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I swear if I run into one more vegan/vegetarian lesbian I am going to scream. My family is too damn Italian for me to bring home one of those. They basically greet you at the door with a prosciutto. Its like a rite of passage to try one of my moms meatballs.  Guarantee someone will shout out what do you mean you don’t eat no meat!! (thats ok I make lamb).

Things that the LiS fandom has to understand

- Max is canonly Bisexual, with a huge crush on Chloe
- If people want to think that Max is lesbian, is fine
- If people want to think that Max is heterosexual, is fine
- If people want to ship Max x Lisa. Well, shit.
- But i guess that’s fine too
- There is a “block” button somewhere, if you don’t like the content or you are -TRIGGERED- you can always block It
- People can do whatever they want
- Pricefield shippers should stop flaming
- And yes Grahamfield i see you over there
- Jefferfield? Not my shit but If It floats your boat i guess im not your mom

Stop trying to be all sjw, you can have headcanon and those headcanons can become your Ideal canon.
Which is not the Real canon.
But who cares, am i rite

Finding Out: Maryse and Robert

Follow up to I Will - Maryse and Robert find out that Alec’s engaged

Previous “Finding Out” one-shots include: Izzy, Jace, Aline

The first time Alec saw his parents after Magnus proposed to him was at a Council Meeting. The anxiety that settled in the pit of his stomach wouldn’t subside all through the meeting as his eyes swung between his father, sitting in his seat as Inquisitor, and Magnus, in his seat as representative of the warlocks. It took all his energy to focus on the current state of affairs between the Fair Folk and the Nephilim.

As soon as the meeting was over, Magus found his way to him.

“We can wait, darling,” Magnus whispered. He intertwined his fingers with Alec as the couple made their way out of the Council Hall.

Alec smiled ruefully at his fiancé and shook his head. “There isn’t any point in waiting.”

Magnus frowned slightly.

“Not that I care, Magnus. I love you.” He tilted his head up and pressed his lips against the corner of his mouth quickly. “And after all these years, if my father can’t accept that, that is on him. I’ve learned that much.”

Magnus drew Alec closer by pulling their hands towards him. Alec had long ago decided that he deserved the same latitude as straight couples and was not going to shy away from being affectionate with Magnus in the presence of other shadowhunters. Magnus squeezed his hand, almost as if his protective instinct was on alert. Alec squeezed back.

They could see his parents talking in the distance. His parents looked their way and waved them over.

“Here we go,” Alec said as he closed the gap between his parents and them.

“Alec, dear, how are you?” his mother said, pulling the young man into her embrace and holding his tightly. Alec knew that Maryse was struggling with being away from her children. Even though the Lightwood children had often been left to their own devices, now that they were all adults, leading their own lives, it was different.

She kissed him softly on the cheek. Robert and Magnus were talking quietly about politics when they pulled apart. Maryse greeted Magnus while Robert embraced Alec. Their hugs had become less stilted and more natural over the past four years. “How are you doing son?”

“Good. Everything is running smoothly at the Institute. Izzy, Simon and I are patrolling regularly and Simon is really doing well in training. Jace and Clary came back to New York for a few days. They are learning a lot at the Peru Institute.”

“And what about you? Both of you?” Maryse said. “Sleeping properly, eating well?”

The two boys had their hands intertwined again and Alec shifted his weight from one foot to another. “Actually, we have something to tell you.”

Concern swept over his parents’ face.

“Good news. At least for us,” he added, looking nervously at his father. He hated that after all these years, his father could still make him feel anxiety.

Magnus, who had been watching the exchange between the Lightwoods, broke his silence. “I asked your son to marry me,” Magnus said.

“Oh, honey, that’s so wonderful,” she said, smiling happily at the boys. She cupped Alec’s face in her hands, her thumb stroking his cheek softly. “You’ve always been my quiet, pensive little boy. I worried so much but now you’re so happy and confident and comfortable in your own skin.”

The older woman turned to Magnus. She took hold of his unoccupied hand. “I know I have you to thank for a lot of that, Magnus.”

She pulled him close and hugged him. Magnus looked startled for a moment, reminiscent of when Alec kissed him in the Accords Hall all those years ago. It took a lot to take Magnus by surprise. He quickly composed himself and hugged back. “Welcome to family, Magnus.”

Alec tried to hold back his tears. For so long, he had stayed in the shadows of his family, terrified of being rejected by his parents for his sexuality. At least his mother had proven his fears unwarranted.

He reluctantly turned his gaze to his father, who had been silent. He had an unreadable expression on his face as he carefully watched the couple.

“I have long come to terms with our relationship, dad,” Alec started. “I appreciate the growth you’ve made over the years but I have also grown. I no longer need your approval to be happy, to be happy with who I am and to love Magnus as openly and freely as was awarded to you and mom by nature of your sexes. Our love is no different from what you once had with each other, for I do believe at some point you did love each other as strongly as I love Magnus. We deserve all the same rites of passage, dad, to be openly affectionate, to be proud of our love and to express that in front of the people we love.”

“Oh, Alec, darling, I am so proud of you,” Magnus said. He looked up at Magnus to see him beaming at him, his eyes glistening with unshed tears. He pulled him into his embrace and pressed his lips against Alec’s lips. “My beautiful, brave, perfect love.” Alec leaned into the embrace and kissed back. A soft, gently kiss, expressing a love that ran so deep, it seemed to radiate between them.

“And so am I, son.”

Alec reluctantly pulled away and looked at his father. For a moment, he had almost forgotten that his parents were there.

“I am proud of you, Alexander. I might have held you in my hands as a baby and imagined watching you draw the wedding union rune on a Nephilim girl and having children with her…”

Alec’s body stiffened and he readied himself to retaliate but his father didn’t give him a chance.

“You have to forgive me, son, for this is the world I grew up in. I am not trying to make excuses. I am being truthful. I can only give you that. And the truth, son, like I said at Jocelyn and Luke’s wedding four years ago, is that you are a better man than I am. I do not have your strength or your courage.”

He reached out for Alec and tucked a stray strand of hair behind his ear, a gesture he hadn’t done since he was a child. He settled his hand on Alec’s shoulder.

“You’ve been asked to love in a world that has, at times, rejected that love and instead of hiding, like I would have, you forged a path for yourself and other shadowhunters. I wish Michael was here to see the future you have created for us, for it is a better place because of you. And I don’t want to play the role I played in his life with you.”

Alec was stunned into silence. He blinked back tears. Maryse stood beside them, beaming at the two Lightwood men.

“I am so happy that you have found someone you want to share your life with. And Magnus,” he said, turning to the warlock. “I thank you for being that person. For loving my son and being there for him when I wasn’t. I know that you have known Lightwoods for many generations and we have not always been kind but I want to welcome you into the family.”

Magnus nodded. “I appreciate it, Robert.”

“Now, are you heading back to New York immediately, or do you have time for dinner? A celebratory one at my place, perhaps,” Robert asked.

“We have time, right Magnus?” Alec said.

Magnus nodded. “My next client isn’t until tomorrow.”

“Maryse?” Robert said, looking at his ex-wife.

“Yes, I want nothing more than to celebrate my growing family.”

Alec smiled softly, almost shyly. He had never felt so accepted and loved by his parents.

The boys fell into step beside Alec’s parents as they walked towards the Inquisitor’s house.

Magnus leaned into Alec as they walked, hand in hand.

“You are my family, darling,” he whispered.

That’s all for the “Finding Out” portion of my I Will Series.  I think I will also write about the Bachelor Party and Wedding. I’ll keep you posted! Thank you for all the notes :).

Rite Of Spring
Angels & Airwaves
Rite Of Spring

It was near when I turned sixteen
got kicked out of school, and so it seemed
that things were closing in and ready to blow
my dad moved out about that year or so
it took an hour to start a punk rock band
to offset my fucked up family land
and as I held my mom would start to cry
I swore ourselves a better life

If I had a chance for another try
I wouldn’t change a thing
it’s made me all of who I am inside
and if I could thank god
that I am here, and that I am alive
and everyday I wake
I tell myself a little harmless lie
the whole wide world is mine

SOTW: (excerpts of) Reasons Why We Should Get Married, by Jacob Lourdes

nowfailingoutofschool said:WHAT ARE THE OTHER 42 REASONS?! how may of them has Joe Forster had to listen to? all of them, probably.

This got. Very long. And I am now cheating and making it the SOTW, because I couldn’t in good conscience spend the ridiculous amount of time on it that I just did were it not, because I have YCMAL things to do. 

Exchanged, along with a series of notes, on two long red-eyes to and from the West Coast utterly silently because if they wake Parey up it’s murder time.

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