am i having feels over a badge

This is my family, in this photo we’re celebrating my parent’s year anniversary of their “marriage”. Today I voted yes so that my mothers could marry for real, not just be civil partners in the eyes of the law.

For months I have been scared of the backlash this vote for marriage equality would have. At one point my mother pointed at the t.v. and told me to look closely, a speaker for marriage equality had a black eye despite all the makeup attempting to cover it. I feared for my family, my friends, for everyone wearing a ‘YES equality’ badge.

Though the referendum will be over in a matter of hours, I am still afraid. This fight does not end with the tallying of votes. This referendum has brought out homophobes where I had previously thought there to be none and if this doesn’t pass they will feel justified in their hatred of us.

Ireland needs to set an example, so please vote yes. Vote yes for LGBT+ family members, friends and aquaintances. Vote yes even if you don’t think you have any.

And on a personal note, please vote yes so that my family can be considered equal. Please vote yes so that I can stop being afraid.