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Model Material {Harry Styles Smut}

REQUESTED: nooo haha i’ve just been wanting to dabble in writing abt harry!

okayyyy so i’m super nervous abt posting this bc i used to write abt harry a long time ago and now i rly wanna get back into it!!! i rly truly hope u guys like it. if u do, feedback is definitely welcome! it only takes a second and it means a lot to me 💖


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Santa Baby

summary: like every year, the mall you work out holds a santa meet and greet. you’re always an elf but this year, the regular santa couldn’t make it, so now your crush is santa. 
word count: 1711
warnings: language and fluff
note: this is more @dani-si and @dangerousvikings‘ writing challenge with prompt #14; character name pulling you in for a kiss with a scarf

“You’ve gotta be shitting me?” Bucky scoffed, gaining the attention of some of the other employees who began snickering at him.

“I am not,” Bucky angrily said as he pointed to the object in question with a look of disgust on his face, “wearing that.”

“You have to,” Director Fury replied sternly. From your position on the bench, you looked up after slipping on your curly-toed shoe and watched the two men stare each other down.

“No way,” Bucky replied, placing his hands on his hips.

“Bucky,” Fury sighed, “you know that the kids recognise Santa as a big-bellied man.” Bucky let out an annoyed huff, still wondering why Fury thought he was the best replacement choice for Thor.

“Now, get ready,” Fury said and he pressed the fake plastic belly against Bucky’s chest until he grabbed it, “you’ve got ten minutes.”

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father + husband!park woojin

summary: what would having park woojin as a father and husband be like? 


  • i think woojin would b a great dad honestly and a husband
  • his proposal would be super cheesy. he’d have some cameras around but its pretty private
  • its the cutest thing ever
  • he’d be an aMAzing husband
  • treats u right
  • there are some arguments in between about like jealous n stuff
  • since i think woojins a pretty jealous cutie pie
  • but there wont be quite a lot
  • he knows how to treat u and his kids right!!
  • tbh the genes would probs be mainly from him sorrybut
  • like maybe one of his kids having his snaggletooth?? CUTE
  • one of them having his rapping skills yes
  • and duh,
  • you’d have a talented family
  • kinda runs around the house
  • probably would have a pet
  • his kids love their hyungs/uncles/oppas ??? lol
  • would get jealous over them lol
  • he’d take his wife imma just put ‘you’ lol and kids to some behind the scenes
  • sometimes you dont tag along to photoshoots n stuff“where’s y/n?” daniel asks
    “she didnt want to come. she didnt want to know the spoilers” woojin says
    “i see- OOF! hi little one,” daniel feels a kid smash on his broad back
  • sometimes you dont want to bc spOILERRRRS
  • everyone in wanna one is a great uncle lmfao?
  • ong makes ur kids laugh so much they could probably die
  • “whos ur favourite uncle?” wanna one members gather around
  • “uncle ong!” ur kids say in union
  • woojin laughs
  • he’d be very caring, keeping an eye on his kids or he’d ask a staff member
  • “thats right” cocky ong says “ah u all are so cute! come give ur uncle ong  a hug!”
  • but tbh all the kids would probably like all their uncles but ong is lowkey #1 in their hearts lol
  • SO
  • what happens around the house?
  • obviously the wanna one members come around. lowkey just for the kids tho
  • the kids are fuckin terrified of jaehwans laugh like one time jaehwan was chasing them and laughing lol
  • and ur daughter was like “dad!!! tHERES A PSYCHO IN THE HOUSE!! MUMJSDHRHCH”
  • they love daehwis hair so much
  • “kekkeke,” your daughter laughs as she plays with daehwis hair
  • obvs they love ong bc hes so funny
  • ong tells ur kids jokes and then they pass it on to u and woojin
  • and ur like
  • they live for minhyuns looks like they always touch his face lmfao
  • when u and woojin are on a date or something u leave them with their fave uncles and they adore jisung so much bc hes like their next mum 
  • jisung: shall we go out for dinner??
  • ur kids: H*CK YEAH
  • ur kids love jihoon. so fucking much. they make jihoon do nae maeum soge jeojang 25/8
  • ur daughter is probably the one who has a crush on jihoon
  • “jihoon oppa! do u have abs???”
  • insert daniel giggling in the background
  • jihoon gets shy and says yes until ur daughter lifts up his shirt
  • your son(s) aim to be as sweggy as guanlin, so they look up to him very much
  • “u-uncle guanlin!! am i $weggy yet???”
  • jinyoung often gives ur children piggybacks
  • “uncle jinyoung!!! piggyback??”
  • jinyoungs on the floor as he just gave them one each, breathing heavily, “ah…”
  • now, to daniel
  • they like to go to daniels place bc yknow, cats
  • “uncle daniel!!! dye ur hair blue!!”
  • “okay cutie.” daniel pinches their cheeks
  • whenever u and woojin have to let ur children stay at their place
  • and they like to snuggle on sungwoon and make him sing them to sleep
  • woojin takes care of u a lot ok
  • if ur sick he makes sure that youre eyed on 24/7
  • the sweetest husband ever :’)
  • like woojin might not be experienced but he definitely learned some advice from jisung mum
  • if it was sickness he had no idea about jisung and google are his first priorities lol
  • the kids tend to hug u and always say: “get better mum! fighting!”
  • the kids love playing wanna one on tv
  • probably would do their greeting
  • “daddy!! teach me ur greeting!”
  • “you do this: all i wanna do, wanna one!”
  • they do it along with him and its sUPER CUTE
  • you find woojin having the cutest moments with ur children, like when they make cookies and theyre like messing up the entire thing and woojins like “ah! dont do that love!”
  • and he does the same with you, hes so thankful for u as his wife 
  • like playing uno and when u lose ur children go boo but then one of ur kids are like “dont say that to mummy! it hurts her feelings!”
  • you laugh bc of how cute
  • woojin just smiles widely bc Hes dying loWkey
  • Ok this is gonna get a bit angsty:
  • obviously being married will have some arguments
  • but i guess the arguments would probably involve the children like their grades, hanging with other people and not acknowledging the other person whos feeling neglected, jealousy
  • maybe his kids would feel mad at him too
  • and you as well 
  • like coming home extremely late, which is likely woojin since you only do day shifts
  • “daddy.. you weren’t at dinner,” his son says
  • “im sorry..” he knows that you’re upset bc you cant be seen
  • “where’s your mum?”
  • “shes upstairs”
  • woojins a little bit upset
  • “are you mad at me?” he asks his son
  • “a little bit.. but we’ll sort it out”
  • if its a big reason to fight your children would find out immediately bc of the shouting and they all begin to cry
  • and you and woojin turn to them
  • “g-go back upstairs, munchkins,” you say
  • “n-no.. why are you and dad fighting?” your daughter bursts into tears, “we dont like you fighting like this..”
  • “i-its just.. a couple thing.. dont worry, okay?” woojin says, “we’re just… overwhelmed..”
  • your daughter runs away to go upstairs crying and you and woojin feel guilty, you couldnt help but shed some tears
  • “please sort it out..” your son sighs before going upstairs too
  • ok, so when its you that makes woojin upset:
  • sometimes you’re a little bit stressed and woojin wants to calm you down but you kinda snap at him
  • “y/n, calm down-”
  • “how can i calm down, woojin?! this is so important to me and if i don’t do it right-”
  • you stare at him, your gaze softening
  • “im s..sorry i uh..”
  • “i get it. you need time alone.” he walks to the door and slams the door behind you
  • just know that woojin will always be there
  • he loves u and his children very much
  • will actually do anything his children says
  • he loves them so much
  • sometimes when ur children have bad nightmares u all snuggle in one bed
  • so cute
  • supposed to be non idol smh me smh me smh me kill me
  • ALSO just saying just bc i find gifs on google does not mean that i steal these gifs! i dont credit gif owners but just know the credits go to them :)
Sex And White Lies

Requested by @rebelfleur22

Word Count: 1,085

Prompt:  Can i request an angst imagine of finn balor/seth rollins and reader ? If so its when the reader cheated on either her boyfriend finn or seth (ur choosing, bc i cant choose tbh 😂😋) and suffered a tough break up to be with the other one ☺☺☺

A/N: Finn is kinda a d*ck in this. (I made Seth the boyfriend, and Finn the guy she cheats with. 

Warnings: Slight sexual themes. 

Tags: @wrestlingnoob @laziestgirlintheworld @dorkyvillain @thegenericluchadora 

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wolf 359 finale

No liveblogging because I wanted to avoid all spoilers at all costs but here goes livetyping (then posting everything in one go) OOOOOMG.

Needless to say: spoilers! (I’m also tagging this post of course)

- wow sad Pryce backstory
- ok this was the creepiest ‘Hello little girl’ ever, Cutter stahp. But okay Pryce isn’t quite as old as Cutter, that’s interesting.
- how badly I just want them to leave NOW, to hell with everything, but alas 2 hours left lmao kill me
- “Eiffel will this work” Eiffel is the expert “It will work” oh crap
- Jacobi is in pain NO
- is Kepler saying thank you
- “I’m concerned” “OH YOU’RE CONCERNED”
- no Kepler stop the weak excuses omg “I played the game” shut up “bigger p-” NO
- yessssss Jacobi you’re calling it
- what is Lovelace doing what is she eating omg haha
- wtf that fridge, freezer, drinks cabinet, because of course lmfao
- every time they mention “back on earth” and “home” I mean almost two hours left to this episode we’re all screwed aren’t we
- “do let it hit you on the way out” Jacobi I love you
- species but WHICH one
- everyone sounds really damn happy about Minkowski’s decision?
- “Jacobi don’t” ok tiny feels
- OH they don’t fuck
- JACOBI SPEECH OMG I LOVE YOU you are the best ;0;
- but what is the evil plannnnnn
- KEPLER NO oh god “don’t do this colonel” BIG FEELS “thank you Daniel and goodbye” HUGE FEELS
- I’m dead
- Maxwell
- flashback?!
- huge, crushing, feels
- “Have you gotten the whiskey speech yet?” LMFAO
- Kepler you big ass
- Cutter omg
- Eiffel’s log… T_T
- ok here are my tears, at last
- Eiffel and Minkowski laughing over musical I love it
- but one day more ok end my suffering now
- Zach making Eiffel do a terrible Hilbert imitation is.. Zach, you are perfect, never change
- this can’t be the last we hear of Eiffel right? right? nah
- “Mr Jacobi’s tracker” one thing I never want to hear again
- did Kepler really use “Eiffel” and “enemy forces” in one sentence, like, have you MET Eiffel
- “I’m so sick of this happening” oh whoops of course because he’s torpedoed into space alone AGAIN
- “wait a minute where is Eiffel” AGAIN
- a wolf 359 unique trope
- Hera’s “chance to say goodbye” T_T
- “so: reckless, dangerous and practically guaranteed to fail?” - “not in a million years”
- just a random moment to say so far this episode is VERY GOOD and I’m not dead yet??
- Cutter plays the piano because of course
- “Do… read a book some time” MIRANDA
- so brave new world = The Tempest, after all
- device what device
- “Oohhh fun!” that was v creepy, Cutter
- and after all that’s happened Eiffel says Minkowski’s name right
- hahahahha EIFFEL WHAT this is terrible
- Eiffel have you not being paying any attention
- Jacobi lmfao “you’re gonna ruin everything”
- “VIC”
- “she basically invented the paranoia on this station” lmao
- “AWW YOUR LITTLE FACE” Jacobi you perfect asshole I love you
- Minkowski and Lovelace scheming together is in my top 3 of favourite things in the universe
- “there are way too many ghosts in this place” feels
- Hilbertttttt omg everyone is in this episode?????
- Lovelace sass
- Hilbert/Selberg groan
- “I am never going to be rid of you am I” IF ONLY YOU KNEW
- “I can’t do this, not on my own” “That I’m not smart enough, that I’m not military enough, that I’m not YOU enough” “Let it go, let it all go” RIGHT IN THE HEART
- what a terrible way to confirm identity btw just saying, “here’s my password for everyone to hear because I have to say it out loud!” jfc
- “a very witching hour” did you really
- haha wow Cutter talking to the Dear Listeners oh man
- what happened last time OH RIGHT Kepler lost a hand
- good luck Cutter lmfao
- virus because of course
- decima???? but but wait? or is it? but Eiffel survived that?
- it IS DECIMA but wait what
- oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh it’s blue
- “Nice to meet you, Bob!” HAHAHAHAHA THIS IS TERRIBLE
- also Cutter you are disgusting
- I could use some Bob-sass right now
- “Remarkable and cold” that’s just Pryce & Carter honestly
- ah yes the sass there it is
- which technology do they want
- “Bobby baby no” CUTTER OMG STOP
- “We - like - humans” “new” “better” “randomness out of the equation” “self-guided evolution” Idk what to say
- acceptable?!
- Douglas Eiffel “the appropriate mental structure” AHAHAHSFLKDJSA;FASJ;LFKJSAFLKASFJASJAS FSOHHSFHSFHSADF
- Eiffel no
- stop. saying. Bob. Eiffel why did you have to call him Bob goddammit
- Eiffel no
- “Tell me I didn’t kill anyone we like” Eiffel is channeling all of us
- “let’s make sure at least someone makes it through this” all of you plz minus Pryce and Carter and Rachel because yeah
- Minkowski no
- I don’t know what you’re going to do but no
- Lovelace yes
- “Let’s go get our idiot back” ily Isabel
- “your funeral” shut up
- ok Zach talking to Zach just perfect this is what I’m going to miss when it’s all over tbh
- “the Pryce is not right” haha oh crap
- Harry Potter books one through four “oh that’s nice” YES WHAT THE HELL PRYCE
- “So that’s who Dumbledore is” DO READ A BOOK SOME TIME, MIRANDA
- HERA how though
- complicated, yes I’d say so
- Cutter step away
- “streamline” lmfao “me?!” haha “can’t of course catch bullets” ENHANCEMENTS no “rude” dammit
- ok I am now 100% sure who my favourite terrible character is hi Jacobi PLEASE BE OKAY
- Pryce vs Hera, this is terrifying
- “You don’t look like me” “I spent my entire life trying to NOT be you” “Adorable but futile” holy crap
- stop calling her 214 you creeper
- careful with Eiffel kids
- the first two Queen albums and all things Star Wars prequels “I think I might be okay with that last one actually” hahahahahahahaHA
- “bye bye Mr Bob” I think you’re making a mistake Rachel
- Kepler shut up no one cares about you (I do but NO ONE ON THE HEPHAESTUS)
- “don’t go soft on me Warren” oh Rachel
- “we have to tell Mr Cutter” “do we?” listen to Warren
- (oh no Rachel but)
- of course he was the one to go
- fuck T_T FUCK
- FUCKKK T____________T
- it was oddly nice to hear he had his whiskey with him
- oh god I’m worried about Jacobi what will he feel
- Cutter
- my heart
- he went out with a bang
- Minlace vs Cutter oh my god
- so everyone dies? are we going to ignore the existence of this episode? are we? yes? yes.
- this is going to be a farewell?!
- Cutter shut up
- Minkowski are you ok
- “I actually felt that one” GOOD
- “neat” shUT UP
- groaning Cutter
- “that is not how this is supposed to end” BYE BITCH
- Minkowski T_T
- Lovelace T_T
- go get Eiffel
- there is no way anyone is going to make it out alive ok I’m trying to make peace with this
- out of all the terrible people Pryce is still there why
- “goodbye doctor Pryce” Hera you are scary what are you doing
- everyone is going to die
- “thanks for all the fish before I don’t understand that reference” omg
- eiFFEL
- what a pleasure to hear Pryce so angry for a moment
- bye bitch
- Eiffel :(
- oh god he gets to say goodbye
- “he’s gone”
- oh no this flashback please stop we’re already broken. you’re kicking someone who’s already down stop it
- “Minkovski” “Minkowski” “Minkovski” “Minekowski” oh no :’((((
- cigarettes ffs all the feelings “I’ll think of something” omg
- oh no I’m crying so hard oh no
- “starrrr- what?” NO
- Lovelace
- end our suffering
- end all our sufferings
- Hera no
- why do you hate us so
- Minkowski is basically all alone now
- “Renée, Renée?!”
- “Jacobi, what about Kepler?” I love that you asked :(
- “No.” “I’m sorry.” “It’s alright.” oh god you really did love him?! You really did?! And everyone knew. I can’t interpret this any other way, I just can’t
- Eiffel EIFFEL this is brilliant the logs oh god this is brilliant I love it yeah you were a jerk but we love you so much Eiffel
- BY THE WAY Jacobi is alive JACOBI IS ALIVE
- “Am I still that same person?” oh man are they doing what I think they’re doing? Super duper Eiffel not-a-jerk-redemption-arc??
- Oh my god PRYCE IS ALIVE?!
- ahahhaskfljas;f ahahahahahaha *spirals into insanity*
- Pryce. Hera. Holy crap. I… I don’t know what I expected but this is beautiful?? I can’t believe this is happening? This is so good? I love it?
- Jacobi is alive I can’t believe I get to hear him talk still I am so happy I can die peacefully
- if it doesn’t hold I’ll scream, I’m just saying
- no glitches! you deserve it bby!
- we are talking about “back on earth”, I’m so happy
- thank you universe
- find husband, take apart Goddard Futuristics, Disney Land, vacations, I love this thank you
- “see you on the other side” I’d be happy if you never say terrifying things like that ever again thanks
- “Hera, you ready to go home?” “What about you mister?” I love you all
- I love you all so much thank you for staying alive I love you
- Eiffel ;0;
- “Spending time with you two was one of the best things I ever did” aw
- this doesn’t sound good
- please be ok, you’re ok right? yes yes you are I choose to believe you are okay thanks
- you’re fine I love you all thank you I’m so happy I’m also crying but I’m happy
- the final credits are the worst I’m crying I love you all thank you for my life

SCM Chatroom - Numero Treize

Is it 13? I actually forgot tbh. 

I also forgot that I the numbers were in french so hey, at least my french class payed off.

Spolier, I actually can’t count above 20 in french.

Anyway, I’m tagging my angels, and yes, I do remember…ish:

@tsukkiyume @jenny-scmfangirl @sherlynteoh @curemoonlight-xxleletsubasaxx @samanthamunroe29 @snowyfox999 @heynowimgoodatthis @am-i-invisible777 and @sweet-n-smexy 

Let me know if you wanna be tagged for the next block of chaos!!

Now let’s hop right in!

P.S: The chatroom that they’re using is the facebook messenger. That’s why they can change eachother’s names and such.


Altair has entered the chatroom

Tauxolouve has entered the chatroom

Altair: Lou, do you know where Ikky went? 

Tauxolouve: No, why do you ask?

Aigonorus has entered the chatroom

Altair: His highness requested to talk to him in about an hour.

Tauxolouve: Oh, no wonder why he ran off.

Altair: This isn’t funny! I could get in trouble with Scorpio!

Tauxolouve: But why..? You’re our messenger, not Ichthys’ babysitter

Dui has entered the chatroom

Partheno has entered the chatroom

Partheno: Uh no, Altair was told by Scorpio to look after him today.

Tauxolouve: Why can’t he look after him himself?! There’s like 5 more of you in the department, can’t you look after one god?

Dui: It’s okay, Altair. Scorpio isn’t that scary. He’s really nice!

Ichthys has entered the chatroom

Scorpio has entered the chatroom

Scorpio: Which one of you asswipes dyed my hair purple?!

Dui: Very…very nice…

Ichthys: Hey, look on the bright side, purple hair suits you!

Scorpio: Of course it’s you!! And hell no! My hair is black for a reason! You put some weird ass barrier onto this dye. I can’t even get it off!!

Partheno: Bwahhhaa!! Ichthys I applaud you! I’m taking a picture of this!!

Scorpio: (╬ Ò ‸ Ó)

Partheno: Now scorpy, I’ve told you many times, if you’re going to use emoticons, at least use the cute ones.

Scorpio: (╬ಠ益ಠ) (╬⓪益⓪) ( ╬◣ 益◢) (☄ฺ◣д◢)☄ฺ (メ゚皿゚)

Partheno: You’re just trying to annoy me now, huh? Well guess what? Fuck you too!


Aigonorus: (◐ω◑ ) He looks so cute

Partheno: I’d agree if you didn’t use the ichthys emoji


Partheno: It looks like your face.

Ichthys: You all know that I’m more fab than that.

Tauxolouve: Are you?


Dui: I have no answer.

Altair: I don’t appreciate you! You ran off when i told you that his highness was looking for you!!

Aignorus: Welp, you know it’s real because Altair’s triggered.


Altair: Hmph.


Altair: Your work.

Ichthys: Nevermind

Teorus has entered the chatroom

Karno has entered the chatroom

Leon has entered the chatroom


Leon: Please never use that greeting ever again


Leon: Wooo!! Look at my vice minister go!!!

Tauxolouve: Someone’s biased.

Huedhaut has entered the chatroom

Huedhaut: Dui has been in this room.

Karno: hasn’t everybody?

Scorpio: Wait, where the hell even are you??

Huedhaut: My room

Partheno: And you know because…how?

Huedhaut: It smells like cherries and disappointment.


Huedhaut: I asked you to return my charger like a month ago and you told me you broke it. Then I find that it’s in your room working perfectly fine!


Huedhaut: It won’t be soon. YOU’RE GONNA DO IT AGAIN!

Dui: Honestly I would though

Huedhaut: Why do I even

Dui: No one knows

Scorpio: i just wanna put out here that gay relationships are a thing.

Tauxolouve: Are you in one?

Scorpio: No

Aigonorus: Then it’s not important.

Scorpio: I’m as straight as a tree.


Scorpio: Are you for real?

Teorus: Seems right.

Scorpio: Point is, I’m straight.

Huedhaut: That’s what they all say.

Scorpio: Wanna fight?

Huedhaut: I’m not supposed to hit children.

Dui: Need some ice for that burn?

Krioff has entered the chatroom

Zyglavis has entered the chatroom

Zyglavis: Have I ever told you all how Ichthys tried to hit on me.

Altair: That’s…Why…?


Zyglavis: No, I mean like the flirt hit.

Partheno: …Why..?

Zyglavis: Well, he just walked up to me and asked me if I came here often.

Zyglavis: I was in my room

Karno: Well, you tried. Gold sticker for trying, Ichthys


Aigonorus: Patty, that’s grey.



Vega has entered the chatroom

Krioff: stfu

Zyglavis: I sense a love-hate relationship forming

Scorpio: How much fucking fanfiction are you reading

Zyglavis: Honestly, way too much.

Huedhaut: Fanfiction has changed Zyglavis

Zyglavis: Not

Ichthys: anime changes people, not fanfiction

Aigonorus: Go back to your one piece hole and leave us alone


Teorus: I like the romantic comedy animes

Tauxolouve: This just in, Teorus likes chickflicks

Huedhaut: Millions of people left unsurprised 

Aigonorus: Why fall in love when you can fall asleep?

Leon: You’d be a great candidate for an anime

Karno: I’d watch it

Dui: Let’s watch it together!!

Karno: **pouts**

Dui: I’ll make popcorn

Karno: SOLD!

Leon: What about me wtf

Karno: Maybe

Leon: you know you love me

Karno: I’d sell your soul for a bucket of KFC, don’t test me.

Leon: You deserve a reward for putting up with me

Karno: You are my reward

Karno: wait is this just for the popcorn?

Leon: Yes

Karno: Same.

Partheno: “You deserve a reward for putting up with me”

Dui: Hell yeah I do. Sometimes you’re a real piece of shit.

Huedhaut: **too busy laughing**

Partheno: For the record, I rode a train with you.

Dui: True. You’re forgiven.

Krioff: ebry1 os hay

Teorus: I love being hay

Ichthys: #HayPride

Altair: I didn’t say that Aigo just got memed but..

Vega: Aigo got memed

Altair: You just read my mind

Vega: Cool, huh?

Zyglavis: Why is everyone so gay today

Ichthys: Because it’s fun and we were late on Pride Month

Karno: Pride month is every month

Scorpio: Just to let everyone know that I hate Leon

Leon: I wouldn’t even date you if you were the last person in the universe

Scorpio: If I were the last person in the universe, you wouldn’t exist.

Leon: shit you’re right

Huedhaut: A world without Leon. How interesting.

Leon: Get your shit over with.

Huedhaut: I can’t get over anything. I’m a salty man.

Aigonorus: The truth in that sentence.

Partheno: Hey Teo, guess what

Teorus: what?

Partheno: I’m bi

Teorus: …..But I thought you Japanese..?

Dui: I seriously didn’t ask to be put in a department with you idiots.

Zyglavis: Is this our friendship? 12 gods in the office who all hate eachother?

Scorpio: Who let Zyglavis touch the fuckin anime

Ichthys: I’m outta here

Leon: Who even knows what department they’re working in?

Huedhaut: i work in a slavery department

Leon: How? I let you have breaks.

Huedhaut: I get to see your face literally every day. Give me a break. It’s causing me seizures. I need eye surgery and 5 years of therapy.

Leon: And you think I’m happy to see your face everyday? I’d tolerate it but you have to open your big ass mouth.

Huedhaut: I want a raise.

Leon: And you know what I say to that?: 凸ಠ益ಠ)凸

Huedhaut: Oh, you finally found an emoji that matches your face


Partheno: I’m getting hives

Scorpio: Good. Now you’ll finally shut up about your face

Partheno: I’m officially mortified

Tauxolouve: What took so long?


Partheno: i’m not interested in being polite or heterosexual.

Tauxolouve: This whole chat is just going to be Partheno flaunting his bisexuality. I did not ask for this

Leon: no one did

Aigonorus: I already knew he was gay

Krioff: mo1 tiuch partheno

Scorpio: Don’t even get close to Partheno. He might fall for you

Partheno: Oh, not any of you. I have standards, bitch.

Teorus: Thank goodness it’s not any of us.

Partheno: Excuse you

Aigonorus: I couldn’t live knowing that I’d have to wake up to that face every single day.

Partheno: Your drool stained face isn’t any better

Aigonorus: I bet your so called ‘beauty mark’ isn’t even real. You just made it with 2008 eyeliner.

Partheno: Now you’re questioning the realness of my face?! It’s 120% natural! no plastic surgery, no makeup.

Zyglavis: Wait what? I thought your face was a result of a failed plastic surgery.

Partheno: you know what? you were a mISTAKE! 

Zyglavis: HOW DARE YOU


Tauxolouve: I can SEE the lies!

Dui: You must be high if you can see lies

Tauxolouve: I’m looking at you right now!

Dui: Guys who’s gonna miss Tauxolouve?

Aigonorus: Not me

Leon: You can have him

Huedhaut: You have full permission to strangle him.

Dui: Don’t worry, I will

Tauxolouve: I always knew that you guys were using me just to do your work


Teorus: We’ll find another sagitarian god.

Tauxolouve: I’m more useful than this COW

Teorus: Hey Dui you have room for one more?

Dui: Go ahead.

Teorus: You’re getting your ass kicked into outerspace, Lou

Tauxolouve: Bet you can’t kick it right

Teorus: I will actually kill you

Ichthys: Can you go to jail for murder of a god?

Karno: Jail really isn’t fun.

Leon: you’ve been?

Karno: Once, in monopoly.

Huedhaut: You’re arrested

Karno: On what grounds?

Leon: For being cute?

Huedhaut: no, you’re arrested for looking like an ass with two eyes.

Huedhaut: Karno’s arrested because he can’t keep Leon on a leash

Karno: no one appreciates my work here I swear! I try very hard!

Karno: Why don’t I even get a promotion for the shit i have to put up with??!

Leon: you know why? Because once I asked for a glass of water when you were mad at me, then you came back with a cup of ice and said ‘wait’

Karno: Oh my gosh, no wonder I never get promoted.

Leon: All the rest of you lots are staying as peasants because you keep calling me ugly.

Huedhaut: If you ever think you’re unattractive, just look in the mirror. Now you know you’re unattractive.

Leon: Bitch I look fucking amazing. Like people are turning heads because of how much I shine

Scorpio: No, people are staring at you because they’re questioning how someone could look so ugly and still have so much pride.

Zyglavis: Well, I mean, that means that we shine more

Partheno: what does that even mean

Zyglavis: Without ugly in this world, there would be nothing beautiful

Aigonorus: Thank you for your sacrifice.

Zyglavis: You’re about to go to hell

Aigonorus: I’m literally sitting right next to you. I’m already in hell.

Teorus: It’s 3 AM oh my gosh.

Teorus: I can’t sleep

Aigonorus: Well I can. Good fucking night. I hope you get possessed by a demon.

Aigonorus has left the chatroom.


Dui: Well, we’re just treating you like how you treat us

Partheno: Who the fuck ordered pizza at 3AM

Ichthys: I’m trying to end world hunger.

Partheno: I’m the only one in the living room.

Ichthys: You are my world

Teorus: **judging hard**

Ichthys: Wait are you crying??


Scorpio: But seriously, you can order pizza at this time of night?

Huedhaut: It’s morning

Scorpio: Shut your trap.

Zyglavis: I’m addicted to anime. Screw my job. Ichthys come over here and watch Fairytail with me.

Ichthys: :D I told you anime changes people

Ichthys has left the chatroom

Zyglavis has left the chatroom

Scorpio: That fucker was right oh my gosh.

Karno: Tauxolouve got knocked out lmao. 

Leon: I have his phone

Leon: Just gonna change all his contacts to shrek and change his wallpaper to a bunch of dick pics

Leon: Oh there’s a small one. Perfect. It looks just like his

Dui: Wait, change his password too

Leon: OH, that too

Tauxolouve has left the chatroom

Leon: Quick give me a good place to hide it

Dui: Throw it in the freezer

Scorpio: Oh my gosh.

Krioff has left the chatroom

Vega: **sighs** I guess I’ll be taking care of Lou

Vega has left the chatroom

Altair: Bye!!

Altair has left the chatroom

Karno: Wait are you actually putting it in the freezer?!

Leon: Teorus go do something useful for once and find me a tray!

Teorus: Fine

Huedhaut: We’re freezing his phone with really strong whiskey

Karno: Does that kill the phone?

Huedhaut: Maybe

Scorpio: Who cares

Karno: I can’t believe you guys

Dui: Sh, it’s gonna be funny

Partheno: Wait, put salt in it so it’s colder

Teorus: Does dry ice work

Huedhaut: Let’s throw a few in just for good measure

Dui: We chucked that shit in the fridge. Quick run and clean up all of the evidence.

Partheno: You all sound like you just committed murder.

Huedhaut: Technically we kinda did

Scorpio: We murdered a phone

Teorus: No regrets

Scorpio: No fucks given.

Karno: Yeah I’m not being responsible for this.

Karno has left the chatroom

Teorus: I’m not taking the blame either

Teorus has left the chatroom

Scorpio: Who’s staying awake?

Partheno: Ha, no.

Partheno has left the chatroom

Huedhaut: I don’t really think you’re entertaining at all, so I’m going to go read a book

Huedhaut has left the chatroom

Dui: I’m gonna go steal a book and vandalise it.

Dui has left the chatroom

Teorus: I bet he’s reading 50 shades of grey

Teorus has left the chatroom

Scorpio: Hell no, i’m not stay with you.

Scorpio has left the chatroom

Leon: Fuck you too

Leon has left the chatroom


Honestly I have no clue wtf happened but I hope you liked it <3

I work really hard to post shit like this.

And I think you’ve seen the mix of hate and gay in this.

Need I say more?

Feed back is welcome and any more suggestions!

~ Teresa

Something Sweet Like You || Hwang Minhyun Oneshot

(mood board is mine pictures aren’t; credit to the owners)

summary: Wanna one finally gets a break and Minhyun, your boyfriend, invites you over to bake

genre: fluff !!

word count: 1029

requested: yes

A/N: I had this in my drafts for awhile now- this scenario is dedicated to my one and only sunshine, @hiyawoojin !! she loves Minhyun so much (also loves Woojin-). This is also for @deepdickdaniel since the Minhyun tag has been dry for her lmaooo. I hope you guys like this one and please give me feedback !!!

Wanna One happened to have a break today so your wonderful boyfriend, Minhyun invited you over. Luckily for you, you had finished all of the extra work your boss had assigned you the night before. You happily skipped out of work to the train station as the sound of your black heels clicked along the pavement. As your arm swung back and forth, your ponytail followed its action. You slid your metro card and walked in to wait for your train to come by. The train came after a few minutes of waiting. You boarded the train and took a seat on the old leather chairs. The ride was really short since your workplace wasn’t too far from Minhyun and the boys.

Once you got to your stop, you quickly walked to their dorm. You were about to knock but the door swung open for you. You saw Jaehwan holding onto the metal doorknob while putting his sneakers on.

“You’re going somewhere?” you asked Jaehwan.

“We all are,” you heard Daniel say from somewhere inside the dorm.

“Don’t get freaky with Minhyun while we’re gone,” Sungwoo said as he walked past you with the rest of Wanna One. You rolled your eyes as you entered and took off your shoes. You were immediately greeted by Minhyun’s warm smile. You started running towards his arms but then swerved to the kitchen to get food (me in every scenario tbh). Minhyun stood there confused a bit as you were munching on the chips that were open on the counter. He turned around to look at you. Disappointment was written all over his face.

“I guess my girlfriend loves food more than me,” Minhyun sighed. He trudged over to the kitchen to get the rest of the ingredients out. You finally decided to put the bag of chips down and leave it on the countertop. You wrapped your arms around Minhyun’s waist and rested your head on his back.

“I knew you would come around,” he said as he placed a kiss on your forehead.

“Shall we start baking,” you asked him. He nodded his head as he got the last few ingredients out. You walked over to the counter and pulled the recipe up on your phone. You took out the measuring cups, mixing bowls, and the whisk as Minhyun placed everything else on your work surface.

“We need three cups of flour,” you said.

“I’m on it!” Minhyun said as he grabbed the measuring cups and scooped a mountain of flour. He stared at the measuring cup as if he was a hawk targeting his prey as he took off the excess flour. You started laughing at how focused and careful he was as he dumped the flour into the bowl. He diverted his eyes back to you and smiled. He loved your laughter. It was like his happy pill that never failed to make him smile.

Your directions brought him back to reality. He stumbled around and dumped the items you read off the recipe. Eventually, it was time to mix the dry ingredients together. You plugged in your electric hand mixer in and put it in the bowl. You turned it on and started mixing. Little did the both of you know, your thumb was on the increase button. It the flour exploded in your faces once it reached maximum speed. Minhyun immediately unplugged the mixer. You looked at Minhyun, who was now covered in flour and baking soda from head to toe. You two stared at each other for a moment and burst into waves of laughter. You eventually got back to making the cake. Minhyun, on the other hand, was cleaning up the flour mishap since he couldn’t deal with the fact his kitchen was dirty. 

By the time Minhyun finished cleaning, you finished making the batter and put it in the oven to bake. 

“We should clean up everything we used for the cake first then make the cake,” Minhyun suggested. You nodded as you started to gather the bowls and put it in the sink. You were in charge of washing the bowls with water while Minhyun was in charge of the soaping. 

“Can you hand me that bowl?” you asked Minhyun. He nodded. You started reaching for the bowl as he handing it to you but, you forgot that the water was on and accidentally sprayed him. 

“Hey!” he screamed as he splashed some water on you as you squealed. You guys continued to splash and spray each other until you were both soaked and on the floor laughing. 

You guys finished washing the dishes and dried yourself. You noticed that Minhyun wasn’t drying his hair properly. You took the towel from and gently placed it on his head. 

“You’re gonna get sick if you don’t dry your hair properly,” you said as you pouted. 

“Ahh, what would I do without you,” he teased as he pinched your cheeks. As you were still rubbing his head with the towel, you heard the oven ring. You walked over to the oven with Minhyun tailing you from behind. You put on your oven mitts and carefully took the hot pan out (not as hot as minhyun am I rite ;)). You took the cakes out of the pan and let it cool down on the marble counter. Minhyun already took out the ingredients to make the icing and the bowl for it. You guys started measuring the ingredients again and dumping it in the cold, metal bowl. 

“Stay on low,” Minhyun warned as soon as he saw you with the mixer again. You chuckled as you mixed carefully, making sure nothing will fly this time. Minhyun placed his hand on the cake to find that it was ready to be iced. You slathered the buttercream on your cake and started stacking (I’m sorry I don’t level my cakes because I know I won’t eat the scrapes LMAOO). Minhyun dipped his finger into the icing and quickly swiped it on your cheek. 

“Yah-” you shouted but before you could yell at him, he quickly pecked where he left the icing.

“Hmm, it’s almost as sweet as you.”

anonymous asked:

Can I️ get some headcanons for the losers helping Richie decorate his house for Christmas since his parents are dicks. Preferably with stan saying shit like “I️ still don’t know why we’re decorating a tree” but helping anyway because he and Richie are bffs

I had these almost finished yesterday and then I lost internet connection and they vanished so I hope these are as good as what I’d written before, RIP

I LOVE THIS IDEA A LOT OKAY (ps they are like juniors in high school but it doesn’t really matter tbh lol)

  • mike hanlon loves christmas and holidays in general he gets very excited about decorations and happiness
  • so you can imagine how personally affronted he is when richie jokes about how he’s never had a christmas tree or christmas lights in his house
  • mike’s jaw is still dropped when richie has to leave the quarry before anyone else and he turns to the others immediately and goes “WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING FOR RICH”
  • they all know richie likes the holidays bc he gets super excited when they have their annual losers holiday party and he wears a santa suit every year and brings all of his presents in a giant red bag (who knows where he got it) and insists on being the one to pass out presents
  • richie is adorable
  • anyway
  • so all the losers agree, even Stan who doesn’t really know much about christmas other than jesus is born and some guy in a red suit breaks into your house to leave you presents and apparently every christian is required to have a chimney so he can break in properly
  • it’s during winter break and christmas is in about a week but they scrounge up the money for some new decorations, and they borrow some that aren’t being used from bill and mike’s houses
  • eddie and ben may or may not have spent several hours hand-making garland in the shape of snowflakes
  • bev even made a wreath, and the santa in the middle is smoking a cigarette instead of a pipe
  • they all storm richie’s house in the middle of the day when they know he’ll be home and his parents won’t be
  • they just walk in bc richie never locks the doors, and richie runs downstairs when he hears them
  • “what the fuck”
  • “richie do you not lock your door? do you even know how dangerous that is? you could get robbed. what if we were murderers? what would you do then? hu-”
  • bev put a hand over eddie’s mouth
  • ignoring eddie’s rampage, richie says “what the hell are you losers doing here? mike, why do you have a tree?”
  • “say hello to santa’s elves, rich,” bev said proudly. “we’re bringing christmas cheer to the tozier residence
  • “I’m here to provide criticism”
  • “shush stan you wanted to come”
  • …….”you guys are gonna decorate my house?”
  • “you said your p-parents never did”
  • ………………
  • “are you gonna c-cry?”
  • “WH- NO, BILL, I AM NOT” 
  • he was totally tearing up
  • and so the decoration began
  • ben even brought the new kids on the block christmas album
  • richie was too flattered by the whole thing to even make fun of him but stan certainly made up for it
  • mike and bill put up the christmas tree and bev and richie laughed their asses off at the wreath she made (they hung it on his bedroom door) and ben and eddie started stringing their garland everywhere
  • they had even bought richie a christmas stocking 
  • “your foot isn’t going to fit in that I don’t get it”
  • “it’s for santa to put small gifts in, stan!”
  • “that makes NO SENSE”
  • stan didn’t really understand what all they were doing
  • he helped put ornaments on the christmas tree for a bit but he got bored and decided to meddle
  • maybe stan had bought a bag of hanukkah confetti
  • maybe he had bought……..three bags of hanukkah confetti
  • and maybe he dumped it onto the tree
  • and also in richie’s stocking (where he wouldn’t find it until much later)
  • and also maybe on richie’s bed
  • maybe
  • okay he totally did I love my little shit Stan the Man
  • he did all of this pretty sneakily (except for the christmas tree one, that one they noticed right off)
  • richie laughed his ass off every time he found more confetti
  • and he grinned wide every time he saw the decorations in his living room, or the brightly colored strings of christmas lights that were hung in his own room
  • richie just really fucking loved his friends and they all loved him, happy fucking holidays I’m crying

permanent tag list: @gingerbreddie @secretblog1212 @reddietofall @richieeddietozier @turtleneckrichie @lonewolfhard @satinkors @allison0609

can i call you lils?

James has a little too much to drink, but someone lets him near his phone anyway. But maybe it was for the best. 

In which i am projecting my emotions and behaviours onto both James and Lily. I have done like 87% of this with various crushes over my lifetime. I am Embarrassing.

For the lovely @dearestdarling-dead and the wonderful @prongsno who already know about this fic :))))))) 

James / Lily

*bloop* Lily’s phone went off. *bloop* *bloop* *bloop* She glanced at the clock, it was 2 in the morning what was that boy playing at. This is what she got for leaving her phone on loud. This was Mary’s fault. Talking about how she had a special text tone for Sirius. It was cute when she did it. But Lily wasn’t dating James. Why did she have a special text tone for him. It was creepy. He was just a dumb crush.

Lily rolled over and closed her eyes, willing herself to sleep. But it was too late. Curiosity pulled at her hands. What was James Potter texting her at two in the morning.

She unlocked her phone. Four messages showed at the top of the screen.

James Potter 👨‍🎓✨:

“Lils… I love you”




Lilly practically dropped her phone and rolled over burying her face in her pillow. Her cheeks burned. WHAT !!!!!! This is a dream right. She didn’t actually just read that.

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Plot; OC is Becky’s best friend and has a secret relationship with Dana behind Becky and Charlotte’s back. Maybe a little snippet of a quicke behind closed doors in the arena? 

A/N: So, this is a request I actually took over from @wwe-smutfics a few months ago that I’m just getting out now. It was requested by the lovely @kailynnyukari21, and I hope I did the request justice!<3 [I don’t think I did, tbh. But please be gentle with me, I am simple bee.] It’s just under 2000 words, I believe. <br>Tag List: @heeltjp @hardcorewwetrash @wwetrashqueen @kurominonsense @asharcher

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... i hit 1000+?




i’m gonna be kinda sappy for a moment and say i’ve… never dreamed of hitting 300, let alone somehow manage to get to over 1000 - and i 100% mean that.

heck, i never expected to get more than ten notes on literally anything i’ve written tbh???

i never expected to have the friends that i have now, or the confidence that i’m gaining now when it comes to things like theatre and writing - hell, i was convinced i’d just go and force myself through culinary school and end up in some job that i’d probably end up tolerating rather than loving? hell, the future isn’t certain and who knows if i’ll end up on a stage anywhere - but at least if i do, it’ll be something i love

and just… so many things have changed over the past month and i’m honestly speaking when i say that:  i never expected any of it

so… i guess just… thank you? thank you all for following me and liking my content and talking to me and just… being there, i guess.

im just gonna thank a bunch of ppl because i fuckn love all of u <333333 sorry if stuff gets repetitive idk how many ways i can say ‘I LOVE U THANK U FOR SUPPORT HERE’S A SMOOCH’

to @sincerlyyme and @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou - the two people that actually got me into writing to begin with: thank you. so so fucking much. y’all are so sweet and i absolutely love you two because i never would have actually posted anything if it weren’t for the fact that you two inspired me a ton! plus i might have nearly cried when the two of u followed me so <33333

@earlyjunes @a-second-hand-sorrow @connormurphyobsessed @imagine-boyo @dear-alex-hansen and @huffleheck - the swan fam: I LOVE ALL OF U??? SO MUCH???? swan fam is best fam <3 especially because y’all??? are the sweetest babes???? i love all of u and support all of u and we all should talk more i swear (aka if y’all have discord, swan family discord + swan mama. speaking of swan mama…)

@polygenderselkie - i wasn’t gonna leave u off just put u separately: MY FAVE SWAN MOM <3 thank you for just being a huge influence in my life and being the mom that i’ve kind of needed as of recently tbh? if i’m ever feeling down, i know that you’ll def be there to give swan kisses n sweet words <3

@sarajanesmith42 / @connormurphyisbab: ren i love u so much dude. i’m glad you trusted me and messaged me and i’m glad to talk to you because w o w what a sweetheart??? you’re such a cool dude and i love seeing you happy because it’s such a nice thing tbh? love you a lot, dude <3

@protecting-my-legacy: MACKIE. I LOVE U. ur fics also inspire me a lot and i love your writing and i’m glad we can talk tbh??? uh what else can i say other than i love u and ur a cool babe and just. 10/10 i’m glad we can talk about fics n shit and just???? love u <3333

@waving-at-failed-words: MADDIE I LOVE U BECAUSE WE CAN NOT SLEEP TOGETHER AND IT’S GREAT. thank u for the bird and the sweet things you always put in the tags whenever u reblog my shit <3

@anotherstellarconversation & @luckyadd: u two have to deal with me not sleeping and u deserve an award for that tbh. alex, you’re such a cool bab and u know of my secret love for things and??? i love u a lot??? and lucky - i love ur art and i’m glad we can just talk about random memes n shit and iii am 100% sorry that i never sleep (which is gonna change soon, since… school………)

@1two-player-game1: elizaaaa. my player one. my amigo. my icon buddy, my pal. i love u a lot tbh??? ur always such a sweetheart and u also have dealt with me not sleeping and u also deserve an award for that i swear 

(these are slowly getting shorter as i realize how many ppl i feel the need to thank jfc sorry babes)

@pleasedontatme​: CAT U COOL NERD I LOVE U AND UR WRITING???? ur poly fics inspire me a lot since…. i love poly fics a lot and they’re rare as far as i know??? love u 

@psychedemigod​: psy. i love u. so much. u make me laugh and u have given me ideas for shit and just??? ur so cool and i jUST RLY LOVE U OK <333 

@yikesjaredkleinman​: adam i love u alot and i’ve literally stayed up waiting for ur writing because its jUST SO GOOD???? UR SUCH A COOL DUDE AND <3333 LOVE U

@twoplayergaymers: i love u and i love talking to u and??? i just love u a lot dude <3333 (plus ur art??? im love <333)

and to two other GIANT NERDS who i love a lot:

@thebirdwitch and @commando-76: jfc how long have we been friends? i love both of you to the ends of the earth and i’m glad we’re all friends still tbh. you two put up with me talking about theatre and my singing and my stressed ranting/venting and your both… still here? which is… really, really weird honestly since i’ve opened up to people before and they’ve ended up leaving me one way or another - which sucks, but… i don’t blame them? i really love both of u and appreciate how much we’ve generally fucked around and our stupid jokes and laughing with you two over the panty raid one night because it was just a fucking stupid thing to say but it was hilarious because we were all tired little shits. love you guys. maybe someday we’ll actually meet face to face? i fucking hope so, honestly.

to anyone i haven’t thanked or ppl that quietly support or ppl that stay on anon: i love you guys too. you’re all always so sweet and i love you all a lot as well. sorry if i left you off this list - i don’t mean anything by it. i love u guys a lot and just <3333

thank you. for everything.

Arranged Marriage (Taehyung)

And now it is time for the second half of the Daegu line, my bby squish, my love, the cutest lil pup with s u ch a cute giggle oh my g OD it’s literally just so precious and I want him to giggle and be happy forever, Kim Taehyung aka V

  • For the original prince!Tae post, you can click here
  • I am gonna be straying a bit from the plot of the original post but the actual characteristics of prince!tae will still be the same
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original post, he is just the cutest lil prince tbh
  • He doesn’t think of the people in his town as “his people”
  • They’re just his friends, his family, his favorite people
  • He’s out there on a daily basis, even if he can only spend like an hour with them, he’d rather do that than not see them at all
  • He lo v es playing with all of the kids, he’ll literally have like 20 to 30 kids around and he’s just giggling away and playing along with all of their games
  • He’s the b es t at playing freeze tag ask any one of those kids who the best is and they’ll all immediately point to him bc he never leaves anyone frozen for long
  • And if he gets frozen o H BOY, there’s just this lil army of kids all running to him to tap him back into the game bc they can’t lose their MVP
  • He could honestly spend hours with them and they all love him so much like we’ve seen how Tae gets around bbys and kids, he’s just s o amazing with them and it’s just all so cute
  • And the adults love him just as much bc it’s tae how do you not love tae he’s a walking ball of sunshine who just wants to have fun and make people happy and make them smile and laugh and he’s just cuteness
  • He takes care of all of them and has monthly parties where the castle chefs come out and cook a shit ton of food for everyone and everyone’s  just happy and he lo v es that day so much
  • His parents tell him about the marriage a couple months before the wedding date
  • They tell him that the two kingdoms are gonna be joined together and turned into one and it’ll only be positive
  • They also tell him if he really really doesn’t want to do it (they do insist he meets you and gives it some time to actually get to know you before he makes any decisions) they’ll call it off immediately
  • He goes into it with as much of an open mind as he possibly can bc he knows that his parents would never arrange a marriage for him with someone they didn’t think would he would be able to love
  • He puts on some ni ce ass pants and a nice shirt and he’s in all black and it’s just really fucking nice bc have you ever seen tae in black that is some good shit right there especially if it’s all black !!!!
  • His hair is that beautiful orange color that just made him look so w ow like he looks wow in every hair color let’s be real here but the orange will always have a special place in my heart the styling of his hair, the color all of it was beautiful
  • He’s a lil bit nervous about meeting you for the first time bc there are so many different ways this can go down, you can possibly hate him, you could have zero interest in him, you could blame him for the arranged marriage like there are so many things !!
  • But when he sees you, he still smiles all wide and honestly once you see the eye smile your heart does the thing bc here’s your future husband like his face is beautiful, his body is nic E but then his smile is so cute and pretty and it’s square and that’s so fucking adorable
  • And then you hear him talk and the v oi CE is just oh wow who would expect this smol bub with the cute smile and the adorable eyes to have this voice that’s just d e e p as fuck
  • And as the night goes on, you find out that not only is this bub adorable as fuck, he’s good looking AND he has a great personality like what the fuck how
  • He’s funny and goofy and he doesn’t take himself too seriously and he’s so laid back like you can ask him to go on a late night stroll, he’s down, you can ask him to travel with you to Iceland and he’s down as fuck, he’s just ready for adventure
  • You two already know you’re gonna be best friends, by the end of that night, he’s glued to your side and he keeps making you laugh and smile and your cheeks are honestly sore by the time you go home but you can’t stop smiling, even just thinking about him makes you smile
  • You meet everyone in his town and seeing him interacting with all of the kids is honestly s o fucking endearing bc he gets so happy and that makes you happy bc tae has one of those smiles/giggles that are contagious like when he giggles all of the kids giggle too and it’s all so fucking cute
  • It doesn’t take him long to fall in love and honestly by the time you two move in with each other a week before the wedding, he’s head over heels
  • There are just nonstop cuddles and being woken up by kisses and sleepy “good morning babe” and we’ve heard his morning voice and I would like to just scream right here and now just thinking about it :)
  • He starts making these lil hints that he’s not feeling anything platonic anymore and that it’s been bumped up to romantic
  • He starts holding your hand more, his kisses start getting closer to your lips instead of your cheek, he gives you those love filled looks, he hugs you every two seconds
  • He’s trying to figure out if you love him in the same way like he knows you definitely love him as a friend but is that shit still platonic to you??
  • This one night he gets brave and decides to actually kiss you and thankfully, you do kiss back
  • He doesn’t stop smiling for the rest of the night bc he’s just so happy and he’s giggling into your shoulder
  • The next time he sees the parents, he makes sure to shout a “thank you for introducing me to my love, I’ll be the best husband ever!!”
Day and Night

At six o’clock Kinshirou woke up to sunlight seeping through the curtains, bathing the room in a soft glow. Yufuin lied generally to his left, asleep, sprawled across the mattress. This was all a bit strange to Kinshirou. Not waking up early, or the fact that Yufuin was still asleep. Kinshirou preferred early mornings, and of course, at six am, there would be no reason to think Yufuin would be anywhere close to awake. The fact was, it was unusual that Yufuin was in his room, and his bed, no less. Although that was attributable to quite a bit of bargaining. Yufuin had promised to spend the day with him, but claimed that “the day” didn’t officially start until noon, and then blathered on about time being a subjective experience, which Kinshirou fundamentally disagreed with. Then, Yufuin had insisted that they have a “lazy day”, and Kinshirou hated that on principle. Finally, they had agreed that Kinshirou would pick the day’s activities, and after they’d completed his itinerary, they would retire to Yufuin’s house to do absolutely nothing.

‘It’s not nothing, President, it’s relaxing. Don’t be so dramatic.”

At any rate, then Yufuin had protested because Kinshirou didn’t trust that he would wake up on time of his own volition. Which he absolutely would not. It was perfectly logical that Kinshirou make sure Yufuin was up and ready to go on schedule, but Yufuin had put up such a fuss that it probably would have been easier to call the whole thing off entirely.

Of course, Yufuin being Yufuin, he had to be insufferable and suggest that if Kinshirou wanted to wake him up, he should be allowed to stay the night. He knew Yufuin had made the offer thinking that Kinshirou would back down, but Kinshirou hated having to concede to Yufuin for any reason whatsoever. And so, to subvert expectations, and to ensure that he got his way, he had agreed.

He still wasn’t sure if he had won or lost in that instance.

And now, here they were. Well, Yufuin was dead to the world, so maybe “here” wasn’t exactly the right word. He slept like someone without a care in the world. For all Kinshirou knew, he didn’t have any cares. Every once in a while, Kinshirou thought it might be nice to live like that, and then he would remember that Yufuin was a disaster, and the moment would pass. For the most part, Yufuin remained on his side of the bed, except for one hand resting against Kinshirou’s head as though he had been petting his hair while he slept. Funnily enough, Kinshirou had dreamed that his hair had grown impossibly long, and Yufuin had asked to touch it. He’d also called Kinshirou “Rapunzel”, but that wasn’t an important detail.

Yufuin did look quite at peace while he slept. The sunlight accented the gold in his hair, and he looked very inviting lying there. Kinshirou still had time before he had to wake Yufuin and start the day’s festivities. He could always lay back down, and Yufuin was never one to shy away from physical contact. Exactly how close was he allowed to be? What was the acceptable amount of touching?

Trying to wake up Yufuin now to ask would be pointless. He’d have to be content with the hand in his hair.

Next time, he would ask about the specifics of body contact in advance.

…Not that there would be a next time.

(He sincerely hoped there would be.)


At two o’clock En woke up to moonlight shining through the windows, visible even though the curtains were drawn, giving the room a pale glow. The President lied to his right, asleep, bundled tightly in the blankets. This was going to take some getting used to. Not waking up in the middle of the night, or the fact that the President was still asleep. En was used to odd waking hours, and the President usually went to sleep before nine o’clock like an old man. Just the fact that the President was there in the first place, sleeping in the same bed. Honestly, En had taken the President for a prude, and hadn’t thought he’d seriously consider letting anyone stay the night. En would almost take it as a bout of spontaneity, or early onset dementia, but they’d actually spent a long time trying to work out this arrangement the day before.

In typical Kusatsu fashion, the President had wanted to do something especially boring and entirely too early for En’s liking. En suggested a free day to relax and unwind instead.

There was a very vocal disagreement about this.

In the end, En agreed to do “actual things” with the President from nine am until five pm, as if social interaction were some kind of day job. In return, the President agreed to just relax for the rest of the night. Of course, the President had to be difficult about everything, and held up negotiations because he wanted to adhere to a strict definition of time. En’s argument that time is just a human construct created to impart meaning to the natural progression of the world and bodies therein was quickly and unfairly shut down.

‘Nine o’clock means nine o’clock, not 10:45, Yufuin.’

En would have argued, but his definition of nine o’clock was probably closer to noon, so that wasn’t an argument he was likely to win. The President threatened to set him an alarm, or worse, to come be his personal wake up call. En wanted to avoid this fate at all costs, and so he had countered with the only offer that he was sure the President would reject; that the President could wake him up only if En stayed the night at the President’s house.

The fact that he had accepted was still a mystery to En.

The President sighed softly in his sleep. His hair shone silver in the moonlight, fanning across the pillow in delicate strands. En wondered if it would be okay to touch him while he slept. He was a pretty tactile person, but the President was not, and since he was clearly already embarrassed about sharing the bed in the first place, En hadn’t actually got around to asking whether or not he would get punched in the face if he tried to cozy up to him during the night. Fortunately, the President was a light sleeper.

“Hey, President,” En whispered, “can you hear me?”

The President scrunched up his face in his sleep. En wished he had his phone on him.

“President. Kusatsu.”

“What?” the President replied, voice barely audible.

“Will you freak out if I touch you?”

“I’m asleep.”

“Kusatsu, can I touch your hair?”


“You sure?”

“I already said okay, leave me alone.”

“Are you gonna remember this tomorrow?”

“Remember what?”

“That I asked you if I could touch your hair.”

The President sighed and made a half-hearted shushing motion with his finger. “I like it when you touch my hair.”

En laughed. “Yeah? I do too.” He ran his fingers through the President’s hair slowly. If he were feeling romantic, he would say that he lulled the President back to sleep, but he knew for a fact that the President was asleep the second he stopped talking. It didn’t really matter. This was good enough. He’d actually like to do it again sometime. Maybe he’d invite the President to sleep at his house tonight…or maybe he’d give it a little time.

He had quite a few hours before the President’s day of mandated “fun”, and he hoped he’d be able to get a few more hours of sleep in before then. But for now, he’d be content with this.

He was also definitely going to make fun of the President for wanting his head to be pet like a cat, but that was a given.


I haven’t actually watched Call the Midwife in so long ahh! The end of the semester has been kicking my ass but good news, this is my last week of class & I only have 2 finals next week! So I’ll be able to relax a bit and go back to being ctm trash™ later next week + I also convinced my mom to buy the books so I can read those when I get home too. Anyways, I have a break in between my second and last class & instead of being productive/working on all the assignments I have due this week I’m going to watch 4.06 (I closed my eyes and picked from the episode guide lol) because it’s been far too long! 😭👏🏼📺 ✨ here goes nothing, I’m officially back to annoying you all with my commentaries™ 💁🏼

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I Can’t Take It *Chris Evans x Reader*

Originally posted by master-of-duct-tape

Summary: Inspired by all the hate, I and other writers have been receiving as of late.
Admins Note: The only I could make this work was if you were a vlogger/ blogger for YouTube, but that’s only mentioned briefly. I’m not one to really express how I feel, in fact, sometimes I just delete the anon hate because it doesn’t bother me but I have days like I am writing here where, yes, the hate does affect me and I want the “haters” to realise that the stuff you write has a domino effect. Your messages can really affect how someone is feeling, especially, someone who suffers with mental illness; I have dysthymia, so waking up sometimes is difficult for me, reading messages that tell me to die, well, yeah that’s gonna effect how I feel! So, please, reconsider how you treat someone on and off the internet.- Ro

If you know any blogs/ writers that have been receiving hate and you think they may like this as a pick me up, then direct them, I’d like to lift as many spirits as possible with this Evans fluff.

You sat scrolling through your dashboard, laid upon your bed with your laptop propped up on a book to keep from overheating too much, your chin resting on one hand as the other hit the down button and occasionally reblogging some cool content.

Your eyes would flick to the message icon, the number increasing still as the hours passed, you had been avoiding clicking on the icon for almost a day but you knew you had to view all the messages at some point or another. It’s part of your “job” to have a presence on the internet, at all times, when did blogging become a job you didn’t know but it did.

You sighed as you clicked on the icon, sucking in a harsh breath as the screen loaded for a few seconds before showing various “anon” messages to you, you let out a shaky puff of air and began the scrolling of the ego bruising messages ahead.

Various; “Kill yourself” messages, “youre ugly and fat, just leave” messages and the famous “he is too good for you, you are just a distraction to him!” messages.

It never usually affects you this much, normally you are able to take it on the chin and just delete those messages, shrug them off with a simple chuckle and go about your day. You knew the shouldn’t mean anything, amongst those bad messages, are a tonne of nice ones, people still congratulating you on your following count so far-plus a million subscribers on YouTube. It shouldn’t matter, but yet it does.

You had woken up not feeling too great, not in a sick way just having a bad mental day, you just felt lethargic and didn’t want to do anything but stay in bed. Days like these weren’t good for scrolling through your social media’s, especially Twitter. It seemed no matter what media you clicked on, someone had something to say about you or your relationship, whilst you’d shrug off the teeny-boppers any other day but today was different.

Today you had enough; you had enough of the constant ridicule, insults and death threats. You had enough, it was plain and simple, you couldn’t take it… you couldn’t stand it. Was any of this worth it? Was actually being in a relationship with someone worth all this shit? Sure, you loved him but was that enough that take this amount of hate every day for rest of your life, maybe.

The bedroom  door opened, you didn’t even realise you were crying till you sniffed and wiped the evidence of weakness away, you looked up to see a confused Chris standing in the door of the bedroom; holding the leash that was connected to Dodger.

“Hey, how as the walk?” you asked, smiling as Dodger pulled on the lead to get to you.

“Yeah, it was good, why are you crying?” Chris asked unclipping the lead from Dodger’s red collar and he stormed to you, jumping on the bed and assaulting you in kisses and fluffy hugs; making you laugh loudly.

Chris pulled Dodger away, telling him to lay down and he obeyed, you were left sitting on the bed with the opened laptop beside you both; you nodded to the screen, Chris pushed the lid of the laptop back and scanned the few dozen hate messages, clicking on Twitter to see your mentions full of the same abuse also.

He sighed gently, “We’ve talked about this, doll. You gotta ignore ‘em, you aren’t doing this for them, we aren’t together for them!”

“I know, I get it,” you sighed and ran a hand through your hair “just… it’s hard to ignore them, Chris. It’s my job to take criticism and feedback from my audience, I don’t have actual New York Times reviewers, I have these people who send me messages every day, telling me what they think. So, yeah, it will affect me because that there, is how they think of me.”

“But they aren’t your audience or your followers, they definitely are not your fans, so stop listening to them and listen to me” he closed the laptop shut and turned to face you “you’re a nice person, who has a tonne of friends, who loves doing what she is doing and that’s running a blog, you met all your friends from doing this also! You have a great community of people, yeah not everyone is gonna love ya, I don’t understand why it works that way but it does” he sighs “those messages are people who are jealous and are fucking idiots.”

“I can’t take it anymore,” you sighed helplessly, “I hate feeling like this, I can’t go on any social media without feeling like utter crap, I get it shouldn’t affect me but that’s easier said than done. I sound so pathetic, cause look where I am, but it just… hurts.”

Chris pulled you to him, hugging you tightly in an embrace “you shouldn’t have to take it, no one should but unfortunately people are gonna keep being assholes over the internet, but you gotta remember the good things about why you started.” You sighed shakily, cuddling into Chris some more.

You don’t know how long you sat in Chris’s lap for, his hands running soothing circles on your back, the silence of the room being calming and lulling you into peacefulness. If there was anyone to make you feel better about having such a terrible day it was-

“Dodger, piss off” you jumped as Chris laughed, almost pushing you off him in response to Dodger wanting some affection, you chuckled as his dog carried on showering his best friend with affection and Chris meekly trying to push away the lovable dork.

“Okay, you two lovable goofballs are worth all of this shit,” you grinned.

“I wish I could make them stop,” Chris sat up, scratching behind Dodger’s ears “but I can’t, I can offer warm hugs and a dog that won’t leave you alone, not even for a second.”

You smiled opening your arms, Chris suspected for him but instead Dodger got to you, you wrapped your arms around the fluffy neck and snuggled into him. Chris raised his eyebrows at you both, shrugging and wrapping his arms around the both of you, hugging slightly tightly.

(I just wanted to lift myself up with some Dodger and Chris moments. - Rosalee)

GOSH GUYS! This is the first time I’ve had this many followers on any blog! I just, you guys are amazing, you stick around even when I am posting ooc crap half the time ^^ <3 but really so far I have had NO TROUBLE playing this muse around this fandom, honestly you were all so welcoming and beautiful when I first started and now I am so glad I am able to call you guys friends! It’s crazy really! People who I never thought I would be able to talk to because of my shy nerdness are good friends and WOW it shows how much things have changed since the very start! Really guys, I just feel so lovely and warm when I am online. I feel ridiculously welcomed every time I am online and you all need to know how much I love you!! 

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anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for getting an ask blog started? as in, getting word out about it, gaining the first few followers and that stuff?

eurgh, i was going to write this earlier today, but I had to take care of my sister all day long !!


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Fanart Monday!

Fanart of the week by @boblovesexplosions

I lost count of how many of these I’ve made so far <3

You guys keep being awesome and sending super cute fanarts, so I can’t really do anything about it!! Jeez >u<

Ok I’d like to say something: I’ve decided that I won’t post anything that’s not fanart in here. Because I keep receiving pictures and memes of things that are not realy Underfell or Undertale related at all, and I really dunno what to do with those; I am grateful for the nice thougths, but those kind of things don’t really belong in “fanart” monday. Sorry. I still appreciate them, though.

With that being said, I’ll start <3

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