am i going crazy or he looks like a bit with ryan gosling

So one day I was innocently scrolling through Tumblr when this gorgeous piece of amazing art popped up and I just couldn’t not write it because I love fanboy!Stiles!!!! So @benaya-trash and constilesations - who isn’t on Tumblr right now so I won’t tag her - this one’s for you ^^

Title: Get the Ball Rolling

Stiles has had his fair share of celebrity crushes. More than his fair share maybe, considering his long-time obsession with Ryan Gosling and Bonnie Wright – though he’s fairly certain the last one’s just because she reminded him of Lydia.

So yeah, celebrity crushes; a totally awesome and valid thing. None of them came even close to the ridiculously large crush he has on Derek Hale.

Derek Hale is a six foot tall, gorgeous piece of baseball player. And Stiles doesn’t even like baseball that much, but when Derek Hale’s on the field, you can bet your ass Stiles is watching. There’s just something about him that has Stiles mesmerized.

(Mostly his bright eyes, dark hair, perfect muscle definition, obscene hands and ridiculously soft voice. So, basically everything.)

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21. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

 crazyfangirl345 requested: Drabble Game 21, samxreader

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First Father’s Day - Joshifer Fic

A/N: Hello, everyone! Happy Father’s Day! This is the sequel fanfic to Future Mother’s Day, which can be found here.

Hope you guys enjoy!

I hold our daughter Hayden in my arms, as her beautiful brown eyes search the walls of our bedroom. She starts to fuss a little and I shush her quietly, trying not to wake my fiancée who is still sleeping beside me. I decide that I can’t take the silence anymore, and I hold Hayden close to his face. She coos in his ear, and his face lights up with a smile as he stretches and rubs his eyes. He sits up, and the sheets that were once covering him fall into his lap to reveal his anchor tattoo. “Happy Father’s Day, Joshy.” I whisper. “Thanks, baby.” He replies, his voice still low and groggy. He stretches again and sighs, and his eyes widen when he finally sees Hayden. “Hi baby girl!” He whispers in his baby voice, taking her from me and holding her up in his lap. She smiles with a toothless grin when he says hello to her again, and he kisses her on the forehead before holding her close.

Hayden was born back in January, and she got to experience both her first Mother’s Day and now her first Father’s Day. She’s five months old now, almost six, and Josh and I can hardly believe how big she’s gotten already. The family was so happy to have her with all of us on Mother’s Day, and we have no doubt that they’ll be excited to see her today too.

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