am i even sane anymore

is it okay for me to go day after day counting on a single person to make or break my day?
why is it that it is so important for me to get a glimpse of you
every time i need a muse or an inspiration?
and why is that every time you enter a room, my eyes turn to you and i see nothing and nobody but you?
am i even sane anymore?
so hopelessly and mercilessly dependent on a person and
there seems to be no end to this
does my name cross your mind as many times as your name crosses mine?
do you read over our messages the same way?
do you go through your contacts and see my name, and
the way i do when i scroll down mine and see yours.
why is it that despite there being
6 billion people on this earth
we find ourselves engulfed in a single one?

should i really be so apologetic for trying to reach for what i want?

—  questions i ask myself every time i think of you by emotionsarecrazy