am i gonna have two biases here as well

Here are my two cents to the current situation. I am not that good with words, so I apologize in advance, please feel free to come to my ask and talk about this with me.

@smittenwithdingle made a good post about the Liv situation and I agree with her on that, but I have a bit to add about Robron.

I am not gonna lie I am a Robert stan, so I might be a bit biased about that, but I do love Aaron as well, and Liv is really growing on me.

Okay, so they just got together and in my opinion - no matter how much you like PDA or not - if you just got together you tend to be a bit more touchy and couply. I would love to see that, but okay, Emmerdale chose not to show that (yet?).

But, and here is the thing that really bothers me, I expected Aaron to be more focused on Robert. I was always on his side when he chose not to be with Robert, because with the past these two share I always felt like you have to be  110% sure if you wanna get back into it with that person. So I assumed, when they got back together, that Aaron had made his decision very carefully. And yes, he said to take it slow, but still, he gave the relationship a go. So I expect him to want this.

And I know it has “just been 3 days”, but to me it seems like Aaron still takes Robert for granted. He wasn’t even on his radar when it came to making the decision in taking Liv in. He had not thought about the vacation at all. Whereas Robert was very focused on that, so eager for the two of them to spend time together.

And I guess that is how Aaron is – his focus always only on one thing at a time - but I just hoped for a little while he would be focused on Robert and their new relationship. I would have loved to see them establish a new basis for their relationship before Liv was thrown in there.

I am all there for the drama and the angst and I was even looking forward to Robert and Liv bickering, because I thought they would bicker about Aaron’s attention even though they BOTH got it. But now it seems like Robert will get sidelined and I just really hope this is not how this is going to go.

I realize this all sounds whiny and a bit aggressive, but I just needed a bit of fluff and I am sad I haven’t got it. And yes, we might get to see some in the future, but I had just high hopes for the “honeymoon-just-got-together” phase.

Once again: please come and talk to me about this, even (or especially) if you are not on the same page as I am and let’s discuss.