am i a ~hipster~

Highlight of my day #1

My day off. Meeting up with an old med friend for coffee.

They’ve been doing surgery as a resident, and have announced big news.

After being miserable a solid two years, they are now going into anatomical pathology training. Hours are 9-5. 5 days a week Minimal contact with nurses, students and patients. Small part of me hates them for the lifestyle they are about to receive. But I’m also 9 parts out of 10 overjoyed, knowing how much they hated their job up until this moment. 

This, as we drink our delicious free trade organic hipster flat whites and eat free range chicken in fusion sauces we can’t pronounce for $$$. In an elegant but simple venue that is so un-starbucks like, but still feels weirdly like it’s part of some type of hipster franchise, when really it’s just a fad that’s now mainstream.

As much as I make fun of hipsters I probably am one. We both have hipster glasses and wear converse all stars. I certainly mop all the hipster coffees I can. A small luxury I can afford, or small ‘victory’ in life after all the years of studying and finally earning some measley salary as a resident. 

another small victory is seeing a close friend so genuinely happy, relieved, for the first time in years. It’s strange. I knew they were unhappy, but never knew how much until seeing them liberated of an unwanted future.

there’s a guy in one of my classes who i am secretly battling for dominance over by wearing awful hipster outfits. i dont know if he is thinking the same thing but regardless i intend to win

i thought i won today when i walked into class wearing my awful 1995 figure skating tour of the world (sponsored by campbells soup) t-shirt, mom jeans, and 1980 moscow olympics-theme denim jacket but then he had to walk in wearing a donald duck jacket with matching donald duck socks like what a fucking power move


OH MY GOD, you guys, 

so Metropolis, IL (pop: 6,000) is a small farming town in southern, il (the closest airport is paducah, kentucky) that has so far previously been known only for putting a 15′ fiberglass Superman at the end of main st. (ok, technically, Market St)

complete with a superman ‘museum’ (gift shop) across the street

(side note, turns out I am secretly an asshole hipster snob because I refuse to wear any superman shirt that did not come form this store. i just sent my mother to secure a new one, which is actually why i got the snapchat that lead to this post)

This is, like, “World’s Largest Ball of Twine” quality of American tourism. A++ Americana, should absolutely have appeared in an episode of Supernatural (except for the, you know, the copyright/trademark issues and for how SPN is filmed in, you know, Canada). 

BUT if you google this statue today, right now, 8/21/2017, 11 am, you’ll notice something about google’s people tracking:

BECAUSE Metropolis, Illinois (pop: 6,000) is IN THE PATH OF THE ECLIPSE. 

A fact they have apparently prepared for because I got a fucking snapchat from my family (assholes, i’m so pissed i couldn’t go), and I noticed a small but AMAZING DETAIL (not counting the fact that the cousin forced to pose in front of the statue was named Lex, good job, mom).