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Introducing the Septiceye Strength Project !!!

I don’t know about everyone else, but since I’ve joined the Jacksepticeye community I’ve found a lot of something I hadn’t seen in fandoms before: happiness. This community is rampant with positivity, love, and support for one another and I have never felt so welcome in a place.

Random people message me to have a good day, I get Internet hugs when I’m sad, and more. And although we all should be proud of ourselves, I think we have a common denominator to thank: the man himself.

Jack has created a community where no one feels alone and where I and many others can come to find support no matter where they come from, or what their sexuality, gender identity, or race is. It’s incredibly powerful and I can’t speak of it enough to do justice.
Before I get carried away, I want to share some statistics with you:

Over one million people die by suicide worldwide each year.

The global suicide rate is 16 per 100,000 population.

On average, one person dies by suicide every 40 seconds somewhere in the world.

1.8% of worldwide deaths are suicides.

Global suicide rates have increased 60% in the past 45 years.

I wanted to do something to not only show my incredible, inexpressible thanks for Jack but also to help people. I created the SepticEyeStrength Project because of that.

The goal of this project is to not only show our thanks for Jack, but also to show how powerful we are as a community and how we can act as a serious proponent of change.

The goal of the SepticEyeStrength Project is to raise $2,000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, as there is no credible international one, by the end of 2017. To do this, I need your help.

Although the plan is to eventually get there, the project must first gain ground. We must get social media recognition (hopefully from the man himself!) and support.

First order of business is that I need a team. A group of people anywhere between 16-25 who want to help. (To apply, you can click this link:

The second order of buisiness is immediate action. TODAY (February 19th) I am starting the “Messages for Jack” event, using the tag #septiceyestrength as a place to express thanks, love, and anything you want to say to Jack, especially if you have a story where he has helped you through hard times.

In addition, if you want to go the extra mile, post a picture of yourself holding up a sign that has the tag on it and a message to Jack. My goal is to get this tag active enough so that the project can gain ground, so that we can open the charity initiative and hopefully pass our goal.

Whether or not you plan to actually want to get involved, this project and Jack mean the world to me. Please spread this, follow this blog, and follow our twitter @septiceyestrong.

Thank you for reading this, it means a lot to me. Don’t forget to keep being bosses.

  • Me: oh yeah I'm totally over them
  • Me: *sees vague reminder of their existence*
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sandersgreysage  asked:

So I just finished reading beanstalk and I'm in love this book series and all the characters and the writing style. 90% of the poetry I've read falls to pieces just in the wake of your descriptions. Most of all I love Grey. I knew on page ten that he was my favorite and when spoilers, I had to do some deep breathing until he was safe. My question is: is he autistic? I'm autistic and wasn't going to ask but then I saw your actuallyautistic tag and I was wondering. Thank you for this book series

1: I am 10000% totally, entirely, terribly, passionately behind you reading Grey as autistic. Please do. Go for it. You have complete and enthused authorial approval. You don’t even need my approval to decide he’s autistic (lord knows I do it with many characters whose creators might disagree with me), but you have my utmost approval all the same. 

2: I’m really bad at planning how to write characters (and especially how to write relationships, oh dearie) and then actually carrying the plan out. 

Things just… happen. Suddenly Jack has WAY more PTSD and depression than I expect (or, more accurately, @improbabledragon reads Beanstalk and says hey hey inky um good job with the ptsd and c-ptsd symptoms damn, and I go um what ptsd symptoms, and kat goes um… did you not… on purpose… you are strange).  

So I figure a lot of things out about my characters after the fact. 

3: Grey definitely looks like he could be autistic (and again! the Grey you read can totally be autistic! yes! more autistic characters is a A+ thing), but the Grey who lives in my head, and who I put imperfectly on paper… isn’t. I kept wanting him to be autistic and looking for it in what I was writing, but it kept not feeling like it. 

When I say “find the most inappropriate thing to say into a silence, and then have Grey say it” it’s not that he doesn’t know he’s breaking a social rule or misreading a social cue or that he doesn’t read peoples’ uncomfortable body language or vocal tics. Grey’s actually got a frickin’ fabulous allistic sense of social cues and he purposely acts like an asshole because it distracts threats (an adorable asshole, but still). 

The characters that do feel autistic in my head aren’t nearly as pointedly or purposefully inappropriate or as rude as Grey, they’re more likely just odd, or stressed, or quiet, or loud, or… Grey pretends he doesn’t get people, performs that loudly, but the kid has an easy and an intuitive social and emotional read on every room he steps into. 

The Grey is my head isn’t on the autism spectrum– what he’s got is a) an autistic big sister he picked up some mannerisms from, b) a lot of interesting coping mechanisms, and c) ADHD. 

(Yes, I know Grey’s sister probably hardly looks at all autistic on the page, but, when I write her, she feels autistic in my head in a way Grey himself never does. She’s desperate, precise, fiercely controlled; she feels like an alien in her skin and in her own world; she has learned and memorized every step and breath of expectation around her and meets them all at great cost to herself; even beyond all the trauma and bullshit of their lives, all the ways that alone has forced her to tread this carefully, the perception expected of her has always come unintuitively to her). 

But Grey (which I managed to suss out with some help from @doctorcakeray, my forever dude) has ADHD rather than is autistic in my head. He doesn’t stim so much as he fidgets. He doesn’t special interest so much as he hyper focuses. He has trouble switching from one task to the next and will go hours forgetting to sleep/eat/go to the bathroom because he’s reading or mapping stars or whatever it is that’s caught him up in it. 

(Jack’s probably ADHD, too, by the way– more attention-deficit/impulsive than hyperactive?) 

Again– complete thumbs-up if you want autistic!Grey. I am here, I am behind that, I will reblog so many metas on that subject with so many cheers. I just can’t get the Grey that lives in my head to feel autistic to me– but that’s okay, because the Grey who lives in your head is just as important

But if you want to know which characters I read and write as autistic– Heather is autistic. Her roommate Gloria is, too. George is autistic. Grey’s sister is autistic. I dither a bit about it, but I think Rupert is, too. Probably so is his mother, Dr. Elizabeth Willington Jons Hammersfeld, who you’ll all meet in the third book. 

actually i am going to expand on these tags because i need to be a little clearer here i think

obviously, knowing that jack has been with women doesn’t mean he isn’t gay. i hear you. it’s important to acknowledge that. it’s all valid. 

but since it’s a general consensus that he’s had romantic relationships with dudes (kent) in the past, there’s no big gay freakout to be had here. and the most common reason for gay men dating women is to ensure everyone else thinks they’re straight.

and honestly? i really don’t think jack would care that much about the team thinking he’s straight or gay? at least not enough to pretend to date and hook up with girls? like he wouldn’t feel the need to prove his straightness or masculinity or whatever to them. he’s just been so focused and a “hockey robot” that he wouldn’t care about what they thought because romantic relationships weren’t his priority anyway. it’s only now that he’s dating bitty while also starting his nhl career and way more attention is focused on him than while he was at samwell that he’s like “o shit” that he feels the need to lie to them about dating guys because of how easily it could get leaked to the public. 

and one more thing: most people are like “yeah i hc him as bi or demi but we can’t assume anything” which is fine. but there are some people who are just absolutely insistent that jack is gay, and i just. why? why is that? do you really not want him to be bi or pan or demi or anything else that badly when that’s likely to be the case? it’s nice to see yourself represented in media, i totally get it, but the only openly lgbtq+ character in this comic is bitty, and he’s gay. you’re not WITHOUT representation in check please. i’m sorry but it just feels so biphobic to me. 

i didn’t mean for this to sound as accusatory as it does, and i don’t mean to knock anyone’s headcanons or to start a fight or anything, but i just needed to say this because it’s been bothering me for months. 

tl;dr: jack zimmermann does not seem like the type to have beards to me and people should be a little more aware of how bi/pan/demi/whatever phobic some of the “jack is gay no one can tell me otherwise” train can come off as

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