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what if kanaya like, started drinking coffee and her first time she got like really hyper so rose has to deal with vampire super speed + caffeine

Kanaya, blinking on and off: Hey Rose Do You Need Anything From The Store I Have The Sudden Urge To Run Somewhere

i just learned that gay heathers is a thing so of course i had to draw jd

Hahaha Hetalia? What’s that? I don’t know any Hetalia what are you talking about, Hetalia isn’t that the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard

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Art is the one thing that is mine I'm a very lonely person by nature I hid myself often and deal with a lot of anxiety over trying to be perfect, but the real me is literally a quiet home body with her pencil and sketch book, but I was never allowed to be that in my family, I turn 23 in October and I think I want to pursue art full time and start a business maybe sell on Etsy or something but I feel too afraid of failure and rejection

And she was rejected. Tons of times.

But because she kept trying, you know what happened :)

okay so i just figured out the reason soulmate au fics bother me (beyond the obvious yknow… soulmates as a concept are Bad). like just on a writing/storytelling level, generally so much time is spent explaining the logistics of how the soulmate bond works in this specific au, and a lot of it is just repetitive exposition of things we’ve heard a lot of times before (oh everyone has a compass or a red string of fate or can only see one color or whatever) but it still has to be explained and that just leaves so little room for anything of actual substance… like especially with shorter fics or one shots, there just isn’t enough room for any actual character or relationship development, it’s just “this is how the soulmate bond works, this is how these two characters discover that they’re actually soulmates. end scene.” which is ??? literally not a story?? it should be where a love story STARTS, like isn’t the actual substance of a romantic relationship, well yknow, the actual relationship itself and the time and work that goes into building it and building a life together???? i don’t understand??? what is the APPEAL of a fic that is just 90% exposition of a trope we already know the gist of and that ends when the characters get the maury envelope and it’s like… soulmate detector test shows… you ARE soulmates!!!! that’s all folks who cares about anything else!!! i mean i get that worldbuilding is a thing that needs to happen to some extent in every story, but imo worldbuilding should always serve and be secondary to actual character and relationship development, //especially// if the world you’re building literally revolves around romantic love and relationships?? idk man i just don’t get it

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*brings large ketchup bottle to shrine* do u have... anymore writing prompts? *Crosses heart and motions to dunk* thank u and Sans bless.


o my goodness dont tempt me. i loved reading the responses to my past prompts sooo i was thinking about making a third batch… i just didnt think anyone would be interested ??? but if you are, then maybe

michael gambon’s performance as mr. woodhouse in emma 2009 is so sweet and delightful and quietly heart-wrenching that i can even forgive him for “HARRY, DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE?!?!?!?!?”

VALVe: We’re gonna take our sweet ass time making Half-Life 3

Scott Cawthon: Taking your time? 😂 Never heard of that 👀 😎 I’m always programmin’24/7 👌😉 Non stop 😈 💯 Percent 😌 😜 I stay grindin’ 💪 😤 ✌️ You stay loungin’ 💀💀 💀