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Writer Sera Gamble recalls that they “started with the idea of faith healers as scary creatures. There’s lots you can say about people who twist religion for their own good…” Gamble was surprised that the hot-button topics explored in the episode didn’t raise any red flags with the producers, studio, or network. “I kept expecting someone to say, ‘No, no, no’… but no one did. The put a lot of faith in us.”

Gamble’s co-writer Raelle Tucker had a similar reaction. “It’s so shocking. I am so surprised, I gotta tell you. Sera and I, when we were conceiving of it, were like, 'It’s not gonna happen. Let’s be realistic.’ And this is a mistake that all established writers make: you immediately start to question what you’re allowed to do on television before you really even try to do it. So we end up with kind of safe stories a lot of the time across the board on TV because we’re scared. We almost censored ourselves, but then we didn’t. And everybody seemed really passionate about this idea and wanted to put it on the air and nobody questioned it.”

Excerpted from:
Supernatural: The Official Companion Season One. Titan Books, 2007: 72-73.

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers!

OK, this is difficult, so I’ve been putting it off! 

  1. I like my hair colour.
  2. I like that I’m pretty good at choosing friends that I think will be good for me. 
  3. I like that I am pretty comfortable around lots of people, but that I’m also comfortable just being by myself.
  4. I like that a childhood spent watching Friends allows me to have a random quote for any given situation. 
  5. I like that I found this awkward and difficult because I hate to think of myself as conceited or self-obsessed. 

And there we have it! 

okay so percy’s messages to EVERYONE were gorgeous and wonderful and made me tear up but the pike one just made me really especially happy because, as is my wont, i am always most emo about pike & percy

Pike, it is good to have you home. You bring everyone closer to their best selves, and I can only imagine what a burden that must be. Allow yourself some vice and failure. We’ll still love you just the same.”

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mun's ships for Gaius?

[Insert the given disclaimer about no one needing to uphold the ships listed, blah blah blah. You guys know the drill. Also, Tumblr is doing a thing, so I’m gonna post this with like 0 formatting and then I’m going to edit it later and put it all under a cut I’m sorry for this ugly chunk of text you guys are going to have to wade through but I have a lot of feelings.]

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Open Auditions for Kennedy Lacey

Hello all! So, due to stress and the general business of life, our Kennedy VA can no longer work with us on that aspect of the podcast! While we’ll miss their voice dearly, this means we’ll need a new VA for our lovely night-time security guard.

Name: Kennedy Lacey (clothes check)

Gender: Male

Voice: Vault

Job/Role: Nightshift Security Guard/Announcement Person

Appearances in Podcast: At LEAST every other episode

Personality: Generally bored, cynical, and sarcastic with a dry sense of humor. Never gets excited, really. Self deprecating, makes many empty threats. He’s tired of people pulling things on his time.

Try-Out Lines:

“Announcement for the two cowboys having a showdown in aisle five, we get you’re both very strong. Please put the guns down before I come out and shoot you both.”

“Attention customers: Guns are banned from the store. Guns are not allowed in the store. If I see one more gun, I am going to shoot myself with it.”

“Notice to the young woman from what looks like a time that ranches were a big thing: I see your shotgun. Please place it down. Pl- You shot the cameras. Well played.”

“Would the being in the bright, neon pants and nothing else please come to the security office? You’re breaking about 15 store policies and blinding the customers.”

Email it to me at! I’m looking to get this done as soon as possible <3


I can’t speak for any other writers or artists, or the show’s intention, none but my own– but lapis and peridot, I wanted to create the experience of a growing queer relationship. Again- this is only my intention. Can’t speak for anyone else! Many people are writing those episodes. But. I don’t want to have people have to sit down and put together puzzle pieces to see if they were represented. Not in this day and age. That game is so tiring. As for amethyst and peridot, again, this is only my writing intention, I wanted the feeling of a “first time crush” that you go on to then be close intimate friends.  Anyone who wants to see the narrative they want is completely, 100% allowed to. 

But I wanted to close the book on this- I am queer, and intend fully to write queer characters when I do.  

I hear women are putting their “I Voted” stickers on Susan B. Anthony’s gravestone. However, today I urge you to think about Ida B. Wells, Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Piper Ensley, and all the other incredible Black women who fought just as hard for women’s suffrage–despite facing racism from Susan B. Anthony and her white followers. Anthony made great strides for white women, but she wasn’t looking out for women of color.

As women, as voters, we need to do better. Looking forward, I hope these next 4 years allow for progress, compassion, and intersectionality.

Today, I am proud and grateful to be voting in my first Presidential election. And I owe that fundamental right to so many women who do not get the respect and honor they deserve.
9-year-old becomes first openly transgender Boy Scout
“I am accepted, and I’m actually in Boy Scouts," Joe Maldonado said.

The Boy Scouts of America recently lifted its ban on transgender scouts, and 9-year-old Joe Maldonado has a lot to celebrate. He joined a scout pack a week after the ban was lifted, making him the first openly trans Boy Scout.

Joe tried to join the Boy Scouts last year, but he wasn’t allowed because parents complained about having a trans boy in the pack. 

The leader of Joe’s pack, Kyle Hacker, helped Joe put on his uniform and kerchief and taught him the Cub Scout salute and Scout oath at his first meeting.

“This means you’re the same as Scouts all over the world,” Hacker told Joe, according to The Record.

For Joe, the event was especially meaningful because it showed he was finally being accepted.

“This is fun; I’m so proud,” he told The Record. “I am accepted, and I’m actually in Boy Scouts.”

“This means you’re the same as Scouts all over the world.” Crying. Go, Joe.


Comic inspired by the handplates AU by Zarla’s, the only Undertale reinterpretation that really touched me.

It’s not the most beautiful thing in the world, but at least we put a lot of effort into it(probably that’s what my teachers said to each other when I graduated). Tried my best to draw in her style.

@zarla-s, sorry for the dumb questions and thank you for answering them.

Wingdings: “DRILL” and “TAP”.

Versão em português.

Now some details:

  • Unintentionally, the very center of the comic is Papyrus’s soul.
  • I am pretty sure that blue magic would allow Gaster to control the hand but I find this scenario more interesting.
  • That thing is called “tap”. When a hole is done, you use it to make an internal thread so screws can fit in. This works for metal, I am not sure if bones work like that. Those papers are on display basically for you, reader.
  • They are fragile because they are hard, kinda like glass. They also are expensive. I think that Gaster most likely finds more upper halfs of them because the lower half would be stuck in something.
  • If I remember it right, Sans wasn’t able to hear Papyrus screaming, but I keep imagining he hearing a low indistinguishable sound and that is Papyrus.
  • You may think that Papyrus was too amazed by the idea of being tortured a bit more, but I think he was extremely confused.
  • You may have noticed(now you have) that Papyrus’s ribs are marking his clothes(if that can be called “clothes”), but trust me, it’s better this way.
  • I do have that yellow screwdriver, that safety glasses and that lamp(it is very usefull), the papers are actually part of my material about technical drawing, and the nametag was inspired by my mom’s nametag.
favorite parts of batb (2017) thus far

bc it’ll be fun to see how much i can add after i do see the movie in full

*in no particular order*

  • lefou’s little wink to gaston while singing the lines “you can ask any tom, dick, or stanley / and they’ll tell you whose team they prefer to be on” and basically implying that gaston can turn all the straight men gay
  • gaston being the one to put his arms around lefou!!! like, “too much” my ass, gaston, you initiated the cuddling!!!
  • also “i’m not done with you yet” “neither am i” aka lefou being cute n gay
  • gaston not knowing what “je ne se quois” means when he lives in france
  • beast’s little smile after he threw the snowball that knocked belle over, like, who allowed for this so-called monster to be so darn cute!!!
  • belle automatically assuming every inanimate object in the castle is alive and promptly asking a hairbrush for its name
I need to get away
before you see all that I am
and all that I’ve been through

I bet it just a matter of time
before you realize
what a mess I put myself through

And I never wanted the time to come
when I will see disappointment and disgust
reflected in your eyes

So let me run away for good now
before I get too deep
and trust you too real

And allow me to be
the one who walks away
because I won’t ever manage if it’s you.
—  cynthia go // Running Away








G U Y S. 



Dearest Lilibet, I know how you loved your papa, my son. And I know you will be as devastated as I am by this loss. But you must put those sentiments to one side now, for duty calls. The grief for your father’s death will be felt far and wide. Your people will need your strength and leadership. I have seen three great monarchies brought down through their failure to separate personal indulgences from duty.You must not allow yourself to make similar mistakes. And while you mourn your father, you must also mourn someone else. Elizabeth Mountbatten. For she has now been replaced by another person, Elizabeth Regina. The two Elizabeths will frequently be in conflict with one another. The fact is, the Crown must win. Must always win.


Dearest Lilibet, I know how you loved your papa, my son. And I know you will be as devastated as I am by this loss. But you must put those sentiments to one side now, for duty calls. The grief for your father’s death will be felt far and wide. Your people will need your strength and leadership. I have seen three great monarchies brought down through their failure to separate personal indulgences from duty. You must not allow yourself to make similar mistakes. And while you mourn your father, you must also mourn someone else. Elizabeth Mountbatten. For she has now been replaced by another person, Elizabeth Regina. The two Elizabeths will frequently be in conflict with one another -

This thread only applies to sugar babies LIVING IN THE US who want to put their cash allowance in their bank, or if they receive direct bank deposits from their sugar daddy. These answers apply to this tax year (2016). I am not a tax professional, so please keep in mind that it’s always best to consult a tax professional when dealing with money!

1. Can I put my cash allowances in my bank?

SITUATION A: Total cash deposit UNDER $14,000 a year: Yes, it’s fine to put your cash allowance into your bank account. But remember that ANY bank transaction leaves a permanent trace. Many banks are obligated to report any deposits over $2,000, but this depends on federal/state laws and rules with your bank. Considering the nature of sugar baby/sugar daddy relationships and the scrutiny it receives, you may still want to consult a tax professional to make sure you don’t face any issues with the IRS, especially if you have multiple SDs giving you allowances under 14k. For total allowance under 14k in a year, your sugar daddy is not required to file anything with the IRS.

SITUATION B: Total cash deposits OVER $14,000 a year: Yes, it’s fine to put your cash allowance into your bank account. You can receive an unlimited amount of money as gift without facing any taxation or legal repercussions. Your sugar daddy should report the gift on his taxes (Form 709), or else you may face issues with the IRS.

2. Do I have to pay income taxes on the money I receive from my Sugar Daddy?

No, you do not. Sugar arrangements are technically a “relationship”. If there were no services or goods rendered for the cash or property, this money falls under the classification of “gift", and you do not have to pay income tax.

3. Do I need to pay gift taxes?

No, you do not have to pay gift taxes. If the allowance you receive in a year is over 14k, your sugar daddy will have to file a gift tax return. Although your sugar daddy will have to report gifts over 14k (per person) to the IRS, he most likely will not have to actually pay any taxes unless he has given away $5.45 million in gifts in his lifetime. He’ll have to fill out a Form 709, but he won’t have to actually pay any money to the IRS.

4. What if my Sugar Daddy pays my medical bills or tuition?

If your Sugar Daddy pays your tuition or dental/medical expenses (including health insurance premiums), it won’t count against the annual exclusion (that’s the 14k a year limit I mentioned earlier) and he won’t have to file a gift tax return regardless of how much he pays – but only if he make those payments directly to the service provider, such as the school, doctor or insurance company. You won’t have to file anything with the IRS either. If he doesn’t pay it directly and just gives you money for your tuition/medical bills, it’s just treated as a cash gift.

5. I don’t want to deal with all these laws and rules but I don’t want to handle everything in cash! What can I do?

You can always ask your sugar daddy to pay your bills and expenses directly, he could give you a prepaid debit card, or he could give you a credit card. These are all safe ways to receive financial help without having to deal with your bank.

Please comment below if you have any other questions. :)
Please note that even if you deposit small amounts of cash throughout the year, if your reported income and your bank account $$$ doesn’t add up, you may get audited. Sugaring is legal and you DON’T have to pay taxes on it, but if you can’t prove it’s a gift, you can still get audited! On the other hand, it’s VERY rare. Unless you are making bank from sugaring (I mean like 5-10+k a MONTH), and saving it up all, you probably don’t have anything to worry about.

Of my own volition,
I’ve decided to put myself down
Beauty is not my thing I decided
It’s crept into my mind
That I don’t physically look stunning
Nor am I brimming with intellect.
No amount of practicality
Is allowing me to construe
This sudden notion
Of feeling dumb
Its making me
Delirious when I get praise
I feel shallow and listless.
I am abandoned with only pain
Left to soothe my worries.
I feel like a dry leaf
Writhing under the hot sun
With no one having enough time
To take a look at it.
I feel parched and pulverized
An anecdote reaches my thirsty heart
“It’s all right letting yourself go as long
as you can let yourself back”
For the detour, I’m waiting.
—  Manasa Kumar
okay. this is how im calming down

griffin actively recognized that the ending of petals to the metal, while unintentional, was an example of bury your gays. and he did his best to rectify that. he knows that the trope is bad and doesn’t want to do that shit.

taakitz was a very intentional piece of representation. no bones (ha) about it. the mcelroys obviously know how attached the fandom, especially their lgbt fandom, is to the couple. there is so much fanart. they know how important those two are to us.

kravitz is not going to die. no way are the mcelroys gonna do that. they learned that lesson and they won’t do it again. this scene was put in to establish how dire the hunger main plot stuff has become, because after this the campaign will swiftly move on to that.

yes! of course you’re allowed to have an intensely emotional reaction to this. i am still shaking! griffin put that scene in there to freak us out about the hunger plotline (although he couldnt know how intense some of our reactions would be) look at my liveblog, i freaked out. you’re allowed to be concerned, and it sucks that we’re at this cliffhanger. but:

1. they’re going to return to it soon!! the plot will do something about this; it isn’t a throwaway.

2. the mcelroys learned previously that “bury your gays” is bad and wouldn’t do it again, especially with how attached the fandom is to taakitz.

3. things are going to be okay. kravitz will be fine, the main trio will be fine, you’re gonna be fine. believe me.


Ruki: I’m reading every single one of your birthday messages one by one. thank you so much for the many feelings you guys are giving me.
Ruki:  this year again I want to focus and work even harder to deliver exciting things to all of you! this year will already be the GazettE’s 15th anniversary. from now on I’ll be waiting for lots of fun things. let’s all make this an amazing year.
Ruki: also, I was finally able to announce 『NIL DUE / NIL UN  TOKYO』and I’ve been very particular about not only the music and images or the CD jackets but also all the things I am putting out including the website and LIVE GOODS.
Ruki: I’ve been thinking about it for a very long time, through the production of all kinds of things at some other point I decided to start NIL DUE / NIL UN  TOKYO as a place that would allow me to bring out all those items and things that I personally find really cool, things that I couldn’t quite display within the scope of LIVE GOODS only.
Ruki: I hope I can make this even more fantastic and add a touch of beauty to it with the music that I’ll be making myself. we will definitely be producing nice things so stay tuned! 🙆
Ruki: P.S.
it took us about half a year but yesterday we finally finished the mixing of the ballad best-of re-recording.
Ruki: looking back on all sort of things, I’m truly happy that I now have a place where I can express what’s on my mind and I wanna keep nourishing and cherishing this. I won’t let anyone take this away from me and it was a birthday that made me think, once again, that I wanna make lots of things that you guys will love for many many years to come 🤗
Aoi: he has something he wants to do. he has a place where he can express it.
I want him to enjoy this blessed environment and to bring out his talents to the full.
ah, I’m having Yakiniku*!\\\└(‚ω‘)┘////
*Yakiniku means grilled meat/BBQ