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Jun grew up in a single-parent family as a child and began his career as a child actor shortly after his parents’ separation. Later on, he pretty much begged a man whom he got along very well with within his mother’s friend circle to be his father.

Using his character from a film for ideas on how to get the two together, Jun continuously tried to act as a matchmaker. Eventually, one day while carrying a tired out Jun on his back after a filming session, the man laughed and said, “Looks like it’s fate for Junhui to be my son.” and proposed to Jun’s mother.

After a couple months, Jun’s mother became pregnant with Yangyang. Jun was originally against the idea of having a younger sibling, fearing that his parents might not want him anymore. Just like that, young Jun became mentally stressed and genuinely troubled over the matter. But after working on set with the actor of his character’s little brother, Jun began to like the idea of having a younger sibling and became excited to have a younger brother.

Jun announced that he’d teach Yangyang how to act, and would tell Yangyang every interesting story that happened on set. His parents laughed and said that Yangyang couldn’t understand him, but Jun claimed, “Yangyang is smart! Don’t underestimate him just because he can’t speak right now, he actually understands everything!”

“Acting is not just expressing emotion in front of the camera, more importantly, the emotions must be real. Acting is just like living life…”


Not witchcraft, ~*~MAGIC~*~

I could combine BATIM with SPG for stupid comics all day xD I’ll also stay up until 3 AM making said comics and be exhausted - WORTH IT THOUGH.

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Can you believe robron came back, murdered us with their golden glow, and then walked back into the sunset together???? Absolutely nothing else happened, I’m so happy :)))

The thing with Liam’s accent is that it changed so quickly. We can’t even blame it on the one year hiatus, or him being in new places recording or whatever, because we just heard him speak at the Brits 2017 when he accepted the award for One Direction. His voice/accent were good then. So what happened during that time period?!

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i'm always a slut for shunk :3c and maybe "humble" as a word prompt?

I adore the idea of Hunk being humble and Shiro being like LISTEN. This definitely could’ve gone longer but I kept it short and sweet haha. Enjoy!! 

Leaning against Black’s toe, Shiro curiously peered down at the intricate tangle of wires Hunk was navigating with ease. Black had complained the last two battles that her right hind leg had been bothering her; she was unable to diagnose the problem with her own information on hand, so Shiro had called up Hunk. From Hunk’s perspective, it had been a simple fix: the wires were touching where they shouldn’t. He just had to get in there and put everything back where it belonged.

Humming to himself, Hunk removed a knot of wires and began to sort through it, fingers quick and sure. Shiro leaned forward, unable to parse exactly what Hunk was doing. The ease with which he handled the wires was – intriguing.  Hunk ducked closer to the cables, brows furrowed as he untangled three and then flinched back when a spark jumped out. Black pinged alarm in Shiro’s thoughts. Hunk cursed.

“Uh –” Shiro started.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, just startled me,” Hunk said. “Black, we’re good. You just had a bad tangle, that’s all.”

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the colors are wrong
pinched noses - forced breaths
what good are these
paper planes?

there is no room
for question here

the colors are wrong
broken necks turn blind eyes
kindling is nothing without

is not a point of view

the colors are wrong
words cannot compel blue to red
sadness is
never simple

i cannot write suicide notes any more

Hey so you want to hold something or what
nah im fine, i love my pile of air.
*sigh* just let me-
i said im fine
hold on

be glad i didnt give you a rat.
or worse, a lizard. 

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