am i even drawing these people properly

tagged by @doritobes thank you, my friend!!!!

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1. I love eating and my favorite food of all times is bolognese lasagna

2. When something is funny, I laugh loud. Really loud. And, when it is too much, I clap my hands too ridiculous, I know 

3. I love stuffed animals. Judge me.

4. One of the best sensations for me is standing under a strong and hot sunlight at the same time a cold breeze comes by. I just feel so good under this conditions, I can’t even properly describe it.

5. I am lazy person, but I do like exercising.

6. I get nervous when I am drawing and someone stops by my side and keep looking at it. 

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yes I am not tagging more because I am not sure if the other people I have in mind like doing this kind of thing