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Arthur is as chirpy as Arthur gets - still ignorant of Hugh’s feelings, let alone his confrontation with Francis. [Text]: Well I did already have a badge. My uniform is the same actually. [Text]: But I can use my manger voice if you want. It mostly involves tapping my watch and telling you off for being late.

Francis certainly wasn’t going to enlighten him—far be it from him to get into the messy family affairs of the British Isles. Thankfully, over text, it was virtually impossible to discern anything off in his mood.

[text] That sounds a lot like your regular voice

[text] How about you threaten me with punishment instead? That sound sexier

Time To Go

Request: Can you do one where reader decides to leave the Bau to go home for whatever reason. But reid chases her to the airport and tells her he loves her and it’s all fluff and 😍

A/N: This was actually a bit easier than I thought it would be. I found out how to combine both ideas I had in my head. I hope you enjoy!

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Ready to Believe You [2/2]

Emma Swan doesn’t believe in ghosts, or magic, and she sure as hell doesn’t believe in true love, but when things start going bump in the night it’s up to three enterprising (and under-worked) members of Storybrooke’s sheriff’s department  to save the day, and hopefully find a little belief along the way.

(A “Ghostbusters” AU inspired by the 1984 movie.)

Still for @annaamell, still all credit to @trueloveswanjones for the beta and @jemmingart / @shadiestfairyaround for the beautiful cover art. Thank you so much to everybody who commented / tagged / reblogged the first part, I hope you enjoy the ending! And tagging @lenfaz because she asked and her commentary made my life complete.

T, 12k ish. Also on ao3 HERE.

They end up at Granny’s, mostly because there’s not really anywhere else to go, and anyway the grilled cheese is genuinely good. Emma does warn Killian away from the lasagne though, just to be safe.

To Emma’s intense surprise it’s actually, really, really nice.

He makes her laugh, makes her feel young and flirty, makes her want to bat her eyelashes and play coy like the girls she saw in high school. It’s a weird feeling, maybe even a bit uncomfortable, but she’s mostly shocked by how much she likes it. By how much she likes him.

(She still tucks a twenty in his jacket pocket when he goes to pay the bill. There are some things she doesn’t compromise on, and one is being able to buy her own damn lunch.)

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This is my family, in this photo we’re celebrating my parent’s year anniversary of their “marriage”. Today I voted yes so that my mothers could marry for real, not just be civil partners in the eyes of the law.

For months I have been scared of the backlash this vote for marriage equality would have. At one point my mother pointed at the t.v. and told me to look closely, a speaker for marriage equality had a black eye despite all the makeup attempting to cover it. I feared for my family, my friends, for everyone wearing a ‘YES equality’ badge.

Though the referendum will be over in a matter of hours, I am still afraid. This fight does not end with the tallying of votes. This referendum has brought out homophobes where I had previously thought there to be none and if this doesn’t pass they will feel justified in their hatred of us.

Ireland needs to set an example, so please vote yes. Vote yes for LGBT+ family members, friends and aquaintances. Vote yes even if you don’t think you have any.

And on a personal note, please vote yes so that my family can be considered equal. Please vote yes so that I can stop being afraid.

physticuffs  asked:

for the record, my background: I'm an agnostic Jew who attended a Jewish day school for most of my life. It is very common for Jews to be agnostic or atheist and I was never pressured for it. we took many Judaic classes but also got the full range of secular studies. I still have a very strong connection to my Jewish heritage and feel that it has enriched my life greatly.

Thank you for your direct and frank criticism.  I think that your situation, as you describe it, of being culturally Jewish but also agnostic, is brilliant.  I esteem cultural commitments to be a very important part of the fabric of society; I enjoy it when people express their culture.  What I do not understand is when I criticize taking a book literally, or calling outdated stories true, I am attacked by people who say that that position is antisemitic, and then go on to say that they do not believe the book anyways…

If someone walked up to me and said: “so your an American, eh?  You know how despicable slavery is, right?”  I would reply: “Actually, though some Americans are actually very racist, I am not one of them.  Slavery was wrong, the confederate flag is a symbol of slavery, and I am glad that America has banned it, because America has progressed.  We were wrong, but we are making progress.”

My confusion lies in the absence of an American/Confederate distinction within Judaism.  I do mean to criticize persons who indoctrinate youth with the just-so stories of the bible; I do not want to criticize people for having a strong, proud culture.  I have never said that Judaism is wrong, that I disapprove of it, or that I object to Jewish people being proud of their heritage, but there are Jewish people in the world for whom being Jewish means heavy, fundamentalist religiosity.  Whether a person teaches their kids that the earth is six-thousand years old, or that one group of people have a manifest destiny over another, that is - in my opinion - wrong.

If you are familiar with Socratic writings, there is this part in one of his dialogs where a speaker accused Socrates of being a “Daedalus”, who “makes the arguments of others become full of life, and move on their own”.  For the past 24 hours, I have been inundated with filthy hate-mail where people seem to want to pin a global anti-semitic badge on me because I wholeheartedly disagree with some very specific behaviors in which some Jewish people participate; my comments against “a practice” have been construed as comments against “a people”.  It really feels like the moderated banding together to shield the extremists.  I’ll keep working on it, because I am committed to advocating reason over religion, but I clearly have no idea how to do that effectively. I cannot, however, ignore the fact that religious indoctrination does go on in religions other than Christianity, because that would be as disingenuous as only wanting to stop abuses against certain minorities, and ignoring injustices against others.

Overall, I want to reiterate my gratefulness you for your objective and reasonable criticism.  It is a breath of fresh air compared to the violent messages I have received all day.  I suppose I deserve it, as I did use satire to make my points.

Thank You

I spent today hiding from hurricanes.
I can feel your love for me slipping away,
it’s in the eyes.
They’ve clouded over and
the light’s gone out.

I’m picking scabs from the wounds you left,
so I always have these scars that won’t let me forget.
I am numb, but I feel too much.
I am a bag of organs and errors,
the shell of a man filled with guilt, shame and terror.
I have become the abyss.

I want to keep the bruises,
so I keep painting myself with punches,
and wear them like badges of dishonour.
Every day will be my own personal remembrance parade.
I remember the residue of you on my skin,
I loved the way you’d stain me.
You were,
you are,
so beautiful.
I just wanted to be beautiful too.

I would hand you the knife to dig the sin out of me.

But I’m still dead inside.
Haul up the anchor
and let me drift out to sea.
I need to be broken by the storm
to prove I’m still alive.

—  giraffevader - This is the storm that will finally break me

The week had been quiet, full of nothing but catching up on paperwork until his night off had finally rolled around. Not that he could really complain about an easy week, but getting stuck behind a desk for hours on end was enough to make him restless. And while the bar wasn’t exactly what most would consider a particularly calming place it was exactly where the werewolf headed when his badge and uniform were off. Eyes set on the empty pool table as he made his way over to claim it. The unmistakable feeling of a gaze on him as he set up the billiard balls. “You playing?”