am i going to finish it

Whenever I finish a work, I always feel lost, as though a steady
anchor has been taken away and there is no sure ground under
my feet. During the time between ending one project and
beginning another, I always have a crisis of meaning. I begin to
wonder what my life is all about and what I have been put on
this earth to do. It is as though immersed in a project I lose all
sense of myself and must then, when the work is done, rediscover
who I am and where I am going.
—  bell hooks, Teaching To Transgress
Chapter 26 is out!

Here I am, after defeating the sharks of the flipbook world after they defeated Mika during the latest week to bring a new chapter to you.

Here we are digging a bit deeper on volume 7, which has a lot of turns and this chapter is no different.

Get ready for this 28-page long ride by clicking in this link

And also don’t forget to discuss this chapters in our almost always dead chapter discussion threads, which is you can go to by clicking here.

Have fun!

– Caramel

littlebodybigheart:💝💕💝💕💝💕💝 Thank you London for singing every word with me last night even though my voice was gone. I pushed as hard as I could to try and continue and have hurt myself even more in the process. I am being sent home to rest for a few months. To Paris, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, glasgow & Dublin, PLEASE trust me when I say that I will prioritize you next year and give you the best possible show you deserve. Please understand that I have cried so much about this and would give anything for my health to be at 100% so I could keep going. I love you guys with everything that I have inside of me and I will work my hardest to recover, finish my record and come back next year to see you all. 🤕💝

Pretty sure my obsession has started to affect my brain.

Okay so listen…I always have a candle burning when I’m writing because it helps me think better for some reason. I can’t explain it. Today I finished off my last one so I decide to go to Target.

There I am, standing in the candle aisle, and I suddenly think to myself…”if Percival Graves were a candle, what one would he smell like?”

I proceed to sniff every candle in the damn place before finally being like “THIS IS THE ONE”

And now I’m at home with it lit and sitting here thinking about how insane I am. i HAVE ISSUES.

Asks open + future content

Hey everyone!

I’ve enabled asks for this blog, so if you have any questions about my art, characters, commissions or anything else, feel free to ask! However please be aware I will not be answering rude or inappropriate questions.

There has been a drought in content lately, and that will likely continue in some fashion - I am working towards finishing my commission queue, after which I will spend a lot of time practicing and developing my skills as an artist. During this time I may post less, depending on how things go, but eventually the content I post should be of much higher quality (and quantity as well if possible!)

That’s all for now, however I would like to give a BIG thank-you to everyone following and supporting my work! I really appreciate it! <3

A few little things

So after ten years of being absolutely miserable I quit my job. The good news is I already got a new job and I’m starting on Monday. The bad news is, my training schedule kind of sucks and I wont have much spare time for my simblr. I have like 8 posts in my queue and for my story to go further I have to build a few things so I am going to try and work on that this weekend. However if I don’t get finished my simblr will probably be dead for a bit. 

Also I wan’t to post a bit of a warning without giving away any spoilers, I know most of the people who follow Twisted Hearts are older but I want to put it out there that it is going into pretty dark theme territory. 

If you have issues with emotional or verbal abuse and being manipulated this is your warning and if you want to send me a message I can come up with a tag so you can block it it. 

The other theme is going to be about obsession, the character in questions is mentally unstable and things are going to go really far and I understand this might be uncomfortable for some people as well, so once again if this is you send me a message and we can come up with a tag so you can block it. 

Last but not least the sims couple challenge is going to be on hold since one of the things I have to build is Isla and Sasha’s new place and that is the next prompt…So… yeah it wont be back until I have their place finished. 

W H A??
I finished mine 4 hours ago, and @gina.evita already made her own version! I am so flattered! And amazed!!

Love these two more than my own, haha ♥

Uff, seriously guys, you should all go check her out!!

Love her style so much!

@gina.evita Thank you so much!!

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FemGaster B, Varvella is finally finished!

She has been with me for some time but due to school I have never gotten to finish drawing her. She is one I am happy to be near and adopt thanks to Bunny and Stickers. She is from the timeline Newtale and I recommend anyone who hasn’t seen the artist or read bits of the comic she has already begin I recommend it!

Original B from Newtale belongs to: @bun-bunmuse
( She also have at on DevianArt: )
Original FemGaster B belongs to: 

I really recommend checking out their art, theirs is wonderful ^^ 

anonymous asked:

ARGH so apparently tumblr ate all my messages again- I was going to say thank you <3, also I've heard of Fate but I haven't watched it...I have no idea what it's about XD but the art looks really pretty! For some reason it reminds me of Code Geass (or am I way off mark?)

Well, there’s a reason why people call Fate/UBW ‘Unlimited Budget Works’. I mean, look at this:

Originally posted by psychopass

Originally posted by higashikatajouske

Originally posted by narumeias


I’ve never seen Code Geass fully, I watched about 5ish episodes, but I plan in finishing it at one point (maybe during the winter break!). However, plot-wise, I wouldn’t really say they’re close, since this is more magic than mecha (in fact, there’s no mecha involved)

Just a tiny question about Code Geass, what exactly is the watching order ^^;;
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Wait Wait Wait Wait!! What am I doing?

I’m remodeling my Patreon Page. Why? Because I’m a mess, my life was a mess and I  neglected my page, my followers and my patrons. Yeah, I was the worst, and I’m so sorry. But now it’s time to ride shiny and chrome
on the fury road of art. Works in my house finished, I’ve the perfect workplace so…let’s work! 

Chekc out my patreon, share it if you can, ‘cause also a single sharing can give me the courage and  strength to go on and reach my goals.

Thank you so much, I will not disappoint you.

I have to send prints off today which means I need to finish another huevember to make a round 20 plus get some sticker designs done. I also need to do some cooking for a retro I am holding on Monday and work next week is going to kick my arse cause I have a 3 day Hackathon and there are exec paying attention to what I am doing…

And what I /really/ want to do is the two terumob comics I’ve had in my head for over a week now that are driving me nuts but time???

Hahaha… I’ll do my best!

there are a lot of things that i want to say regarding the writing process and mindset i had to carry around with me the past 32 days, but i’ll skip on that because they’re a lot of technical talk and basically just me crying over writing all the goddamn time. anyway, what i do wanna say is how fucking relieved i am to have finally finished. 

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What you’re doing Wrong with your Braid Outs

What you’re doing Wrong with your Braid Outs

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You’ve watched the tutorial twice from start to finish, then you start the mission on your hair but it doesn’t seem to come out exactly like your fav YouTuber. We have all been there, trying to calculate the steps we might have missed! Braid-outs can be challenging, especially for kinkier hair types. So I am going to share with you some of my tips to get your hair exactly like the stars on the…

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So i am… 1/5? done with the fic, at least in terms of scenes I want to include in it, and already at 1k which is greately reassuring


Why people that ask me on a date always be like:
Lets go to party, or get drunk, or smoke, or pizza + movie at my place ?
I’m just like noooo, I’m not into those things, I’ve tried but is not my thing. Really.

I’m more simple: invite me to ride a bicicle then hiking, or climb a mountain, kayaking, swiming, and we can finish with eating arepas, empanadas or pizza. I dont know, I love nature. Those stuff. Is really that hard?
I like wine and books too (just in case, theater is cool too).

Saturday Seven

Post seven lines (or more) of a WIP for you, your cat, or whateves~ 

(from something I hope to finish today)

„You did see it after all, you arrogant toadstool,“ Hermann smugs, then turns his attention to deciphering the message.

- Very funny Hermann ha ha.I found and broke your little code and I am going to learn Russian just to return the favor you fucking fucker. -

Hermann’s cheeks hurt from grinning.

- You made my uncle read that shit dude. Do you get off on being mean or something. -

Scoffs internally.

- That is so uncool. -

Suppresses an eye-roll.