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Model Material {Harry Styles Smut}

REQUESTED: nooo haha i’ve just been wanting to dabble in writing abt harry!

okayyyy so i’m super nervous abt posting this bc i used to write abt harry a long time ago and now i rly wanna get back into it!!! i rly truly hope u guys like it. if u do, feedback is definitely welcome! it only takes a second and it means a lot to me 💖


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I haven’t actually watched Call the Midwife in so long ahh! The end of the semester has been kicking my ass but good news, this is my last week of class & I only have 2 finals next week! So I’ll be able to relax a bit and go back to being ctm trash™ later next week + I also convinced my mom to buy the books so I can read those when I get home too. Anyways, I have a break in between my second and last class & instead of being productive/working on all the assignments I have due this week I’m going to watch 4.06 (I closed my eyes and picked from the episode guide lol) because it’s been far too long! 😭👏🏼📺 ✨ here goes nothing, I’m officially back to annoying you all with my commentaries™ 💁🏼

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Arranged Marriage (Taehyung)

And now it is time for the second half of the Daegu line, my bby squish, my love, the cutest lil pup with s u ch a cute giggle oh my g OD it’s literally just so precious and I want him to giggle and be happy forever, Kim Taehyung aka V

  • For the original prince!Tae post, you can click here
  • I am gonna be straying a bit from the plot of the original post but the actual characteristics of prince!tae will still be the same
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original post, he is just the cutest lil prince tbh
  • He doesn’t think of the people in his town as “his people”
  • They’re just his friends, his family, his favorite people
  • He’s out there on a daily basis, even if he can only spend like an hour with them, he’d rather do that than not see them at all
  • He lo v es playing with all of the kids, he’ll literally have like 20 to 30 kids around and he’s just giggling away and playing along with all of their games
  • He’s the b es t at playing freeze tag ask any one of those kids who the best is and they’ll all immediately point to him bc he never leaves anyone frozen for long
  • And if he gets frozen o H BOY, there’s just this lil army of kids all running to him to tap him back into the game bc they can’t lose their MVP
  • He could honestly spend hours with them and they all love him so much like we’ve seen how Tae gets around bbys and kids, he’s just s o amazing with them and it’s just all so cute
  • And the adults love him just as much bc it’s tae how do you not love tae he’s a walking ball of sunshine who just wants to have fun and make people happy and make them smile and laugh and he’s just cuteness
  • He takes care of all of them and has monthly parties where the castle chefs come out and cook a shit ton of food for everyone and everyone’s  just happy and he lo v es that day so much
  • His parents tell him about the marriage a couple months before the wedding date
  • They tell him that the two kingdoms are gonna be joined together and turned into one and it’ll only be positive
  • They also tell him if he really really doesn’t want to do it (they do insist he meets you and gives it some time to actually get to know you before he makes any decisions) they’ll call it off immediately
  • He goes into it with as much of an open mind as he possibly can bc he knows that his parents would never arrange a marriage for him with someone they didn’t think would he would be able to love
  • He puts on some ni ce ass pants and a nice shirt and he’s in all black and it’s just really fucking nice bc have you ever seen tae in black that is some good shit right there especially if it’s all black !!!!
  • His hair is that beautiful orange color that just made him look so w ow like he looks wow in every hair color let’s be real here but the orange will always have a special place in my heart the styling of his hair, the color all of it was beautiful
  • He’s a lil bit nervous about meeting you for the first time bc there are so many different ways this can go down, you can possibly hate him, you could have zero interest in him, you could blame him for the arranged marriage like there are so many things !!
  • But when he sees you, he still smiles all wide and honestly once you see the eye smile your heart does the thing bc here’s your future husband like his face is beautiful, his body is nic E but then his smile is so cute and pretty and it’s square and that’s so fucking adorable
  • And then you hear him talk and the v oi CE is just oh wow who would expect this smol bub with the cute smile and the adorable eyes to have this voice that’s just d e e p as fuck
  • And as the night goes on, you find out that not only is this bub adorable as fuck, he’s good looking AND he has a great personality like what the fuck how
  • He’s funny and goofy and he doesn’t take himself too seriously and he’s so laid back like you can ask him to go on a late night stroll, he’s down, you can ask him to travel with you to Iceland and he’s down as fuck, he’s just ready for adventure
  • You two already know you’re gonna be best friends, by the end of that night, he’s glued to your side and he keeps making you laugh and smile and your cheeks are honestly sore by the time you go home but you can’t stop smiling, even just thinking about him makes you smile
  • You meet everyone in his town and seeing him interacting with all of the kids is honestly s o fucking endearing bc he gets so happy and that makes you happy bc tae has one of those smiles/giggles that are contagious like when he giggles all of the kids giggle too and it’s all so fucking cute
  • It doesn’t take him long to fall in love and honestly by the time you two move in with each other a week before the wedding, he’s head over heels
  • There are just nonstop cuddles and being woken up by kisses and sleepy “good morning babe” and we’ve heard his morning voice and I would like to just scream right here and now just thinking about it :)
  • He starts making these lil hints that he’s not feeling anything platonic anymore and that it’s been bumped up to romantic
  • He starts holding your hand more, his kisses start getting closer to your lips instead of your cheek, he gives you those love filled looks, he hugs you every two seconds
  • He’s trying to figure out if you love him in the same way like he knows you definitely love him as a friend but is that shit still platonic to you??
  • This one night he gets brave and decides to actually kiss you and thankfully, you do kiss back
  • He doesn’t stop smiling for the rest of the night bc he’s just so happy and he’s giggling into your shoulder
  • The next time he sees the parents, he makes sure to shout a “thank you for introducing me to my love, I’ll be the best husband ever!!”

GOSH GUYS! This is the first time I’ve had this many followers on any blog! I just, you guys are amazing, you stick around even when I am posting ooc crap half the time ^^ <3 but really so far I have had NO TROUBLE playing this muse around this fandom, honestly you were all so welcoming and beautiful when I first started and now I am so glad I am able to call you guys friends! It’s crazy really! People who I never thought I would be able to talk to because of my shy nerdness are good friends and WOW it shows how much things have changed since the very start! Really guys, I just feel so lovely and warm when I am online. I feel ridiculously welcomed every time I am online and you all need to know how much I love you!! 

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anonymous asked:

Dionysus and Ariadne?

I think I wrote a little on their relationship in the Ariadne-centric post… (which is HERE!) Unless you’re asking about why I put them together in general, which is because one day Theseus just abandons her and Dionysus decides to marry her instead. [under a cut because wow i never realised i shipped them some much omg]

click here for more modern greeks! 

“You come here often?” he asks, leaning slightly against the bar. She can smell the wine coming off of him in waves, and she wrinkles her nose delicately, swirling the stem of her Cosmopolitan in an attempt to avoid eye contact. “Come on, I’m just tryna be nice!" 

"Try and be nice somewhere else,” she mutters, and he grins, leaning back and pointing at her. “What?” Ariadne demands, too tired and not nearly drunk enough for this. She slaps his finger away from her face, and tries to strengthen the intensity of her glare. (Hera does it all the time. She only hopes that she’s picked it up through osmosis.) 

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anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for getting an ask blog started? as in, getting word out about it, gaining the first few followers and that stuff?

eurgh, i was going to write this earlier today, but I had to take care of my sister all day long !!


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HS!AU inspired by “The Amazing Spiderman”

“I’ll pretend that it’s no thing that’s skipping my heart when I think of you thinking of me, babe, I’m crazy over you” 

When Castiel stepped out of the principle’s office after being scolded for punching Luke Milton, their school’s biggest bully, he saw his brother Gabriel already waiting for him.

“My, my, my, little brother, what am I gonna do with you?”

“Gabriel, please, it’s been a long day.” Cas sighed wistfully, knowing it will take some time for his brother to let that one down.

His brother ignored him, “I’m just surprised. I mean, I knew you had it in you, you’ve always had this rebellious side of you, only never let it show, but now you’re finally come to act on it - impressive! Now please tell me what made you snap?! Why help little Sam Winchester when you already saw so many others being harassed by that bully?!”

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Fanart Monday!

Fanart of the week by @boblovesexplosions

I lost count of how many of these I’ve made so far <3

You guys keep being awesome and sending super cute fanarts, so I can’t really do anything about it!! Jeez >u<

Ok I’d like to say something: I’ve decided that I won’t post anything that’s not fanart in here. Because I keep receiving pictures and memes of things that are not realy Underfell or Undertale related at all, and I really dunno what to do with those; I am grateful for the nice thougths, but those kind of things don’t really belong in “fanart” monday. Sorry. I still appreciate them, though.

With that being said, I’ll start <3

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The only place you'll wanna be is underneath my christmas tree

Little Xmas one shot I wrote for last year’s Secret Santa. Long story short, someone got an ask about Joshifer christmas story and I was asked to repost it, since the original blog is no longer online. I found it in my folders but was too lazy after work to reread it. Hope you enjoy! -xo


“No but seriously, what the fuck is a partidge in a pear tree?”

Mistake number one: poured out the eggnog before he even got here. Mistake number deux: went a little too festive with that eggnog.

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