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Will there be a stream tonight since you finished the firebender pic? Just wondering so I know if i have to be ready for stream by a certain time. Thanks ele! Don't push it if you need rest.

No stream tonight sorry! I actually am going to go play laser tag with my coworkers then go home and crash cause I’m exhausted. I’ll be streaming tomorrow night though, some klance:)

Have a good night!

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Prompt:  Hello! I absolutely adore you blog. Soooo much. I wanted to request a Chekov Fluff? Like where he teaches the Reader russian and it’s all cute and adorable and full of love. Thanks, love you! <3
Word Count: 290
Author’s Note: As a general rule, I don’t normally apologize for my writing but when it comes to other languages I am terrible. I used google translate but we all know that’s not always reliable so I am sorry for the botched Russian! 

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Alright. So for those of you who do not know. Namjoon was quoting lines from the book Demian by Hermann Hesse in all of BTS’s trailer videos.

Me of course being who I am got super duper curious about this and decided “Hey let me just go purchase the book cause it’s super cheap and read it.”

I’m not going to say much on the matter, unless you guys want me to give you a full review after I have finished reading, but if you are a big fan of reading as well as a fan of BTS. I recommend reading this book. You will not regret it.

Also if you are like me, keep pens and highlighters handy and in reach and don’t be afraid to highlight in your book. You’ll probably want to honestly.


Ok, this next chapter of Green tea kit-kats is kicking my ass? I don’t even really know why. I know what I want to happen in it, but am having a hard time…filling it out, so it’s not a snoozefest. :B

So, I gave up for tonight! :D I am working on one of the prompts I got back when I asked for them a few weeks ago, though. If I’m lucky, I’ll get that finished…sometime soon. O:

ANYWAY I thought I’d post a tiny, little,minuscule snippet of what I *do* have written for chapter 17. Ok? Ok!

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My best friend is an INFJ, and I’m living with her this semester. It creates an interesting dynamic. I’ve noticed that she tends to be a lot more methodical than I am. Where I tend to “trim the fat” and will likely not do something if I think it is only going to waste my time, she’s more patient. For instance, we both had an assignment for the same class and took very different approaches to it. I decided to go ahead and complete mine digitally where I knew I could get it done fast, but she did it by hand and went through many rough drafts before getting a finished product.

Whenever I feel like I’ve lost all hope I remember that my loans will be paid off by the time I’m 30, I am going to be working in a very in demand field, and although the pay isn’t gonna be good, I’m confident that I’ll be able find a job as a social worker very soon after graduating. I’ll probably live with my dad for 3-4 years while I finish my masters and pay off my loans, which will allow me to work part time through grad school and save money that would otherwise go to rent and bills. I do not have an expensive lifestyle, and putting away a few thousand dollars every year should be more than feasible for an adult with no student loans and a job with benefits, and that will add up fairly quickly. Even if I just find a handful of lesbians with similar goals, a small rural separatist community is really not as far out of reach as it seems sometimes. 💕✊🏻👩‍👩‍👧‍👧🌲

feather-snake I am complete and utter trash. I’ll go hide away…

Welcome to the Zestiria trash. I was joking with my friend a while ago about how anyone who draws them ends up shipping them. lol

True story :’D

me when I started the game: “nah, I don’t see them as a couple, they look like good friends and I like them! So cute >w<”

me after finishing the game: “Precious babiesssssss ;^;”

me after looking at too many the fanarts and reading too many fanfics and binge-watching the anime:  “MIKLEO DESERVES TO BE HAPPY AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER WITH HIS CINNAMON ROLL RAY OF SUNSHINE BOYFRIEND ;O; WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE I CAN’T.”

(I actually still like them as friends as well, though! I usually like pairings romantically and non-romantically the same haha)

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Any chance you will start working on the "Monsters In The Mirror" series soon? I absolutely love the dynamic between the whole team in that universe, especially Olicity's of course.

My first response is literally:

I’m gonna let you in on a poorly kept secret in the Wonderful World of Masque:  I am always working on Monsters.  It’s my favorite universe to write in and I’m kind of obsessed with it.

According to AO3, there are 73K words published.  According to my yWriter files, I’ve written 120K words, so almost half of this universe is unpublished (BECAUSE I CAN’T SEEM TO FREAKING FINISH IT RIGHT NOW *SCREAMS*).  According to my brain, I have four seasons planned out.

Currently I’m working on a thing called “Protect and Serve.”  It’s 14K words long and I’m nowhere near done yet.  It’s going to be a doozy.  Hence the long laps in between posts.  …That and I’m kind of working on a Halloween thing (pun by gif not intended).

ANYWAY I’m really glad you enjoy it because I have a lot of fun writing it. :)  Thanks so much, sweetie!

PS: Sorry if this is a hot mess. I have a migraine right now, and I can’t see all the itty bitty, teeny tiny punctuation marks.  So this might be one giant-ass runon sentence. IDK

Yes yes I know everyone is talking about Crooked Kingdom and yes yes I did see Leigh Bardugo yesterday and yes yes it was awesome, but I’m going to be a rebel and post about This Savage Song instead. I haven’t talked about it enough since finishing it is earlier this month and OMG IS IT AWESOME! Darkness and creepiness and doom and fighting and friendship and self-discovery and growth and NO ROMANCE! I also didn’t realize it was a series which I am very excited about ☺️
QOTD: What instrument would you play if you were a Sunai? (for those who haven’t read the book, that’s a monster that takes people’s souls through music)
#kindredreaders : “Sunai, Sunai, eyes like coal…”
Day 28:
#bookstagramchallenge #septcirclechallenge : Favorite September Book (or one of them because I also ADORED Six of Crows!)
#bookocandisrex : Make it a Movie!
#fallthebooks : Book and Fun Question in the Caption

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i'm the anon that finished clean on sunday and started marked.... i am almost done with marked and i dont know what to do :( the hurtful chapter happened already and i've a few more to go but i'm worried it won't turn out okay. i need to be showered with fluff asap

It will, I promise! Nobody ever believes me, but it does. @wolf-of-ravenclaw, back me up here, would you? @soralovesrain? @drsallysparrow?

For fluff, try Bachelorette! I understand. A palette cleanser is necessary. But again, it turns out well!

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Are you okay ?! Did you survive ?! Because when I saw those fucking pictures I was like "okay... it's just the beginning... Am I going to die this young?!" I hope all the Kookie stans and Rapmon stans are okay xD and then I was like... wait... rapsae = rapmon = she's going to die... So ARE YOU OKAY ???!!! BECAUSE I'M NOT !!!! xD THOSE FUCKING PICTURES ARE TOO BEAUTIFUL FOR MY OWN SAKE






me when I saw the concept pictures:


It’s like 2 AM over here and I just finished my homework, but I promised myself that I was going to post an IHFAP post today (or I guess tomorrow) so VOILA.  

IHFAP #7 / IHFAP Informational Post

Spotlight: @martabm90

Marta! You’re such a sweetheart and literally every time I see one of your kind tags I want to give you a hug. Your art is so awesome and I love seeing the creative ways you alter Hiccup and Astrid. You’re a great friend and I hope we can get to know each other better! Have a great day, love!

i’m here sitting at my kitchen table at 12:30 am trying desperately to finish this project and i’m so stopped up and snotty and feel generally terrible but i probably won’t be able to go to bed soon and i have to get up very early…….and give a presentation tomorrow………

I don’t know if I’m fever dreaming this up. But does anyone remember that one Furry porn comic where like I think two furries are having sex and than right after they finish or maybe before that an earthquake happens and the male runs outside to see a nuke go off and they die and it says something about “Anything could happen?”

I swear to god I saw something like that decades ago. I’m not dreaming that up am I?

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Who are your top 10 favorite persona characters and why?

What a great question! I’d really like to write a longer piece on this! For now, I’ll write a short version :D

These are honestly going to be super hard to rank so the ranks aren’t absolute! Also, I am sticking to main party members I think. I can make a separate list for favorite NPCs

For this list I will only be focusing on characters that I have finished (or nearly finished) the co-ops/ SL’s with and are members of the main cast.

TOP 10 Persona Characters (Main Cast)

  1. Anne Takamaki (Persona 5): I won’t get into spoilers about her co-op. However, after playing a good amount of Persona 5, I realized how much I actually related to her character… She’s inspiring, a strong female character who has to deal with a lot of problems I personally faced in my life. She’s a bit dorky too… She’s in contender for my favorite Persona character of all time.
  2. Kanji Tatsumi (Persona 4): Kanji surprised me and I absolutely loved his character. Dealing with rejection my whole life, I found myself relating to him the most in Persona 4. I really enjoyed his interactions and his delinquent behavior and his love for cute things!
  3. Rise Kujikawa (Persona 4): I’m no idol, but Rise’s story about bullying and overcoming her struggles and creating an image really hit home. I love her flirty, outgoing personality so much.
  4. Chie Satonaka (Persona 4): Best girl. lol (well her and Rise are tied for me). Chie is adorable and I love her athletic side! I totally related to that part of her link. I also love her role in the Investigation team!
  5. Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona 3): When I first played P3, she instantly became my favorite. She’s intelligent and a fantastic leader. Her link’s story was one of my absolute favorites.
  6. Chair-kun (Persona 5): Chair honestly should be higher on this list, but I feel like I need to complete the game first and translate more of his dialogue. He’s such a refreshing protagonist. I love how he isn’t a swag master. but a shy guy who lives a secret life. Plus his backstory and little reactions to things steal my heart. 
  7. Yosuke Hanamura (Persona 4): Every playthrough of Persona 4, I loved Yosuke more and more. He’s a walking trashcan, but I can’t help but love his hilarious dialogue. 
  8. Female MC (Persona 3 Portable): Although I do like Minato, the female MC for P3P has the best dialogue options ever lol. She’s really funny, sarcastic, and overall a fantastic contrast to Minato’s character. 
  9. Morgana (Persona 5): I’ve wanted nothing more than a cat to follow a Persona MC around. Morgana is hilarious and although I liked Teddie, she/he(?)  totally won me over. Morgana is so greedy lol.
  10. Aigis: Aigis’s SL broke my heart. She’s adorable and honestly very well written into the story. Her and Minato have great chemistry. 

Bonus: Maya Amano because she’s such an awesome character and she’s a writer, which makes me super happy. 

Honorable Mentions: Naoto, Marie, Teddie, Yu, Akihiko 

Contenders for top 10 party members, but I still need to finish the games/co-ops: Ryuji Sakamoto, Haru Okumura, Makoto Niijima, Lisa Silverman

So composing for this Undertale fan game I’m a part of has been AMAZING. I saw a bunch of gifs and screencaps of the game in development today and my jaw dropped. It **LEGIT** looks like Undertale and it is BEAUTIFUL. I wish I could share the pictures with you guys but I can’t! Needless to say, when the game comes out (the goal is by the end of the year), I am going to be screaming at you all to play it, just because the programmers look like they did SUCH AN AMAZING JOB putting this together - and all the musicians are pretty eager to make the tracks sound great, too!

I’ve mostly-finished one boss fight that was crazy fun (if a little challenging) to write, arranged a variation for “Determination,” and did a recording to Snowy that sounded a bit too uncannily like the original (I started the recording from scratch of me playing flute, piano, and viola… then added reverb… and was like “YUS!”). All in all, I am SO happy to be a part of this! Composing music for video games is a HUGE WIN and WAY TOO FUN!!!

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Yay, you're doing inktober!

I’m certainly going to try! :D The thing is that I’ve got school, am currently working on two long comics, and have tons of little projects that have been just sitting around waiting to be finished, so I’ll probably post them once a week in a photoset of six or seven, even if I’m drawing them everyday because waaah I’ve got no time :’)