am i embarrassing myself yet

So my friend kind of took a video of me watching the OOTW music video and as you can tell I was REALLY EXCITED. I swear I was blinded by the beauty of this video. I CANT BELIEVE MYSELF I AM SO EMBARRASSED YET PROUD AT THE SAME TIME. I LOVE YOU TAYLOR! @taylorswift


Some things never change. (Well except the sheer number of dogs surrounding this girl but that’s a whole separate issue.)

And one thing that’ll never change is my love for this woman. Many things have come and gone in my life but one thing that’s stayed the same throughout my whole childhood is my love for Miranda Lambert. Whether that have been an album release, a new project, a witty comment or her picking up a new dog off the street and making Blake mad. She always brightened my day.

And now, at 31 years old, that little Texan girl who made her school cafeteria cry in 3rd grade by just her voice is a country music legend. Won more awards than is accountable and yet still manages to be the humblest human being on the planet. Happy Birthday to the greatest of my hero’s (I’m making a serious grammatical error in honour of you!) May this be another year of cementing your name in country music history and your fur babies singing Happy Birthday to their mom. I love you.