am i exaggerating with the colours

i should have done more but this is all my attention span would allow ahaha

@terror-in-the-dream​ - yo i AM LIVING for your style, the spacing between your features is like so different but PERFECT like im crying, and DON’T even get me started on ur colours ;-; its like im in a foggy kaleidoscope daydream whenever i look at it, like im teleported into a soft warm summer haze.

@eightmonkeys - your style is so unique, you pick certain features and exaggerate them and like????? it always looks so good???? and all your faces are so different and i can always tell exactly who it is???? also the way you draw Laurens is AMAZING <3 A++++++++ so good


After drawing Alucard last night, I realized that there was one other character that I draw crazy eyelashes for, and that was Kakyoin, though I tend to overdo it as a style choice. Alucard’s will always win though, because his are actually like that, I’m not exaggerating them.  

SO, uh, here, enjoy this crossover no one asked for lol

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i've noticed that the editing on icons is a lot different to that on gifs - like the colours are more exaggerated/the cheeks are really red/ the image looks more posterized etc and i was wondering if you'd be willing to explain how to do that/share a link to a tutorial on it? i really love your icons and would love to try and make some but i have no idea how to do so

You’re a ninja. It is indeed a different colouring, anon. I don’t like to exaggerate my gif colours because they turn grainy real fast. I am not an icon master, but I tried my best to explain. This tutorial includes an overview of colouring, cropping and the use of gradients.


Basic colouring (gifs)

  • Brightness ➜ Between 15-30.
  • Vibrance ➜ Saturation to make sure orginal skin colour stays in place.
  • Curves ➜ To brighten, pushed upwards.
  • Selective Colour (red) ➜ As you wish.
  • Curves ➜ Outpot 93, Input 100. (Illustrated.)
  • Edit: This should be the before, and this the after.

Extra colouring (icons only)

  • Increased brightening. 
  • Colour balance.


Moving on to how I make icons: I’ll start from the very beginning since I don’t know how much you know. After having coloured a picture, save it. If you are using a PSD, flatten the image.

1) Go ahead and crop. I use the Polygonal Crop Tool. I take cropping quite seriously because I can’t stand harsh edges, but during this step, cropping to perfection is not necessary.

The rest of the tutorial is under the cut!

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I love rainbows 🌈 and am bi. However my lesbian friend does not like rainbows, for several reasons; she very much prefers dark colours, thinks they are childish and if she stares at them too long they feel busy and make her dizzy or give her a headache (she has issues with her eyes so lots of bright colours hurt her eyes though she has never been one for bright colours or anything like that)

Lol I know some people don’t like rainbows even if they are gay. And lesbians so make sense and maybe their people. I just like exaggerating a lot! 😂

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I always thought that books were exaggerating how obsessed people got with the colour of their crush's eyes but GUESS WHAT. She has bright green eyes and I think I'm in love

Wow that’s awesome! I’ve always thought that was an exaggeration as well, but I am still a baby gay so I must not be at that level of gay yet. :)


Some sketches of my fursona Kajava in its current form. It’s supposed to be some kind of a seagull - I’ve grown fond of kittiwakes lately but because I like darker hues, this pal is completely gray unlike the real species. (I know juvenile gulls tend to be brownish gray so I could use that as a reason for its colour, but I don’t want it to be younger than I am, you know?) There’s no ref yet but I’m trying to make one some day soon = hopefully still during this decade.

I like drawing them/her having very exaggerated expressions, so I also included some of my favourites here. Anyway, look who finally has a fursona ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯

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What the fuck did I miss? I've been gone for a couple days

Me saying cultural appropriation from idols is sometimes over exaggerated.

The only example I said wasn’t a big deal was braids, because it’s not the idols choice usually, and they don’t wear it to offend people. They wear it because of style. It is a style now, whether it should be or not wasn’t really part of the argument.

I clearly said I don’t support black face, police shooting black people over their colour, and that I wasn’t equality for all races.

But I’m being called racist for supporting braids. Even though I am supportive of most topics of black rights.

I am so in love with him,” she sighs at the moon.
“I think I’m going crazy. I cant get enough of him. It’s not even an exaggeration when I say I could spend every second of every day with him. And even all that time wouldn’t be enough for us. The thought of him with anyone else makes my heart physically hurt. I am so scared of the day he leaves. I need him forever and even longer. His crystal blue eyes are my new favourite colour. And his soft morning voice is now my favourite sound. His lips are my favourite taste that I crave all day. The smell that lingers on me from his embrace is my favourite scent. He is my favourite.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write
Every time they were about to turn the corner they would look up at me and then quickly down at their feet...

Ok im writing this after. So the squad had recently this Korean food spot in the city and this was my 3rd? Visit. So every time we had been there i had been facing the exit. This time around there was just two of us and i got to face the kitchen. That’s when I discovered all the cooks were male. They have this little window that they can see through and when i tell you one of them would walk past it every seven seconds to look at us i am not exaggerating in the slightest.(I’m mixed and she’s like this warm dark chocolate colour. It was so funny watching these little heads side eye you as they whizzed past.

Eventually I was distracted by my friend again but not for long because they started taking ‘toilet breaks’. Every time they were about to turn the corner they would look up at me and then quickly down at their feet. (I have to admit I tend to reflect peoples emotions so them being all shy and cute I was trying so hard not to freak out.)
It went on like that for the entire time we were there. (Amazing food btw didn’t even finish.)
They were all really tall and handsome and so that’s why from now on I will always face the kitchen XD - i’ll make sure to keep you posted if anything happens ahahaha.

What I've learned and discovered about myself because of the 1989 World Tour

December 9, 2015

As of today, I have attended six of the 1989 world tour shows (one to go). And because of that, I have been able to feel what true happiness feels like. Being surrounded with your friends as you are dressed up in crazy costumes without worrying about what you look like, all brought together for a single purpose is the most amazing feeling. Where, it doesn’t matter which country or city you are in, you are there with them, living in the moment and that’s all that matters.

I returned home tonight after the 1989 shows in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. And you know what - as I walked in my front door, I didn’t kick my shoes off and I didn’t make a heavy sigh and say “ahh home”. Because, it didn’t feel like home. It didn’t feel warm and comforting, it felt dark, lonely and immediately had me aching to be back with everyone else.

Some might say “welcome back to reality” and criticize me for feeling this way. But this felt different. So I sat on my kitchen floor for a little while trying to decode my feelings - was I really just coming off a Taylor Swift ‘high’? The answer is no, it ran deeper than that. So deep in fact, that I continued to sit there, in the dark for 20 minutes with tears streaming down my face as I figured out what was going on with me.

People always treat the phrase “going back to reality” as something negative, as in, you have been somewhere exciting or filled with fun and joyous laughter but now you’ve got to go back to the daily grind, the 9 to 5 lifestyle, the rat race.

I’m that person that went to university straight out of high school at the young age of 17. Once I finished my degree I fell into a 9 to 5 job completely unrelated to my degree and that’s where I am to this day. At this moment, I have no desire to find a job related to my degree.

And you know what? It’s not a bad life, it is flexible to let me travel, it’s a 15 minute drive from my house and for the most part it’s enjoyable. But you know what else it is? Beige.

It doesn’t light a fire of passion up inside me. In fact, all aspects of my life at the moment are a neutral colour palette. I legitimately don’t have a single friend outside of my workplace who lives in my city. Which in turn, means I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say I don’t have a social life at all. Every night I am at “home”.

I’ve previously expressed these thoughts to some people in the older generations and they laugh and say “that’s life, kiddo” to me when I say I’m not built for the 9 to 5 lifestyle.

But it doesn’t have to be, does it? Why can’t I challenge what “that’s life” is? Why does my reality have to have such a negative connotation? Why do I need to succumb to the mutually-agreed upon “life”?

In my 22 years on this earth, I have only now just realised (after listening to many of Taylor’s speeches) that I have made a good chunk of my life decisions based on what other people either: expect me to do, ask me to do, or emotionally convince me to do. I have barely ever made a life decision completely on my own without input from anyone else. If I had, I would have:
- attended a different university
- taken that job offer two states away (which I told everyone I was rejected from because they were making me feel guilty for potentially leaving my hometown)
- said yes to those boys who asked me out (who I knew my family wouldn’t have approved of)
(And plenty of other things)

I guess, what I’m trying to say in this long-winded post is that, thanks to Taylor, I realise that I need to start making decisions for me. I need to create a life for myself where I am at a level of happiness where there is no serious negative reality to go back to. I’m not naive to the fact that you can’t be happy 100% of the time but I know I am strong enough for when those times come around. I cannot continue to sacrifice my own wellbeing and happiness for toxic and emotionally draining people.

Now that I know what it’s like to be happy, rather than boring old beige, I know I will crave and desire that feeling until I can achieve it long term.

I’ve just got to figure out how to - and, that’s going to take some time. I need to find what I really want to do in life and even where I want to live and create my future. But that’s okay, because as long as I am on the right track, I know I’ll get there.

I’m so thankful for the 1989 Tour and I’m already feeling nostalgic. If you were at #1989TourSydney or #1989TourAdelaide night one, you may have seen my “Long Live the 1989 Tour” sign. It’s quite fitting isn’t it?

If you’re coming to the final night of the tour, I’ll see you there.

Never too much

You yawn tiredly, struggling to stay awake as the rain comes down heavily outside, beating on the windows. Harry had left a few hours ago for an unknown reason, he never said where he was going, and quite honestly, sometimes it worried you. Whenever he leaves without saying where he is going, ninety percent of the time he ends up, somehow causing trouble. He might be the sweetest person to be with, but he has a witty, an troublemaking side to him. You shift on the couch, trying not to wake up the two month old that’s sleeping on your chest. For some reason getting the baby to sleep on her own is harder than anyone could possibly imagine. The door opens, and the shuffling of feet and plastic bags sound loudly, making you hold your breath in hope it doesn’t wake the baby. “Shh” you instantly sound as the footsteps shuffle closer. “Sorry.” You hear the whisper of Niall. You slowly sit up, doing your best not to wake the baby. You quietly walk upstairs and place her in her crib before walking back down the long staircase. “Do I want to ask what’s with these hundred and one shopping bags?” You question the two boys in front of you, surrounded by what looks like too many bags. “It looks like three teenage girls took their fathers credit card and went shopping.” You add, curious to know what the two of the could have possibly bought. “Your idiot husband insisted on going shopping.” Niall states instantly, rubbing his hands together. “Really? he hates shopping though.”
“Yeah, well, he made me come shopping with him for Christmas presents.”
“For who? The Christmas shopping is done.”
“Oh, no, don’t tell him that. He has to have all the latest clothes and little things for your child. You try telling him that two pairs of little converse shoes is unnecessary.” Niall explains, digging into a bag to pull out two little pairs of Converses. “Really? Two pairs?” You question with a chuckle,
“Oh, no, that’s not all.” Niall shakes his head, clearly enjoying being able to make fun of his friend. “He couldn’t buy just one, onesie, had bought five, five.” He exclaims, digging through the bad to hold up three different onesies. “Okay, so I am assuming you went overboard?” You look towards Harry who proudly shrugs.
“Did I forget to mention he got three new dummies for her, like the five she has now isn’t enough for when she cries, but he also got her another two blankets, a teddy bear, like fifty different outfits, and too many pairs of shoes to count.” Niall dramatically explains, slightly laughing in between his dramatic explanations. “Excuse me, but who is the one that bought ten pairs of vans for her, ten. And I’m not exaggerating, he bought her pretty much every colour of vans they had, then he decided to buy her a football beanie.” Harry throws his hands up, trying to prove a point. “So, you’re just as bad as each other when it comes to spoiling her?”
“I think that every girl deserves to have different vans, it isn’t unnecessary, unlike having twenty different bibs.” Niall defends, making you laugh.
“Okay, so let’s settle it that you both went overboard with spoiling her with all these unnecessary items, but I am sure she will gladly appreciate the fact she has an endless supply of the latest clothes and shoes.” You say, looking into a bag to see what clothes they got her. “I told you I would be the coolest uncle.” Niall proudly smirks,
“‘Ey don’t get too cocky, wait until you see what Liam got.” Harry warns,
“Actually, you should see what Zayn got her” you interrupt,
“I think I win the award for best Dad, she has an endless wardrobe.”
“You’re going to spoil her too much.” You shake your head, already knowing she will pretty much have everything she needs and wants. “Okay, it’s her first Christmas, it’s the first time I get to buy her whatever I want.” Harry defends, “okay.” You nod, stepping over the countless bags full of clothes, shoes and other baby things. “Do you think I should have bought that purple blanket-” Harry starts to say but you and Niall both shake your heads, “no.” You both say in unison, making Harry pout. “You guys are so boring.”
“Yeah, yeah, wait until she breaks your bank account.” You reply,
“I’ll just work even harder.” He shrugs, making you giggle.
“She has you wrapped around her little finger already, and she’s only two months.”
“She’s daddy’s little girl.”
“Oh please, she’s totally going to be a Mummy’s girl.” You quickly shoot at him, but he shakes his head. “Nope, daddy’s girl.”
“I’ll remind you the next time you pretend to sleep when she needs a nappy change.” You proudly comment, looking towards Niall as he pulls out some wrapping paper to start wrapping everything that was bought. “Something tells me that the two of you had a lot of fun buying baby clothes.”
“Well… I have to admit, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Apparently woman find it attractive when two men are looking at baby clothes.” Niall shrugs with his cheeky grin.
“So basically, what he is trying to say is that he is going to come shopping with me more often for baby clothes because he has the hots for the woman that works at one of the stores, and openly said he was cute.” Harry re-phrases Nialls statement, making you laugh. “Aw did you get her number?” You coo, but he shakes his head, starting to go red in the cheeks. “No, no, he didn’t get her number, but who works at the clothing store for babies, right next to that book shop you like?” Harry asks, making you think for a minute. “Oh no, you have the hots for my sister!” You exclaim, making Niall look away. “No way! This is hilarious. Do you want her number? Can I set you two up?” You instantly pounce on the opportunity. “Erm I guess.” He nervously answers,
“Wow, okay, this is funny, let me just call her over and we can all put the Christmas tree up together and you two can hit it off.” You smile, watching as Niall nervously squirms a little.