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Begin Again

First of all: Sorry. I can’t believe this took so long. I mean… it’s 3 pages long now, sooooo… am I forgiven? Also, this one isn’t as Mashima-ish as I liked it to be… it’s hard trying to keep up his style and I slipped on this one here and there. Please forgive me.

With that said, once again, I allowed myself to tag you lovelies unasked. Now please, (thanks again to @proudtobeaginger for the inspiration) enjoy some more alternate FT538. 

(The setting? After rewriting the book, halfway on the guild, assuming Natsu hasn’t joined yet.) 

Let’s begin again… together.

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Leading Suspects: Chapter 26

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I stop my car two miles out of town and climb out to pace up and down, shaking my hands at my sides and trying to pluck up my courage. I’ve had five hours of driving to think about what I’m going to say to him. All night long when I couldn’t sleep. Several hours last night of wine drinking and packing and two very drunk and unhelpful friends who suggested everything from grovelling to serenading him to Jo’s plan of just stripping naked in front of him. Why am I friends with them again?

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All Is Forgiven ~Naughty November~

Prompt: Hot vampire sex with Klaus after a fight

Pairing: Klaus x Reader

Word Count: 1k

Warning: Overstimulation

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request: “Hey can I request prompt 92 with Draco Malfoy? It’s okay if you don’t want to 😊” - by anon

a/n: what do you mean it’s okay if i don’t want to? OF COURSE I WANT TO IT’S DRACO MALFOY. (hope you like this ahaha. also, let’s just pretend they’re not 14-year-olds in this imagine bc it takes place in the goblet of fire lol)

92. “Not that I’d prefer him, but he is definitely more handsome than you are.”

Masterlist + Request here! 

    “Draco, look! There he is!” you whispered to the boy beside you, slapping him repeatedly on the arm to gain his attention while your other hand was pointing quite excitedly to the middle of the Great Hall where the Durmstrang students were now doing a very impressive entrance.

    Draco Malfoy scoffed, scowling at the sight of Viktor Krum walking along with his schoolmates. To be honest, he was definitely jealous by how you were giving the International Quidditch player so much attention as soon as he arrived that Draco didn’t even bother to please you by joining along the cheering.

    “Holy cow.” you gasped just as Viktor Krum took a seat not far from yours. “Do you think he’ll sign me an autograph if I walked out there and asked, Draco?”

    “I don’t know, Y/N. Why don’t you throw yourself at him and try?” he deadpanned.

    You sent him a glance of annoyance before leaning in slightly on your table to look sideways where Krum was chatting with some of your housemates already.

    Draco scoffed, “What’s with him, anyway? Anyone could play Quidditch -”

    “You got to be kidding me!” you cut him off. “No one plays Quidditch like Krum. And not only that, he is so …” you dreamily stared at him.

    “What?” Draco urged you to continued and finally, you flickered your eyes on him to see that he was grimacing.

    “Handsome.” you grinned.

    Draco clenched his hand into a fist. “Y/N, you might want to check your eyes and visit Madam Pomfrey.”

    You laughed at his expression, placing a hand over his. “Come on. It’s not that I’d prefer him, but he is definitely more handsome than you are.” you carried on teasing him.

    For a few weeks now, you and Draco had been going on dates after admitting to yourselves that the both of you indeed fancied each other much more than a friend. That was why he was so jealous and you were having so much fun knowing that he was, much to his disapproval.

    “Hey,” you shook the hand you were still holding when he gave you no response, the platinum haired boy didn’t look at you as he glumly picks on his food. “Draco, I was only kidding.”

    “Didn’t seem that you were.” he murmured.

    You were biting your lip to fight off the smile that was beginning to show. “Of course, I was. You are definitely, no doubt, one hundred percent, more good looking and attractive and handsome than Krum.” you over exaggerated, finally making Draco to look at you.

    You could see that he was trying hard not to laugh. “You are ridiculous.” he said, only chuckling.

    “Am I forgiven then?”

    Draco smirked. “I’ll think about it.”

    “Now you’re the one being ridiculous.”

    “Well, sorry, but I’m not the one who was fawning over another guy when she already has a boyfriend.” the scowl was on his face again.

     "Boyfriend.“ you repeated. “Is that what you are? Because honestly, you haven’t even asked me to be your girlfriend.”

     Draco was about to say something but decided against it, closing his mouth afterwards.

    Truth was, you were right. The two of you have been dating for a moderately long time now and still he hasn’t bothered to ask you to make it official which made you annoyed a little bit. But even though you felt that way, you never confronted him about it - until now, that is to say.

    “I thought I didn’t need to ask.” he murmured after a good minute.

    “How come?” you crossed your arms.

    Draco turned to you. “Because I thought we already were. I mean, Y/N, we’ve been kissing and going on dates - isn’t that what couples do?”

     "Yeah, but -“

    "And you know I’m only yours.” he raised an eyebrow.

    You blushed in embarrassment and also because of his statement. “Okay, fine, I’m sorry. It’s totally my fault.”

     He snorted. “Well, now that you mentioned it. Would you be my girlfriend?” he was now grinning.

     "Your lack of romanticism still amazes me, Malfoy. Jeez, I was kidding.“ you quickly added the last part when he gave you the look. "And yeah, I’ll be your girlfriend.”

    “Good.” he was about to lean in and give you a kiss when your eyes widened and you pointed behind him.

    “Blimey, Draco - it’s Krum! He’s walking towards us, look -”

    He rolled his eyes and cut you off by pressing his lips on yours like originally planned. Some of the Slytherins that were on the table whistled and shouted at the scene in front of them while you laughed against the kiss, the both of you pulling away shortly after.

    Your eyes were shining and your cheeks were crimson red. “What was that for?” you asked him breathlessly, Draco shrugging with a smug grin on his face.

     "Had to show Krum that you’re taken, of course. It occurred to me that he might be the only competition that I’m going to have.“

     "Believe me, there’s no competition.” you assured him.

      Draco nodded, leaning away from your face to start eating again, holding your hand the whole time as Viktor Krum walked passed behind the both of you.

Reggie Mantle x Reader: PART THREE: THE ARTIST & THE JOCK

A/N: I really hope you guys are liking this imagine. In the comics Ricky and Vicky are the names of Reggie’s parents, so that’s what I named them. Although the character of Riley I totally made up because in the comics he only has a brother. Also if you guys have requests please send them, so I can start working on them (on any Riverdale character)

Words: 885

Pairing: Reggie x Reader

Summary: Feels tho.

Spoilers: Nope :)

Part One - Part Two

Originally posted by lovemayble

You were walking along a sidewalk in the chilly night, the wind was leading the leaves from south to west. You were trying to figure out why you’re parents agreed to such a thing. Thoughts started flooding your mind, Did your dad need the money? Were you guys becoming broke? When did everything change between you and your parents? Did Reggie agree to this? How could he? How DARE he? Your first boyfriend would be Reggie? Were you going to accept it? What happens if you don’t? How will your friends react? What about Veronica’s crush on Reggie? What about me? You thought.

“Ugh mind shut up!” you spoke to yourself with a sad look on your face, the wind blowing against your face.

The night got frostier every second you walked away from your house.

Back home Reggie was fidgeting in his chair.

“What happened to (Y/N)?” Riley spoke up

“Nothing Honey” You mom answered “she just needs to think some things through, how about you go to the living room” she continued, while taking Riley away from the dining room.

“I’m going to check on (Y/N)” Reggie declared about to get up from his chair, but Mr. Mantle interjected.

“Are you really that terrible, she stood up and left?” He stated with venom in his words.

“Now Ricky, how dare you speak to Reggie like that? I’m sure she just isn’t attracted to him” Mrs. Mantle added not helping Reggie out “Reggie I thought you said you would fix this?” she added on with a disappointed look shooted at Reggie.

“You guys agreed that I would plan this, my way, no contract.” Reggie stated with anger in his voice as he stood up and walked out the door to look for you.
The chill of the night worried Reggie, since you were wearing a dress. His pacing became faster because he didn’t want you to freeze.

Reggie’s POV
I could see her walking away, she was shivering, she lifted her hand up to her cheek like she was cleaning a tear of her face. I couldn’t help but take blame for this, if I would have warned her, told her why I had been ignoring Ronnie was only because I wanted her. I had my chance, but I was too scared and now our parents made it worse.
End of POV

Reggie sprinted towards you, took off his blazer and placed it on your shoulders.

“Thanks” you croaked, putting it on correctly. You couldn’t help but let out a chuckle because he was bigger than you, meaning it fit big and some of the sleeves went on even after your arms ended.

The silence that followed was deafening. You both just stood there staring at each other. Until you decided you needed answers.

“Why? Reg?” You questioned him with a sad look on your face.

“I’m… I’m sooo sorry (Y/N), I really am” he declared letting out a sigh.

“Well okay, forgiven, now are you going to answer my question” You questioned him again.

“I… I…” He stuttered, not knowing what to say.

You decided to ask him everything that was in your head

“Why me? Why the contract? What if I don’t agree to it?” He looked at you with a sad look on his face that you didn’t catch because you kept rambling questions at him “Does my dad need the money? Do you know something I don’t? What about Ronnie? If I agree to this for my parents, she’ll… she’ll hate me! What do your parents want from me? Did you agree to this contract? Did…” you stopped rambling as he put both of his hands on your shoulders.

“Please (Y/N)” Reggie pleaded leading you to a bench on the sidewalk.

Reggie just stared at the ground with sorrow in in his eyes, so you did what you’re used to doing when Reggie was sad. You shifted yourself and hugged him. He hugged back squeezing you tightly rubbing his hands on your back. You missed his tight hugs ever since you drifted apart. The hug lasted about a minute until you pulled away.

As you pulled yourself away you grabbed his chin your hands warm against his cold chin, and you both stared at each other and spoke “What’s going on Reg?”

He sighed and you both looked away from each other staring at the dim lighted street.

He later put his hand on your thigh which sent electricity all over your body and you turned your head to look at him.

You couldn’t help but let your mind start racing. The way the light was hitting his face, the wind in his luscious black hair. What does this mean? You thought to yourself. Do you like Reggie? More than a friend? Could this arrangement work? Does he even he even like you like that? Ronnie would hate you? This could cause a drift between you and your friends? Your neutral standing ground would be ruined? Would you just be a cover to his attitude? Is Reggie only acting like this because of the contract? Will he change if you accept?

“(Y/N) I like you” He told you with longing in his eyes disrupting your thoughts “I have since the day we went camping, I have hated myself for becoming who I am and ignoring you”

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Part Four - Part Five - Part Six

Talk to me! (Hanzo x Reader)

(I will write so much fluff, you will taste marshmallows for a month!!!! It will start sad but I will make sure to end it on a sweet note, just for you! ^_^ Mod Firefly)

Silence…That’s what was happening between them and Hanzo as he does not realize that it was killing them because all they wanted to do was help him after he was caught crying by them at about 2 am. “My love, you should return to bed.” He instructs as he hold his box in his hand with an intent to go practice. They shook their head and looked at him. The anniversary of Genji’s ‘Death’ was around the corner and it was killing him to relive the memories.

“Dearest, please return to bed, you are tired that you can barely stand so you are in no condition to even nock the quiver to the string.” They explain as he shakes his head and goes to continue training, leaving them alone and hopes that maybe he can open up finally and won’t keep shutting them out. He wishes that he would return to his usual serious self and not this person they wished he was not. That is when an idea came into their mind and went to set their plan in motion.

He returned a few hours later and was surprised by the sight before him. They had been asleep at the table with a box in front of them along with several pieces of crumpled paper. They were looking through a box of memories that Hanzo thought was hidden before he saw that it was that of the ones from Genji. He silently cursed his brother but something caught his eye before walking towards them and among them was a note addressed to him. Cautiously, he took the note and read it while preparing him some tea.

Dearest Hanzo,

I know how hard this time is for you but you do not realize that it is a hard time for me as well. I have been with you for the past 2 years and I have stood by you without so much as a peep when you are upset but tonight, when you left me alone in the training room, I felt my heart shatter far worse than I have in the 2 years together but I am keeping to my promise, I will never leave you.

I know that Genji was your brother and that you still blame yourself for that but you were under the rule of your own clan and I know how strong you were appear. I stood by your side and I am not leaving now. Genji is here, he has forgiven you but you refuse to forgive yourself which makes me feel like I am failing as your partner.

Genji told me that you used to look forward to my visits when I was at another base but now, I come home to the man who I love drinking his pain and memories away instead of talking to me. I want to share your pain because it is not right that you take mine and hold that in while you harbor yours.

Do you remember our first fight? The day I accidently spilled your tea and ruined a kimono that Genji got you. You told me to get out and never come back but do you remember what I did next? I apologized, fixed my mistake and stayed by your side. I will fight for our love but Hanzo, why do I feel like this love is becoming a burden to you? Is it because the pain is better than me?

Hanzo, I will change, I will be a better partner and I will become more submissive if that means I get to keep you and not see you like this. Hanzo, I love you and I will never stop loving you.

Please, don’t let me go…I love you


He looked at their sleeping form to see that there were tears that were drying from crying and that broke his heart. Yes, he had focused on himself and did not see how much he was hurting his beloved. He was trying to punish himself but ended up punishing the love of his life in the end when he walked out on them, causing him to be no better than what he thought. But it was the last little paragraph that broke him.

They were willing to change, to become something they are not because they loved him. He did not want them to change. He loved how they laughed at how he would show up the others during training. He loved how they would prepare his tea just like he enjoys it. He enjoyed meditating with them after a long day and somehow, they both hold hands. He wanted nothing more now than to kiss them, tell them that he is sorry and that he loves them.

“H-Hanzo?” A soft voice says as they wake up from beside him and suddenly they rush to him, wiping his eyes and asking what is the problem. He did not realize he was crying and it was in that moment, he grabbed them in a hug, apologizing for hurting them and telling them to never change.

“Hanzo, can we please go to bed and talk about this after a few hours of sleep?” They said as a slight yawn comes from their lips and he chuckles softly and holds them close, telling them that it was perfect and that they could talk during breakfast tomorrow after meditation. They smiled and lead them to bed, holding him close and finally falling back to sleep as he held them close in his arms.

He has made mistakes in the past, some mistakes he still is trying to find redemption for but when it comes to them, he will move the sun, the stars and the moon if they would stay in his life. They were what will keep him sane and keep him being himself. He wanted nothing more than to keep them happy and know that they are loved.  “I love you Hanzo” was mumbled from inside his arms as he smiled and he knew that with those words, they would never leave.

“I love you too, my beautiful love…sleep sweetly for me.”

For the first time in 10 years…his heart can finally feel some bit of peace.

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anonymous asked:

What if you and your 3 or 4 year old are having a bath and harry comes in to grab something and your little one is like "daddy, no!! Mummy's naked!!" And it's not a big deal to her because harry gives her baths, doesn't he? And harry is like "oh, right, sorry!" And covers his eyes and walks out and you can't help but laugh

Okay, I got Alfie vibes from this… I don’t know why. I’m in a very Alfie-Harry mood right now, I suppose. 

It’s supposed to be the missus’ night to relax in the bath of the master-bathroom, with candles lit around her on every surface and a nice relaxing body wash to soak under as she listens to the sweetest sounds of a gentle playlist playing around the room that Harry created one night when they were fresh into dating. Only adding songs as their relationship progressed and making it a long and lengthy playlist. But, when Alfie snuck away from the living room where his siblings and Harry were all lounging around and insisted he joined her in her bath because he was “dirty and played in the mud all day at school” and because “it’s bath night for us too, mummy!”, she found it hard to say no and turn him away when he gave her a doe-eyed look that all the kids use to their advantage.

The water sits just below his shoulders as he takes the spot opposite her, undressed from his school clothes and slotting between her ankles, captured between her feet. He’s babbling away about what he got up to during his day at school, giggling at the funny stories and pouting at the stories that made him sad, when Harry pokes his head into the bathroom, looking for Alfie but also looking for the soap to wash the twins with. 

“All three of our girls are in the bath down the hall. I’m drowning in water so I may have to join you in your bath when they’re tucked up in bed because I have god knows what on me. I can’t seem to find our little lad though. He’s playing hide and seek with me, I think,” the missus hears him murmur as he walks closer to the bathroom door, door creaking open and catching Alfie’s attention as his sentence stops, “how is every- Oh, there you are, Alf! Disrupting mummy’s bath night, hm?”

“Daddy, yeh can’t be in here!”

“Why not?” Harry frowns, crouching down by the cabinet and pulling out an unopened bottle of body wash for the girls, “this is daddy’s bathroom, too.”

“Bu’, mummy’s naked, daddy! Mummy has no clothes on,” he gasps, eyes wide as the missus snickers behind her hand, eyes casting to Harry as he dramatically covers his eyes with his free hand, “no clothes, daddy!”

“I’m so sorry, Alf,” Harry coos, fingers carefully sliding open as he peeked between the gaps, “I forgot that mummy has no clothes on. Am I forgiven now?”

And Alfie just giggles and lowers himself further into the water, the surface coming to his chin as his hazel eyes looked at Harry.

“Forgiven, daddy!” xx

Back In The Saddle

Here is Part Two to “Salt And Pepper”

Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader
Words:  1090

Read “Behind Brown Eyes”

-Jeffrey comes to visit the reader on set. Has he made a decision?-

Thank you @mamapeterson for looking over this for me!!

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, let me know. :)

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

You were eating lunch in your on set trailer when someone knocked on the door.

            “Come in,” you called out, expecting Jared or Jensen to come in to have lunch with you like they did sometimes.

            The door swung open and you looked up to find Jeffrey standing there. You hadn’t seen him in the month since the con, the night he walked out of your hotel room without saying anything after your ultimatum.

            “Jeffrey?” You were frozen where you sat, confusion and apprehension bubbling in your belly.

            “Hi, Y/N.” He stood just outside of your trailer.

            “What are you doing here?” you asked, putting your fork down.

            “I came to talk to you.”

            Sitting back, you nodded and gave an invitation, “Come on in.”

            Jeffrey stepped in and, after closing the door, sat down across from you and pulled in a deep breath. “What if I told you that you were right?” he asked, the words rushing out in a cluttered mess.

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Six Hotdogs

Ace shakes a skyline, Riskua likes spinning rides, and Luffy senses a disturbance in the force

“Come on, Bright Eyes, I was only joking!”

Scrambling after Riskua as she storms off of the skyline, Ace feels guilt build in his stomach.

In his defence the redhead has never seemed to have a problem before with heights, she liked the rollercoasters just fine.

So he’d shaken the skyline a bit, just for fun.

But then Riskua had just, er, frozen up or something.

And now she’s mad.

Mad to the point she hadn’t even yelled at him, had just given him the coldest glare he’s ever been graced with and then stormed off.

“Bright Eyes!”

Skidding to a stop in front of her, Ace reaches out to plant his hands on her shoulders before remembering that physical contact probably isn’t going to help here (and chances are she’ll floor him before he could really halt her) so his arms just hover uselessly.

She’s still not meeting his gaze, arms trembling with hands clenched into tiny, tight fists and the sunlight catching the droplets on her cheeks- shit.

Shit, she’s crying.

“I’m sorry,” Ace chokes out, twitching with the need to just draw her close and hold her against his chest.

Fuck, he’d had no idea she was this terrified of heights.

He knows everything’s going to be okay when Riskua throws herself into his arms, even as a lacklustre punch smacks against his chest. Thank god.

“You scared me.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You will be,” Riskua mumbles into his torso, arms wrapped tight around his waist.

She’s still trembling slightly and Ace feels guilty as fuck.

It’s why he begrudgingly submits to going on the spinning monstrosity later on.

Even if he agreed to the ride though, the six hotdogs he’d consumed early most certainly didn’t.


“You shouldn’t have come on that with me,” Riskua murmurs, one hand rubbing firmly at his lower back, the comforting motion grounding Ace as he upchucks more and more hotdog.

What a waste.

Luffy’s probably twitching somewhere, sensing that food’s being wasted.

Ace’ll beg for his brother’s forgiveness later.

When his whole torso finally stops it’s sporadic clenching, Ace twists to look over his shoulder at Riskua, grinning weakly.

“Am I forgiven now?”

Drawing a napkin from her bag, Riskua wipes the corners of his mouth before she drags the soft material across his lips.

“I think my crappy idea to drag you on that cancels out your crappy idea of shaking the gondola. Mutual forgiveness?”

“I don’t think they’re called gondolas,” Ace mutters, cautiously standing straight. The world’s still spinning a bit, but his stomach’s steel consistency has reasserted itself now, locking down on the pitiful remains so that they may stay put.

“Pushing it there, Muscles.”

“Sorry. Gondolas it is.”

Riskua grins, arms coiling around his neck and rising to her tiptoes in order to plant a kiss upon the corner of his jaw.

“No kisses until you brush your teeth or something.”


                                                  Puppy Dog Eyes 

What did Luan did this time to upset Maggie ? Honestly what you should be asking is what hasn’t she done. But worry, no one can resist puppy dog eyes.

What’s not pictured here:

Luan:*full on tackled hug Maggie* Yay!!!!!! I am forgiven :3

Maggie: yeah yeah, for now …cross me again and I will dump you *is not serious but striking fearing in Luan is her favorite thing*

Luan: 0_0 *thinks ‘never cross Maggie or trouble will follow’* 

anonymous asked:

halloween smut with rami? xxxxx

Okay I wrote this quickly as it’s the 1st of November today! THIS IS A SMUT WARNING.

You peeked your head through the blinds as you watched your boyfriend Rami lock his car and jog up the steps to your home.

You tiptoed into position, ensuring all of the lights were turned off as stood in the very corner of the kitchen.

You breathed slowly, your face growing slightly clammy under the thick plastic of the scream mask you’d donned as you listened to his footsteps outside.

‘Y/N?’ Rami called as he unlocked the door.

He repeated your name louder as he made his way down the hallway. He was halfway into the kitchen when he decided to flick the light on.

‘AGHHH!’ You screamed as you jumped out on him.

'What the fuck!?’ Rami yelled, his voice several octaves higher as he jumped back and clasped desperately at the kitchen door handle.

You wanted to continue your torment but the expression on your boyfriend’s terrified face was too much and you doubled over laughing.

'Y/N you could have given me a heart attack!’ Rami sounded somewhere between shocked and angry as he placed his hands on his hips.

You pulled the mask off which had been partially suffocating you, shaking your hair free.

'I’m sorry…’ You trailed off trying to control your giggles as he scowled at you.

'Happy Halloween!’ You stepped towards him to kiss him but he moved away.

'What’s wrong?’

'Nothing.’ Rami mumbled, kicking his shoes off.

'I didn’t mean to upset you…’ You awkwardly scratched the back of your neck, eyeing the mask you were holding limply.

'It’s fine it’s not your fault. Sami used to scare me all the time when we were kids. Like constantly.’ Rami had his back turned to you now as he got himself a glass of water.

You took a few steps forward and tentatively placed a hand on his firm shoulder. 'I had no idea he used to torment you like that. I’m sorry.’

Rami turned to you his expression much more relaxed now. 'Don’t be I’m just being lame.’

'I could make it up to you.’ You suggested, leaning in to place a small kiss on his collarbone which was slightly exposed in his loose jumper. You noticed that his heart was still beating fast from where you had scared him.

Rami hummed in response, tilting his head back to allow you more access to his neck. You continued placing more soft kisses.

'I mean, there’s no point letting all this adrenaline go to waste.’

That made him let out a deep chuckle and you felt the vibrations against your lips as you kissed his throat.

'You’re right. But you’re not forgiven yet.’ Rami tilted your chin up to look at him. His pupils were dilated and he was wearing a wicked grin.

'Where do you keep all of your Halloween stuff?’

You raised your eyebrows. 'I’ll show you.’

You led him upstairs, the small space between the two of you buzzing with tension as you led him into the bedroom. It had been a mad rush to find the mask out before he got back and as a result you had Halloween paraphernalia sprawled all over your bed.

'How am I supposed to spread you out on here with all this mess?’ He asked in a tone feigned with annoyance. You bit your lip in response.

'I’m sorry.’

'Sorry what?’

'Sorry sir.’

That was the confirmation you needed of where this was going and you felt a rush of heat between your legs. It’d been a while since he’d been this dominant with you.

'Put that on.’ Rami pointed to a cheap looking witches dress. You gathered up the dress and made your way towards the bathroom.

'No in here.’

Rami pulled the duvet of the bed and in one swift movement had tossed all of the costume items onto the floor.

You took a deep breath and began to undress as he lay down propped up against the headboard.

'No underwear.’ He chided and you slipped off your bra and underwear, trying to ignore the scratchy feeling of the cheap material against your skin.

Rami smirked at the sight of you in the embarrassingly short dress.

You rolled your eyes in response. 'I look ridiculous.’

'Be a good girl. And get on the bed.’ Rami was stood up now, pacing the bed like a predator as you sat in the middle.

'On your knees.’

You positioned your self and tried to focus on the sounds of him behind you. You could hear the sound of a jingle and throbbed slightly when you realised he was undoing his belt.

'Good girl.’ He whispered in a low voice and lifted your ankles, allowing him to tie them together using the belt.


It took you a moment to realise he was enquiring about the tightness of the belt.


He pushed the dress up your back, exposing your behind as his hands roamed over your cheeks kneading them softly. You let out a small sigh wishing his hand would travel lower but he was just toying with you for now. After a few moments he stopped and you could tell by his footsteps that his pacing had resumed.

'Spread your cheeks.’ He instructed.

You tried to widen your legs but the belt kept them securely together.

'With your hands.’ He added with a light slap to your behind.

Your face pressed into the duvet uncomfortably as you reached behind you and gently parted your cheeks. You heard let out a quiet groan along with a rustle of fabric which meant he was probably palming himself already. The thought made your face burn red.

'How do you feel?’ His voice sounded slightly breathless now and you were certain you could hear the quiet sound of skin slapping as he jerked off behind you.

'Exposed.’ You replied, knowing he secretly enjoyed it when you sassed him.

'Colour?’ He asked, gently running a single finger over your slit which made you gasp and press your face further into the bed.


'Play with yourself.’ He kept his palms pressed flat against your cheeks, keeping them apart as you gladly pleasured yourself relieved at the fact he was moving things along.

You fingered yourself slowly, the angle awkward due to your face down position. Rami kept one hand on himself and one gripped your thigh as he leaned forward and gently lapped at your clit. Your back arched in response, pushing yourself onto his tongue.

Rami hummed in amusement at your actions, gently pulling your fingers away and replacing them with his tongue. You whimpered at the feeling of being ravaged by him, your hips bucking against his mouth as he strong hands pinned you down. You hated the fact you weren’t able to see his face as his tongue flicked against you.


Being bent over made you feel lightheaded as you began to tense up. Rami lapped at you enthusiastically, groaning quietly when you came all over his mouth. You thighs convulsed and relaxed rhythmically as you rode through it, panting heavily when the feeling eventually wore away.

'You’re perfect baby.’ Rami whispered, kissing the back of your thighs gently as you caught your breath. 'Colour?’

'Green.’ You panted earning a gentle bite on the sensitive skin of your thigh.

Rami stood up, taking himself in his hand and pressing the hard wet tip against you. 'This is what you do to me.’ His voice sounded ragged now as he rubbed his length against you.

'Please…’ You begged, desperate to have him inside you already.

He slid into you immediately, clearly as frustrated as you are as he stretched you out. 'So tight.’ He grunted in a strained voice, holding your hips tight to keep you still due to the boneless feeling in your legs effecting your balance.

'Harder.’ You gasped out, arching your back until he was all the way in and stilled for a moment.

'Rami!’ You groaned as he began to fuck you at a punishing pace, the sound of his name from your lips only driving him on further. You were already tensing up to cum again, the tightness of the belt around your legs making sure he hit you deep every time.

'Wanna see your face…’ Rami breathed, pulling out of you as you rolled onto your back. He held your legs together straight over his shoulder and thrusted into you as he sat almost upright. The position felt incredible and you came immediately, arching your back off the bed in ecstasy. Rami pumped you a few more times before cumming with a strained 'fuck’, his hips moving lazily against you as the warmth spread inside you.

Your legs were cramping badly by this point from being tied together and Rami sensed your discomfort. He sat up and gently removed the belt kissing your calves as he checked for bruised.

'Are you alright my love?’ He enquired, brushing the hair out of your face as you caught you breath. It always astounded you how quickly he reverted back to his normal self after these encounters.

'Yes.’ You smiled cupping his cheek as he turned and kissed your palm.

Rami let you come down from the intensity of a few moments ago whilst he went to fetch a damp flannel and gently wiped you down, offering a few tender kisses in between. You’d never been happier to take that cheap outfit off.

'Am I forgiven now?’ You teased later on as you lay on his chest, fingers drumming across his chest.

'Well I suppose.’ He replied sarcastically earning a playful slap from you.

You could hear the smirk in his voice as he stretched his arms out and placed them behind his head.

'Happy Halloween.’

Marauders Smut Preference - Semi-Public (Part 2/3)

A/N: You and Sirius get trapped in a closet.


How you and Sirius had ended up in the supply closet of Professor McGonagall’s first year class was a funny story. Well, not really. Sirius had dragged you in there between classes to make-out and before you knew it, students were filing in and you two were trapped in a tiny room. 

“I’m gonna kill you,” you hissed as you heard Professor McGonagall quiet the students so she could start class. 

“Relax, love, it’s not that bad,” he assured as he made a show of making himself comfortable on the ground. He was resting against the cabinet, legs spread out leisurely in front of him, arms folded behind his head. “Now, come join me!” 

Huffing you went and sunk down to the spot next to him, arms crossed and legs folded under you. 

He watched you, his eyes sparkling, as an idea began to form. A way to make it up to you. 

“Aw, don’t be mad!” he pecked your cheek.

“I’m not mad, just disappointed that I’m dating an idiot,” you grumbled. 

He couldn’t help but laugh. 

“It’s not funny, Sirius! We’re stuck in here and we’re missing our own class!” you reminded him. 

He ran a hand through his thick hair, somehow tousling it even more perfectly. He sighed, “You’re right. I’m sorry, love. Really.” His rolled up sleeves accentuated his forearms and honestly he couldn’t have looked any better. 

“It’s okay,” you conceded after a moment, “I’ve just been really stressed lately.”

He nodded before his cat-like smirk returned. Pulling you into his arms, he seated you squarely between his legs. “Let me help with that,” he murmured against your neck as he pressed soothing kisses against it. 

“Sirius, no! We can’t.”

“Why not? You said yourself we’re stuck in here until class ends.” His hands trailed up and down your sides, sending chills across your body. 

“What if they hear us?”

He shrugged, “You’ll just have to be quiet then, won’t you?”

You wanted to stop him. Images of McGonagall walking in on you two were starting to manifest in your head. But, Sirius’ calming voice and lustful touches were proving to be too powerful to resist. 

“Come on, (Y/N), let me make this up to you, yeah?” he pleaded against your ear. 

When you melted back against him, he knew he’d won. 

“That’s my girl,” he murmured, “so pretty.”

You whimpered when he sucked on your sweet spot near your collar bone. 

“Shh,” he cooed as his hands trailed down to the waistband of your skirt. 

“Open your legs for me,” he instructed and you did as if in a trance. “There’s a good girl.” 

He ran a few fingers over your clothed core before sliding them into the band of your underwear. 

“Already wet? Dirty girl,” he teased. His digits trailed along your folds, relishing in the slickness. He toyed with your clit before easing a finger into you. 

You moaned and one of your hands made its way to his hair.

“Shh, quiet, kitten, we don’t want to permanently scar some innocent first years, do we?”

You shook your head as he slipped in another finger. He curled them expertly as he’d done so many times before and you had to bite your lip to keep from crying out.

“Close?” he breathed before nibbling on your earlobe. 

“Yes,” you responded in a daze.

Thumb tracing patterns on your clit, he moved his fingers in and out at an agonizing pace. Taunting you, bringing you ever closer to the edge without actually letting you get there. 

“Please, Sirius?” you begged as your hips bucked to meet his fingers.

“Cum, (Y/N). Cum for me,” he coaxed.

Your body writhed against his chest, back arching, head lolling against him. Your grip on his hair tightened and his free arm held you firmly in place. Riding out your high, Sirius watched you awe. The way your body reacted to him. The way he cold make you fall apart with just a couple small movements and a few encouraging words. He would never tire of it.

You let out a shaky breathe as Sirius kissed your cheek. 

“Am I forgiven?” he nuzzled into your neck. 

“For now,” you whispered as you turned yourself around in his lap so you could kiss his soft lips. 

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Part two to this requested by @astoldbyacertifiedunicorn and @averysanatomy

“If you keep moving we’re both going to fall on the floor!” April warns looking up at him. She tries to sound like she’s reprimanding him he’s spent way too much time getting on her good side to go back so easily

Jackson slips his hand around her waist and brings her closer against him, her back tightly pressed to his front. He rests his chin on her shoulder and lies still. “Better?”

They’re catching up on some TV and trying to share the couch. It had been a little awkward at first but going from annoying roommates and online dating to dating roommates had gone more smoothly than they had both anticipated. 

She sighs and hugs his arms to her chest. “Mmm better.”

He’s glad that they’re not fighting anymore either because when he first met her he actually liked her. It was almost unbelievable that who he met online was the same person. While they were different they had a lot in common such as similar taste in television.

He looks down at her for a second and watches her skeptically as she jumps before anything even happens on screen.

“You read the spoilers, didn’t you?” Jackson asks her.

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anonymous asked:

Write another fratboy!! I need to know what happens next! 😫

Okay, so here it is, part 4! Thanks for all the requests! I hope you find this satisfying. I’ll keep writing as long as you keep requesting.

You awoke with a start, an annoying sound interrupting the nonsensical dream you were having. Sitting up in bed, you realized it was your ringtone. You reached over to the night stand to pick up your phone, the bright light from the screen blinding you in your disoriented state.

Harry. Why the hell was he calling you at…you glanced at the time…2:24 in the morning?

With only a second more of hesitation, you swiped the screen.

“Hello?” you answered in a groggy voice.

“Heyyyyy. You answered! I didn’t think you would.”

“And why not?” you asked sarcastically. “Maybe because it’s after 2AM?”

“Oh shit,” Harry exclaimed with a giggle. “Did I wake you?”

You sighed, debating whether or not to say something else sarcastic, but decided against it. “Yes, you did.”

“I’m sorry, baby,” he half pouted.

You rolled your eyes. “What do you want, Harry?”

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Ruined Date

Request: “#15 angst with our evil Changkyun 😈 I love your works. Honestly your writings are of high standard. Glad I found your blog :)” -anon

Ship: Changkyun x [y/n]

Genre: fluff (??)

Word Count: 1,241

To anon who requested this, I hope that you’ll enjoy this! I apologize if it’s quite meh ;u; I’m actually losing ideas these past few days ;u; Anyways, I hope you’ll like it! ;u;

credits to the owner for the gif. If you want to read more, click here! 

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#15 You watched 4 seasons today?

Tapping your foot on the ground, you glanced at your wrist watch for the nth time, wondering why Changkyun hasn’t showed up. Forty-five minutes has passed, you were starting grow impatient as Changkyun has never been late before. You pulled out your phone from you coat’s pocket and decided to call him. 

“Sorry, the person that you have dialed cannot be reached at this very moment, please try again later.” the intercom said, making you end the call right away. Deciding to call Jooheon, you waited for him to answer and within just the second ring, he answered in a flash.

“Hey, [y/n], what’s up?” Jooheon was in his usual happy self, making you chuckle. “Hey, Jooheon, is Changkyun there?” you asked, hearing a ‘hmm’ from the other side of the line. It took him a minute or two to answer, as the only thing that you could only hear was him stomping his feet and doors being opened and closed.

“Hmm, he’s here in his room.” Jooheon stated in a matter-of-fact, which made you turn your smile upside down. “Okay, I’ll be there in ten.” you ended the call right away, without waiting for Jooheon’s response. Hailing yourself a taxi, you told the driver their dorm’s address and paid the taxi fare as soon as you arrived at their dorm.

Ringing the intercom, Shownu’s face went hogging the whole screen. “Who’s there?” he asked as the only thing that you were able to see was his nose. Chuckling at how Shownu reminded you of your dad, you greeted him with a smile as you faced the camera. “Shownu appa~ It’s me!” Shownu, was startled by your voice, pulled his face away from the intercom and flashed a fatherly smile when he finally saw your face. 

“[y/n]-ah, wait just a moment, I’ll open the door for you.” you patiently waited right in front of their door, the door fluttered open, only to be greeted by Shownu and a screaming Minhyuk, who was now fast approaching his arms wide open.

Before Minhyuk could lay a finger on you, Shownu has stopped the young latter, allowing you to go to your beloved boyfriend. “Thanks, oppa.” Shownu just flashed you his usual daddy smile and nodded. Minhyuk, on the other hand, was whining whilst being in the arms of Shownu. “Hyung! Why? I wanted to hug her but noooo, you haved to stop and ruin everything.“ 

Chuckling at Minhyuk’s cuteness, you greeted the other members who were at the living room and excused yourself right away as you were going to give someone a good beating. As you stood in front of Changkyun’s door, you pressed your ear on the hard wood and heard nothing. 

This is weird, you thought as you cocked your head and decided to push the door open. As soon as you pushed the door open, darkness was the first thing that welcomed your very presence. There was only one source of light, and it was coming from one device with a figure right in front of it. 

Slowly closing the door behind you, you slowly tiptoed to your boyfriend who was deeply immersed on the series that he was watching. He never dared to rip his eyes off the screen, his arms were wrapped around his blanket and his ears were busy listening to every word and music being played on the very episode that he was watching. 

To your surprise, Changkyun was watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. You actually felt betrayed as he actually promised to watch it with you but he decides to watch it by himself. Without any further hesitations, you smacked him on the head causing him to shout, his hands meeting the back of his head right away. 

His eyes glowed in fury but it slowly vanished when he saw your unfazed expression, arms crossed and your foot continuously meeting the floor. “You stood me up!” you exclaimed with your eyebrows knitted together and your arms crossed. Changkyun looked like a kid who was caught red handed from stealing a cookie from the bar counter.

He immediately paused the video and smiled at you nervously. “W-wait, what do you mean I stood you up?” A frustrated sigh left your mouth and your hand immediately met his head, giving him a good smack. “We we’re suppose to have a movie date forty-five minutes ago!” He looked at you with his eyes widened.

“Oh, right… Babe, I-I’m so sorry!” He held both of your hands with eyes pleading for forgiveness. You rolled your eyes and asked, “Give me two good reasons for me to forgive you.” Changkyun paused for a while as he started thinking for something good.

“Ah! One, you love me. Two, I’m cute!” Another smack on the head. Changkyun groaned in pain and pouted. “Why did you forget about our date, huh? What are you even busy watching?” You asked as you were already starting to go insane.

“Uh… ehehehehe.” Changkyun started to laugh nervously while you were waiting for him to lie and tell you that it was not F.R.I.E.N.D.S. “I-it’s Game of Thrones–”

“Wow, you still have the audacity to lie to me. I know that it’s F.R.I.E.N.D.S that you’re watching!” you smacked him once again, but this time he was able to get a hold of your wrist. "Wait…. You watched four seasons today?!” you asked as you went closer to his laptop. “I am so sorry!” He cried out and this time, he pulled you into a hug, making you struggle to get out of his hold. 

“What should I do to earn your forgiveness?” he asked as you finally gave up from getting out of his hold. “Massage me. My body’s been aching for a massage right now.” A teasing smile slowly appeared on his face, which made you pinch him on the sides. 

“Okaaaay~” He then lets go off of you. You laid down, stomach-flat, and waited for Changkyun to start massaging you. Before you knew it, he was now on top of you. “You better make me feel good with this massage or else I won’t let you kiss me.”

You received a ‘yes’ from Changkyun and felt his hands on your back. He starts to massage your back and it was a good advantage to be right in front of his laptop. You closed the current video and opened the latest episode that you’ve watched.

“Yah, I’ve already watched that–” “You watched it ahead! You even promised to watch it with me.” You complained, completely shutting Changkyun’s mouth. After how many minutes of massaging you, you were still watching one episode and Changkyun was starting to get tired.

“Babe…. is this enough?” he asked more like whine, you slowly feeling his hands stop. You looked back at him and started to think. “Fine, c’mon and watch this with me.” Changkyun hurriedly got off your back and laid down beside you, his arms immediately hugging your waist.

“Am I now forgiven?” he asked as he buried his face on your arm. “Mmm.” you said without ripping your eyes off the screen. “Yaaay I love you~” Changkyun cooed, planting small kisses on your arm. “I love you too. Hey, I think you should rest up a bit, dark circles are already forming under your eyes.” 

“Okay.” and throughout the whole f.r.i.e.n.d.s marathon, you watched every single episode with Changkyun hugging you by the waist and his head nestled on your arm. “Aigoo, you’re such a troublemaker.” you muttered before planting a kiss on his forehead. 

Free Falling

Requested by @blu3tid3s (thanking for requesting this)

24: “Ha, ha, ha. Just shut up and kiss me.”

26: “Falling from a plane again? How typical of you.”

Trigger Warning: Falling if you have a deathly fear of heights, but this isn’t scary or anything. But I wanted to makes sure non of you dandelions were triggered by this :)

(ps. pretend the kiss gif is in the air instead of under water, it’s the closest I could find!)

(Also, feedback is welcome!)

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The first few times you’d fallen from a height, it’d been terrifying. In fact, the very first time Clark had spent at least a week trying to calm you down (many forehead kisses were included). But by now, it’d become almost comical.

  Four large goons circled you, leering down at you as their boss (who didn’t reach above 5 ft.) cackled in front of you. For the poor little man’s sake, you reframed from rolling your eyes. He’d obviously tried really hard to put this together.
  “Superman’s girlfriend is sure to be the key to his downfall.” The short man giggled.

   “Do you know how many times I’ve heard that this week?” You mumbled.         

   “Silence whore!” He screamed, smacking you across the face.

‘There’s a new one’ You thought, making a mental note to write that down.

  “Now we send her overboard boys!” The man snickered. One of the large, ugly goons opened the airplane door. The next thing you knew, you were being tossed through the open air before you could make a witty comment. There was a brief moment of serenity before your body made contact with a rock. Well, a rock. More like your boyfriend.

  “Hi darling!” You yelled over the wind.

  “Afternoon sweetheart! Hold on tight!”

  You readjusted yourself while Clark did his thing. Holding you (rather awkwardly) in one arm while flying back up to the bottom of the plane, grabbing the plane and sending the plane towards the ocean like a football.

 Clark snorted as the plane propelled away from you, safety tucked in your boyfriend’s strong arms. “What are you laughing at?” You ask, lightly smacking his chest.

 “Falling from the plane again? How typical of you.” He teased, raising an eyebrow.

 “It’s your fault!” You stuck your tongue at him.

  “You’re the one that got kidnapped.” Clark argued.

  “Yeah, but you’re… I don’t know you. You’re a butt.”

  “Well, if I’m a butt, I suppose I don’t have arms.” He smirked. Then he dropped you like a hot potato. There was a long thirty seconds where you could have sworn you witnessed your own birth.

  For the second time in twenty minutes, you hit a human rock, but this time, you landed bridal style.

 “You asshole!” You screamed, repeatedly beating your fist against Clark’s chest while he laughed.

 “Okay, okay, I’m sorry. That was a jerk move.” He said after he finally managed to stop laughing.

 “You’re lucky I love you Clark Kent.” You pouted.

  “Well, I mean, I am pretty cute.” Clark winked.

  “Shut up and kiss me.” You grumbled.

 Clark obliged, gently grasping the back of your neck and leaning in. His lips were soft against yours. You ran your hands through his raven black hair. It was the prefect moment.

  “Am I forgiven now?” Clark asked, giving you his biggest puppy eyes, causing you to roll yours. But you gave in the same.

  “Take me home and get me some ice cream.” You winked, kissing his cheek.