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Rejoice! ‘Tis the Loki of Spring here to bless you with his bushy beard and smol size!

And now that you are gone, I am going crazy. I randomly burst out into tears and I can’t stop screaming into my pillow trying to tear it apart. Because I am furious with you, with myself. Where did you go, why did you leave?
—  Excerpts of stories I’ll never finish// #183

nathaniel actively trying not to think about his sex dream with rebecca


distorts are nice


NMB48 5th Anniversary Concert: Yuri Theatre

↳ SayaMomo moments

Reasons why I am spiritually a 65 year-old professor: I read Shakespearean plays before I go to sleep. This is usually around 9:00 pm (my bedtime). I also write long rants when I think the notes are wrong. 

Reason why I am spiritually a 13 year-old boy: Every time a character says “How now,” I write, “brown cow.” 

how does one not get stressed

tinkdw  asked:

I headcanon Ketch is all over 'alternative substances' ....

You know what, I think you’re right. But I don’t think his idea of a good time on drugs and DEAN’S idea of a good time on drugs is the same.

Dean is the “let’s split this joint and watch movies under some warm blankets and eat nachos” kind of dude

Ketch is the “let’s do cocaine off a stripper’s ass in the casino VIP lounge on a Tuesday afternoon” kind of dude

(Ketch is a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie - motorcycle, tattoos, reckless awol missions/problem with authority, indiscriminate killing. Dean is not. Often they are poised as the same in canon, but their reasons for doing similar things are different, which I think would translate here as well.)

That YOI live script reading was a wild ride and apparently it was only like 10% of everything that went on.
I love how Victor fawns over off-season squishy Yuuri! Seung-gil being a kissing drunk, Phichit live-tweeting the party, and the in-universe skating fandom freaking out about Victor going missing the next day. I love how Victor is so extra and stretches naked on the Hasetsu Castle roof so he can be better than the “Chihoko” Yuuri mentioned while they drunkenly stretched the night before.
Iconic Victor quote: “I am his NOW.”
I love how supportive (crazy) Yuuri is with joining Victor so he’s not alone stretching naked. And Phichit exclaiming that they’re remarried.

Bless you Sayo and Kubo-sensei for getting together a script team and making all our dreams come true.

I’m going back to drawing for a while and hopefully catching the live-tweeting of the evening show!

TWIN ANDREWS | juggie x reader

A/N: im hoping to turn this into a short series and i hope yous enjoy it!! please hit the follow button to be updated with my blog posts! this is my first time as a solo blogger so i hope you enjoy my writing!! im also looking for a co-owner that loves to write/edit!! enjoy my lil nugs - R🌹

part 2:

“arch im kinda nervous”

i admit as we near the familiar diner

“you’ll be fine, it’s just Betty we’ve known her since we were in diapers don’t stress sis”

i huff my stomach turning as the neon sign comes into view

“i don’t know about this I haven’t been home for a really long time i think id rather just go home and rest”.

we pull into the parking lot and i turn to beg to my brother but he pulls the keys out of the ignition

“come (y/n) they are excited to see you, it’s been years at least come in for something to eat then I promise ill drive you home whenever you want”

i sit back and think it over before my brother starts again “dad wants me to help you ease back into it- it’s your first day back at school and wouldn’t you rather have people to talk with tomorrow so it’s not so-” he pauses

“terrifying” i finish

“i was going to say daunting but yeah terrifying works too” i huff
“fine but you owe me Archie big time” a smile spreads across his face as he gets out of his truck. “what have i gotten myself into” i think aloud copying my brothers actions and following him toward the entrance.

“oh and heads up I kinda didn’t tell them you were in town-”

i spin on my heels but he grabs my shoulders “it was supposed to be a surprise” he whines i run my hand over my face “fine- you’re so annoying you know that right”.

he sighs throwing his arm over me and walking me toward our normal booth we’re a spot Betty, Kevin & an unfamiliar raven headed girl.

“arch who’s the other girl-”

“(y/n)” i hear Betty call looking shell shocked

“i-i- I can’t believe your here I-” she chokes on her words.
things didn’t exactly end well between Betty & our friends when I left, after my parents divorce i went into a downward spiral and i was forced to leave with my mother no note no explanation to any of my friends as to where i was going or why and let’s just say i was terrified that they hated me.

“betts” i smile tears welling up

she looked so much older from when I last saw her the more I looked the more she looked different yet entirely the same. she stand from the booth her blonde hair swishing in her ponytail as she rushes over to wrap her arms around me pulling me into her warm embrace

“i thought you were never coming back” she whispers as she held me “me either” i whisper back crying slightly.

i pull away and wipe my eyes glancing to Kevin who’s jaw was lying on the ground “you going to close your mouth and come give me a hug or?”

he glances to me shocked with no movement as if he’s too scared to move in case I run “Kev!” i joke

I spread my arms as he climbs over the raven haired stranger and leap into my arms causing me to stumble back slightly.

“wow” he breathes pulling me at arms length examining me

“girl you got hot” he blurts

I laugh tearing up at the sight of my best friends “you finally grew your hair out im obsessed you look so so so good Chicago treated you well”

i run my fingers through my long red hair “thanks kev, it did it really did” “oh and you look so much thinner!”

I freeze at the comment catching my brothers gaze.

he senses my reaction and laughs stiffly

” I mean you look great, seriously” i breathe a sigh of relief laughing to cover my awkwardness.

“thank you i decided to loose a few pounds and well it worked!”

they smile at me “well have a seat we’ll order and we can catch up!” Archie offers and i nod slipping into the booth opposite Betty Kevin and the other girl.

“you going to introduce me to your pretty friend?”

i ask glancing at Betty

“oh of course this is Veronica Lodge-”

“Ronnie works” she smiles at me

“im (y/n) Andrews im-” “Archie’s twin?”

i nod “obvious?” i mentally face palm “yeah the red hairs a bit of a giveaway” i nod my brother sliding into the seat next to me.

“so you’ve met my sister ronnie” she nods sipping her milkshake “I sure have, will you be going to school this semester”

i nod “i sure am, now both the crazy red headed twins will be attending Riverdale hey arch” i nudge my brother.

it falls silent at my comment and i shift uncomfortably

“oh my god- what did I say?” i glance around Veronica looking equally confused.

“what other twins” she askes confused

“the blossoms..” i finish

“(y/n) I thought I told you about Jason in the car” i furrow my eyebrows at him “I just came from the airport arch i was half asleep and jet lagged i don’t think I was really paying all too much attention to you” i laugh.

“god please don’t tell me their dead- i was going to ask Cheryl for my spot back on the vixens, I miss cheer the girls in Chicago were awful”

still silence

“Jesus will someone tell me what’s going on” my brother touches my shoulder gently

“Jason was killed a few months ago- it was the Fourth of July weekend-” i zone out my breathe catching in my throat.

this is why mum didn’t want me to return home, there’s a murder running around. everything makes sense now while it seemed so eerie when I first got back and how mum refused to let me contact anyone from back home including Archie the past month.

“wow” i exhale “i had no idea- but polly oh my god Betty your sister must be devastated” she nods inhaling sharply let i said something wrong.

I glance down to my food not feeling hungry at all “um arch can we go home im not feel so hot I think I need some rest before tomorrow”

he nods “of course” “ill see you guys tomorrow” i smile waving goodbye to my friends before following my brother out of Pops and into his truck

“you okay?” i nod my attention slipping away “yeah just a lot to process that’s all” he nods pulling out of the parking lot driving toward home.

and you couldn’t help but think something was off something was missing or maybe it wasn’t a something it was a someone


Yeah Steve is a brave soldier who never hesitate to go for what he wants :D

Just some fluffy doodle! Sometimes I still can’t help but giggle whenever I think of how cute they are (sorry I am a bit crazy haha) :D Aww please go get married now! And btw MY NEW COMPUTER HAS ARRIVED :D (Yeah eventually I use my savings to buy it first and hopefully I can save it back within a year) Aww it runs so smooth and fast I nearly cry, so happy!!!

good things that happened today that prove life may not suck so bad after all:

• had a fancy bread for breakfast this morning. it had assorted fruit and some kind of cream on top of it and it tasted suuuper sweet and delicious
• told my little sister on the phone that i was coming home this weekend and she immediately screamed in excitement. it made me smile a bit
• caught up with some of the care e-mails @whelvenwings has been sending me. may or may not have laughed/cried throughout the whole process
• watched a lot of videos by my favorite youtubers that i’d been missing out on
• told some friends about my recently diagnosed mental illness and informed them about quitting med school soon. they responded (surprisingly) very nicely?
• one of them even offered me a position in his team for a neurological research that im not entirely oblivious about. thanked him for his offer and told him i might consider it at some point
• had noodles for dinner. it was the right amount of warm and spicy and it sat very nicely in my tummy
• spent 2 whole hours browsing through memes like The Cool Kid™ that i am
• realized that i’ve done a lot of things i should be proud of this week by putting myself first, for once
• you done good, citra
• you done good

hamilton + reaction to pregnancy headcanons

prompt: Hamilsquad headcanons for how they react to finding out that you’re pregnant!


  • damn he flips the fuck out
  • seriously
  • he’s probably more excited then you are
  • “i have to tell my parents, and my friends, and brag to Jefferson”
  • despite being overly excited and ecstatic he constantly reminds you he loves you
  • and kisses you so much
  • and just kind of puts his hands on your stomach and he’s just smiling so proudly
  • and thinking about how his child is going to rule the world one day and he will make sure of it 


  • “haha babe, that’s really funny, what’s the real news?”
  • “wait you were being serious?”
  • the “i’m gonna be a dad!” kind of guy
  • is crying and hugging you so tightly
  • is just bouncing off the walls crazy 
  • like the love of his life and him are having a child
  • it’s just crazy for him


  • you take him to the place you first met when telling him
  • he properly just breaks down and cannot stop crying
  • he’s just so happy he doesn’t know how to function
  • seriously
  • he can’t sit he’s just so excited 
  • he doesn’t stop asking questions despite the fact you told him you found out only a few weeks ago


  • his initial shock was quite scary
  • he’s really not the domestic type so he’s just kind of standing there in silence with a blank stare
  • probably pondering all of the possibilites
  • but when he comes back to reality he’s picking you up and spinning you around
  • and reassuring you he’s going to be the best damn father ever
  • and that he’ll always be there for you and your child
  • like you’ve never seen him more in love with something before


  • he just cries  
  • like so much
  • you tell him once he’s back from war and he just doesn’t know what to do with himself
  • he never pictured himself being a father so soon
  • but he is willing to do whatever it takes to give your child the very best
  • he’s just holding you and promising that he won’t be like his father
  • and he’s going to be there for his child whenever and wherever
  • he makes you cry a lot that day


  • “wait.. really?!”
  • physically sits you down and just starts pampering you like crazy
  • “babe, you are pregnant, i am doing everything for you now”
  • “no, you can absolutely not do laundry”
  • he literally tells everyone
  • even Hamilton
  • “my child is going to be so much cooler then your child”
  • he’s just so enthralled with you and your baby bump and he protects you from even the slightest hint of danger


  • is beside himself with happiness
  • he hasn’t looked this alive and awake in a while
  • but the announcement of the baby changed that very quickly
  • he often talks or sings to your baby bump
  • and helps you through everything
  • and reads information about caring for you and your baby 
  • and he’s just so sweet and kind about everything



@ishida can u give him a break???? its his birthday ffs