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At this point in my Star Wars fandom life , I just want every character to be happy. Be it alone or with someone it doesn’t really matter as long as they are safe, happy and loved. I am officially done especulating who is ending up with who. I don’t know how many ships there are anymore. I just want them to be truly happy because at the end of the day that is what we all want to be happy. Sometimes you find true love within yourself.

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Impressions from the comic con trailers:

• I AM SCREAMING ABOUT THE DEFENDERS TRAILER OMG. My 4 messy kids? Mattelektra Angst??? The way luke said Jessica’s name??? ELEKTRA IN GENERAL???!!!! #shook

• Legends of Tomorrow looked superior to all other dctv shows as usual niceee (even tho the woc villain is eh but they do also now have 2 woc as main characters so I will let it slide I guess)

• I dont care about the flash anymore but I am glad that my girl Iris is now the main character and also obviously a speedster. Caitlin had some looks™ and Cisco’s hair was A++. I wanted more Wally tho. Also? Barry Allen who???? Idk her

• THOR RAGNAROCK OMG I AM GOING TO DIE. LOKI. HELA. THOR. MY NEW LESBIAN DAUGHTER VALKYRIE. Also either that white haired or red haired women in the background were obviously Sigyn this is canon until proven otherwise.

• The only 2 characters I saw in the arrow trailer were black siren and slade. Other characters? New phone who dis?

Haze: Chapter Five (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

a/n: read chapter four here!

 Luke’s POV

 I hated myself. I hated myself for not getting my head straight. I hated myself for letting my temper get the best of me. I hated myself for letting people down. But most of all I hated myself for letting her slip right through my fingers. 
I hardly ever went to class anymore. I was afraid I would start crying at the sight of her sitting there, knowing that she had a broken heart. Believe me, I tried. I managed on one occasion to drag myself to class. Hardly putting an effort in though. Dressed in a snapback and a pair of black sweatpants, I hauled myself across campus towards the art room. Taking a deep breath before I placed my hand on the door knob, I turned it and stepped inside. There were only a few students there already, Y/N being one of them. Her head snapped up at the sound of the door opening. The hopeful look in her eyes made my heart hurt, knowing she was hoping to see me walk through the door. We made eye contact and she pulled her bottom lip between her teeth. Something she only did when she was nervous, or turned on. And I think we both knew which it was for now.
   I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t stand seeing her and not wanting to fall to my knees and beg her to give me a chance. The hammering in my chest wouldn’t go away. So, I turned right around and left. I didn’t even look back because I knew that all I would see was the heartbroken look on her face. The look that mirrored the look on her face when she left me on the sidewalk. 



  Maybe I had overreacted at the party. But I couldn’t help myself. Nothing hurt more than seeing him go after another girl. I was in too deep and it was time for me to dig myself out of this love hole I’d fallen into. It wasn’t that I thought I deserved better, no Luke was too good for me. It was that I couldn’t risk getting hurt by him, the one person I cared about most. Sometimes you have to come to terms and realize that sometimes the person you love the most still isn’t the one for you. And so I was going to have to let him get on with his life and I was going to have to get on with mine. 


 I had been avoiding this encounter. I had borrowed Calum’s jeep to drive out to Luke’s fraternity so I could grab a few things. I was kicking myself for leaving so many of my beloved items in his bedroom. It took everything in me to raise my hand and knock on the door. I was praying that he was out and that one of his frat brothers would answer the door and I could get in and out as fast as possible. 
  It wasn’t Luke who answered the door. However, I would have rather seen his face than the one I was looking at. “Can I help you?” Hannah’s voice squeaked in my ears. I hardly even acknowledged her as I brushed past. This fucking asshole. I couldn’t believe I had been so stupid to think that Luke would choose me. “Y/N?” Luke’s voice sounded surprised. He looked tired, and a his hair looked as though he had been tugging at it. “It’s nice to see you’ve made your decision, Luke,” I offered a tight smile. Luke looked between me and Hannah, “What? I didn’t-” “I just came to get my stuff,” I all but whispered. Hannah was just standing next to the door, a permanent glare set on me. “Wait, Y/N,” Luke caught my elbow as I tried to walk past. I just kept my gaze on the floor. Even though I had told him not to call me princess anymore, it still felt weird to hear him say my name. I missed hearing him give me pet names that I would blush at and he would just give me that cheeky smile of his before kissing me. But I guess it was time to get over it. He let go of my arm and I continued to his room. He was hot on my trail and he leaned against the door frame as I went through his closet, grabbing my sweatshirts and other various items of clothing. “Y/N, I just want you to know that I didn’t choose her,” his voice was quiet and he followed my every move. “Then what is she doing here?” I tried to keep my voice level, bringing myself to look at him. “She just showed up,” Luke pleaded. “The same way I just showed up that night we met?” I knew I shouldn’t have said it. It wasn’t helping anything, but I couldn’t help but think out loud. “Are you crazy? No of course not! I told you I’m over her. Why won’t you believe me?” his voice cracked. “You know what Luke? Maybe I am crazy. Crazy enough to think I would ever be good enough for you. Crazy enough to think that we could be something. Crazy enough to waste my time waiting for you to fall in love with me back,” I spoke as a few tears spilled over. 
   Grabbing my stuff, I slipped past him. This time he didn’t tell me to wait. Hannah smirked at me as I walked past and just as I was about to shut the for behind me, I stopped. Looking back at her, I gave her a forced smile, “Kiss my ass bitch.” With that, I slammed the door shut and ran down the steps towards the jeep and climbing inside before letting the tears spill over. 

Third Person POV

 The door slammed shut, echoing in the awkward silence that fell over the two. Hannah looked back at Luke with shock written all over her face. There was a sound of tires screeching against pavement as Y/N pulled away. “I’m so glad she’s gone,” Hannah sighed, moving towards Luke. Luke’s head snapped up, anger set in his eyes. “Get out,” he snapped. “What? Luke, come on we were about to talk,” Hannah complained. “I said get the fuck out! I didn’t invite you here. I didn’t ask you to show up and I want you out. You and I are never going to be a thing again, okay! I am over you and I don’t want you in my life anymore so get out. Just leave me the fuck alone,” Luke finally cracked, his voice echoing off the walls. He retreated back to his bedroom, slamming the door shut as Hannah grabbed her stuff and left. 
  Luke collapsed on his bed. All the tears he had been holding in for the past few weeks finally spilt over and rolled down his face. “Fuuuuuck,” he groaned, running his hands over his face. He had never had to chase after a girl before. How do you win a girl back when she couldn’t even look at you? Luke tried to think of who her closest friends were, the ones that knew her the best. Sitting up, he wiped his eyes dry, trying to think clearly. There was always Michael, a close friend to both of them. He had to know her pretty well right? But that wasn’t good enough. And Luke knew that. He needed someone who knew her like the back of their hand, even if it meant putting his pride on the line. Luke was going to have to give a little more if he wanted to get her back. Digging his hand into his pocket, he pulled out his phone. Scrolling through his contacts he found the number he was looking for. Crossing his fingers, he prayed this would work. 


 “Hey,” Luke rubbed his hands together nervously as he walked into Calum’s apartment. “How are you doing?” Calum asked, noticing Luke’s tired state. “Awful,” Luke chuckled quietly. “Right,” Calum nodded. An awkward silence fell over the two of them. Luke cleared his throat, “Look, mate, I’m sorry I’ve been an asshole to you. I clearly have a problem with letting things go.” “You had every right to be mad at me. I want to apologize, uh, for that,” Calum scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. “It’s all good. I should probably apologize to you. She’s a pretty bad fuck,” Luke gave him a crooked smile. “Can’t argue with that one,” Calum laughed, sticking his hand out, “We good?” “Yeah,” Luke smiled, shaking his hand, “We’re good. Now I really need your help.” “Right, yeah,” Calum headed towards the kitchen and pulled two beers out of the fridge. 
  “So, how badly do you want her back?” Calum asked, hoisting himself onto the counter. “Oh god, I would give anything for her to be mine. Like not just have her talk to me, but be mine for real. I want to be the one that gets to take her home very night and I can show her off and tell everyone that she’s my girlfriend and they need to keep their hands off,” Luke couldn’t fight the smile that spread across his face when he talked about Y/N. Calum tried not to laugh at the love drunk state Luke was in. As much as he and Luke had had their issues, he figured for the sake of his best friend he’d get over it and help the guy out. Plus, he couldn’t see her with anybody else.
   “She wants you to prove it to her that you only have eyes for her. But I think I have an idea,” Calum was cut off the the sound of the front door opening. “Cal?” Y/N called out. “Kitchen,” Calum called back. Luke froze in his spot. “It’s fine, dude,” Calum chuckled at him. “What’s fine?” Y/N asked, walking into the room,“Oh.” “Nothing,” Calum waved her off. “What’s he doing here?” Y/N asked Calum. “Why don’t you ask him?” Calum rolled his eyes. Letting out an annoyed sigh she turned to Luke, “What are you doing here?” “Just hanging out,” Luke shrugged, bringing the beer to his lips. “You hate him,” she reminded Luke. Luke smiled against the bottle, “Not anymore princess.” She blushed at the nickname before turning to Calum with a confused look. He offered no help, just a shrug of his shoulders and a sly smile. “Anyways, here are your keys,” she dropped Calum’s keys into his hand. Shooting one more glance at Luke, she walked out, “Bye guys!” Calum waited for the front door to shut before turning to Luke, “You’ve still got her mate.”

Deadpool (Supervillain!Luke)

This builds onto the Calum Supervillain post from yesterday, but it is not a “Sequel”. They can be read separately. 

So Luke is Deadpool in this AU, and Deadpool is a villain and occasionally a reluctant hero from Marvel’s Wolverine universe. He has super healing to the extreme, is an expert with any and all weapons, and has (in some versions of comics, never the movies) possessed a bag capable of holding an infinite amount of weapons including his teleportation device which is usually depicted as a belt. That’s really all you need to know! 

Hope you enjoy! The woman mentioned will be Y/n, but she is not a true character until the next “installment” of this AU “Series”.

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Luke looked up as he heard the wheels of the lunch cart outside. They’d be knocking for him to open the slat in his door in a second. He sighed and stood up to go get it.

This was a sad existence. Four walls, an unmoving door, and a little slat that was his only form of interaction with the outside world. He’d been in here five months, and he was starting to feel like he was going crazy. He couldn’t take it anymore! He needed to get out of here, and soon.

They hadn’t let him out, though. They hadn’t even given him a chance. He wasn’t allowed any personal items. His room was searched every other morning. He was allowed one visitor a month for an hour under total supervision. He couldn’t talk to the prison guards (or rather they couldn’t talk to him). His lawyer wasn’t allowed to see him alone. They didn’t even give him utensils with his food, fearing weapons.

Luke prayed for some decent food at least as the knock came, and he slid the panel open, sticking his hand out for his usual tray.

“Might wanna back away from the door, sug.”

“What the…” Luke bent down and glanced out the small slat. On the other side was not the tall, beef man who usually stuffed his food through, making a point to spill as much as possible. Instead there was a young woman with glasses perched on the tip of her nose, and her hair tied into two loose ponytails, one over each shoulder.

She looked oddly familiar, especially her eyes, but for the life of him Luke could not put a name to her face. He’d certainly never seen her here, especially delivering his food. If it weren’t for the odd sense of dejavu he had he’d probably think she was a newbie who someone forgot to tell the rules to.

“You heard me, Deadpool,” She pouted at his face peeping through the slat. “Back away from the door.”

Luke, not entirely sure who she was or what she had planned, did as he was told. He closed the slat back and stepped back to his bed against the wall.

From the other side of the door, there were muffled clanking noises, then the door shuddered. Sparks shot out in little spirts around the seam of the door, and the door creaked and made an angry scraping sound before slowly, shockingly it began to slide open.

There stood the young woman in the doorway, tucking away some type of lockpick-looking device into her pocket. “Hello, Luke. We’ve not got much time, so let’s make the introductions quick. Shall we?”

“Well, you already know who I am,” He pointed out awkwardly.

“True, very true. I would tell you my name, though no one calls me that. I doubt I even consider it my real name anymore, but that’s neither here nor there. I need your help.” He wasn’t sure if he believed anything that was coming out of her mouth.

Luke raised his eyebrow and scoffed, “Why am I helping a total stranger?”

“Because,” The girl reached behind her back and pulled out a revolver gun, pointing it directly at Luke’s forehead and pulling back the hammer of. “I can be very persuasive.”

Luke laughed at that and sat back on his bed. “You know who I am, so you must know what I can do. You know that’ll do you no good on me…”

“Then I’ll get to play around a bit before we get caught. I’ve always been one for a good laugh.” The corner of the girl’s lip twitched up, and Luke got an uneasy feeling in his stomach about the expression. “However,” she let the gun slide in her hand to hang loosely off one finger, “I don’t think that’ll be necessary.”

“And why is that?”

“Because,” she smiled sweetly at him and took a step into his cell. “You’re going to do one thing for me. Then, I’m gonna let you go… as in leave this place.”

“Oh?” Luke snorted and looked away, “How generous? And what do you want? One of my lungs?”

“Well, you would regrow it,” she pointed out with a quiet laugh. “But no, I need something of a little more… value.”

Luke focused in his eyes on her and stared her down. “What do you want?”

“Your bag is in lock up. I just need to borrow one of your more… particular items from it.”

Luke knew the bag she was talking about. His weapons bag. They’d taken it from him when he arrived. It was enchanted. It could hold any weapon no matter the size, but the more important point was that only he could take something out.

“Ah,” Luke leaned back on his elbows, “And what would that be? A better gun, perhaps? A sword? Knives? A grenade?” Luke was a weapons expert, and that was putting it mildly.

“No, just… a belt,” she hedged.

He immediately understood. This situation was getting more and more curious. “What does a girl like you need to teleport for?”

She smiled and twirled the gun around her finger, staring at it absently. “While I’m more than happy to let you go if you help me, you are not the person I came here for. He is in a much more… secure location.”

Luke’s eyes widened. There were three levels to this prison. The non-violent, less threatening prisoners were kept above ground. Luke was two floors below the surface in the middle tier security. Currently, there was only one resident of the max-security floor of the prison. He knew who she meant, and he jumped to his feet. “You can’t be serious.”

“Oh but I am,” She stopped twirling the gun and turned it on him again. “Do we have a deal or not?”

Luke hesitated a second more but stuck out his hand to shake. “Deal.”

“Excellent!” She smiled and shook his hand, instantly turning on her heels and marching from the cell.

Luke scurried off behind her. “Wait!” His voice dared to venture barely above a whisper, “Where are you going? We don’t have a plan! There are guards everywhere!”

“You don’t have a plan. I do.” The woman started skipping down the hall, and Luke had to run to keep up.

She was mental! What was she doing?! Running off down the hall like this was dangerous. Someone would see. “Do you mind telling me this plan?”

“Half the guards are at lunch right now. A few more are with the warden at a hearing about how they’ve been treating the prisoners. I was overflow stationed to this section. The only guard we’ll have to get passed is the one at the armory.” She explained as they walked through a barred door hanging open at the end of the hall.

She was leading the way through the halls, and Luke tagged along behind. If something went wrong, he’d be happy to let her take the first shot. He wasn’t about to sign up for a suicide mission with a woman he didn’t know.

The armory was on the fourth level below the surface, two floors away from Luke’s cell. It was a long journey, a slow journey, but it relatively uncomplicated.

The pair were silent. She skipped along ahead of him, and he followed quietly behind her, observing everything on the way. The halls were as empty as she said they’d be. There really was only the guard at each station to avoid, and those were easy enough. He would just duck in a doorway while she walked calmly by and waved.

They reached the doors of the armory without even talking to anyone, but that wasn’t Luke’s primary problem. “Did you have a plan for the door?”

“Of course,” The woman smirked back at him, pulling a key card from her back pocket. “After all, responsible employees keep their key cards on them at all times.” She held her card over the scanner and glanced back at him, “There’ll be someone at the front desk who’ll know when I’ve scanned in, and they’ll send someone to double check whenever their available. I’d say we’ve got five minutes, tops.”

“Five minutes is plenty of time.” Luke agreed.

She nodded and scanned her card in, pushing the door open and marching inside, Luke right behind. The pair searched up and down the shelves. Safes of varying sizes lined the shelves, one each for the personal effects of the various prison residents. Luke’s was on the third shelf they went past. It wasn’t a very deep safe, but it was relatively tall, because it housed his two swords.

“I’ve got this,” Luke waved away the woman as she pointed a gun at the safe. He had to give her his teleportation device. He didn’t want her ruining the rest of his things on top of that.

The lock was a metal pad, and Luke broke the top pad free from the keys. Pushing aside the buttons beneath, the wires were exposed, and he traced down the one he thought was the power source and ripped it. The key pad made a chirping noise and died, releasing the locks and letting the door fall open.

Luke pushed it out of the way and pulled out his swords with a wide smile, holding them delicately in his hands. “Finally,” He mumbled as he pulled the straps over his shoulder and attached them to his back.

“Well?” The woman drew his attention, nodding to the pouch sitting in the bottom of the safe, on top of his suit. “We had a deal.”

“And I’m a man of my word,” Luke nodded and picked up the pouch, stuffing his hand down in and pulling out the belt. “Use it well.”

The woman greedily snatched it from his hand and stared down at it with a smile. “Oh I will.” She looked up at him, “Thank you.”

“Wait!” He called as she turned to leave. “Can’t I at least get your name?”

The woman smiled at him with a devilish grin, “My name doesn’t matter, but you can call me Harley… Everyone does.”

Girls Like You (Luke Imagine) Part Six

In case you missed any! Here is Part One, Part two, Part three, Part four & Part five  

Walking home after your encounter with Luke seemed like the most intense moment you had ever experienced. You felt all of his words rush over you all at once, with a mixture of emotion. Still unable to process what just happened. Luke may of said all of those things, but how were you to know that it was all true? Words don’t mean a thing unless they’re proven. 

Unlocking your front door, your mind began to wander. Freezing on the spot, you sat down on your porch step, with your hands rubbing your knees, you looked out to the open street. Thought’s wandering back to Luke, you began to over think everything. 

What if you’re not good enough.

What if he didn’t mean those things he said.

What happens when he finds someone better.

There is someone better.

Staring at your phone, you ended up on Luke’s profile. Scrolling through the pictures of him and his friends. Coming across a picture of him with a girl…

His ex.

You had always compared yourself to her. She had everything you didn’t. She was exactly the type of girl Luke would go for. 

Looking through her pictures, you felt yourself become more and more insecure. 

This was ridiculous. You’re a beautiful girl. With so much more to offer the world, than you could even begin to imagine.

The sooner you learn that. The better you’ll feel.

As you sat on your bed, with your laptop, flicking through the TV guide looking for a distraction. Your mind started to wander to Luke, his smile burning in the back of your mind. The smile that could light up an entire football pitch. Smiling to yourself as you thought about him.

He had such a hold over you, there was no going back. 

“Hello, sweetie! I didn’t know you were home.” 

As you looked up, you saw your mother standing there, all happy and cheery as always. 

Smiling back at her, you got up to hug her. 

“Hi mum.” 

You knew how your parents felt about Luke, so telling them wasn’t the best idea right now. You wanted to make them happy, even if it meant your happiness wasn’t always a priority. 

“So, I heard something funny today. About you and that Luke boy.”

Your head perked up as you released your mother from the hug.


“Yeah. You never told me you were tutoring him? In my opinion, it will take more than tutoring to change him. You know how I feel about boys like him. They’re nothing but-”

“Nothing but trouble, I know mum.” 

Looking down to your hands,  you began to play around with a piece of lose thread on your shirt. Biting your lip, feeling the nerves take over. You knew you could never tell her about Luke. But, you couldn’t keep it a secret either.

As you watched your mum leave the room, you couldn’t help but feel as though you were betraying her. Your mum trusted you, you told her everything. If you were to tell her about Luke, who’s to say how she would react. The last thing you want is a row with your parents. 

It wasn’t worth the hassle. 

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Monday morning you walked to school, the rain poured down, splashing off of your umbrella. The sound soothed you, you had always loved the sound of the rain. You described it as White Noise. Because, there’s sound, yet it’s quiet. One of the things no one knew about you, just how much you enjoyed the silence, yet wanted there to be so much noise. 

As you got to school, you spotted Luke standing at his locker. He was very focused on a piece of paper he held in his hand. 

That’s when you remembered..

He took his Chemistry exam. They must have been his results. 

As you lightly walked over to him, he looked up from the paper and smiled at you. 



Luke handed you the paper, closing his locker he stared at you whilst you read the paper that was so little yet meant so much.

“Luke…You passed! I’m so proud!”

Jumping up, you hugged him, wrapping your arms around his neck. You felt him smile against your neck, as he took you into his embrace. 

Mumbling into your neck, you released him from the hug.

“All thanks to you.”

Smiling up at him, you felt your stomach swarm with butterflies. Luke had been apart of your life for such a small time, yet it was as though you knew him so well…

Well, until his friends turned up.

“Hey, pal!” You turned around to see Calum approaching you and Luke. 

As he got nearer, Luke seemed to have lost his smile. You turned back to him, and smiled sheepishly. Realising that just like you with your parents. Luke hand’t told his friends.

“So this is tutor girl?” 

Glaring at Calum, you felt the urge to say something but stopped as Luke gently pushed past you to get to Calum.

“Uh, yeah. This is Y/n.”

Not even looking at you, he laughed and joked with his friends. Luke had all of a sudden changed from the guy who was not just long ago declaring his feelings for you, to someone you knew him as all along ago. 

The Luke everyone knew him as.

Feeling agitated, you walked away. Leaving him to be with his friends where he clearly belonged. He will always be the same Luke he had always been. Too big to be apart of your world. 

School was over, and you couldn’t have been more happier to leave. You just wanted today to be over.

Luke had spent the whole day not even acknowledging you. His friends were a top priority, whereas you were just ‘tutor girl’. The girl who got him to pass his exam. The girl who pretty much meant nothing to him. 

As you picked up your bag, ready to leave, Luke stopped in front of you. 

Looking up at him, you saw his blue eyes shine in the light from the room. Looking away, you tried to push past him. Right now,  you just wanted to get home. Not have to listen to more of his excuses. 

“Hey, hey! What’s wrong?”

Rolling your eyes, you scoffed. His lack of compassion never really surprised you.

“Nothing, Luke. I’m fine. I need to get home.”

Walking out of the classroom, you ignored him calling out to you. Instead you just walked away. Leaving him in the dust, confused and desperate for answers.

Answers that you also wanted. 

Luke must have called you about 10 times. Letting each call go to voicemail, clearly sensing that something was wrong he began to text you. Throwing your phone into your bag, you ignored his pleading. 

As you reached your garden, you recognised a familiar figure sitting on your front porch. In the rain.

It was Luke. 

How he got there before you, you’ll never know. 

“Luke? What are you doing here?”

“You wasn’t answering my phone calls, so I figured I’d wait for you at the one place you’d be.”

“What… My home? Well yes.”

Rolling his eyes, he got up to step closer to you.

“Look, I don’t know what I did wrong. But-”

You cut him off before he had the chance to explain anything.

“Why do you only act nice to me when we’re alone?”

Taken back, Luke gazed at you. Unable to answer probably the most simple of questions he’ll ever receive. 

“I, I don’t know.”

Rolling your eyes, you rubbed your head. 

“Right. Well when you figure out why, please let me know. Because right now, I just don’t have the time.”

Pushing past him, you felt his hand grab your wrist. Stopping you in your tracks, you turned on your heel and looked into his eyes.

“Luke. It’s raining, it’s cold. I’m tired. I just want to go inside.”

“Not, until you let me explain.”

Motioning for him to speak, you took a step under your porch to block out the rain,

“You know, I’m not good at this sort of thing. I’ve never had to deal with stuff like this before.”

“Right? What do you mean by that?”

Becoming frustrated, he started to fidget on the spot. 

“With all of this. With you. I’ve never had to do anything like this before. With other girls it’s so much easier. But you’re not like other girls.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

You glared at him, not fully understanding just exactly what he was trying to get at.

“I mean it as.. You’re different Y/n. I don’t have to show off, I don’t have to act like the big man to get you to like me. You just like me for the real me. I don’t want to be that kind of guy who has all the girls falling for him.”

“Well, who do you want to be, Luke?”

Stepping closer to you, he placed his hands on yours.

“I want to be the guy who’s good enough for you.”

Pulling your hands away from his, you looked him square in the eyes.

“Luke. There’s nothing you can do that will surprise me anymore. You can’t even tell your friends that we’re together. How am I supposed to believe a thing you say?”

Luke watched your lips carefully, as though he was admiring a piece of artwork.

Smiling to himself, he pulled you into his arms and placed his lips onto yours.

The rain poured down, splashing onto your cheeks as you embraced Luke into your arms. Feeling his soft lips crash against yours. Passion, and tension flowed through you.

Pulling away from him, your lips still perked. You smiled..

“Except for that.”

You watched as he smiled once more, before you pulled him back into your arms. Kissing him with more passion. 

Kissing in the rain… A lot colder than you think.

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Hellooooo! So, so, so. Here is part six. I’m sorry it took longer to post. I had a few distractions pop up. But here it is. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as the others. 

Let me know what you all think.

Have a beautiful day, you all deserve it!

Thanks for reading xoxo

Being the new girl (Luke imagine) part 6


A/N: Okay you guys, so I finally finished part 6!!! I hope you like it, (I really do) continue telling me what you think, okay?? I appreciate it more than I can express in words<3

Warning: Use of “rough” language

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5


To do list…

Requests are always open<3 


“YOUR GIRL?!” I shriek and Luke spins around, startled. “I am not your damn girl! I stopped being your girl the minute you had sex with someone else!!”

“We weren’t together…” he mumbles.

“Is that still your defense? Really?!” I say putting as much venom into each word as I possibly can. “We’re not together now Luke! But somehow your logic seems to be that it’s okay for you to sleep with someone else when we’re broken up, but I’m not allowed to even speak to a guy?!!”

“That’s not-”

“You know what? Save it… You’re not my boyfriend anymore, which means you have no say in what I do! If I want to speak to a guy, I will speak to a guy! If I want to flirt with someone, I will!” my voice is getting louder and louder but I’m so furious, I don’t care. “And if I want to be with another guy there’s nothing you can do to stop me!” I scream at him, breathing heavily. He stares at me, expressionless for a second and then his eyes go dark and his features harden.

“You bitch!” he growls quietly taking a threatening step closer. I feel my heart skip a beat but I refuse to move or even flinch.

“Mate… Calm down…” Michael says taking a step forward. Luke gives him such a nasty look I’m almost surprised Michael doesn’t fall dead to the floor.

“Sure ‘mate’… What an awesome 'mate’ you are by the way – stabbing me in the back as soon as I look the other way… But go ahead! You’ve always had a thing for my sloppy seconds, haven’t you?!” he spits and his words hurt more than I dare to admit. I look from Luke to Michael, and then back trying to think of what to say next. But before I (or Michael for that matter) get a chance to answer him, Ashton and Calum show up and step in between us, building a barrier.

“Luke…” Ashton says vigilantly. “Walk away!” Luke glares at him a second before turning on his heel, leaving the room. I exhale shakily and that’s when I notice all the people in the room staring at me. I feel my cheeks heat up from embarrassment.

“Nothing more to see here… Back to party mode!” Calum yells and one by one the people resume to their previous commitments. Hopefully most of them were too drunk to remember anything from this night. I know I wish I was… When everyone is occupied with something else, Calum, Ashton and Michael all turn to me.

“What was that all about?” Calum demands to know. I open my mouth to explain but Michael answers before I get a chance.

“Luke saw me and [Y/N] talking and overreacted… I think he thought we were hooking up or something, he’s wasted…” Calum nods agreeingly.

“Let me go talk to him!” Ashton says and disappears to find Luke.

“I’ll come too…” Calum adds giving Michael a quick look I can’t quite figure out what it means, before following Ashton. Suddenly me and Michael are the only once left.

“Are you okay?” he asks me. I give him a trembling smile.

“Yeah, fine…”

“Come on, let’s go outside and get some fresh air…” he takes my hand and leads me towards the back door. Once we’re outside he lets go of me and I take a deep breath of the cool, night air.

“This was actually not such a bad idea!” I say leaning against the wall. Michael chuckles and stands next to me.

“No problem”

“And thank you for standing up for me in there… I know Luke’s your friend!”

“He is… But I don’t necesserily always think he’s right! Actually I think he seems to have made a habbit out of making stupid decisions, which is a shame!” Michael says and I giggle before realizing he’s serious. I clear my throat.

“Why’d you say that?”

“Well, first of all… He made you break up with him and then he fucked his ex to try and get over you…” Michael trails off and looks away.

“Yeah… Kind of stupid to sleep with your ex…” I sigh.

“No! I mean, yes it was! But I meant it was stupid of him to make you break up with him! He was so stupid for not realizing what he had before it was gone!!” Michael groans in frustration. Then he kisses me. Pressing his lips against mine while holding my face with his hands to keep me from pulling away. But he doesn’t have to worry, I have no desire to push him away. I put my hands on his chest, grabbing a hand full of his shirt, and I kiss him back. 

I never stopped


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Character: Luke Hemmings

Warnings: Mature language

Words: 1422

Storyline: Can you please write a long imagine where Luke and I break up and I am also in a famous band? You can write about our life after the break up and also Luke sees me with my new bf and he gets jealous x


“Y/N, we need to talk.” Luke announced to me as we walk through the door. We have just came back from clubbing and it was the worst. I hate clubbing and Luke knows this. He also knows how insecure I get when he flirts to other girls. I mean there is nothing wrong with him talking with them just when he winks and dances with them, it makes me jealous. lol, I know I shouldn’t get jealous but I mean what am i supposed to do, let him. No. I don’t think so.

“Yeah sure.” I smiled back. I don’t know why I am smiling, I know what’s going to happen. Me and Luke are going to ‘talk’ and it turns to a big fight where he walks away and Gd knows what he does.

“We should break up.” Luke EXclaimed to me. That broke me. He wanted to break up with me. I’m I not good enough? Does he not love me anymore? I frowned at his words as I knew this day would come but not this early.

“Why?” I asked calmly trying not to show emotion. If I cry that means he knows that i’m weak.

“Look, it’s not working out anymore. Your band is becoming more famous everyday just as well as mine. That means we hardly will see each other and I can’t do that.” He explained to me.

“Are you sure it’s just because of my band? I mean you flirt with every girl you see. Do you not want me anymore? You can just tell me instead of breaking my heart with your stupid excuse.” I replied raising my voice a little. What a stupid excuse? My band. How dare he uses that against me. I love my band, it’s my family. Literally. It’s me and my brother and my two cousins; I couldn’t be happier with them.

“Excuse me? Oh here we go again with you and your accusations. I don’t want to break your heart, that’s why I am doing this. I don’t trust myself around other girl and I don’t want to do something i’ll regret. I love you with all my heart but I don’t want to hurt you ever.” Luke was a sweet guy and I am lukey to have him (A/N lol you guys get it.) but he’s a fucking liar.

“You are such a fucking liar. You’ve cheated on me. Are you breaking up with me so you can get the guilt off your chest? That’s all you ever do.” I mean he has cheated on me, I think. There are rumours always about it and photos. He always says the excuse that it is photoshopped. I bet.

“How dare you say that? I have never cheated on you. I won’t dream of it but I think I should since you are being a little bitch!” He yelled at me. Okay that’s it. I’ve had enough.

“Fuck you Luke. I don’t give a shit anymore! Leave, just leave because you are an asshole boyfriend how can’t keep his dick in his pants! Just because you are a popular, doesn’t mean you can be a fucking dickhead to me!” I yelled back. I’ve had enough with his shit. I don’t care if he leaves anymore.

“Fine! I will leave! I don’t give a fuck anymore. I’ll get my stuff later!” He screamed at he as he grabbed his jacket and slamming the door.

Oh God that was intense. It’s better than being heartbroken all the time. I don’t need dickheads like him in my life, they bring me down. I guess I should start getting his stuff ready? I mean he will be back for them and I really don’t want to face him.

**6 Months later** (A/N: lol i feel like the narrator in Spongebob.)

My band was performing at the AMA’s and we were nominated for best rock album of the year. I am so proud of us, we have came a long way. My life couldn’t be better. I am dating Shawn Mendes atm and he is such a sweet guy and he makes me feel so good about myself.

I talk my seat at the show and I have a perfect view of the stage. I was debating whether I should go to the after party or not. I’ll just see how I feel after the show I guess. I mean I love after party because they are always so fun and I am with my friend so they make it much better. But I can’t stop thinking about winning. I love my fans no matter what and it would be a huge honour to win to prove that we can do it.

The show was great! We won. AHHHHH! I can’t believe we won. I am so happy, you don’t even know. My life couldn’t be better. When I was up on stage giving my thank you speech I saw Luke clapping. Why? He doesn’t care, right? I made me feel good knowing he was supporting me. But why now? Why not before? Later, after I won, 5sos were playing and they were fucking shit…jks they were awesome. Luke’s vocals are heaven and he shone in the light and his eye were sparkling. Wait. What am I doing? I can’t have thoughts like this.

I enter the after party and Sorry by Justin Bieber was playing and I started bobbing my head to the beat. I looked around to find Shawn but I can into eye contact with Luke, he gave me a small smile and I smiled back. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned around to be face to face with Shawn. “Heya,” He smiled at me. He was a cute smile, i guess.

“Heya.” I replied and gave him a small hug. I haven’t really done anything with Shawn yet because I don’t feel ready to do stuff with him yet. He respects that and i’m happy he does respect that.

I told him I was heading to the restroom and that I won’t be long. I walked down the hall but I think I got lost as I saw no sign to a restroom. All of a sudden I felt someone grab my wrist and drag me into a closet. They pinned me to the wall and shoved his hand onto my mouth so I won’t scream. I look at the person and I saw it was Luke. He removed his hand so I could talk. “What the fuck Luke?” I whispered yelled at him.

“Just hear me out okay. I’ll leave you alone if you still don’t want me.” He asked and I just sighed in response. “I’m sorry okay. Not just for the fight, for everything. I was such an ass to you and I am truly sorry. I want you to know that I would never cheat on you okay. I had no reason to. I mean look at you, you are beyond beautiful and talented. You don’t deserve a guy like me. You are way too good for me and I don’t know why you got with me in the first place. I love you so much and I’ll never stop. After that night I regretted everything I said to you. You don’t deserve to be hurt like that sweetie. I haven’t even been with a single girl after the breakup because it doesn’t feel right. It still feels like i’m hurting you. When I saw you tonight with him…I-I couldn’t take it. Knowing you have moved on, knowing you don’t love me anymore kills me. I am sorry I even talked to you. I should probably go.”

“Who said I stopped?”  I asked Luke. His speech hit me right in the feels and I still do love him not matter what. It turns out he feels the same and a huge sigh of relief was pushed off my chest.

“What?” He asked in total confusment.

“Who said I stopped loving you?” I asked again hoping he would get what I was saying. lol. He smiled at me and cupped my cheeks.

“Please tell me you love me too. Even though i’m a dick. Just please love me again.”

“I never stopped,”  I breathed out to him and then our lips connected. He kissed me with so much love and passion it was overwhelming but I loved it. I loved him. I always have and I always will.

Fans Talk To You Unexpectedly


You sighed, staring irritatedly at the Great Dane and Yorkie Terrier that you and Michael shared in this house of yours. They sat by the door, both staring up at you with their pleading eyes, and sadly you knew that if they didn’t go outside soon they would both poop somewhere in the house. And Scooby-Doo, the Great Dane, has poop almost the size of a horse’s poop. Scrappy, the Yorkie, would just piss all over everything. Groaning, you pulled yourself off of the couch and slipped a pair of flip flops on before going to the door, looking through the peep hole to see if anyone was out there. Lately, the fans had been surrounding the house, but luckily today they weren’t and you smiled lightly as you snapped your leashes on Scooby’s collar and Scrappy’s little harness. As soon as you opened the door, the dogs launched out of it, pulling you along behind them. You barely closed the door before you were on your way down the street. You weren’t paying attention to anything around you until you heard Scrappy start barking his little yippity bark, making you look to the left to see a small group of girls walking on the other side of the street. They were giggling and laughing and snapping pictures of you and your dogs. Rolling your eyes, you pulled the dogs forward, which was a bit harder with Scooby than it was with Scrappy. You tried to ignore them as much as you could, but now you could hear the comments they were making to each other, the same stuff you see every day on Twitter, stuff about Michael not choosing right for dating you and blah blah blah. Finally you got tired of it and stopped, almost toppling over as the bigger dog tried to keep walking, but you kept your cool as you looked at the girls and said, “if you have a problem with me then why the hell are you following me?” instead of answering you, one with orange hair asked, “wow your outfit doesn’t match at all. Flip flops are so like 1990’s.” “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I had to dress like a model to take my dogs on a walk on my day off. Take all the pictures you want, I can work anything.”


You were in the supermarket, gathering all of the things you’d need for the next couple of weeks. The cart was already half way full and you weren’t really close to being done. You made your way around the store, gathering your items and putting them into sections in the cart. Due to your slight OCD, you always did this to make sure everything was organized and nothing would get smashed and so that it would be easier to put it in the house and put it away. On your way throught the frozen vegetable aisle, your phone started ringing, so you answered it, figuring it was your mom. The only problem was, you weren’t paying attention to where you were going, so you collided with the person coming down the aisle the opposite way, causing your neat cart to get all scattered. Gasping, you held the phone in between your ear and your shoulder, going around the cart to fix everything. “I am so sorry.” The person you collided with stated, coming around their cart to help you out. “It’s okay, it’s okay.” You muttered, furrowing your eyebrows, “look, mom, I have to call you back.” You hung up the phone and stuffed it into your back pocket before continuing to organize your basket. “Oh my God, you’re Luke Hemmings’ girlfriend! Wow, hi! Oh my God, I just messed up your cart, wow. I am so sorry.” You listened as the girl continued on and on about how she was so sorry, and she helped you put everything back in order. Once you were finished, you thanked her with a stressed smile and she apologized once again and then bid you goodbye.


You couldn’t hold it anymore. It had gotten to the point where even if you crossed your legs you couldn’t hold it. You knew that in a matter of seconds, your bladder could give out and you’d have a wet spot on your jeans. Usually when you and Calum were out on dates, especially ones like this where you had no distractions, you didn’t like going to the bathroom. But you needed to extremely bad. So, you excused yourself from the table, apologizing to Calum over and over again, listening to him laugh at you as you took fast steps towards the nice bathroom towards the back of the restaurant. You were unbuttoning your jeans as soon as soon as you burst through the door, completely ignoring the pretty girl who you scared on your way in there. You rushed into the closest stall and slammed the door, locking it tightly before squatting over the toilet because sitting on public toilets is not your thing. You heard a chuckle from outside of the stall, which soon turned into extremely loud laughter. “Are you okay?” The girl asked through her giggles. You had to pee so badly, you didn’t even wait for her to leave before you started doing your business, now you’re kind of wishing you had because it was the most awkward thing in the world having a conversation while you’re taking a piss. “Um, I’m fine.” You assured her, grabbing toilet paper. “I’m sorry for laughing, but you should have seen your face when you ran in here. I wish I could’ve recorded it, because the fam would’ve loved it! You’re just like us.” You stood up fully and flushed the toilet, sighing in relief as you buttoned up your jeans and walked out of the stall, where the girl was still giggling softly. You washed your hands and dried them, asking the girl what her name was so that you could tell Cal about her, which sent her crazy. When you went back to your table, you had a blush and a smile on your face, already telling Calum the story before you even sat down.


You were out with your two sisters for a GNO, except in the day time. They lived on the other side of the country, so whenever they could visit you or you could visit them it was always a big deal. Even though they were five and eight years older than you, you all still had a great time. This time, they came to visit you, and they were staying at the house that you shared with Ashton, which could get a bit embarrassing. Since you were the youngest, they always teased you whenever you got a boyfriend, who whenever you and Ashton were together, they’d make smart comments, but it was out of love. The three of you had escaped the house and Ashton, who was pouting because you wouldn’t take him with you to the amusment park you were going to with your sisters. You were in line, laughing with each other as you purchased some funnel cake, trying to figure out which ride you wanted to go on next when you felt someone next to you. You turned and saw a short, pretty girl with a smile on her face. “OMG, hey! I haven’t seen you in forever!” You had never seen this girl before in your life, so you laughed awkwardly and gathered your funnel cake, following your sisters to a nearby table. But the girl followed. “Are these your sisters? Funny, they’re way prettier than you are. Ashton made a big mistake.” You gaped at the girl, as did your oldest sister, but the other sister jokingly flipped her hair at the compliment. “That was nice and all, but Ashton is a little too young for us, and evidently, I’m a lesbian, and she’s in a relationship. You’re ruining our day with our beautiful younger sister, and we’d like for you to leave now.” Your sister who flipped her hair smiled and waved at the girl sweetly, and you watched with a grin as the girl backed up quickly and speed walked away

I’ve been thinking of Michael’s and Calum’s for a while