do things if I try. // But you also forgot that I can lie if I need to.

Ok, I lied, I have more Overwatch things I need to draw now. After a run of playing Zenyatta and getting hung out to dry a lil too much, I started doodling sassy Zenyatta. And now I have too many fun ideas to stop, I want to do a lot of these, I am only partially sorry. Also Ascendant is my favorite skin of his so that’s what I’m running with.


anything can be a trigger

like seriously…anything…

my friend is triggered by a name, a very common one at that (at least in my area)

i myself am triggered by something i need to do everyday, something considered basic

nothing is too small to be considered a trigger

and i see people saying that having ‘ridiculous’ triggers makes ptsd seem like a joke, but honestly, you making fun of triggers makes having ptsd that much harder, because people think our triggers are a joke

so please, do not act like you care about anyone with ptsd when you really want to make fun of mentally ill people on the internet