am i allowed to cry now

BMC Characters As Things I've Said While Doing Illegal Things


Jeremy- “Am I allowed to stand up or is that weird?”
Michael- “I can’t tell if it’s from the drunk, but I’m gayer than ever right now.”
Rich- *crying about the one time I ate a lobster and how it ‘stared’ at me*
Chloe- “She needs to stop, and like, I hate her face, stop her, I’m so mad like can she just stop getting in everyone’s business?” *insert 5 more minutes of angry high rambling*
Brooke- *paranoidly runs into CVS to spray on perfume to cover the scent of weed, only to panickingly spray deodorant onto my jacket, not realizing the perfume was right next to the deodorant, and continuing to speedwalk out of said CVS*
Jake- “Guys. Stop saying fish are dumb. They probably can understand us and feel bad about themselves and- oh my god they can’t cry because they’re in water already.” *cries for 30 minutes*
Christine- “I sing better when I’m drunk.” *continues by belting out showtunes*
Jenna- *laughing uncontrollably because someone said they needed their 'ralph machio helmet’ as they tied paper towels around their forehead*

happy birthday, rans!

celebration - how rans cellies his bday with his bros


“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling twenty-two,” Holster croons, shouldering into the room with a tray filled with breakfast food and coffee.

“Mmm Holtzy,” Ransom murmurs, sitting up in bed. He pulls the covers around himself as Holster sets the tray down and snuggles up next to him on the bed. “Birthday cuddles starting early this year?” Ransom chuckles.

“I’d cuddle you all day if I could, birthday boy,” Holster whispers, mouth pressed to Ransom’s neck. He peppers kisses up the column of Ransom’s neck until Ransom finally turns his head to catch Holster’s lips in a proper kiss.

Bitty and Lardo:

When Ransom gets to Jerry’s, Bits and Lardo are already sitting at their usual booth.

“Happy birthday, Rans!” Bitty exclaims when he sees him, scooching over to make room for Ransom next to him.

“Happy birthday, bro,” Lardo grins, reaching a fist over the table for Ransom to bump. “We ordered you some mozzarella sticks and those wontons you like already.”

“And lunch is on us, so get whatever you want!” Bitty adds.

“Thanks, guys,” Ransom smiles.

“Now,” Bitty says, “Tell us what the dumb biology teacher said today.”

“Oh my God,” Ransom groans, ready to go in.

Chowder, Nursey, and Dex:

Ransom has to laugh when he walks into the Haus and is immediately greeted by all three frogs screaming what seems to be a rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Chowder practically tackles him into a hug while Dex holds out a beer for him and Nursey shoves a present into his hand.

“You guys didn’t need to give me a present!” 

“Just open it, bro,” Dex grins.

Ransom nearly cries when he sees the ‘Mashkov’ on the back of the jersey.

“Holy fuck, guys, we made him cry,” Nursey says.

“Shut the fuck up, this is so nice, I’m allowed to cry,” Ransom chokes out, grabbing the beer and taking a long slug.”I am now formally requesting a birthday frog cuddle.”

He’s knocked over onto the couch immediately and ends up wearing half the beer, but he figures it’s worth it.

Jack and Shitty:

“Shits, the fact that you’re naked is not helping me convince my teammates that this Google Hangout is not a weird sex thing,” Jack whines.

“Woah, woah, woah, are you saying this isn’t a weird sex thing?” Ransom laughs, “Then what is my birthday present?”

“Your present, young Justin, is our presence… and also the Falcs tix and Tim Horton’s giftcard,” Shitty answers, smiling widely on the screen.

Shitty and Jack start bickering, then, and Ransom loves it. It’s just like old times, with Shitty and Jack still in the Haus. It’s a good way to end his birthday - the same way he ended his last three birthdays, now that he thinks about it.

“I love you guys,” he grins.

“We love you too,” they both chorus back.

For NTs: Manic Impulse Explained

It’s not what it looks like. It’s not wilful self destruction. It’s not a cry for help.

Imagine the most important moment of your life, the pivotal decision, the fork in the road that changes everything 

- accelerated.

So I want to instantly (this very hour) do a thing… this very, VERY important thing.

This is the thing that I have only realised RIGHT NOW is so incredibly imperative. I know it’s impulsive but it’s utterly, utterly brilliant. This is what I need to do. It’s such a great idea. Besides I’m young, this is supposed to be my time, I am allowed to be spontaneous! I can’t believe I’ve only just realised how much I really, really need to do This thing. This is absolutely what I was supposed to be doing all along!! I’m going to do it right now, no point waiting, I’m more sure of This than any decision I’ve ever made before! I have absolute freedom, I am without restriction, I will accelerate to euphoria and success.

Possibilities for ‘This’:

◻️ Drop out of college to pursue something I’ve never even heard of before.

◼️ Resign from a good job I actually enjoy.

◻️ Classic ‘Sex, Drugs and Psychosis’ brand of mania.

◼️ Viciously abandon every friend I have because ‘they’re holding me back’.

◻️ Literally run away to live with someone I’ve only just met.

◼️ Buy business supplies in bulk, for an idea I’m bound to have later.

◻️ Dump my boyfriend/girlfriend on a complete and utter whim, to revel in the turmoil.

◼️ Abandon life, buy a one way ticket to a country I have nothing to do with, have nowhere to stay, no way to get back and no money or safety when I get there.

◻️ Tattoo of something so profound I can’t even articulate why I want it.

◼️ Drink all the spirits in the house alone for literary ‘inspiration’.

◻️ Play with knives to feel the power of taunting mortality.

◼️ Seduce this romantically committed person, chronic boredom likes challenges.

◻️ Buy 14 pairs of these same shoes: it’s an investment.

◼️ Stop taking my meds because they’re stealing my potential. Manic me is the true me, they’ll take her away . After all, what if the Doctor’s are wrong? Maybe I function in a higher plane, all great innovators do, and there must be a misunderstanding.

◻️ Open water swimming, alone, at night, in a very angry sea.

◼️ Start collecting reptiles… I think I’ll start with five… I’ll be going to the shop now.

At the time these decisions don’t appear reckless, ridiculous, risky or wrong. They seem like the most sensible and obvious thing in the world. We are not attention seeking. We don’t have a death wish. Our ability to judge risk is just monumentally impaired and the urgency of these actions becomes overpowering. This is why unintentional death is so notably high in rapid cycling bipolars.

We are brave and inspired and running on double time to the people around us. We are the glorious and the invincible… and sometimes we are running into traffic for the joy of the adrenaline hit.

We’re hitting the ground running… hard… and usually in the face.

If you’re able to help us, please do, but know what you’re looking it. Stare the ugliness of mania in the face but know, with doubtless certainty, that for us, it is most beauteous thing, the most precious place we’ll ever be.

And it’s going to be heartbreaking to leave.

Just One Song? [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: If you saw my post a while back, you know what this is. I hope you all enjoy this! @memento-scribet here you go, you said you needed some fluff. <3


Song: Ed Sheeran ‘Perfect’


If their is one thing you cherish, it’s walking in on Jason singing. He never sings around others, always saying it ‘wasn’t good.’ However, he has the most amazing voice. Very few know of this hidden talent, the only others who know this are Alfred and Bruce.

Whenever you come through the door or wake up and hear him, you immediately freeze as to not let him know of your presence. Loving when you can catch him with his back turned and can just watch and listen.

Every time he realizes you were listening he gets embarrassed even though it was beautiful. Whenever you ask him why he doesn’t sing more often it’s always the simple answer of “I just don’t sing around people.” However you think he’s insecure about it. He shouldn’t be though because he has an amazing voice and you don’t hesitate to tell him that.

But you don’t pester, knowing it will only make him agitated. You’re content with just catching him in the act. Your relationship progresses with or without his singing. And soon enough he’s down on one knee while you’re cheering “Yes!” and pulling him to his feet to plant your lips on his.

That’s right you’re engaged to the vigilante. And wedding planning isn’t quite up his alley. So you take care of most things with a friend of yours and Alfred of course, while he’s out taking care of the city. Though it seems like he’s doing some sort of planning himself. He’s been absent during the day and always humming some sort of tune.

You take notice of his fingers being even more calloused than usual and his voice is sometimes scratchy or quieter than normal like he’s losing it. Though, over time his voice returns to normal and his fingers seem to have grown used to the new callouses. Leaving you to think it was just some sort of new training.

After his voice grew normal again and his fingers adjusted he began to pester you to help, saying he’d take care of the band. You were a bit reluctant, thinking it should be a joint decision, but he was so determined about it you gave him the task. Alfred promise to keep an eye on him, but you trusted Jason to make the best choice.

You were so caught up in the planning and dress shopping and cake tasting it was a blur. Before you knew it you were at the rehearsal dinner. Happy to see everyone there, your family & friends, Jay’s family, even some of the league members. Oliver and Dinah were there with Roy, Barry and Iris with Wally, Of course Kori. Plus a few others through Bruce.

You weren’t expecting such a large guest list but Bruce insisted on taking care of any expenses. It was a great rehearsal, but when it was over it was soon time for your friends to swoop you away saying “Can’t see the bride before the wedding”

You laughed at the look on his face, but broke free from your friends. Gave him a quick kiss before returning to them.

It was lonely that night, not being used to sleeping without Jason. Not that you couldn’t sleep either way. It was too exciting, that next afternoon you’d be marrying the love of your life, who could sleep knowing that?

The day was hectic. Primping and plucking through all hours of the day. A friend doing your hair, having denied when asked if you wanted a stylist. You didn’t want anything too out of your normal and your friend knew just what to do.

Then was getting into your dress and making sure everything was perfect. Soon you were left to be on your own for a bit. Your brides maids running to do any last minute checks. Though one brides maid stayed with you, Kori. She stood behind you as you were in awe at how you looked.

“You look gorgeous” She commented, making you turn and smiling at her. “I feel like a princess” lightly touching the fabric. She came and stood next to you, “You look like one”

“I can’t wait to see Jason’s face” she giggled causing you to do the same. “Yeah” breathing out a sigh, lightly swaying to allow dress to sway as well. “I am so happy for the both of you, it is about time something good happen to Jason. You are the best thing to happen to him” she said sentimentally.

“Kori I swear if you make me cry right now I’ll never forgive you” You laughed turning to her. She laughed too before hugging you and whispering, “go get your prince” before turning to leave you to yourself.

Looking back at the mirror you felt so many different feelings: giddiness, nervousness, fear, joy, love. You felt so much love. Remembering what seemed like every memory with Jason in it. Losing yourself in your thoughts before hearing a knock on the door.

“Come in” you called. Your mother came in and smiled widely at the sight of you. Tears threatening her eyes, “You look so beautiful sweetheart” making you grin wider. “I feel beautiful” looking back at the mirror. She hugged you before saying “Okay before I cry, it’s time dear” gesturing for you to come.

Taking a deep breath you followed, lining up behind your brides maids. Plus the flower girl and ring bearer, Lian looking adorable in her flower girl dress and your brother’s son wearing a tiny tux. 

It was just perfect.

But not as perfect as Jason’s reaction upon seeing you. The boy couldn’t breath, so many tears he almost made you cry. This was probably most people’s first time seeing his soft side. He couldn’t believe how gorgeous you looked, it was like an angel.

As the ceremony went on you both couldn’t help but continually look at the other. When it came to the vows, Jason did make you cry. His words were the most beautiful thing you’d ever heard. And he felt the same way about yours.

Finally you got to say your ‘I do’s and it didn’t take Jason more than a millisecond to kiss you when told. He dipped you and everything.

The reception was the next thing. It was beautiful, in the back of the Manor in the gardens. You and Jason had your first dance as Mr. & Mrs. Todd. You danced with your father, and Bruce, and all of Jason’s brothers. Including yours and many of your other family members.

You listened to the stories your best friend/maid of honor had of you and the many hilarious stories Roy had as Jason’s best man. It was amazing and you couldn’t think of anything to make it better. But it somehow managed too.

Talking to one of your aunts you were soon interrupted by a microphone back firing. “Whoops sorry about that” You heard Jason’s voice say before a laugh. “I uh, I have a surprise for someone tonight. [F/n] you always ask me to sing for you and I never do it ever because I’m a bit nervous about it. But tonight’s special and we both overcame many fears today, so what’s one more? This is for you babe, I love you” he said before putting a microphone in his ear and beginning to strum on a guitar, a song you know all to well. The first time you listened to it, it almost brought you to tears. ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran.

Hearing the guitar now explained the new callouses he obtained, and when he started singing it explained his sore voice from before. His usual voice was even more beautiful, obviously having taken lessons.

Making your way to the front upon hearing the first lyrics. 

“I found a love for me
Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead
Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet
Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me
‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love
Not knowing what it was
I will not give you up this time
But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own
And in your eyes you’re holding mine”

Stopping upon reaching the front of the crowd. Covering your face before uncovering your eyes. In a way that it covered your nose and mouth only.

“Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight”

He sang while coming off the stage, and pulling your hands away from your face to see your smile. The band taking over with the music as he continued. 

“Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know
She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home
I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets
To carry love, to carry children of our own
We are still kids, but we’re so in love
Fighting against all odds
I know we’ll be alright this time
Darling, just hold my hand
Be my girl, I’ll be your man
I see my future in your eyes”

Your heart melting at the third and fourth line. He cupped your face during those lines before taking your hands and pulling you to dance while he sung to you.

“Baby, I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful
I don’t deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight“

Waltzing around the empty dance floor in what felt like an empty world with only the two of you in it. A smile on both your faces as the band played during a instrumental portion of the song. Jason rested his forehead against yours and you closed your eyes. 

“Baby, I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
I have faith in what I see
Now I know I have met an angel in person
And she looks perfect, I don’t deserve this
You look perfect tonight“

He slowed you to a stop on the second to last line. Leaving you to stare into the others eyes as the song drew to a close. You cupped his face and kissed him as the violins ended the song. What seemed to feel like a romance movie moment.

Pulling away you grinned widely as his lips matched yours. Ignoring the applause from everyone and hearing multiple people, including his brothers, asking “Did you know he could sing?”

Though Alfred and Bruce just smiled contently at the scene, knowing full well what Jason was up to. Who do you think got him the singing, guitar, and waltz lessons?

It was a perfect end to the perfect night.

Bonus (After Honeymoon):

You walked out of the bathroom having ran in there after getting home from work. Jason just figured you really had to use the bathroom, having not seen the bag in your hands.

“Uhm, hey Jay?” You called, making him look at you from where he was seated on the couch. Reading a new novel he got on your vacation. “Yeah Mrs. Todd?” he grinned, you’d been home from your honeymoon for a few months and that still made you tingle.

“You remember the song you sang to me?”

One of his eyebrows raised and he smiled saying, “Yeeess?”

“Well their was a verse that read ‘To carry love, to carry children of our own.’ Remember?” You reminded and he nodded confused as to where you were going with this.

“Weeelll.” Taking the three sticks from behind your back. “The line got what it wanted” presenting the three positive pregnancy tests.

His eyes widened as he rushed over to see the items. “Oh my god” he whispered. “We’re going to be..?? I’m going to be..?” looking at you shock on his face

“A father! An awesome, amazing father!” you smiled widely. He showed a beaming smile before sweeping you into a hug and spinning you around. Then putting you down and pulling you into a deep loving kiss. “We’re going to be parents” he placed a hand on your stomach his eyes diverting there before returning to yours. 

You nodded as he just kissed you again.

You know what they say: First comes love. Then comes marriage. And well you know the rest.

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Pairing: Reader x Minghao
Genre: angst, an ounce of fluff
Request: “can you write a minghao angst? um an imagine where he has to practice hard bc a comeback is soon and you both barely talk or hang out. and then you go to the dorm to see what’s up or to check up on him and since he’s stressed, he gets frustrated or something and you both get into an argument. idk, but lots of angst and then fluff at the end?”
Word count: 2,009
A/N: Requested by anon. I hope you like it!

You rarely saw Minghao these days. At best, you’d get a few texts, at worst, several days of nothing. At first, you’d been okay with it; long absences were in his job description. It was just part of being an idol. Every so often, the two of you wouldn’t be able to see each other for a while. Usually it was because of tours. He usually made the effort to text you, sending you photo updates and reminding you that he loved you. He often texted you so much that you would sometimes forget that he was away. You could handle that; they made your reunions all the sweeter. Even when he was practicing for long periods of time, unable to see you for a few days, he’d video call you, and you’d fall asleep talking to him. But that had all been in the beginning. It wasn’t quite the same now.

It had been a month of little contact. You knew that he was busy; Seventeen had a big comeback on the agenda, and there was a lot riding on it. You’d been excited about it at first. You’d hear the boys babble on about all the ideas they had, the ones they wanted to explore, how excited they were to meet Carats. It had been cute. Unfortunately, you’d seen the stress begin to wear on them; some more than others. You knew that being an idol wasn’t easy. And you respected that. But there were boundaries, right? A relationship couldn’t survive on minimal contact. And, even worse, was he overworking himself?

You checked the time on your phone. 10:58 PM. You knew that Minghao had a short break at 11 PM. You’d decided then would be the best time to visit. You lingered on the screen for a little longer. It was a photo of you and Minghao, with a dog between you. You remembered the day it was taken. The two of you were visiting a friend’s house, and much to your delight, there’d been a puppy there. Minghao had fallen in love with it immediately; you had about a hundred photos of just him and the dog in your camera roll. You hadn’t seen him smile like that in a while.

That was the last distinct moment you could remember of the two of you being happy together.

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Normal//Supernatural One-Shot

Originally posted by weallneedcastiel

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader, Jay (OC)

(Y/n) giggled as she walked out of the school. When she started high school, she expected it to suck, just like the movies. To her surprise, she loved it. Her day was always the same: Wake up, eat breakfast, have Sam and Dean drive her to school, go to her classes, get picked up by her brother, go home, do homework, eat dinner, study lore, and go to sleep after pestering her brothers to do the same. She didn’t mind the routine, but as of recently, that had changed.

Lately, (Y/n) had been telling her brothers that she had to stay after school. Every time they had asked her what she had been doing, she would have just responded with, “I’m part of a study group. We help each other with homework and sometimes, we even tutor lower classmen.” She had the brightest smile on her face, her dimples popping out. (Y/n) was always so convincing, and she was so compassionate, so they had believed her.


Jay laughed as he drove down to the road to the ice rink. Captain of the hockey team he was. He had full access to the ice, even after hours. He looked over at (Y/n). She had been singing some kind of classic rock song. Of course she knew it, she grew up around it. Jay had been the happiest he had ever been with her, and nothing would ever change that.

Soon enough, the couple had pulled up to the ice rink. Jay quickly got out and opened the door for the female sitting in the passenger seat with a wide smile.

(Y/n) wore a smirk as she grabbed his hand and got out of the car. “Always a gentleman,” she teased.

“Anything for my girl,” he grinned, kissing her cheek.

(Y/n) shook her head with a stupid smile. She started running. “Last one in is a rotten egg!” She shouted.

Jay chased after her quickly. Once he had caught up to her, he wrapped his arms around her and spun her around, causing the girl to squeal and laugh loud.


The two teenagers had stayed longer than they had expected. They of course lost track of time, being two teenagers in love. They had spent their time skating around the ice, and even playing hockey… Well, it was more… Jay teaching (Y/n) how to play hockey.

(Y/n) tried to hit the puck into the goal again, but Jay had blocked it… Of course he blocked it. He was meant to play hockey. He did all his life, and now, he’s getting scholarships.

“Jay,” the girl whined, “This is impossible. You’re a pro at this. I’ve only just learned how this works!”

Jay laughed and skated over to her. He took off the glove and padding, but kept the helmet on. He grabbed her face between his two hands. “I’m sorry, doll,” he teased. “I know I’m not being fair.” He chuckled as she smiled back at her.

“I know how you can make up for it,” she teased.

“Oh yeah?” he questioned. “How can I do that? I’d do anything for my girl.”

(Y/n) grabbed the helmet and took it off of his head. She giggled at his messy hair and ruffled it before leaning into kiss him.

“I’m more than okay with this,” he chuckled, kissing her back.


Sam and Dean had been getting worried.

“Where is she?” Dean exclaimed.

“I don’t know, Dean!” he shot back. “She isn’t answering her phone!”

“Oh, God,” Dean panicked, “Sammy, what if something happened to her? Our baby sister could be getting tortured right now!”

Sam looked like a light bulb had gone over his head. He ran to his laptop and started to furiously type.

“What are you doing?” Dean asked his brother.

“While we were busy panicking, I forgot that her phone has a GPS in it,” Sam stated. After harshly hitting the “enter” button, he started to scroll. “I have an address, let’s go.”

Dean grabbed the keys to Baby and they both ran to the garage.


After around ten minutes of driving, they pulled up to the rink. The brothers had grabbed their guns and ran to the door. Soon enough, they burst through the door. What they had seen shocked them.

What was there? Two teenagers, on a blanket, on the ice, naked.

Jay and (Y/n) had jumped when they heard the door open. They quickly scrambled to get their clothes on. Once they did, they were both red messes.

“Sam, Dean!” The girl exclaimed, “What are you doing here? I told you I was staying out late, like I always do!”

“It’s eleven at night!” Dean exclaimed. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? You’re too young to be doing… This!”

Jay’s eyes were wide as he stuttered. “W-We were j-just–

“Save it Ken Doll!” Dean barked at the boy.

“(Y/n), let’s go,” Sam said, his voice stern, “We’re going home.”

(Y/n) nodded and looked down. She started walking towards her brother. She noticed Jay giving her a worried glance. “I’ll be fine,” she told him softly, “I’ll promise…”

Jay nodded and leaned over to kiss her cheek. “I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you,” she whispered back.

Jay nodded and walked over away from her to clean everything up, ignoring the harsh glare from Sam and Dean.


Soon enough, they Winchesters were in the Impala on their way home. The car ride was awkward and silent. (Y/n) knew that she was in a lot of trouble, so she didn’t say anything.


It wasn’t too long before they were back at the bunker. Dean slammed the door closed behind them. They all sat down.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Dean asked.

“It’s not that big of a –” she started, but she was interrupted by her second oldest brother.

“Not that big of a deal?” Sam questioned. “We thought someone took you, only to find out that you were having sex with some kid we didn’t know?” Sam scoffed. “Were you guys even being safe?”

“Of course we were!” (Y/n) shot back. “What, you think I’m stupid?” She asked. “You guys are so hypocritical. Stop acting that you guys weren’t doing stuff like this at my age, at least Dean was, and anyways, you guys go out to bars all the time and sleep with women you don’t know! At least I knew this guy! We’ve been dating for half a year,” she ranted.

“You’re grounded!” Dean yelled at her. “We will not be disrespected by you, and you will not be seeing that boy anymore outside of school! No more, ‘study group’ or ‘tutoring’ either!”

“That’s not fair!” she yelled back.

“You know that we can’t have connections like this!” Sam told her. “If you want to be a hunter, you have to learn that.”

“Well maybe I don’t want to be a hunter anymore,” she huffed. “I started tutoring and study groups because it looks on college applications and people actually pay attention to me,” she confessed.

“We give you a lot of attention,” Sam claimed.

“Really?” She retorted. “Because if you did, you would’ve seen my Class President posters that I used for my campaign. You also would’ve see that the day that I won, I came home wearing a t-shirt that said, ‘Student Body President!‘”

“Okay, we’re sorry that we didn’t notice, but you’re still grounded,” Dean said.

“You don’t get it, do you?” The girl asked.

“Get what?” Sam questioned back.

“I’m part of student council because it looks nice for colleges, I’m in study groups and I tutor for extra credit and because colleges love it. I want a normal job, a normal life. I want to earn my money, and I want to go to college. All this school stuff, Jay, and especially Jay are the things that make it possible for me to feel normal. They’re the closest thing I have to being normal until I graduate and leave Kansas, and you’re trying to take it away from me…” At this point, (Y/n) had tears in her eyes. Just as one fell, she sniffled and wiped it away before running to her room where she sobbed all night long.


Sam’s heart hurt. She wanted exactly what he wanted when he was younger. She grew up the way that he did. Her parents were absent from her life, she wanted to hunt but was never allowed to, and now she realized that hunting isn’t what she wanted. She had fallen in love and she was done for, she wanted that life.

“I am hypocritical… I wanted the same thing and I just tried to stop her from having it,” Sam stated in a sad tone. He rubbed his face in frustration. “I’m a terrible brother.”

Dean didn’t say anything. He just looked the the ground with sad eyes. To hear his baby sister cry was the worst thing ever. It made his heart wrench. “I’m going to bed,” he told Sam before heading to his room.

That night, it was hard for both of the brothers to sleep. It wasn’t until one in the morning that (Y/n)’s sobs stopped. They didn’t go in to talk to her. That would’ve made things worse, and that was the last thing they wanted. All they could do was wait for a later time to talk to her. It would be one hell of a wait.

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mrriggerworld  asked:

We all give Kara grief for being so obvious with her identity, but Alex is definitely worse, at least at the DEO, because you know she's got a clamshell picture frame on her desk, Kara dressed up for her first day at CatCo on one side, early Supergirl victory pose on the other, and whenever J'onn tries to say something, Alex just gives him a look like "Am I not allowed to be proud of my sister now?" and he walks away, because he keeps pictures of the both of them in his wallet.

because he keeps pictures of both of them in his wallet.

Gonna Be Okay

Summary: Ian goes manic and has a panic attack, and Mickey helps him out with a proposal.

Word Count: 1955

Notes: For the person who requested this, I hope this is what you meant. I was trying to make it romantic but not cringey with panic attack— hope it worked! :)

Over the past few days, Ian was acting overly energetic, and abnormally horny. Luckily, this time he stayed away from any other guys or porn stars; though this meant that he and Mickey would fuck like twelve times a day. Another factor was that the redhead must’ve gotten three hours of sleep over a four day span due to the fact that he was jumping off the walls. It was extremely erratic behavior, which sent alerts to everyone that Ian needed a med change.

Everyone who knew the redheaded Gallagher boy well enough were worried sick about him. Mickey had been following him everywhere he decided to go, and Fiona was trying to set up another doctor’s appointment, but apparently there was a few days wait. In the meantime, everyone worriedly kept an eye on him, but there was only so much that they could do.

One day it was a bit different though. Ian stopped jittering and telling crazy stories, instead he said, “I should take a nap,” then laid down on the couch.

Mickey was fiddling with the small box in his pocket, but when Ian spoke he raised his eyebrows in suspicion and turned to face his boyfriend. “Are you serious?” He could imagine that Ian was tired, but he couldn’t imagine that he’d even realize it in his current manic state.

“Mhm. Tired,” Ian mumbled and began to close his eyes. It was the first time in a few days that Mickey heard real exhaustion in his voice.

Mickey slowly made his way over to the surprisingly sleepy redhead. “Okay,” he nodded. “You know I have work? I gotta go soon,” he spoke softly. Then he squatted down and ran his fingers through Ian’s hair. He couldn’t believe how beautiful this boy was in all his forms.

Ian smiled softly. “I know. Go. I love you, see ya later,” he titled his head upward so Mickey could kiss him, which he did.

“Um, o-okay,” Mickey spoke in a leery manner. He wanted to believe that Ian was passing through this, but he was fully aware of how unlikely that was. “I love you too. Sleep tight.” He tucked him under the blanket, and watched Ian as he walked into the kitchen.

When Mickey got to the kitchen, he found Lip and Fiona standing near the counter with beers in their hands. When they saw his disheveled look, they each looked at him with a questionative expression. “What’s up?” Lip cocked his eyebrow.

“He-he, um, said that he’s gonna take a nap. One of you watch over him while I’m at work, please?” Mickey rarely asked for anything, so they knew when he was serious. “I don’t want anything to happen to him.”

A hopeful look plastered across Fiona’s face. “Wait. I mean, that could be good, right? Maybe he’s getting over this.”

“Fi,” Lip said sorrowfully. “I’m sorry to say it, but has it ever turned out that way with Monica?” He averted his eyes from his sister to the beer in front of him. It hurt him to relate his mother with brother because they aren’t the same people— they never could be.

Fiona let out a choking sound. “I know.”

Mickey frowned and put his coat on. “You’ll fucking watch over him, right?” He asked the two eldest siblings before leaving the house. “And call me if he needs me?”

“Yes, of course,” Fiona nodded and waved him goodbye. Mickey stormed out with worry; he truthfully hated leaving Ian more than anything. Fiona watched after him while Lip stared at the sleeping boy through the doorway of the living room.

* * *

While Mickey was at work he felt his phone start to vibrate through his pants. Out of instinct, he quickly scavenged through his pockets to get his phone out. He rumbled through the box and his wallet before finding what he needed. When he finally reached his cellphone he realized that was Debbie who was calling. Before he had the chance to answer, the call ended. “Fuck,” he said to himself as he redialed Debbie’s phone number. “C’mon,” he said into the cell phone.

“Mickey,” Debbie responded franticly. The Milkovich boy let out a sigh of relief, just for the fact that he heard her voice.

“What’s going on, Debs?” His voice was full of worry like it has been for the past few days.

“Ian. It’s Ian. He’s bugging out. He’s screaming that people are coming after us, and he’s going nuts. You need to come home. Hurry, Mickey,” she pleaded.

Within a millisecond, Mickey rushed out the door. He wasn’t mindful enough to tell Kev why he was leaving. Never in his whole life had Mickey ran so fast. He sprinted so fast that he couldn’t feel his legs, but he heard his heart beating in his ears. The worst possible case scenarios were shuffling through his mind, which made him as a run faster. He needed to get home.

When he arrived to the house, he heard the sound of glass shattering. Bolting his way in the house, he saw Ian knocking over lamps— it looked like it was in a defensive way. There were tears flowing out of his eyes. “No! They won’t take you! I won’t let them take the people I love,” he cried out. No one knew what the hell he was talking about, but they were all scared.

Suddenly, Ian dropped down to the floor. He wrapped his arms around his legs, shoved his face between his legs, and started sobbing. The redhead was shaking, and it looked uncontrollable. The next thing to happen to Ian was that he started hyperventilating, which was enough Mickey to go off the deep end.

The Milkovich boy ran to overly distressed boy, and pried his fingers from his face. “Hey, hey,” he said with love and worry. “Please, look at me. You need to look at me.” Ian’s eyes squinted open, and there were tears crowding them.

“Th-they wanna take you away,” Ian cried.

“No one’s trying to take us away, okay? Listen to me, no one’s trying to do that,” he grabbed Ian’s face and wiped away the tears as they poured down. He watched as Ian looked around the room, but frowned as he started to shake and sob harder. “Ian,” he said sadly and wrapped his arms around the boy. He ran his hand over his boyfriend’s hair. “Talk to me.”

“I-I–” Ian tried to speak, but nothing came out. His hyperventilated worsened.

“Okay, okay,” he went back to holding Ian’s face with his own hands. “Breathe. You gotta fucking breathe with me.” He took a deep breath as a representation. “You see what I just did? I want you to do the same.” He kept taking these deep breaths until Ian could catch on, and once he did they started breathing together.

After a while, Ian started to calm down a little. “I’m crazy,” he pushed his head into the crook of Mickey’s neck. “I’m a psychopath,” he said shakily.

“Shhh,” Mickey hushed him as he soothingly rubbed his back. “No, I love you. You’re not crazy. I love you.” He kissed his cheek and rested his forehead on Ian’s.

Another sob came from Mickey’s throat. “I’m so sorry.”

Mickey shook his head. “It’s okay. It’s gonna be okay.” He kissed him on the side of the head once again.

For a while, they sat on the ground. Each boy ignored the faint sound of cries from the rest of the Gallaghers, but they stayed wrapped in each other’s arms. Ian’s eyes were shut so tightly that one would think he’s trying to block the world from his sight. While Ian was doing that, Mickey was holding back tears of his own.

Eventually Ian whispered to Mickey, “I wanna go to sleep. Can we?” Mickey nodded and helped Ian up. They walked up the stairs hand in hand, leaving the rest of the Gallaghers without anything to say to them.

“What was that?” Carl said nervously. He hated seeing his brother struggle with this disorder.

Fiona frowned. “It was a panic attack, bud,” she frowned as she placed a hand on Carl’s shoulder.

“At first though, when he was talking about people trying to take us, he was paranoid. It turned into a panic attack though,” Lip added.

Carl made a sad face along with his sister Debbie. “Can we help him?”

“We’ll get him some new meds. He’ll be okay,” Fiona said in a upset but nonetheless optimistic tone. “We’ve got him. Mickey’s got him. Until he can get to the doctor, we’ll keep watching over him like we always do.”

Fiona and Lip noticed the younger kids sad expressions. Liam didn’t really know what was going on, but even he was frowning. Lip made his way to his youngest siblings, and took Liam in his arms before kissing each of their heads. “It’ll be alright.”

* * *

Mickey tucked Ian in on his side of the bed and pressed a faint kiss on his forehead. He placed a hand on his boyfriend’s cheek for a moment. Suddenly Ian grabbed at his wrist. “You deserve more than me,” he frowned.


“Someone who you could have a fucking stable relationship with.” More tears welled in Mickey’s eyes.

Mickey snorted. “This is the most fucking stable I’ve ever been, you dumbass. I love you, Ian.”

“Do you though? Could you love someone so crazy?” Ian mouth curved downwards. Mickey fought past the idea of shouting at Ian because he knew that this was the mania speaking.

Suddenly a realization hit him— there’s a box in his pocket that really claims the love his has for him. Taking a deep breath, he pulled the velvet box out of his pocket and got down on one knee, causing Ian to jump up from under the covers. The redhead could not believe what he was seeing. “Mick—”

“Fuck you if you ever think I don’t love you. Ian, you are the one and only good thing in my life. You’re the reason I am who I am— a better person than I ever thought I could be. And I could care-fucking-less about how crazy you are because it makes you, you. I need you. No matter how hard it gets, you’re my fucking rock, and I fucking love you. Now to fucking set this in stone, would you marry me?” He opened the box to show a beautiful golden ring that had the words ‘makes me free’ engraved on the inside— it was reminiscent of the day Mickey came out.

Ian allowed the tears to stream from his eyes because this time he was crying tears of joy. After all he’s put Mickey through, he still loves him. “Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you. I love you, I love you so much.” He allowed Mickey to slide the ring onto his left hand.

Mickey then got onto the bed and pulled Ian into a passionate kiss— a kiss that showed more than words or a ring could ever show. The two then proceeded to go underneath the covers together.

Ian wrapped an arm around Mickey’s waist and put his head under Mickey’s chin. Mickey had one hand on Ian’s head and the other wrapped around his back. Their legs were twined together as well. Ian had to curl up to be in this position due to his tall height, but it was still comfortable for them. They held onto each other like they were each other’s lifelines, and in that moment, that’s exactly what they were. The boys fell asleep like that— tangled inside of their own world, completely isolated from everything and everyone around them.

Okay I wasn’t going to say anything because I had already posted a gifset but I’m crying yet again so here we go

Before I started watching you, I had no idea who I was. I don’t think I even cared enough to find out. But after watching your videos, interacting with the community…That changed. I’m starting to know who I truly am. I’m starting to accept who I am.

I’m really excited to see where you go and to see what you do next, because I know it’s going to be absolutely wonderful.

Thank you for everything.

Guide to Produce 101

(based on s1)

This is generally how Produce 101 season 1 went. Season 2 will most likely have a few changes and probably some improvements (or quite possibly some downgrades), so don’t take this as a guide to how season 2 will run. This is just for anybody curious about how the show went down.

I would recommend watching Season 1, as it was really good and emotional, and I.O.I are actual treasures on this earth.

If I am missing something, let me know! If anybody has any questions too, I will definitely answer them! I love Produce 101 so much, and I’m hoping for this season’s success as well!

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“Mum, dad, thank you.”

Remember when they didn’t allow her to be a singer? Remember when they said they’re gonna give her one last chance, and if she still failed the audition, they’re not letting her go on anymore auditions? Now here they are, her parents, in her mv, watching their daughter grow as a singer. Thank you Yong parents for giving Yongsun one more chance. Thank you RBW for accepting her in. Thank you Yongsun for persevering on☀️️

anonymous asked:

Lololol hey dork! It's me again. I never imagined that you would spasm over the keyboard like that after I gave my honest compliments lol. It makes me happy to read that YOU'RE happy. Totally worth staying up a little extra at ass-o-clock in the morning. Also, the Prompto-thing is cute! (The one where Gladio snatches his phone to say that Prompto was screaming their name) Do you have any more shenanigans with a reader whose friends with the chocobros?

you need a special name because every single time i see you i get so excited like omg i love you so much and i hope you love me too you fool omg dfjshakjh i get so excited bless your soul

Chocobros With Their ChocoTagAlong

  • Gladio is a bed in himself because 1) he needs someone to hold to and 2) he is a bed in itself he is so big like holy shit
  • Ignis will watch in slight annoyance from far away as everyone leaves their dishes and never returns to help
  • bonus points with Specs if you help with the dishes
  • Noctis gets morning wood and calls it his light stick
  • Reader beat the living shit out of Noctis for asking them to take care of it for him
  • Then also teased the shit out of him for it
  • “Does the princely night stick glow???”
  • Cue Prompto and Gladio snorting and howling in laughter
  • Ignis cracks a smile and silently pushes up his glasses while peering towards Reader because hahha smart one kid
  • One time Prompto brought up being a Dragonkin
  • Reader slapped him upside the head
  • The one time Prompto was in the back seat he got so flustered because Gladio kept talking about Chocobros
  • and it made Noctis tease his best friend about fetishes
  • Never again.
  • Everyone thinks that Prompto is into chocobos sexually now
  • Even Ignis doesnt play around with that shit
  • If they have rides for the next few days, Prompto can only depend on Reader to be his new best friend
  • They still tease him
  • When they get to Altissa, Noctis threatens to fight Weskom
  • And the old man just stares him down like “BO I”
  • Reader was just cackling
  • once upon a time
  • in the back of the Regalia
  • Ignis reached across Reader and slapped the LIVING SHIT OUTTA GLADIO FOR FLIRTING WITH READER
  • W O O O O O  DAMN
  • it was fucking halarious
  • Like oh damn down goes the big man
  • im cackling it rhymes
  • Gladio sat there in straight up horror and just stared at ignis like ‘you did not just disrespect my beautiful cheek bones you annoying little twink’
  • and we all know Iggy
  • He just raises his eyebrows like ‘what you gonna do you lil ho’
  • Gladio shut up real quick after that
  • Reader makes Iggy’s coffee now because he trusts nobody but them in that back seat
  • Noctis is butt hurt over it
  • “It was the only job I was allowed to do”
  • “Noctis your coffee tastes like actual shit”
  • He didnt talk to them for like three days
  • more like three hours because eventually they had a super cool link in battle
  • i am kidding i cant continue this right now im actually crying in laughter.
  • but this is a series now kids
To Take (Pt.1)

Summary: With all your memories gone, and the sudden information that you are now a vampire–who do you trust? Do you trust your mind that says to hate Yoongi? Or your heart that says you could never? 


Anonymous said:

 Could I request a Yoongi vampire AU scenario where he’s the vampire prince and you’re a human he’s chosen to be his so he turns you to be with him and you have to move into the castle and all that, and you start out hating him despite him trying to make you like him through kind/sweet actions and gifts because you didn’t want to be turn and you keep rejecting him, until you eventually fall in love with him too? 


“Y/N, what would you do if I said that I wasn’t human?”

You grinned at him, reaching for his hand. “What would you do if I said that I already knew that?”

He let out a breath through his teeth, and, with pain in his eyes, his hand tightened around yours. “Why did it have to be you?”

You woke up to morning light leaking through curtains that looked expensive–but maybe weren’t. The comforter on the bed, though soft, seemed to swallow you whole. You thought that maybe the bed could have been yours, but you weren’t sure; there was a sneaking suspicion in your otherwise confused state that had you believing that you didn’t belong there.  The elegant yet ancient brick of the walls of your room appeared semi-foreign to you–this was not the home that you had lived your entire life in, but you’d been there before.

Well, it wasn’t like you were sure that you didn’t live there; you couldn’t remember your past, how old you were, what your house might have looked like, the country you were in, or even your name. The only memories that survived in your blanked out brain included a young boy with dark hair, expensive children’s clothing, fangs, and a bright red ball.

“Y/N–you’re awake.” You shot up into a sitting position, turning to face the owner of the voice. His hair was slicked back and dyed a light pink, and, like the young boy from your memories, he wore expensive looking clothing: a suit collared up to his neck; it appeared to be made out of fabric that would be more suitable for palace curtains. For some reason, when he opened his mouth, you expected there to be fangs.

There weren’t.

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I started with angst, dipped into fluff for a bit, then this slowly became my first ever attempt at dirty talk. 

I need a drink. 

Tagging the senpais: @roses-and-oceans @cupnoodle-queen @gladiolus-mamacitia @itshaejinju 


Word Count: 2,597

Originally posted by littletaro

“How long are you going to keep this up?” You ask, but Ignis just turns his back to you again with his hands pressed against the shower wall and letting the hot water run down his back. Trying to jump in the shower with your boyfriend had backfired, with him brushing you off and you feel a little silly because you realized that bribing him with sex wasn’t a real way to solve the problem. 

There was no harm in trying, but when he just said ‘I was just about to get out’ in his typical, monotone voice, you can’t help but feel pissed off. If you thought Ignis sleeping on the couch or him not coming home until after you were asleep made you feel low, his emotionless voice always made you feel horrid. You preferred hearing him scream and yell at you, but when he was only speaking to you in a monotone voice…

It was almost like he didn’t care about you at all. 

“It’s been almost a week, Ignis. What, am I not allowed to have any guy friends? Am I not allowed to have a drink with a coworker after work if he happens to be of the opposite sex? If Nyx was a girl, you wouldn’t be having any problems with this, and you know it," 

Still no response. You’re full on crying now at this point, because you’re done with this. This stupid fucking stalemate all because he caught you being a little tipsy with Nyx after work. 

"Do you want to break up with me?” The words burn as they leave your mouth-this isn’t what you wanted. You had hoped Ignis would come to his senses and realize he was being a jealous prick, but if this was how he was going to act, you figured maybe it was better to end things now before you got hurt any more. 

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The Tragedy of being a Writer on the Internet

The internet has somehow managed to form an expressive form of English loaded with more information than the words by themselves, and yet I cannot use them for fear of being seen as obnoxious, or even cringeworthy. And yet, I still find it fascinating that the same sentence can mean something completely different based entirely on how it is typed; there seems to be no adequate equivelent in the written and spoken word. Only through typing and html are we able to properly differentiate:

“Aesthetic” vs “Aesthetic“

“I hate you” vs “I HATE YOU”

“This is incredibly sad. I am crying right now.” vs “Thhiis is incrredibyy ssad. I;; aam ry,,yIng riiwght noww.“

“Wanna see a movie together, wanna call it a date” vs “Wanna see a movie together, wanna call it a date

“Don’t do that” vs “dON’T”

“That is not the intended use for that item, sir” vs “that is not thE INTENDED USE fOR tHAT sIR!

“Take on me.” vs “Take on meeeeeeee”

“But mom” vs “But Moooooommmmm"

“You’re not allowed to touch that thing” vs “You’re not allowed to touch that thing” vs “You’re not allowed to touch that thing 

“Whatever you want, sweetie” vs “whatever you want, sweaty. :)

I guess I just feel cheated about the fact that something so obviously expressive is deemed as some of the lowest forms of writing. I don’t want to write books that read like a Tumblr trashpost, and yet at the same timeI feel like most professional writers are missing out.

Defeated 1/1

Post ep Per Manum

What is a miracle? Is it something we can reach out and touch? Is it tangible enough to even recognise?

To understand its power; its majesty? Or do miracles happen every day only to pass us by? Are we too blind to see them?

I wish I knew the answers. I wish I could believe Mulder as he holds me gently against him as I cry these bitter, angry tears; tears that have been so long in coming and that now take my breath away with the sheer effort it takes to cry them at all.

It’s so long since I cried like this, so long since I allowed myself to dissolve in to pieces in front of him. I try to remember when I last felt this hollow, this empty, but I just can’t. The effort is too much for my bruised senses right now and I’m aware of nothing else but the feel of his arms as they tighten around me.

His whispered words reverberate around my head and even though I know he means well, that he would never intentionally hurt me, his words pierce me like needles to my skin, needles that have seemed to govern my very existence over the last few desperate months.

Never give up on a miracle Scully

He means to comfort me. To take away the sadness I saw reflected in his beautiful hazel eyes. But I don’t believe in miracles the way I once did, I don’t even want to believe anymore. Because belief brings with it false hope; hope that I am finding more and more that I just can’t continue with, the past seven years having been a never ending emotional roller coaster ride of desire and disappointment, everything I once imagined life would be cruelly torn away from me.

And for what?

A handful of answers balanced against a hundred questions just isn’t enough anymore. It’s not enough to justify what we have been through together, not enough to justify what has been taken from us.

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like honestly,  you guys are incredible ?? i owe you all so much for making me feel so welcomed & loved in such a short span of time ! i’ve only been up for a few months & i’m already loving you guys so much. i have made some really close friends already, who deserve a lil’ special THANK YOU of their own. so without further ado, here is a huge thank you to these cocoNUTS

@facadesmiled / ace

ace, man, where do i even begin ?? we’ve been through it all…the thick, the thin & basically everything in - between. it’s just been the two of us together for literal YEARS now - it’s nuts but in a wonderful way. you never cease to make me smile & feel giddy & happy, you are honestly the brightest & sweetest ray of sunshine & incredibly talented in everything you do. & i will never thank you enough for all you’ve done for me : when i needed a shoulder to cry on, when i needed someone to rant with, when i have bizarre rarepair ships that border on the edge of crack & seriousness, & when i simply want to relax. i’m keeping this short for the sake of things, but honestly i cannot express how much you have meant to me & will always mean to me through words alone, & i’m proud to call you my girlfriend  ♥ ♥ ♥

@moanaialiki / monie !

MONIE MONIE MONIE !! i am so glad that i approached you on anon that one day shyly introducing myself as “a new maui” bc honestly? that started the budding of a beautiful friendship between us & i’m always glad that i did befriend you, because you’ve ended up meaning a hell of a lot to me. your is amazing & you bring your own beautiful take on her to the table, but you are equally amazing as your own memey self. i’m so glad i was able to find you & click with you, because you really DO mean a lot to me & i’ll never take you for granted !!

@seetheirsoul / @servesthegods / blue !

BL U E !! you’re an amazing person to talk to & your portrayals are always so flawless ?? thank you for bringing to life kubo & allowing me to cry about these two demigod brothers with you ! i’m so glad i’ve been able to form a friendship with you & given ma.ui such a meaningful relationship. i hope to continue to get to know you better & breaking our hearts with these lovely boys !!

& now onto the rest of my mutuals & beloved followers, who i am eternally grateful for, below the cut. pardon if i missed anyone ! in no particular order  )

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