am i crying


Teaser for the new Fairy Tail movie, Dragon Cry!


deltora quest edit meme- moment 1/4 

Jasmine rips the bluebird mask off Lief’s face

…just before midnight, he had screamed in agony. Screamed, and screamed…


So anyways

I would willingly sell my soul for every one of y'all
I will give you my kidneys

I can’t believe that there’s actually ppl who for some reason follow me sorry about the shitty memes lmao

I’m honestly so speechless and hyperventilating though???? Like if it weren’t for ppls eyes I’d be screaming this in all caps tbh

I just

I love you all every single one of you

You an message/ask me stuff any time I promise, I stalk your blogs if you spam my notifications and I read the tags I follow ppl I can’t believe I’ve immersed myself into this wonderful community


Je vous-aimez.

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My biggest regret in life happened last year when I let go of a new pair of Darth Vader vans, going for only £20 in a charity shop. It’s seriously kept me up at night. They were a bit too tight, though, even if they were my size, and funds were low, and excuses, excuses. Knowing what they go for on eBay and the like? Fuck. It’s been killing me, for almost a year.

Cue me in town now. As I’m heading home, I randomly decide to check Oxfam. I never shop there. They tend to mark-up and overcharge on everything, but why the hell not just look, I think to myself, as I head for the door to go in, completely spur of the moment.

Literally the first thing I see as I enter, right by the till; Stormtrooper vans.

£10. A flat tenner. Barely worn. I pretty much throw myself at them, knowing I’ll be buying them no matter what. Looking down… they’re my fucking size. For £10.

That is the story of how I got teary-eyed in Oxfam.

Fairy tales do come true. Holy shit you guys. I might finally be able to forgive myself for walking away last year, and lemme tell you, I LOVE MY NEW SHOES 😭

silky-maloski  asked:

you know you're coolest human being to ever walk this earth? i'm happy that you're in my life and ruining it with my days about b** p**** (vibrating ones to be exact) and you're so smol with the cutest voice ever and sometimes i just wanna squish you and cuddle you and tell you how much i love you even though pizza is my number 1 bae at the moment but i'm willing to change the order just for you and you're an amazing writer and i'm happy i met you even though you were just a person (1/2)

(2/2)that i followed for a namjoon smut that i wanted to read again later (the pool one.. excuse for forgetting the name again lol) but then we met in a group chat full of amazing people and just something about you stood out and now i’m glad that we’ve become closer. my 1st mom is amazing and you’ve introduced me to the sinbin™ and i thank you for that. now my messages are becoming a bunch of nothings and i feel like i’m confessing my love to you but i’m not i want you to smile all the time:)))             

brittany ;;; i love you so damn much, you have no idea! i’m so glad we’ve gotten closer and we can talk openly about butt plugs and our sins, though you can try to admit you’re innocent but we both know. :’) i totally wish you could come squish and cuddle me and you could ruin me with all the hobi pics while we eat pizza (because pizza is my #1 too so i think this means we are soulmates… or #soulpartners). ;___; and it’s okay you can confess your love for me… I don’t mind. :) you’re so sweet and I really appreciate you so so much, and please always remember how important you are to me! you’ve helped me through things when you weren’t even aware (aka my horrible destructive anxiety a week ago lol). I love you my beautiful amazing friend (and daughter lol)! <333

Shoma what are you doing? Shoma being Shoma...again

-will try to add a new quad, the 4S, in competition even if he only tried to land 4Lo in competition two weeks before (and had one ‘surprising’ sucess at 4CC and a complete failure at AWG)

-tells everyone he was surprised to land the 4Lo, but added it to the program either way…why do you add jumps if they are not stable????

-tells the sucess rate is not that high on either of the jumps, but he landed it couple of times in training, so let’s add it to the layout, wth is he thinking?!

-5 quads? Will he really try for insane 5 quads? Why? (Because of Nathan?)

Shoma you should chase for a clean program and not for how can I give my fans more heartattacks?

Shoma we believe in you, you don’t have to do this! 

(sorry for the rant, how am I gonna survive this?)