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i REALLY don't understand the kind of audience who don't realize jon is a hostage right now. they took his boat and his weapons, but d/ny said he wasn't a prisoner so i guess he could just swim to shore and walk unarmed back to the north if he wanted to no big! and then there's the folks who think kneeling is the same thing as making an alliance like literally i don't understand how the big speech about perpetuity could have gone so far over their head like the stakes are high dudes

This will kinda cover a huge portion of my up-coming “Targ!Bowl vs Targ!Cest” - post, but who cares since you asked and I wanna talk about.

Though I absolutely understand you and your frustration I kinda do understand why some parts of the audience don’t realize all that, or at least not the severity of it. 

I’m not even talking exclusively about the shippers who, to like anything from 50 -99%, don’t care what happens as long as their ships becomes canon, or the stans who will find a way to sugarcoat and excuse absolutely anything, anything I tell you, before admitting their fav has done some seriously terrible things or, dear god, “problematic” traits and storylines. 

It also seems plausible to me that some parts of the more general, non-obsessive, “I don’t read the books” or “have a blog about it” kind of audience, have trouble to really grasp these issues. You wanna know why? D&D are half-assing it. Right now they are half-assing two narratives, instead of whole-assing one.

I propose the following theory: 

Right now D&D are setting the stage for dark!Dany, while simultaneously selling her as Jon’s love-interest this seasonThose two narratives are pretty much forced to hold the other one back, because Jon can’t fall for “ the villain”, while Dany can’t break bad out of the blue.  

Leaving us with this incoherent mess, slightly ooc characters and actions that don’t influence the story in a “logical” way or even contradict each other.

Dany’s “transformation”, if you will, has to be properly foreshadowed, it has to be sufficiently hinted at from the moment she touches westerosi soil. The audience has to be able to look back and think “Oohh… I guess what she said there wasn’t alright. Should have seen that”.
But she also has to appear loveable enough to warrant any kind of affection Jon displays towards her. The audience’s reaction once dany does break bad should be “But why did Jon!? Well, I guess I didn’t think she was that bad back then neither.”

There you have it. That’s why her behaviour seems so appaling to some people, while others are still strong advocates for good!Dany and everyone in between doesn’t know what the fuck to think. That’s why you can make a strong case for both, or more precisely for neither.

This is apparent when you look at the fact that every “negative” characteristic she portrays is counter-attacked with one of two things: 

  1. Someone else making a comment, implying the exact opposite.
  2. The narrative conveniently jumping to a new plot point, reducing the immediate emotional impact of what we just saw.

Here are some examples:

  • Varys interrupting their dispute at it’s climax | Their first meeting didn’t go particularly smooth. They did not see eye to eye, they were not moving towards an understanding. Quite on the contrary, their interaction become more antagonist with every line of dialogue. It’s starts with both of them playing nice (in their own way), moves to Dany saying that Jon is breaking faith, Jon telling her that he doesn’t give a fuck about her birthright and ends with Dany outright accusing Jon of being in open rebellion (!!!). Where do you think that conversation was heading at? An intimate conversation about dead brothers? Dany has made her stance on Northern Independence clear, she see’s it as treason, I swear to all the gods, if Varys hadn’t walked in right then and there she would have explained what exactly the punishment for treason and oath breaking is. Try making a romance out of that. But conveniently enough Varys did come in at the perfect moment, dissolving all the tension into nothing, ending the scene on a half-baked Jon is her prisoner-but-not-really note.
  • Tyrion telling Jon about Slaver’s Bay | I don’t know if you had noticed, but Dany left her undeniably good accomplishment of abolishing slavery out of her little speech. She exclusively focused on awful things that have happened to her and the two big achievements that make her so god-darn special: Bringing dragons back into this world and making the Dothraki cross the Narrow Sea. All her statements were about her, not about the good she has or could do in this world. I strongly believe this is to imply that her conquest is deep down rooted in selfish desires. Contrasting Jon, who embraces his role as king to protect and save his people. So of course, we need another character to swoop in and remind us of the good things she has done. Too make it more clear: Dany says that “faith in herself kept her going”, Tyrion reminds Jon that “she protects people from monsters”. 
  • Jon is a prisoner, but hey, he gets dragonglass | Jon was a “prisoner” prisoner for exactly five seconds, when he - rightfully - complained about it to Tyrion. It is establish that Jon wants to leave, but simply can’t, because Dany took his ship, thus making him her prisoner. If D&D had some balls they could have pursued this narrative, but instead wooossshhhhh we are jumping ahead to Jon being allowed to mine dragonglass. Now it doesn’t matter whether Jon is staying on dragonstone by his own free will or not. He needs that dragonglass, so of course he will stay to mine it. The audience was forced to contemplate Danys decision to lock him up for like a minute, before rendering the conflict obsolete. Begging the question why it was necessary to begin with, if not to show Dany doing some un-nice things to one of our protagonists.
  • Varys and the whole “burn someone alive” issue | This isn’t limited to her interactions with Jon. I am going to talk about Dany threatening to burn Varys alive, very much, very soon. Right now, all I want to say is that it is not a good omen. It’s one of the clearest indication so far that Dany will embrace her “inner dragon” and cause some serious destruction when doing so. Dragons plant no trees. But all the not-so-great undertones of her interaction with Varys are forgotten in the next scene when she embraces Melisandre with open arms saying “we decided to pardon all those who served the wrong king.” Sucking all the dark implications of threatening someone to BURN HIM ALIVE right out of the audience’s mind. Emphasizing that part where she pardons former “traitors”. If that scene would have cut away from Dany right after “her promise”, without reminding ous of her “forgiving” side, that little comment would have left a way more bitter taste in your mouth than it did. 
  • I don’t wanna spoil anything from episode 4, (next paragraph contains very minor spoilers!)

    let’s just say that Dany demanding that Jon bends the knee, is met with another character stating that “Dany was chosen by her people”. Supposedly trying to establish a parallel that doesn’t hold any water in her current situation in westeros, anyway. But again, it is taking the sentiment expressed by Danys actions and words (a chosen king should kneel to her, whom his people didn’t choose) and twists it to paint Dany in a better light (she too was chosen by her people). It doesn’t make any sense when you think about it, but it fabricates enough emotional connections, for the audience to soften their view on Danys opinion on northern independence. 

Do you see what I mean? I have a couple other examples, but some of them are from episode 4 and I’m going to go into this in my upcoming post anyway. The unobservant and/or biased show watcher simply has no time to properly process all this in one go. I’ve watched each episodes several times, am pretty obsessed with this whole thing and even I took some time before noticing a pattern. 

Most people will just stick to that component of the narrative which is coherent with what they already know: that Dany is one of the good guys, a hero of this story. All her questionable actions are either dismissed or boiled down to “well, it turned out okay in the end”. As sloppy as the individual narratives seem to be (neither dark!Dany, nor, let’s call her hero!Dany are well developed, they overlap, contradict each other, etc.), they did a fantastic job at keeping the audience in the dark about it. Why? 

Because for one reason or another she has to fuck Jon. Why that is, can only really be judged once we seen the whole of season 7, probably season 8, but I do have a couple of ideas why:

  • It happens in the books and D&D shouldn’t have cut the episode count. Maybe Jon and Dany hook up and/or develop feelings for each other before she breaks bad in the books as well. But since we only have 10 episodes where that could happen and dark!Dany and targ!bowl also has to happen at one point, those two storylines overlap. It isn’t too far-fetched that something will happen in the books as well, since Jon unknowingly committing “incest”, while being tormented about falsely-assumed incest is just too … fucked up, not to have crossed grrm’s mind.
  • It’s a red herring to throw the audience of Targ!bowl and Jonsa. Yes, I do belong to the people who are pretty very much certain that Jonsa will be endgame. I also belong to the people who are pretty very much certain that targ!bowl will happen one way or another. Believe me or not, I believed that Jon and Dany would rather fight than fuck once she comes to westeros, way before I ever thought about Jon and Sansa being a thing. So it’s not because I’m a salty shipper. So what else do I have to say? It’s a red herring, they are throwing us off the rails, to make Jonsa and Targ!Bowl extra-super-duper-surprising in season 8. And probably a bit rushed as well. Great. Just what I wanted. At least Jonsa was properly set up in season 6 and they mention each other every episode. Coincidence?
  • They want to have a sex-scene with Kit and Emilia. D&D are trash. They have sexualized countless other encounters on the show, single-handedly coined the term “sexposition”, I do believe they could write in a Jon x Dany sex-story just because. You can call that fanservice if you like. I’m not going to stop you. 
  • Maybe they thought Jon and Dany having “a history” would make targ!bowl more engaging. Could be.

Either way, I personally feel a bit exhausted by this decision. Not because it “threatens” my ship, it doesn’t imo and not because I’m so opposed to the idea of Jon and Dany hooking up or even having a love-affair. It’s because the screenwriting is sloppy. It’s because they are messing up Danys characterization and maybe Jon’s as well. It’s because both Dany and Jon contradict themselves and the development of their relationship simply suffers by Dany being set on the path to the dark side, without any character on screen noticing it (at least yet. I have this feeling that Tyrion will seriously start to doubt all this very soon.) 

I know this got way too long again, but giving unwanted, unnecessarily long answers is my forte after all. 

I’m still holding my fingers crossed for Jonny playing Dany, all I can do is wait and pray. Let’s see how the rest of the season / series progresses, but for now I’m going to leave you with some wisdom from Ron Swanson, D&D should have taken to heart IMO:

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I have a lot of feels about Kingdom Hearts Back Cover and the foretellers okay so here have a compilation of headcanons

  • Ava (to Luxu): “if I run and jump at aced, he will most certainly catch me in his arms.” Ava: “Incoming!” Aced:  "No, I’m holding coffee!“ *catches her anyway*
  • (this probably works with Ira too.  Master would just watch you fall and laugh)
  • They sometimes just start… sitting on Aced. I mean have you seen this guy’s shoulders he’s gigantic. And no one comments. Hes just chilling, there in the library, with Ava sitting on his shoulder. And then Luxu was sitting on the arm of the chair but ended up in Aceds lap. And Invi appeared sometime and she’s leaning on his leg. Master takes pictures.  they prob have the best cuddle piles on top of Aced.  Master also has     pictures of that
  • Ira’s the type of guy who’s gonna make up his mind about something and stubbornly refuse to let it go. He once decided the East wing was haunted b/c of the door that creaked. And he literally will never walk in the East     door to the castle. Aced fixed that door a year ago. Just get over it, Ira. No, he says stubbornly, leaving the shop five minutes before everyone     else so he can make up the time wasted by going to the west door
  • Gula isn’t allowed in the barber shop anymore. No one knows why. Invi might sell the secret for a strawberry tart but no one dares ask her
  • He’s probably also banned from the weapons shop but that’s no secret. If he didn’t have a keyblade he could summon on demand no one would let him near a sharp object.
  • You probably guessed that Ava picks up strays everywhere and Ira gives her a weekly “no pets in the castle” talk
  • But I bet you didn’t guess that this also applies to heartless
    • No Ava we can’t keep the little soldier heartless
    • I get that it’s a new kind we haven’t seen before ava
    • Yeah I know that one looks like it’s got a hat on ava
    • It tried to kill you ava
    • Invi literally almost died fighting that one ava plus it’s bigger than your room
  • Aced has, like, no idea how to talk to people (who aren’t his friends). None. He can make vague overtures of polite conversation but it’s pretty much just a rehearsed line about the weather that Invi taught him.  It’s a wonder he got anyone to join his Union when he has the conversational skills of a caveman.  
  • That being said, Aced can write a mean speech 
  •  Like, they’re all really shocked at how good he is.  give him time to prepare and he can beat     Ava in the ‘impassioned cheesy speech’ department 
  •  Okay so Ira hates blood, just can’t stand it.  Invi once got a papercut and he had to leave the room before he fainted.  and thus he freaks. out. anytime he gets even like, a nosebleed.
    • “invi am I dying” “it’s called a skinned knee, ira” “tell master thank you, for teaching me” “you’re not dying” “and, and let luxu know that i’m the one who stole that brownie from him” “ira” “a-and, don’t let gula think that i hated him. tell him i trust him.” “ira” “tell ava i love her, and she’s gonna be a great master someday, i, i just wish i coulda seen her grow up” “ira
  • but when he gets majorly injured, like, broken ribs? a stab wound?  no. he’s not gonna tell anyone. ‘tis but a flesh wound.  take care of yourself first.  i’m fine. *passes out* 
  •  Invi on any given day: “guys I think you should think this through" 
  • Luxu, looking up from the thing he’s about to set on fire: "what do you     mean?" 
  •  Gula, standing out of the blast zone, smiling: "yeah what do you mean     nothing’s gonna go wrong" 
  •  okay so aced and ira prob got in a lot of fights esp when they first were apprentices together, because they were both strong-willed and did you see how disappointed aced was that he wasn’t gonna be leader? like? they totally fought.  but every. single. time they did at some point they’d look over and ava would just have these big tears in her eyes like some ghibli protagonist and the argument would just.. stop.  None of them could ever knowingly let her cry. not even master. if she started to get that wobbly lip, boom, subject over, we’re never doing it again. none of them knew when she was faking it though, since they all know she can fake-cry on command

I have more but I shall wait to post them until I am more coherent, when it’s not like, 1am in the morning
(EDITED 7/8/17)

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Courfeyrac runs a tumblr account "dateaboywho" and every single entry is about something Combeferre has done. They're not even dating yet. Courfeyrac is just slightly dying from pining and thinks everyone should go down with him

INCREDIBLE!!!! SUPER CUTE ok but imagine combeferre is completely aware of the account and thinks that courf is posting about someone else?? and is really upset about it but doesn’t say anything to him because who is he to ruin courfeyrac’s happiness and all the others are just so done with them both

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so i really don't know much about mandos, but i agree w your ideas on surrender. to me, (some) mandos were similar to like. citizen soldiers? as in they fought to protect their family and clan and way of life. and if the absolute best way to do that was to surrender, then why shouldn't they? there's no point in throwing away your life. 'dying's easy, living's the hard part'

The thing is, mandalorian fandom likes to present this … idk, idea? Vision? That “All Mandalorians” are warriors, always, all the time, and generally … no society has really developed for longevity if 100% of the population were soldiers all the time. So, yes, you’re absolutely right: there were many citizen soldiers. I basically agree with everything you said, tbh, and like … here’s why. It’s gonna take me a while to get to the point so I’m sorry in advance.

Like, the thing is, if we look at societies in our history on this planet, many of the cultures and vast empires that did comprise of mobile armies also comprised of a large population of noncombatants. People, as a rule, cannot survive on only knowing war. It’s just not realistic.

We also have canon and Legends showing us the same thing: a large portion of mandalorian society are non-combatants. They’re civilians, general citizens. They have day jobs, they have specialties, they have crafts. There’s children that go to school daily, there’s children that are home-schooled, and so on and so forth. There’s farmers, and smiths, and doctors (and politicians, and lawyers) and etc etc etc

“Dying’s easy, living’s the hard part,” is exactly right. And, tbh, the fact that mandalorians have a specific word (not a phrase, an actual word) for ‘throwing your life away foolishly, not brave’ points to an emphasis in cultural thought. Individual words don’t develop to be part of a vocabulary unless a word is necessary and needed to represent a specific thought or idea.

Societies cannot survive on military, alone, and to be honest … there’s this weird conceptualization of the word “surrender” that has been twisted to mean something it isn’t. And it’s turned into this horrible thing of never-do-it, in order to puff up how tough and strong someone is, individually.

“Never surrender” is an incredibly individualistic idea that, for the most part, is not supported by a culture that is borne out of a clan and culture first society. It makes sense in a society that worships individuality, because the individual’s freedom and personal actions are seen as holy, and responsibility and culpability to others is seen as chains to hold one down and restrict self expression — even for the self destruction that comes with never surrender.

But in a society that is developed from a clan first, culture first, family first perspective … “Never surrender” doesn’t have a positive context. Individualistic attitudes and behaviors are not positive when they’re put before the welfare of the family. Mandalorians core tenets focus and emphasize clan, family, people, first. There is no positive meaning to convey in an individualistic sentiment, because the individual is putting their pride first, and forgoing their responsibility to their family, their clan, and the people who depend on them.

And, I think, that extreme difference in basic cultural understandings, is the main underlying issue in what does it mean to surrender and how should it be treated in mandalorian culture. Western society, specifically, is incredibly individualistic, and that affects perception and understanding of “basic givens” (what we perceive as human nature, what we’re taught to be morally righteous, what is selfishness and how it’s punished/rewarded, etc) and interpretation of fiction — in this case mandalorians, who are based off of community-focused societies, textually, but are often written in the hands of people who are incapable of finding some kind of middle ground or nuance between individualist vs community. 

Sabine Wren, as an example, is actually a fantastic representation of what it means to be mandalorian. She, essentially, embodies her culture totally — and yet she also freely expresses her individual self. These things don’t always have to be diametrically opposed, but they often are.

Anyway, that was kind of a dramatic tangent lmao sorry. Actually, to touch on another point: I’m sure someone is going to read “they would surrender” and argue that it goes against one of the core tenets of mandalorians (answering the call to battle), but I would actually argue against that thought.

Mandalorians, in general, are actually welcome to disagree with a Mand’alor if they disagree or feel that that leader is not worthy. That’s an actual thing! Mand’alore have to actually work to earn respect, and the implication is simple: if that person then did something incredibly foolish or threatening, the people following them can outright stop following them on the spot. As Mand’alor, the leader’s responsibility is to the people, first and foremost. Where the people are required to fight for Mand’alor, they only have to fight for a Mand’alor they recognize. That recognition can, and is encouraged, to be revoked at any time if they don’t prove their worth in holding that title.

Sometimes, if surrendering is the wise choice, and the Mand’alor refuses to pursue it, then the citizen can, in fact, revoke recognition of Mand’alor. Individually, it could be seen as a betrayal, granted — but that action is generally not one taken individually. We’ve already seen it happen in The Clone Wars, too, so it’s not something that is just theory — though in this context it’s a refusal to surrender to a false Mand’alor. Still, the basic machinations apply: disavow a proclaimed Mand’alor to fight for mandalorian continued survival. 

And like, on first glance? Mandalorians absolutely are the “Proud Warrior Race.” But dig even a little deeper, and that superficial description fails to address all the intricacies of the people — and how survival has become integral to a shared cultural identity, because of past actions, because of a refusal to surrender.


Here are the pics I talked about (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

My ideas for how history teacher Papy and librarian Rus looks like in the UndertailUni AU that me and the discordcrew have created, which is literally a porn au because why not but since these two pics aren’t NSFW in any way so am I like why not just post them here or somethin' 

funny thing tho, is that I finished the papy one ages ago but forgot about it completely, and then last Wednesday before I went to my friends house for the convention, I had like 2 something hours to spare so decided to draw a little, and ended up colouring Rus, ended up a bit rushed especially with the special pattern thingie on his jacket hoodie thingie, as I used a special brush I have but I accidently made them overlayed and stuff I don’t even know what I am talking about anymore I am just very, very tired so I think I will keep this short and just post it yay <: 

I have day one and day two things written for bran stark positivity week and I started on day 3 because I’m going to be busy the next two days but I’m at that stage where I can’t do words any more, not coherent ones anyway

Also daylight savings has started here so now I have no idea when to post things because that always makes my timezone problems even worse

(( I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has stuck with me throughout all my slow points where I go without writing or even barely any content except maybe the stray reblog for weeks at a time, maybe even a friggin month or more….you still had faith in me, or at least liked my jerkass goatboy enough to stick around !! It really fills me with gratitude, and definitely helps out my muse!!

And to all you new folks who I’m having the pleasure of becoming mutuals with and maybe writing with sometime, I’m glad to have you! I’m glad we’re finding each other while I’m hitting a new high point in wanting to put myself out and change some things, just overall trying to increase my quality! I hope we all have fun and a great time here.

Nothing really prompted this I just….feel really nice and motivated about Asriel and roleplaying as a whole right now, it’ll take me a bit to really get back in the swing of things, but I’m glad I’m here. ))

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Can you post your favorite Sarah pictures? Pls & thanks

i dont even kno my favs but ill try :0 which basically means go thru all my sarah pics and just pic my favs atm djfjghjkj

edit: i just finished and this is more of a spam and i get less coherent as u get further down i am                    so sorry

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A nonny prompted wearing each other’s clothes and this is a random thing I would like from this break up hell spiral we’re in…

Keating & Co., minus Connor, are assembled at the clinic. 

The students are all debating the case and strategies and Oliver’s sitting nearby. Not quite part of the group—never quite part of the group—but he’s close enough for it not to be uncomfortable. 

He hasn’t been fully updated on the case but he tries to follow along, takes notes, adds the occasional quip when he sees an opening. One of his comments actually makes Wes chuckle. He looks up from his phone to smile at Oliver and it kinda makes Oliver’s morning. Maybe he is part of the group.

A round of greetings goes up when Connor slips in the door and Oliver busies himself with looking busy. He wakes up his computer and starts typing nonsense into a blank window. He tries not to listen to what is being said around him, really he does. 

He meant when he’d told Connor last week. It doesn’t matter what Connor does with his life so it’s none of Oliver’s business why Connor’s late this morning. But, hearing Connor laugh warmly at something Michaela said, Oliver glances up despite himself and his stomach drops away. 

Connor’s wearing his tie.  

Oliver forces his eyes back on the screen in front of him but can’t see a thing. His throat feels like it’s about to close and the back of his eyes sting dangerously. He tries to focus on breathing, in and out, long and deep. 

It doesn’t matter, he tells himself. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a tie. Yeah, but its mine. 

Connor’d first borrowed it months ago. He’d been running late one morning and digging through his side of the closet, looking for a tie to throw on. 

“Son of a—”

“Here,” Oliver said, holding up the slip of green silk. “Just take one of mine.” 

Connor grinned, quick and deadly. “Thanks, Olls.” He put it around his neck, tying it and flipping down his shirt collar with deft fingers. Smoothing it down, he’d looked up to check in with Oliver, “You think matches my eyes?” 

Oliver shot him a look. “Just go. You’re already late.” 

Connor leaned in. “Not without a kiss,” he’d said, close enough that his warm breath had brushed over Oliver’s lips. “Always time for that.” 

Has Connor really forgotten about that? How can Connor have forgotten that? 

Oliver certainly hasn’t forgotten about that. Oliver remembers that single moment nearly every time he put on a tie, which is also why he’s come to hate wearing ties. 

Did Connor wear that tie on purpose today? Did it mean something? Was he just trying to be hurtful? 

No, Oliver instantly dismisses the thought. Connor isn’t like that, isn’t that cruel. He wouldn’t do something like this out of vengeance or spite. But that meant he’d probably thrown on the tie this morning without thinking and why does that thought hurt more than all the rest? 

Connor hadn’t thought of him when he’d picked up the tie that morning. Connor hadn’t thought of them. Oliver still can’t even look at bacon or pancake mix in the store without thinking of Connor but Connor can just wear Oliver’s clothes without a second thought and—


At the sound of his name, Oliver’s head jerks up with a, “What?” It takes him a second too long to realize everyone is looking at him, all eyes are on him. “I’m sorry…I…I was…” he babbles out. He can’t think of anything to say, can’t breathe. Everyone, even Connor, is looking at him with mild concern and he can’t stand it for one more second. He needs to—

“The security cameras,” Laurel says and Oliver can tell she’s repeating herself but he’s grateful for the lifeline of work she seems to be throwing him. “We were saying we needed to get a hold of the security footage. Check out the guy’s alibi.” 

“Right! Right, right.” Oliver nods. “Yeah, I’ll—security footage. Got it.” He shoots her what he hopes is a reassuring grin but the grin she returns is sympathetic. 

Ignoring it, he turns back to the computer screens and opens a new program, determined to put all thoughts of green silk behind him. 


I got back and it was AMAZING AUGH it was Coppélia by the Birmingham royal ballet! Absolutely stunning my head will be in the clouds for weeks. Miki Mizutani was the most mischevious Swanilda you could wish for and Tzu-Chao Chou’s rendition of Franz was plain adorable they were so lively and expressive and perfect for the characters and I cannot even begin to do the sets and costumes justice whaohwOAHwowholypoop if I have the strength I may even try and do fanart because darnit they were all amazing

(and yeah I wore this I guess do you know how hard it is to put on a coat and/or take selfies with a camera with one arm in a sling im)

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Okay but Will TOUCHING THE GLASS THE NEXT TIME HE SEES HANNIBAL AFTER THAT CONVERSATION WITH BEDELIA?!?! Please post the picture and tell me your thoughts on it so we can all see it and SCREAM ABOUT IT together like the trash we are!


I don’t even think I have any coherent thoughts on this anymore, not after the total trainwreck the whole “Is Hannibal in love with me” has made of my brain.

But look at Will! Look how his other hand is just casually in his pocket! Look at how open he is, and look at Hannibal’s face! Look at his loosely clenched fists!  I am just about bursting out of my skin, wondering exactly what is going on in that conversation.

And this photo here: 

I am also flailing over, just because of the way Hannibal’s reflection is so close to Will. DAMMIT. Next week is gonna kill us, isn’t it?

Oh wait, one last quick thought that I wanted to post – when I’m not being excessively scrupulous, I really am a moral nihilist.  Morality is not embedded in the fabric of the cosmos.  And there’s not even one true morality that all humans value; different humans value different things, and different value systems lead to different societies, and no society is better than any other society, because in order to judge something as “better”, you need an objective moral system, and those don’t actually exist.

I think everyone has a personal set of values, that they might try to formalize and consistent-ize into a coherent set of ethics.  But ultimately, it remains personal.  Ultimately, there is nothing beyond itself that it can use to ground its own importance.

I have my values that I believe in.  Other people have different values that they believe in.  We all fight for our values because they’re ours, and that’s what we, as humans, do.  But none of us is correct, and there is no objective moral truth.

I find this thought extremely comforting.