am i going to finish it

Hayffie Cuddles ?? I don’t really know I sketched this long ago and finally had time to finish it. Maybe they fell asleep watching the Games or something ?? I’ve drawn Effie with that outfit before but I really like it so I’m cheating :P


You were pacing across the front room as Sam stood just inside the door. “So you’re telling me that someone, a…a witch, might be trying to hex me.”

Sam’s eyes were soft and concerned as he looked at you. “Uhh, yeah. Look we’re not sure who it is yet. I’m gonna stick around and make sure nothing happens to you.”

You nodded and crossed your arms in front of your chest as you looked at him. “And how am I supposed to explain the sudden presence of you in my life? Don’t you think if this…witch or whatever is hanging around this is going to be a little obvious?”

Sam shrugged his hands into his pockets, feeling increasingly awkward. “Yeah… well… uhh. I’m gonna have to go undercover as your uhh—” he cleared his throat uncomfortably, “boyfriend.” He finished with a small awkward smile.

Your mouth dropped partially open and you hesitated, finally cracking into an awkward smile. “Oh…” your cheeks flushed pink. “Well then…”

Sam shifted his weight uncomfortably. He wasn’t sure yet if he needed to make a mental note to thank Dean for this plan or punch him in the face.

Soramafu in Akiba (033015)

Soraru: “After I finish the lesson, I sent the CD materials to the press at Akihabara. I was told by Mafumafu that he wanted to go to a maid cafe for the radio, so we’ve come to Akihabara but do you have a recommended maid cafe? A place that isn’t too jumbled/noisy, is peaceful, and has a good atmosphere would be nice but”

Soraru: “Mafumafu seems to still be busy”

Mafumafu: “I am researching the newest trending culture with Soraru, and have come to Akibahara in order to share this refined topic in the radio. It’s definitely not because because I want anime goods. It’s definitely not because I want anime goods.”

Soraru: “Uwaah Mafumafu is gross you knoww, he is looking at the a certain character cosplay outfit as if he’s going to eat into it you knoww”

Mafumafu: “Stop it!!!!!”

Soraru: “Maid cafes are super popular aren’t they- We’ve been lining up for a while but we can’t enter. But they certainly are quiet and seem to have a feel-good atmosphere”

it is 1:55 am and I have just finished a plate of toaster waffles with fake maple syrup, along with two 100mg tablets of spironolactone, and 50mg of sertraline.

i am presently dissolving two 4mg estrogen tablets under my tongue so that they will enter my bloodstream directly rather than being subsumed within my digestive system.

i have $2.45 on my account and about $6.00 worth of food stamps for the next five days, but i have a loaf of bread, an onion, and about five pounds of brown rice and a decent spice cabinet.

i don’t know where i’m going to live from May onward, but that gives me a solid 30 days of secure housing.

i have enough spiro to last for the next three months and enough estrogen to last probably twice that long. i have a commuter bike in the lockup in the sub-basement, presuming nobody has stolen it since i last checked on it a month ago. i have a new pair of flats and a good pair of running shoes. i have two warm jackets, one brown and one black. i have state-issued id which reflects my gender accurately. i have family which tries, fumblingly, to care about me.

this is my life. i am living. i am alive. and i will remain alive. the sky shall witness my crossing and the stone shall tally my steps.

this creature, too, remains, they shall note. she remains. she persists. she endures. though all human eyes may avert at the sight of me and not deign to meet my gaze, the mother we share always looks upon me as she looks upon all she clutches to her skin.

but i am different from these other things, because i am a thing which creates herself. i do what our mother does, and that makes her notice. makes her care. and that is why she gifts me, pre-emptively, her modest boon: 

a stubborn refusal to die before one’s time.

Do you know that feeling of accomplishment after you finish reading a novel? Think deep, remembering the last time you finished reading a book and the unique contentment that came along with that moment.

Now imagine feeling that pleasure and gratification 25 times in one summer.

That’s exactly what I plan to do.

With the help of my fellow internet friends (you), I am planning to purchase 25 new books and to read all of them from June 3rd to August 16th, a total of 75 days. This goal is just one of the many ambitious goals that I set and achieve for myself each day.

Please click the link below to read more and consider donating to “One Summer: 25 Books - Tim Hess”

Any donation means a lot!


anonymous asked:

A cute Nash blurb where you and him are like that mean couple that says rude stuff all the time but are kidding and love each other?

“Go away.” I yell jokingly at my blue-eyed boyfriend, pushing him away from me gently as he tried to find my sweet spot, whereas I was not in the mood. “You little shithead.” He looks up at you, his eyes widening. 

“You’re so mean, gosh, why am I even dating you?” He jokingly sneered before leaning up to kiss you. “I love you, that’s why.” He finished, answering his own question, a smile lighting up your face.

“I love you too.”

                                                   Highway to Hell

Oh man, I’m not really sure how I feel about this..

There’s a lot I like about this and a lot I don’t, but either way it took way too long to finish. It looks really washed out since I’m shit at taking photos. But I am stoked to start something new, so I’ll see how that goes..


Size: 8x8in on A4 

Pencils: Traditional: HB, B Mechanical: HB, 2B

Time: … I don’t want to talk about this

**As always watermark is for my DeviantArt : I don’t update there too often, so go check /tagged/art on my blog**

Do NOT use this drawing or any of my other work for any other uses besides reblogging/sharing

weekend’s over, so i am back on the Concerta Train to Functionality.

to-do list for my day, in no particular order:

1. call rule 63 clinic

2. go to ymca for thing

3. pick up trash the dog scattered in the night, because he is a dick

4. draw a thing

5. finish application for welfare

6. hand that sucker in.

7. call emg clinic and give pre-visit demographic infos

aight. time to get started.


I’m frantically trying to finish my dissertation draft that is due in about an hour from now, but I need to stop for a moment to appreciate this thought: 

No matter how much you can plan, and plan, and plan an essay; when you begin to write, spontaneity sometimes (mostly always for me) ensues. You never quite know where you’re going with your ideas, and it can be so scary, but it can also be ridiculously exciting. After the confusing ‘where am I going with this (?)…I think I’m onto something… (am I onto something?)…I’m definitely onto something…lets go with this...’, I adore reaching that point of conclusion, the one that really makes me want to jump up and exclaim my happiness, twirling around my room and relishing in a brief moment of feeling intelligent (embarrassingly, I actually do this). I love the satisfaction reaching that ‘YES’ moment gives me after I choose to deviate from my plan slightly and follow my instinct. 

Often I feel that as students, we can put a bit too much emphasis on planning everything we are going to write in an essay meticulously; sometimes following instinct is really needed to get thoughts flowing, and to inject essays with a bit of excitement. 

So, even though my dissertation is stressing me out so much right now, I’ll never forget to appreciate these moments that I experience during the writing process, and I’ll never forget how great these moments make me feel. 


Spring Into Success

My name is Bethany. My weight steadily increased while I was in college but in the last couple of years my depression got worse which caused me to eat more and sleep more. Last summer I joined a gym and got a trainer and lost some weight but I gave up when my mental health got worse.

I am finally on medication and going to therapy for my depression. It’s not perfect yet but it’s a lot better than it was.

1. I am in the middle of a 90 day weight loss challenge at my gym. I have lost about 10 pounds but I want to kick it into high gear and finish strong.
2. My goal weight is 120 pounds or 10% body fat. I’m currently stuck at 200 pounds and around 43% body fat.
3. I want to build up my running endurance and run a long race sometime this summer. Hopefully a half marathon if I can.
4. I want to do daily meditation. I think it’s important that I have some time just for me for my mental health.
5. This is more of a personal goal, but I want to make a friend. I do feel lonely due to my job. I’m a social worker at night and I can’t create relationships with my clients. Who are the only people I see most of the time.
6. I want to feel more comfortable with myself. Whether that’s getting down another size so I feel good in my clothes or just feeling better about who I am right now.
7. I also want to be stronger. If it’s lifting more or not giving up on exercise or something else. I just want to be a better person at the end of April than I was at the end of March.

I do not have an accountability buddy but I’m willing to pair up with someone!

I just want to be done drawing furniture… and go back to drawing my favorite ship… and finally finish that last commission, holy shit am I ever disappointed in myself for that one…

Soon. Only a few weeks left. And I will be free for a few months.

You should probably finish that popsicle before it melts, ma’am.

By the way, heads up everyone: right now I’m going through a week-long migraine that’s seriously slowing down any of my creative processes, so art is gonna be a little bit sluggish for the next short while. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I’m opening commissions!!

Due to a lack of money and not being able to get a part time job on top of school I am going to be opening commissions! This is my first time actually opening commissions so I apologize for the sloppy charts but ill write down all the info here as well!

If you’re interested in commissioning me/have any questions, please send me an ask!!!

Sketch commissions

Waist up: $5

Bust: $3

Lineart commissions

Waist up: $8

Bust: 6$

Flat colour commissions

Waist up: $10

Bust $8

Full Colour/Finished product commissions

Waist up: $12

Bust: $10

Smashingbrosdude here, just wanted to show you guys the virtual novel I’ve hinted at! The visual novel is gonna go through all of the chapters and will even have some interactive parts like shown above so if you guys want to play the game after reading the fic then it’s definitely fine as each chapter will certainly have alternate endings!

Now keep in mind that the ridley shown here was not drawn by me but by a “fryguy64” on deviantart. One other thing to heavilly note is that said ridley is a placeholder until an artist that agreed to join in can draw in some the character expressions

Oh my, I can’t wait to see it when it becomes an finished product. Hopefully the art gets done soon because I am definitely going to play this visual novel when it comes out!

The Weather: “You Don’t Know” - Mount Moon

How to feel better when you’re feeling like a failure in life.

Step One: Put this song on.

Step Two: Listen to the lyrics.

Step Three: Stop listening to the lyrics when you get sad and dance around.
The fast tempo should keep you busy. Remember, you’re sad and no one’s watching. Dance as bad as you want.

Step Four: Put song on repeat.

Step Five: Keep dancing and singing with the song until you’re shouting “BUT YOU DON’T KNOW, NO, YOU CAN’T GO WHERE I’VE BEEN! AND I DON’T KNOW, NO, I’LL NEVER GET WHERE I’M GOING!” at three am, neighbors or family be damned, clutching manuscripts you can never seem to finish and college acceptance letters you had to put aside.

Step Six: When you’re good and tired, turn the song off and get some sleep. Later, get done what needs to get done.

Step Seven: Achieve goals.

Spring Into Success Introduction

I’m going to give this a shot.

I’m a mom, wife, phlebotomist, weightlifter, and I’m battling depression that started 8 years ago. I am not on medication and do not go to therapy.

Goal 1: Finish the Spring Into Success challenge. It’s 5 weeks, and I’d be quite proud to stick with it.

Goal 2: Lose weight. Vague I know, but if I put a specific number down and don’t meet it I know what it’ll do.

Goal 3: See some sort of progress in the mirror. This is perhaps the hardest thing for me. I can see my lifts go up and be happy and I can follow healthy eating and stuff but when I see nothing change in the mirror, nothing else matters.

Goal 4: BUY A FUCKING FULL LENGTH MIRROR. Sorry about the language.

Goal 5: Lift 5 days a week, walk the other 2. I’d like to be able to get cardio in on my lifting days as well but with my schedule it may not be feasible.

Day #2: Someone you like (celebrity, significan other or crush)

I chose Olympic Champion Yuzuru Hanyu (〃ω〃) hehe….

Man, I’m so, sooo tired… but I didn’t want to go to sleep without finishing this.
I already missed a day (shame on me, I just started this challenge and I’m already missing days) because of reasons, but here I am *yawns*.
I think something is not right… but I’m too sleepy to figure out what it is.

It’s been a while since the last time I drew Yuzuru (I only have hideous sketches).
;u; I have too many feels because of worlds