am i cool yet for posting this

I am an old lesbian.

Things have changed, like a lot!

- Subaru was the car company for lesbians to get out and stay out in. Now it’s Jeep and they don’t even have a Dana Fairbanks!

- People didn’t care that there was a masculine character with a feminine character, like Shane and Carmen. But now people find that odd. They want couples that look like Brittany and Santana.

- Oh and now Butch is a bad word? This one is still lost on me!

- Some of these kids haven’t even seen The L Word. And that was like a requirement when I was younger.

- Apparently we now have to clarify that trans woman that are also lesbian, or people of color that are lesbians are included. Like ma… of course, y'all were always included!
*If you do not include these folks, well you suck, please leave! We don’t want you here bitch!

- There are new lines within the LGBT+ community, ones that divide us out a lot more. Dude, we call it The Family for a reason. We is Family yo, we are all here we are all queer, it’s good.
*And that includes non-binary, fluid, asexual, and all y'all people too!! The +… y'all make the community go from an A to an A+… y'all important and y'all matter!! All y'all.

- Labels have always been an issue, but recently now if you use terminology mistakenly.. it’s a personal attack. But for a long time, you just politely corrected people and went about your day. Like yo I’m sorry I fucked up, but I fuck up my own address (that I’ve had for years) on the regular. We talk wrong sometimes, it’s not always personal.
*and to the folks that do mislabel other on purpose, fuck you, get up off my post!

So… I have some how managed to become an old lesbian some how. And I guess it’s cool. But like… I’m only 24 y'all. I know we progressive n shit… but like I already have grey hairs, I am not ready to be old yet!


Professor Stephen Hawking poses with Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne on the set of the movies Hawking (2004) and The Theory Of Everything (2014)

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hey Nick, that Xbox post is pretty creepy, but you might want to avoid reblogging things from sixpenceee? she is rather well known for stealing posts and posting stories from reddit without crediting the op, also being pretty gross about mental illnesses plus sending hate to anyone who dares to criticize her, its up to you as this is your blog and you are not obligated to do anything, just figured i would let you know

I am beginning to become aware of how Tumblr accounts are like the diamond industry: some of them are blood diamonds purchased from warlords. And yet, here I was, just thinking, “Oh, cool, a diamond!”

Yeah… time to stop reblogging things from anyone other than @baptismonfire

Enough- A Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: Hey there guys. Here is a little thing I’m pulling from my archive of writings. I wrote this a while back for @princesse-de-ravenclaw and am finally getting around to posting it. Figured I’d get something out to you guys because it might be a while before I post any other work that has not been written yet. I’ll try my best but I make no promises, to which I’m sorry. I hope you don’t mind that it’s kinda short. Enjoy. 

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EXO: *loses Tao in a crowd*

Chen: this calls for drastic measures.

Chen: *mischievous smirk* Do you guys think Tao will get mad at me if I sold all of his Gucci stuff on eBay?

*car engines sounds in the distance*

Tao: *pulls in beside EXO in his Maserati*

Tao: w-wait a minute, hold up!

Chen: found him!

Has someone made the joke about Reylo and Finnrey shippers being like the cat and dog lovers meme yet?

Reylos: Finnrey is cool too

Finnreys: Reylo KILLED my GRANDMA

(disclaimer: I am joking. This is humor. I am aware that neither one of these is representative of all shippers in either ship. This post is properly tagged. Please do not flame unless you are open to serious debate. Thank you)

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...I know you're probably really busy and stuff.. but I sent an ask like two weeks ago asking about Blackberry from the AU Rivertale... and how Dre would react to meeting the smol skele? Did you just not care to answer and purposely ignored it? D:

My sinCEREST apologies Anony! 💦

I absolutely do not ever ever ever ever e v e r want anyone to feel ignored,😨 it’s the LAST thing I’d want to do to someone! 😖💦

I’m deeply sorry I’ve made you feel this way, I’m also extremely aware there MUST be others feeling similarly to you- as I do get a lot of asks and a lot of submissions of people’s beautiful artwork that I haven’t found the time to post!

It’s a conundrum, really. I VERY much want to hear from you all and see your artwork and reply to you all as well! My problem is that I have a weakness with wanting to reply with a legitimate, genuine response- which takes time! 😅

I don’t wanna ⁴²⁰blaze it through these thoughtful asks and submissions with “it’s cool!” “thanks!” “ur rad!” …Although, I suppose it’s better than not being able to get to you at all?

I am so, SO very sorry. I’m not accustomed to what I should do in a situation like this yet! Should I close my ask box? That SEEMS kinda mean to do but I’d only be doing it to prevent people from feeling ignored! but boy golly! I would appreciate some constructive feedback from those thoughtful noggins of yours if ya wouldn’t mind!

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i can't believe james potter thinks he is smooth. he probably can't even open his mouth around lily without wanting to melt into the floor and disappear forever. thank god being brown prevents other people from knowing that you're blushing. i mean, everybody else definitely knows he's gone on her, but there's definitely Levels to it that they haven't realized yet, and he will protect that information with his life

i am so on board with this headcanon, it’s one of my favourites. there’s a post which kind summarises it up for (i’ll try find it to link it in) about how james potter is the sort of guy to lean on a car to look cool and then shit himself when the alarm is set off. EDIT: I FOUND IT i think that kind of summarises how fcking lame he is. also i am a believer the james potter holds the record for amount of times someone got stuck in trick steps at hogwarts because he’s always too busy staring at lily to notice them. sirius is also a firm believer that everyone else should deserve to know when james is embarrassed so he employs himself as james’ personal blush call out-er and james hits him.

iamsnowxc replied to your post “Reminder”

Alix is Arab? That’s kinda cool. :>

thatsnotrelevant replied to your post “Reminder”

Okay so I completely agree with all of this we need to stop whitewashing these kids but I didn’t know Alix was Arab? Was that confirmed somewhere? (I mean no offense at all by this if she’s Arab that’s great I just am wondering if that got confirmed or something)

Yep, Thomas confirmed it on twitter! (but like… a reeeeaaallly long time ago, back when hardly anyone watched the show yet, when we only had French and Korean episodes) Also, her surname and brother’s name are Arabic.



This is a list of the podcasts I have or am currently listening to, followed by ones I have not listened to yet and would like to.

Scifi- Wolf 359, The Message, ars PARADOXICA, SAYER, Our Fair City(post apocalyptic podcast), EOS 10,  

Horror-Alice Isnt Dead, The Black Tapes, TANIS, Limetown, Wormwood, A New Winter, Archive 81

Fantasy- Alba Salix Royal Physician, The Elysuim Project, The Bright Sessions, Supervillain Corner

About Odd Towns- Welcome To Night Vale, Qwerpline, King Falls AM, Uncanny County, Tales of THATTOWN

Comedy : Wooden Overcoats, Its About Time, Hadron Gospel Hour, Kakos Industries

I dont know how to categorize Greater Boston, Within the Wires or The Hidden Almanac, but theyre cool too Have not listened to yet- Ruby Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe, The Behemoth, Jim Robbie and the Wanderers, The Cleansed, PleasureTown, Liberty, Atlantik, Hello from the Magic Tavern, Return Home, The Rogue’s Gallery, Were Alive, Were Alive: Lockdown, A Knight Adrift, Metamor City, The Once and Future Nerd, Illusionoid

Tonight reminds me of how most of the nights were during the few weeks I recorded my album, Tropical Soul. The darkness of a storming, black day gives way to a powerfully purple and orange sunset for a brief reprieve of the horrors of high noon. During the moment of clear skies I fall victim to the hurricane in my head. I drink, I eat, I smoke…I am here. I am alive. I am with fury. I think of my friends who are no longer here. The weather outside my window begins to match up with the weather of my mind, once again. The downpour weakens to a faint-hearted drizzle claiming a tempo my soul is sucked in by. The microphone is hot. The air conditioning is broken. The window is cracked and so the duet of the rain and crickets drip into the diaphragm of the microphone. My voice and guitar melt within the holy sound stew and the whole thing turns golden as the bouquet of vibrations rushes into a black hole of recorded musings on Earth. The light is red. The sweat seeping from my pores cools the burning songs of my fever. Now I am here…yet I am more than alive. More alive than drink, more alive than smoke, more alive than food…even more alive than water itself. The fruit of life is in the electricity of the soul more so than the oxygen of the molten blood. The here and now is simply it’s greatest transmitter. We are but moons and satellites orbiting the giant planets of our problems day in and day out. An angel howls and time stops. It has been recorded.

Tumblr and the Introvert

I am hereby convinced that tumblr is the introvert’s paradise.

-Your mutual, and even follower, relationships do not require constant maintenance.
-You can reply to messages at your leisure.
-There’s no pressure to speak.
-It’s okay to become lost in your own head–no one’s going to notice/judge.
-You can take the time to thoroughly compile your posts and responses.
-Your voice on tumblr is just as loud as everyone else’s irl.
-Introverts are actually valued and appreciated on tumblr.
-You can go incognito and be an anon.
-You can fangirl without people thinking you’ve lost your marbles.
-You can pour your heart and soul out to the world and be heard and understood.
-You can be alone physically, yet still enjoy the company of fellow bloggers around the world.

I am an INFJ, the one-percent, and I approve this message.

Request (one-shot)

Oops, guess who’s back with yet another Swerve ship that nobody but me ships

Also definitely inspired by this post by @sinpom​ oooooops

Title: Request

Series: MTMTE/Transformers IDW

Ship/Characters: Megatron/Swerve with guest appearances by Ratchet and Ravage.

Rating/warnings: Explicit for heat cycles, size difference, fingering as far as the eye can see, probably praise kink because i don’t think I am capable of writing smut without it, and some gross fluff


“This is about the request,” Megatron confirmed, taking one step inside the hubsuite so the door would close behind him. Swerve’s cooling fans roared and his gaze was completely focused on him. “I’ve come to accept it.”

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Due to popular demand, making actual refference sheets for these two ♥ This almost feels like a real AU now XD I was never friends with refs, so these are kinda’chaotic? Anyway, I tried to explain and show (and joke a bit). The kind of..disclaimer (?) up there is only to clarify some things. So people wouldn’t go on teasing Boru or Junky about Frisk, when they aren’t really a thing in the original! (yet….it might happen eventually, there was a Chisk lurking near G! in Junkpile’s version, ended up little Frisk…but they keep evolving G! in their way, making many cool headcanons there…. (like him apparently playing piano!). So these are made for the Echotale AU, if anyone is interested . Maybe I’ll make a headcanon post one day too ;) I am very happy this AU is embraced and loved, thank you so much for your support! Have fun with it! 

I’ve been thinking a lot about Madi recently. 

There’s quite a few ideas floating around in my head, but I didn’t seem to be able to find the right words to express them (though I made some attempts), and then I read jaune-clair’s fantastic meta over here and it’s expressed perfectly. (Really, you should read it, it’s great.)

The thing is, anyone who’s followed me for a certain amount of time, or anyone who remembers me persistently posting in the Black Sails tag over the years (in very sporadic bursts), know I love Treasure Island. I’m that meme, basically. Long John Silver is one of my favorite literary characters of all time. And while his wife is only mentioned three times in the entire book, their relationship has always fascinated me to no end. So I’m always disappointed that she’s never included in any adaptions. Sure, I have a very specific set of headcanons for the two that no show would ever be able to fulfill, but still. She’s never in anything (except for that Eddie Izzard version which I have a liveblog of that continues once every century), which is such a shame.

When Black Sails’ first season came around, those who knew TI already went full out speculating. Max was the most popular one back then, because while Black Sails has a great deal of diveristy in many departments, there weren’t really that many options. Besides, she had a fitting relationship with Silver and it seemed like it could work. That theory has gone a bit up and down over the years though.

Enter season 3 and Madi. I think that those familiar with Treasure Island, me included, took one look at her and her budding relationship with Silver and said “Yep, it’s her”. And I’ve kind of remained in that position, and 4x01 didn’t really lessen my conviction. Their relationship is played out very beautifully, and I really felt for Madi when she hugged him in s3 as well as when she cried out for him after he fell in the water in the most recent episode. Their post-sex scene was beautifully filmed. 

And yet something keeps bugging me. 

I really want all the best for Madi. She’s a wonderful addition to the show and her relationship with Silver is really cool, as is her relationship with power and the other characters on the show. 

I think a lot of us have been too stuck in immediately going “Oh, obviously she’s the wife” to think of what that would mean. I’m not saying she won’t be, I’d still say I am about 75 % sure that she is. Maybe higher. But what exactly would it mean if she is, indeed, Mrs Silver?

I have a post in my draft waiting to be edited about how Black Sails deals with stories, both in the show and outside of it. I’m just going to briefly reference concepts I talk about that here. The core of it is, they see Treasure Island not as a definitive source, but as a tale created for children based on the actual events but far from factual (which I mean, it technically is). I think that’s a brilliant way of relating to a text. But even if they took liberties with it, there’s not much liberties to be taken with Silver’s wife. 

What we know of her, is that she and Silver run their inn together. They’re married, which is very unconventional. We know that Silver leaves the inn as well as all his savings in her safe-keeping while he goes off looking for the treasure. We know he has decided to meet up with her at a secret spot after they return and that he (and through him, Jim Hawkins) firmly believes that she’ll be there waiting for him. Jim even finishes by saying that he wishes Silver is indeed living happily with his wife somewhere. 

As I pondered this, I was trying to merge this image with that of Madi. 

Madi is a Queen. She’s a queen and a leader of her people, a co-leader of the entire rebellion against England. She’s fierce and knows that even if she cares for Silver, her people needs to come first. And I asked myself “What would make her leave them?”

And thus, as is also brilliantly described in the most I linked at first (but I also felt the need to ramble about it so here we are), we are faced with a number of options, and I honestly can’t say which one I prefer. 

1) Madi leaves her people after the failure of the war against England to go with Silver to England. While this would technically mean a happy outcome for her (she’s alive), I still can’t reconcile her willingly leaving her people behind, if they’re still standing. And then she’d just sit around and wait while Silver risks his life on some fool’s quest to maybe, maybe get some more of the treasure Flint left behind? Maybe as the season goes on I can see it. Is she dethroned? Does she think they’re better off with someone else? Is her love for Silver that strong? If any of you have any meta or thoughts about this outcome, I’d love to read it. 

2) The entire Maroon community gets killed. I really don’t want this. I mean, I know that most characters probably wont’ survive this season, and when you have a diverse yet small cast like Black Sails does, this will most likely end up in characters you’d rather see alive for representation getting killed. I know that happens, and that’s not necessarily always a fault as long as done right (and as long as they’re not the only ones dying). But for the majority of that community to be completely wiped out? I’d hate to see that happen, on just an emotional level. And it would devastating for Madi. 

3) Madi isn’t actually Silver’s TI wife. She either doesn’t go with him and chooses to stay with her people, or she dies. It would break my heart, and depending on how they do it it would tip closely to fridging. I mean, it really does depend on how she’d die. If she dies for her own cause, for her people, through her own decisions, it would be less so, true. It would work thematically. Silver is taking over Flint’s position and learning that when you’re essentially Flint everyone you love will die. The great love for Flint that put it all in motion was Thomas, and he lost him (and then Gates and Miranda too, of course), and it would be fitting if tragic if Silver’s great love Madi would suffer the same fate, and this would somehow cause the falling out between Flint and Silver.  In this case, I’d probably revert back to the Max theory, which would in some ways also be thematically fitting, given how Silver made plans for them to escape together already in episode 2.

I still think that overall, no.1 is the most likely. But the possibility that the creators are totally aware of that we (at least the people who know of TI) would assume Madi is safe was an idea that hit me. And I can’t shake it. It’s making me nervous, but I’m still completely open to all of these ideas (well, maybe less open to number 2 tbh.) if done in a way that stays true to the characters. 

I’ve mostly just rambled here, but if you have any thoughts on the matter, I’d love to hear them. I know in the end we want all of our favorite characters to survive, even though in a show like Black Sails that is unlikely. And if they do, we still want them to stay true to who they are. 

So what do you make of my dilemma? Do you just not see it as I do, or do you have another solution to the whole conundrum? 

        since apparently this is the new ‘IN’, allow me to introduce y’all to judge claude frollo ( du no fun), the character that nobody asked for !! if your dash is lacking a muse who HATES everyone & everything, has not a single ounce of humor in his bones & who gets triggered by the word FESTIVAL, then frollo might be the muse for you. for a mere follow, you’ll get the disney version who is the biggest hypocrite to ever hypocrite, & as an added bonus, you’ll also get frollo based around victor hugo’s novel upon request, who is actually pretty chill in comparison; a serious book-nerd & a man of science, who ironically has a reputation as a sorcerer. ( you can already hear disney!frollo yelling: WITCHCRAFT!! at his novel-self.) if you want others to know about this actual trashbin of a judge, feel free to REBLOG this. & last but not least, be aware that this muse also comes with a lot of triggering subjects, so if you’re a sensitive soul, then you probably just want to ignore this post / blog altogether c’: