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Yuzuru Hanyu x 2016-2017 Season x (Possible) Tumblr Tags

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this guy realllllly does not like being called short.

Ladrien June Day 15: Fear

A thought: Modern flinthamilton AU in which Alfred is still a homophobic douchebag but they went ‘fuck you’ and got married anyway.

I call this “Thomas I don’t think your husband is listening to a single word you say…… he’s… distracted”

amoxli  asked:

If you're still accepting prompts, can I have Matt and Lance just becoming a feedback loop of memes and bad pickup lines after everyone is reunited? And maybe some broganes at the end of their rope watching their boyfriends be idiots on every mission. This is like the most indulgent thing I have ever asked for but I am so deep in Shatt hell rn and also ur writing is incredible

Prompt fill for my Follower Celebration! Will also be posted on Ao3 under Towards the Sky.

I knew no memes, so let me thank @irishpixiewrites, @saltedsaltine​, and @starsoup14​ for spamming the @voltronbucks​ discord with memes for me.

@melonbugg is the answer to all of my prayers.

It was the truest moment of love, hope and family, as Pidge led her brother to the waiting members of team Voltron. She wiped the tears of joy from her eyes and introduced them.

“This is my team,” she said.

Matt’s ears perked up and he looked at her.

“What team?”

Keith started to answer, “Vol—” but Lance had already straightened his head, feeling his calling.

He took a deep breath as Keith tried to respond and interrupted.


Matt and Lance locked eyes and grinned ear to ear. A beautiful friendship was born that day.

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They’re watching baby animals videos

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[the first note of holding onto you plays] 

[rises from the dead] 




I know a lot of people want some big crossover between dirk gently and the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy but like all I really really really want is the mystery squad taking a trip to the aquarium and Dirk starts humming “So Long And Thanks For All The Fish” even though he had never heard the song