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I am still saving my body for the anime. Should I read the manga instead?

Well, it depends on your level of commitment to waiting for it, but if the fancy to read it does strike you, you can read it HERE on - the new translations aren’t yet finished, but they’re up to the final few volumes! Just a few more chapters of 61 to go, and then 2 more after that!

Lately, they’ve been redoing some early chapters, too - there’s been a few reuploaded recently, in fact, but that’s not anything of concern, really. Newly translated chapters are a bit sporadic, but usually there’s some new ones every month-ish - not set in stone, though, of course.

I’m not complaining - lucky to be getting them for free, in English anyway, no matter the timeframe, right?

Keep in mind, the actual colour scans end with Aerosmith part 3 as of right now, and you’re kind of automatically shunted into the old, not as good scans after finishing it; you can reach Aerosmith part 4 via the dropdown menu for chapters at the top of the page, or by following THIS link if you can’t find it.

If you’re not sure if you’re reading the correct scans, check for some of these things (especially the first two);

  1. The older scans are grouped together in volumes, whereas the newer ones are uploaded as individual chapters.
  2. The newer chapter scans are always prefaced with a page crediting the translation team.
  3. Does the ice man have a bizarre fixation on the French language? That’s an old scan.
  4. If the tortoise moos, that’s also an old scan.
  5. The overall quality of the images and the typesetting is of a lower quality in the old scans.

Hope you all are doing well! This next chapter is coming along ok :) Not nearly as many setbacks this time. Except that I am sucking with hands more than usual. I’ve decided just to push through it and then go back and edit the hands later if I have the patience to do so haha It’s definitely a subject I need to devote more time to practicing.

I don’t have a specific date of when it’ll be finished, but I just wanted to let you guys know how things were going. And it’s going well.  Here’s a picture for the meantime!

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You should be ashamed of yourself for going after people in such a horrible way. Your life is not worse than everyone elses. I am willing to bet that you have never known any abuse in your life.

Unfortunately, I cannot prevent any angel face followers from seeing the above ask. So I will put my answer to this under a cut. If you angel faces don’t want to see the answer, please enjoy the rest of your day and continue scrolling. I cannot tag this properly while answering it so. If you don’t like to hear or read about child abuse or any kind of abuse, please do not read and scroll on.

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Ultra Mun Speaks: Update about threads.

//Ultra Mun will be doing threads again. I have tests. One this Friday and one this Monday. When I come home on Monday, I am going to start working on threads.

I have A LOT to reply to so I will be slow. But starting Monday I am going to start on that. If you all can let me have today through Monday to study, I’ll be back and ready for threading. I got a lot of homework finished, and now I just focus on midterms, and finals.

Thank you all for your continued patience.

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Ive started writing poems and my english teacher last semester (i have a different english teacher this semester) had offered to read and comment and edit anything i wrote and i just finished two poems and i want him to read them but idk if his offer still stands and if he'd even want to read them but i want him to read them and give me feed back so idk what to do?

if he offered at all then i am positive he would be happy to read your poetry! just ask him if he still wouldn’t mind reading over your writing if he had the free time, and if he says yes then go from there :D i think its great that he offered in the first place and i’m happy you trust him enough to want him to read your work! go for it, babe!! <3

Things I am meant to be doing today: finishing group project work, catching up on many fics I need to write.

What I’m actually doing:

Attempting to handmake myself some very dodgy leather wristcuffs while watching BotW playthroughs.


hi guys, it’s your captain speaking.

i just need you guys to know that this blog is going to be slowing down (even more? what?!).

effective today, this blog will be in semi-hiatus

i will be doing replies & adding them to a queue to post sporadically (probably 2 or 3 a day, depending). 

i need you all to understand that i love you & i love spencer, but right now i am trying to finish my freshman year & not get overwhelmed when i look at my draft count (it’s easy for me to get overwhelmed).

my mental health has been hit and miss as of late, and so this is a semi-break for both of us.

how long will this last?

i don’t know. i get out for summer on the second of may, but the last week of ma i begin my summer job (summer camp + no technology but my phone during mondays - fridays).

a post more about the job will be posted mid-may to let you know how things will work for that time.

i love you all dearly. 


if you need a reid-fix during this time, i recommend you follow these three babes:

@profiling & @eidetic187 & @fatecrossed

(there’s probably more, but! these are the two i follow)

please note that my multimuse ( @hcartbcats ) will be going inactive. i have, once again, (surprise surprise) over estimated my ability to multitask.

i love you all & i am ALWAYS free on im, but also discord, kik & skype! feel free to ask for kik / skype.

discord handle for those of you who want it:  mickey#7449

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did the zine come to its due date?

I honestly have too much on my plate to have that as one of my top priorities (sorry) but I passively go through emails when I have time to (sorry I’m hella unprofessional I expected none of the crazy that has been laid upon me) but I’ll keep you guys updated when I can

Please @ everyone stop sending me 4-5 asks a day bout it I am doing my best to finish asap but BOI I’m dyin I have like? 80 left to go through but still guhh I have to go through and finalize my picks and a few other things. Edits I can post the official list
Picarto.TV - cereusblue's Channel
CereusBlue is live on Picarto.TV! Watch our streamer do Creative stuff and chat with likeminded people. 4447 have watched CereusBlue’s stream!

Well after a long day of dealing with a hyperactive cat, I am finally going to stream today! We will be doing two things tonight, hopefully. xD

First up! Doing a commission for @terezopyrope ! So feel free to come watch me doodle that~

Then afterwards, I will be finishing some drawing practice stuff, request by @ravings-draws! I’m done for the most part with it, just gotta finish shading and highlighting stuff, etc. I don’t know if I will be able to get to this tonight, hopefully will after the commission is done. xD We will see.

Anyway! Come join me, chat me up, sweethearts! Hope to see ya there!

What I am Writing

Thank you @mcqdj for tagging me!

I’m currently working on:

  1. HS AU - This is a Larry fic and they play LAX. At the moment its 7k and I quite like it. I’m on a roll and have a proper deadline and it’s going swimmingly. 
  2. Semple/Kapoor AU - Another Larry fic. I had 6k written and I scratched that. I’m now at 4k for my rewrite. I think it’ll be fun if I ever get through writing it. It feels like a summer story. I’m setting in NYC and I feel like the NYC heat should play a part somehow. Although, now I’m saying that and it might throw off other ‘based in fact’ timelines. shrug. I’ll figure that out when I go back to it. 
  3. Cozy Cabin AU - Surprise! It’s Larry! This is actually a prompt from @irretrishtible from the famous/not famous exchange. I’m like 3k into the story. I actually really love my plan for it, but I don’t know if I’ll get back to writing it until the fall, because it’s a fall-type story and I like writing it when I’m feeling cozy. 
  4. Madrid AU - Larry. Artist!Harry & Musician!Louis. I’m uh, 45k into this one. Eeeeek. I probably have another 35k to write, then I have to smooth out the bumps along the way. I will finish this someday. I will finish it and then I will celebrate with champs because good lord has it taken me a long fucking time to get here. 
  5. I might write a poem. It’s floating in my brain. Someday soon I’m going to sit down and try and get some words from that brain float. 
  6. Soulmates AU - 0 words. But I have a good plan.
  7. Escort AU - This will be a Lirry fic. It’s also floating around and once I knock one or two of these off my list I’ll start writing. 

I’m tagging @fullonlarrie @icanhazzalou @millionlittletings

16.11.02 fancafe - bts_Rap Monster

Ah, I really wanted to tell you this story..
The day before yesterday I went to the studio by taxi, the taxi ahjusshi’s voice was so cool, I told him without thinking “your voice is so cool”.. I admired him and we talked and so on
He replied that my (voice) was cool too.
“It’s like that because you listen. haha”

This great ahjussi used honorifics.. even though our age difference is more than a generation. It felt as though he was my business associate and our ages were the same(there was an immensely respectful feeling). I thought I would like to be old like him.

He asked where I was going and I said to a studio so he asked me if I had a friend who did music..I said yes, my team? Please ask someone. I said (I am part of the group) BTS and he knew them well. He even played melOn, his most recent was ‘dope’. –> touching point (awesome)

The drivers age turned out to be 57. I asked him “how did you know us?” and he said that last year during the fan meeting at Hwajeong Gymnasium
He drove a lot of fans there..ㅋㅋㅋhe said it with a smile. If he was carrying Chinese and Japanese tourists (fans), they would always ask to listen to BTS..
He said he would even receive a thanks and a tip. “Ah, so I got those tips because of BTS. haha”

He said in the old days he was a fashion designer, he was always trying to stay young and communicate with better to youth, he said he would listen to BTS’ and though it was cool and enjoyed listening to it, he improved. He even listened to the news and mentioned billbaord. It felt nice because it felt sincere. My first time feeling this. I didn’t know that those who are a lot older listened to our music so sincerely, it gave me hope.

Yes. Maybe winter is not as sharp as I thought.

Things like this….they happen to you after living so long. Stay alive and see them.
After 30 minutes of talking to the taxi driver, my day felt warmer.
I didn’t forget forget to wish him a good day before I left.

Really thank you. Driver-nim

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Overtime (m)

@lilacxsehun requested: Jungkook/Reader inspired by the lyrics “He says I know what I want and I want it now I want you cause I’m Mr. Vain” in which Jungkook is the CEO of a big company you work for. 
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Smut; CEO/Boss AU 
Word Count: 12,037
Author’s Note: I’ve always wanted to try my hand at a CEO AU so I was very excited to get this request. As I was writing this, I wasn’t entirely sure if Jungkook’s position should constitute him more as a CEO or a boss but eh, ignore the technicalities.

Summary: In which an awkward first encounter with your new boss gives Jeon Jungkook all the more reason to make your job an interesting experience.


To say you are late would be a complete and utter, tragic and ill-fitting, understatement. By the time you were supposed to be here at the building, you had just finished adding the last minute touches to your hair with the straightener, and by the time you were supposed to be doing that you needed to finish your makeup and by the time that was happening—!

Well, you get the idea.

Point is, you are running incredibly behind on your schedule—as if life just wanted to prove a point that no matter how much it seemed you could stitch your life together by managing to land an interview for a company actually relevant to your degree, something always had to go wrong. It just so happens that the bad day you constantly worried about just had to occur today. On the day of your interview.

You think it might be enough to get you to scream. First, the power just had to cut off the night before, disarming your alarm clock and resetting all the previous settings so instead of just beeping at some abnormal time it just didn’t ring at all. Given that you had also forgotten to plug your phone in for charging the night before as well, there was no way that could have been any source of an alternative method for waking up. All of that led up to the simple fact regarding the issue that you have a very difficult time waking up in the morning even with an alarm, so having none only elevated that struggle, bursting out of bed after frantically wondering about the time, and attempting to compress an hour’s worth of preparation into 5 minutes.

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i cant believe her name is hekapoo but i love her already

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I have no idea how my future will be. I have no clue what I'm going to do can you help me?

I’ve been searching the internet for search sites and apps that could help me with this indecision.

I found this app called Good & Co. It helps you find out what kind of person you are, it has a lot of short quizzes with various scenarios. After you do it, you will get a score that will tell you what traits you have. What type of jobs you may be interested in, and the best college for you and more.

Thanks to Good & Co, it made me understand what kind of person I am, what kind of college I should go for, and make myself more confident. I know what I want, to finish my law school and be a great lawyer. I am very grateful for the Good & Co. app.

For those of you who are undecided about what you want for life, you should give Good & Co. a chance.

Maybe you can find out something about yourself that completely changes your life, and change it for the better.