am i almost done

here’s one update! 1 out of 8 charms I have done with ddadds :) (this was before i did minor changes on them) I have already ordered them in–hopefully they’ll turn out great!
fhet kitty stickers should be arriving today! ahhh



11/100 days of productivity

My morning study session when well (yay!!) with the help of yogurt and a giant cookie. I am almost done rewriting all my notes for this weeks lectures and all I have to do now is draw up a weekly summary and read Middlemarch.

happy studying to everyone!

Playlist: Everything Now by Arcade Fire

Fem!Mint Yoongi feat. Unnecessary Space Background

Every inch of you is perfect from the

to the


Since a few of you expressed interest in seeing what I’ve been working on >:3c here are the banners for like every verse I’ve created for Peacock (I’m still working on the banners, I got like a million to do)