am i allowed to tag it as the ship name

i cant believe this, the first real drawing i upload to my art blog and it’s fucking sin

is there a ship name i need to know

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why do you have the tag "roses are red violets are basketball" bc it's hilarious but also I am confused

that’s the tag for quotes that contain shippy content!  back when this was a baby blog and I was young and youthful and carefree, no quotes containing or referencing ships were allowed at all, so when we started posting them I made sure they were tagged with both the ship name and that tag so people could blog things to their preference!

Don’t like Rucas? Use R*cas

Don’t like Lucaya? Use L*caya

Don’t like Riarkle? Use R*arkle

Don’t like Smarkle? Use S*arkle

Don’t like Zaya? Use Z*ya

Don’t like Joshaya? Use J*shaya

Don’t like Rilaya? Use R*laya

It’s really not that hard. We are all allowed to ship who we want and we should be able to enjoy going to our tags. I for one hate going into the Rucas tag and seeing hate and I am sure other users hate seeing hate in their tags. I just think this is something we should all try. It would make the entire fandom as a whole much more enjoyable and we could all possibly sort of learn to get along this way.

(Yes, I understand that most don’t intentionally tag a hated ship but even if you use the ship name in a post it gets filtered to other tags)

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