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Hi, I'm not on tumblr but I thought you might appreciate this. I got one of my friends into Shield, she's now on early season 3 and recently described Iain as "sneakily hot". I'm waiting for her to catch up to show her some of your gifsets and fics and ruin her life completely lol

sneakily hot is a vv good description of this infinitely frustrating man, and that sounds like an A++ plan to me, buddy ;-D

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Why do u think Riordan never talks about the struggles of dealing with menstruation for a demigod, like when they're on the run or on a quest? It could be that he doesn't feel comfortable writing about something he's never experienced, but then, he's written about a lot of things he's never experienced. As far as I know, he's not gay or gender queer, but he's written about those things. Am I the only who's kinda bothered by the fact that he kinda just pretends it doesn't happen?

Honestly I think it’s just because there’s a perception in publishing that no one wants to read about it. It’s not just Rick… 

Look at The Hunger Games, for example: I distinctly recall a scene where Katniss pees and then describes her pee to highlight the fact that she’s dehydrated, but I don’t recall any mention of what she did when she got her period? (If she got it at all, she was pretty malnourished so it may have stopped…) 

There’s also Hermione. To be fair, Harry Potter is told from Harry’s perspective, but over seven books I don’t think there’s a single mention of Hermione complaining about cramps, or mentioning how she’s craving chocolate, or making an offhand comment about anything at all to do with periods. 

Twilight is focused around Edward wanting to drink Bella’s blood but there’s not even a single passing thought of ‘Oh I wonder if the blood lust gets stronger when I have my period and am bleeding non stop for a few days’.

The only book similar to PJO that I’ve read that mentions periods is Tomorrow When the War Began (also written by a man), when Ellie makes a comment about being down to her last tampon after a year of living in the bush as a guerrilla fighter. 

Just a single, throwaway line like that by Annabeth would immediately make the character feel even more real. Or a mention of how she thought ahead and got the implant so she doesn’t get her period anymore, because she didn’t want to have to worry about it while saving the world. 

I agree that it would be awesome to see periods referenced in more YA. These books are aimed at the age bracket where girls are dealing with the awkwardness and pain for the first time, after all, and seeing their fictional idols dealing with it and going on to fight the bad guys and save the world would probably help them feel better through the cramping - or at least help them feel as if someone understood their struggle of having to go on with life, pretending everything’s fine and pushing through the pain while it feels like you’re being stabbed in the guts.


I am going to the Arsenal matches against Benfica and Sevilla this summer!! I am so happy I could cry. Last year I never thought I would get to see my favorite team in my life, but then in March I got to see them for the very first time in the FA cup quarterfinals. And now I am going to see them 2 more times!!! I feel blessed I am so happy.

Someone send help. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. Excuse me and enjoy yourselves as usual. :’D

The things I tend to draw… //shakes head. haha

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(1) I have a degree of sympathy for Hussie. Re: everything that went down with the fandom being total shits and Hiveswap/TOG... I feel like if Hussie had tried to execute late act 6/act 7 when he was in the same frame of mind he'd been in when he was writing act 5 he would have made it work and it would have been great, bc it seems he did have a very clear plan, but he just wasn't in a good mindset to make it happen. Which sucks, honestly; I feel cheated, but also sad, bc I can relate :/

(2) I like some of the ideas Hussie started to use. The Masterpiece’s relationship with the retcon, Dave/kat and John/rezi, Strider talks, Karkat and Echidna… it seemed solid, but the execution was just so shit and rushed. I wanted to see that stuff developed instead of shoved in my face. I like the IDEA of a lot of things he began to show us, but not the way he did it. I’m gonna be bitter as hell about all the things we DIDN’T see (alpha resolution, dirkjake). But still. I get it? :(((( 

I definitely feel sympathy for the guy. Believe me, I know what it’s like to be fired up about a project only to have it go in some unexpected way. Then after a zombie dog’s age of working on it and slogging away and putting in the hours you just want the damn thing finished. It sucks to have the joy of making something drained from you like that, especially when you were excited about it. Ideas, as it turns out, are cheap. The effort that it takes to make those ideas come to life? That’s a lot of time and energy, and those are finite resources.

So I’m of two minds about Andrew. There’s the scapegoat, a persona that it’s cathartic to rage at. Because at the end of the day, blaming something internal to the story for things being unsatisfying like Vriska, They Who Shall Not Be Named, and Madam Not Appearing in My Comic can only take you so far when the real orchestrator to your Homestuck-related misery is a real, breathing person. But that’s just it, he’s a person. He isn’t the persona he puts on online, and it’s easy to forget that when most of us will never in our lives meet him or know him beyond that which he chooses to present. So when I think of the person, I can feel a degree of empathy: the dude didn’t choose this. He didn’t choose for his weird little art project to blow up into this sensation, or to attract the kinds of people who would send him horse dildos in the mail or go into long essays about the presentation of race in his work. So yeah, I can feel for the dude being tired and out of his depth. 

But then he also made my patron troll kill my favorite kid on my 19th birthday and was a contributing factor in an anxious breakdown on my 21st, and someday I’d like to meet him, tell him this, and present a printed copy of TLCstuck to him to illustrate how being an influencer of young minds is a mixed blessing indeed. So I guess I’m officially one of That Part of the Fanbase? 

I think Swampwizard had a post about that, how you can see the structure in what Hussie was building up to? And I’m sort of curious to know what might’ve been (even if the contrast would just make me upset. Those saddest words, “what might’ve been”). Even if I’m not a fan of a lot of the decisions made, I do wonder how much of what he intended for Homestuck to be wound up on the page - and how much of it I would’ve liked, given what I’ve come to realize I read Homestuck for. I have reason to believe Act 7 was changed very little from whatever ending it was written for, and that the retcon was written around it as a result. So, you know, speculate away.

     Naoto lets out a low groan as she stares at the piles and piles and piles of notecards and papers that have amassed before her, spread across three tables. There are a few highlighters scattered about, with sticky notes protruding from what seems to be every page of the five textbooks and two notebooks in the mess.

     She doesn’t want to do this anymore. She doesn’t want to do this any more. 

      Someone set her free, from school, from obligations. What kind of detective needs to be able to analyse the best of Japanese literature, anyway? What kind of detective needs to be able to do math at the same level as an economist? Why does any of this matter!?

      Letting out one last, final sigh, Naoto’s head hits the desk with a loud thud.

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oh boy oh boy i’d make the text nice and everything but it is 8am and i am on hell mobile as of the time being but yes hello!! i am mikey and i’m pleased to present to you my sunshine son jinwoo of kappa epsilon rho! hmu if you wanna plot or do something!

i’m very sorry about the lack of readmore (Ugh Mobile) so i’ll make this short and sweet!

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how do people study an honours year, hand in quality assignments on time, get enough sleep, work, eat right, stay mentally and physically healthy, have relationships and a social life??????????

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