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I understand that many Rika fans empathise with her and get defensive because they knew someone with a serious mental illness that was harmful to themselves/others around them, but I also find it extremely ironic and unfair that Jihyun fans who know victims of abuse or have been abused THEMSELVES are not expected to be defensive when someone tries to pass the victim off as a villain? We’re not even trying to say Jihyun is perfect, but the arguments I’ve seen are mindblowing! The absolute lack of tact when saying “all she did was scratch out his eyes”, as if she didn’t take away his vision, the very thing he used to pursue his photography career with passion and enjoy the sights of life and just live like a goddamn normal human being. Hell, I’m not even going to talk about the pain factor and how he didn’t bother to get them treated at all, guaranteeing certain blindness. Do you HAVE to invalidate someone’s abuse as a back up for your favourite character?

My aunt herself was a victim of abuse. Her husband had mental issues and depression, so he drank the pain away. And where I am, drinking alcohol is taboo, so he beat her up (a pregnant woman!) and she had to stay silent for both their sakes. Now, my aunt is not a perfect person and I can list off the top of my head 20 flaws she has, but similarly, she had a good heart; and even if she didn’t, NO ONE DESERVES THIS KIND IF TREATMENT.

I’m not even asking anyone to like V. Just. Can you maybe NOT invalidate the abuse he went through? No one seems to have trouble recognising Saeran’s abuse and Rika’s mental illness, yet the number of people dead set of insisting that V had it coming frankly makes me feel nauseous.

And to be frank, V’s unhealthy infatuation with Rika is stronly bordering on mental illness on itself. It stopped being any healthy definition of “love” and turned into a toxic, hurtful obsession the minute she hurt him and he still remained so determined to “save her”, as she had insisted before that “God cannot save me, but maybe [V] can”. His spiral into depression is really fucking obvious with the number of times he says he wishes he were dead: had I been on my laptop, some helpful screenshot’s from Zen’s route, day 10, would have been provided.

Thank you for reading my rant.
Note: I am bitter against Rika, I do not despise her and I think she deserves mental help; which, post secret endings, she appears to be getting anyway.
Also, I encourage arguments and debates but if you’re here to say “V did things wrong too”, save it. I know. This is literally irrelevant to the post, I never claimed he was perfect and all I did was state that he DOES NOT deserve what happened to him.

Star Wars Ships

JediStormPilot, more like best OT3 ever

Kylux, more like angsty emo puppy and his ginger handler

HanLeia, more like strong-independent-woman-who-don’t-need-no-man-but-gets-the-sexy-one-anyway

SkySolo, more like gays in space

StormPilot, more like gays in space 2nd generation

FinnRey, more like precious cinnamon rolls in love

AniDala, more like #goals

ObiKin, more like pain

Do you see yourself in each of the Mystic Messenger characters?

Something vaguely disturbing hit me so I’m just throwing this out there.

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  • Han Solo: take off that mask
  • Kylo ren: and what do you think you'll see if I do?
  • Han Solo: *peels off own mask to reveal he is actually Jar Jar Binks*
  • Han Solo: meesa son
MYSTIC MESSENGER THEORY (thatfuckedmeupohgod)

omg i just came up with a theory about zen’s fast healing and his hair colour and eye colour and why he’s always so devoted to V and rika.. i don’t know what to do with it so I’m posting it here.. (CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS!!)

SO YOU KNOW HOW ZEN HAS WHITE HAIR AND RED EYES AND HEALS AT AN INHUMAN SPEED(like how??)… DO YOU KNOW WHO ELSE HAS WHITE HAIR AND WEIRD COLOURED EYES?? SAERAN(AKA 707′S BROTHER AKA UNKNOWN AKA MY HUSBAND).. And I always thought that the hair colour was because of some angsty rebellion against having saeyoung as a twin.. but what if it was a side affect of rica’s medications????? So as you guys know (or just learned.. I’m so sorry for spoilers) rika drugged saeran to make him devoted to herself and basically fucked his whole mind turning him into a believer towards her and V (which might’ve been the reason for saeran’s eye colour change.. because you can see that he doesn’t have the same eye colour as saeyoung) AND I REMEMBERED THAT ZEN SAID THAT HE OWNS HIS LIFE TO V.. so what if v and rika drugged zen just like they drugged saeran.. (which explains why zen is blindly devoted to V and basically believes whatever he says) AND IN ONE OF THE VISUAL STORY MODES JUMIN TELLS ZEN THAT ZEN MIGHT HAVE MUTATION IN HIS DNA RESULTING IN HIS FAST HEALING!! I just think that it all makes sense and that somehow rika and V managed to alter Zen’s mind just like they altered saeran’s, resulting in the hair and eye colour change… 

yorbolero  asked:

Thanks a lot! ~^-^~ In the post you wrote that at first they didnt know what happened on the ice - I'm just very curious what they said when they find out that it was in fact Yuzu that got hurt :o

Okay, I managed to do an almost-full transcription because I enjoy doing things like these. I think it’s very interesting to document everything these guys say, also because I don’t speak many languages so I won’t be able to do the same job with, say, japanese or french commentators.

In the first minute, Ambesi talks about the Free Programs they’re about to see.

Max: “The one who excels here is Hanyu. He is about to do a Free Program that goes beyond 95 TCS of Base Value. Unreal. Of course you actually have to execute all of the elements, but just thinking about it is incredible. We will talk about this more later.”

Then they talk a little about Misha (they like him). They say that aside from the TCS, he is a great interpreter and is eclectic.

There’s a pause, then they come back.

Max: “There is some problem, because the warm-up is interrupted. Normally, they don’t clean up the ice between the warm-up and the performances. Water, I believe? Because they are using mops.”
Angelo: “it’s hard to say.”
Max: “Well, now we have time to talk about other things: Hanyu’s FS. On our site, you will find his history, what he slowly added throughout the years, to arrive to more than 95 BV TCS.
What is Hanyu’s secret here: his complete grasp on the 3A. Yesterday we’ve seen: spread eagle, 3A, spread eagle. He can also do it from a standstill.” [They go on to talk about Misha a bit more].

Then the screen projects various Short Programs. Kovtun, then Hanyu.

Max: “Here’s Yuzuru’s 3A. They cut the first spread-eagle and the second. A red notice for the directors.”
Angelo: “Yes, just the 3A is a banal thing for Yuzuru.”

They go off, then they come back when the skaters come back on the ice. They still don’t know what happened.

Max: “I’m disappointed, Angelo. But now they’ve solved the problem with the ice.”
Angelo: “But, look, there’s only five of them. Unless- is this group only five skaters?”
Max: “Second group, let’s see… no, they are six. One’s missing. Interesting.”

[Camera goes to focus on Yuzuru]

Angelo: “Oh but wait- watch. Look. Hanyu’s bandaged. So probably something happened and we didn’t see it. Look at his head. It’s obvious.”
Max: “So they were cleaning up the blood on the ice. Collisions like this in the past have changed the history of skating…”
Angelo: “So who’s missing. I don’t see the house owner… [meaning: the chinese Han Yan].”

They count all of the skaters by name.

Angelo: “Han Yan is missing. Yes, these incidents made the history of skating - a japanese woman skater has been involved in something like this in the past.”
Max: “A friend is telling us, Vittorio, that there has been a collision between Han Yan and Yuzuru Hanyu.”
Angelo: “We didn’t see it, but… look at him.” [Hanyu stumbles]
Max: “His face is injured. Incredible, this can change how the Grand Prix will go. A hit like that can cause head damage.”
Angelo: “Yes, because Han Yan goes at 50 km/per hour. He [Hanyu] just did the 3A+2T because that’s banal for him, but you can see he’s troubled. We hope the consequences haven’t been severe for Han Yan because we don’t see him on the ice. This is such a hard sport when you are not at your top physical form.”
Max: “Besides, Hanyu will skate in 30 minutes. All of this waiting time won’t be good for him.”
Angelo: “You can’t joke with head injuries. See, he opens his Quad Toe. Are you kidding me, a quad in these conditions is…”
Max: “Especially with a program like his. For example, the 3A+1lo+3S after 3 minutes of skating…”
Angelo: “They’re already hard when you are in perfect form.”
Max: “But it would be interesting to see images of the accident, because it has to be something huge, terrible. So, it’s official, the skating team was scraping the blood off the ice… [he sounds very upset].”
Angelo: “Meanwhile Yuzuru just managed to land a quad jump. This kid is… touching.” [he sounds upset as well]
Max: “We said he has 30 minutes before skating, which is a disadvantage, but at the same time this gives them time to change the program. Do something simpler.”
Angelo: “No joke. I think he is conscious of what he can and cannot do. If his head starts spinning, he can’t…”
Max: “In certain disciplines, they will stop you from playing if you have a cerebral commotion. Besides, I am worried for Han Yan, because we haven’t seen him yet.”
Angelo: “A collision between two athletes like them… just thinking about that is scary. We already said Han Yan is fast, but it’s not like Yuzuru is that much slower. Who knows how it happened. In that spot on the ice, it’s usually here Han Yan does the 3A. So maybe he was preparing for the 3A, and Yuzuru was taking speed for the 4Toe. That may be how it happened. If this were the case, it would be full speed for both of them.”
Max: “Hanyu is managing to land some jumps, he looks like he may be getting some feel out of them.”
Angelo: “Well, he is a brave kid.”