am i a silver fox now


genre: a mixture of angst + 250 mL of nasty, all set in a hogwarts!au because why the fuck not

star of the show: NCT’s Yuta

word count: 2,541 words

author’s note: for @thenctcults . I hope this is ok ;__; 

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opening line: “You are both my beginning and my end, the link between us unbreakable.” 

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this is ah-may-zing, like where has this been all my life???

Percolating inside my gay little brain. It’s my favorite fantasy — Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Except Everyone Is Lesbians 

And while I’m totally into the female Graveses that have been drawn by amazingly talented people who should be praised forever for their gifts!!! I’m also just. like. Look, the appeal of Graves, for me, is that they’re all masc self-confidence and that silver fox look and I honestly RARELY see that portrayed in women outside of uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lesbian leather daddy porn and Home Depot.

Now there’s certainly a more feminine version of the WASP-y proper fuckwad that Graves is. That’s totally legit.

But… [JAZZ HANDS] Butches.

And stuff like stone butch/high femme and BOARDING SCHOOL LESBIANS and high school baby gays and all that is just… Classic Lesbian Tropes. Which are vastly under-appreciated in my opinion.

Anyway, I am literally ready at all times to talk at length about my many, many, MANY thoughts about Fantabi: Everyone Is Lesbians

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You're killing me with all these photos J. There's so much more gray in the beard now than we've ever seen before too

I’m killing myself. I am living for all the grey in the beard. He’s starting that (probably slow, but worth the wait) journey into silver fox and I can’t wait.

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The Silver Fox is easily one of my favorite fanfics of all time, of any fandom. I do have one tiny quibble, for Ryan to have a kid in college in his thirties he would've had her in his teens, so he would be in his forties-fifties. But that's one tiny quibble with one fantastic fic, I love it so much!!

Aww, thank you so much, buddy! That’s so sweet of you and I am honestly blown away that something I wrote on a crazy whim is actually some folks’ favourite fic now! Like…that’s insane!!

And you make a very good point about Ryan’s age! I thought I mentioned it in the A/N, but for clarity’s sake, this Silver Fox AU Ryan is supposed to be a good bit older than the Ryan we know and love!

In fact….his exact age may be revealed in an upcoming sequel that I’m finishing up…

And maybe, just maybe, if there’s enough demand for more after that, I might end up exploring the age thing in more detail in further fics?

……who knows what could happen? ;)


Lilac Foxes (F!Corrin x Gunter)

Written by @pt-piranha

“… What.” Leo asked flatly.

Leo and his siblings had visited Corrin on several occasions as they grew, and that was time enough for all of them to notice how Corrin occasionally had… odd tastes. But this was unexpected. Here they stood in the halls of Castle Krakenburg, listening to Corrin’s big announcement.

“Gunter and I are getting married!” Corrin repeated, just as happy as the first time.

“Yay! I’m so happy for you, Corrin!” Elise ran over and hugged Corrin. “Ooh, ooh, can I be the maid of honor? Can I? Can I?!”

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So this is the full post, the changes I’ve made, albeit small changes, to the Fox Hunt AU.

I am working on more of the plot itself during this update! I’ll be finding a way to keep notes and all that stuff.

The symbols on their faces are relating more to Alchemy symbols now, though couldn’t find a super close one to Bill so he got Gold anyways, maybe he rebelled and really wanted the gold symbol.
Dipper is Silver and Mabel is Copper.
The idea of them being Dream hunters (Bill and Dipper) is still going too, as for what was said on the very first post I put! If there are any questions or suggestions to this AU, I’ll answer them, given that I can actually have my brain cooperate on providing them.

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Well, well, this is the Uchigatana crafted by Sahyoenojo Fujiwara Kuniyoshi from Awataguchi School. This particular sword is called Nakigitsune. The peculiarity lies in the fact the name is carved on the different side!


Fox: Well, well, this is none other than the Kamakura-period uchigatana, he who is named Nakigitsune. I am his companion fox! Nakigitsune: ……Please take care of me.

Nakigitsune was forged by Awataguchi Kuniyoshi (粟田口国吉) in the first half of the Kamakura period (1185–2445).

He was unique during that period as uchigatanas were rare among the samurai class and still in developmental stage while tachis were the main weapon for cavalry warfare. Which is why he calls Kuniyoshi’s signature(銘) an exquisite mark as it is signed on the sashi-omote(差表)* side of the blade’s nakago(tail-end that goes into hilt), an indication of a uchigatana. While signatures on tachis are signed on the haki-omote(佩表)* side.

That’s why if you compare Nakigitsune’s sword with others, with the signature facing the same way, his blade appears upside-down.

Another precious point about the signature is that it bears the full name complete with the honorary title of Kuniyoshi which is: Sahei no Jou Fujiwara Kuniyoshi ( 左兵衛尉藤原国吉).

His size is small for a uchigatana, closer to a wakizashi, in fact he’s only 54.1 cm long.

Nakigitsune is always together with his fox companion who speaks in place of him, as he is shy about talking to people. It is also an interesting play on Nakigitsune’s name, which means howling(鳴) fox(狐).

Nakigitsune has never been used for battle. His resume consists of sitting in display at Akimoto’s family residence for hundreds of years and then continue to lies unused over at Tokyo National Museum. No wonder he is so shy with social interactions, since he has hardly ever stepped out into the human world, always observing from within the glass case.

The sword was handed down within the Akimoto family, the daimyou of the Tatebayashi fief in Kouzuke province, but it’s not recorded when the sword came into the possession of the Akimoto family. Being the shy and quiet type, Nakigitsune rarely or almost never speaks. His fox companion is the one who speaks for him that even Kogitsunemaru finds it weird.

The fox’s personality is somewhat salesman-ish as we can see in many of his lines:

“C'mon, c'mon, stop by right here and take a look around!” This line is something a vendor at a bazaar or street stall would shout to attract customers.

“Now, Nakigitsune, use all your might for this one blow!” This might also mean: “This is a blow with all of Nakigitsune’s might!” alternate translation is something like showing the extent to which the object you are trying to sell can do – but I am still uncertain.

“Understood, Master! My silver tongue will surely make any potential negotiations go in our favour, huh?” while taking him to the merchant.

He is often portrayed with Kogitsunemaru and seem to prefer his company probably for this line: “As long as the other person has ‘fox’ in his name, even though they have no relation or connection, Nagikitsune will become sympathetic towards him. It’s quite troublesome.”

Being from the Awataguchi school he is usually associated with the big production of tantous* forged by Yoshimitsu Awataguchi, along with the only Tachi forged by him being Ichigo Hitofuri. Thus he’s usually portrayed as a middle brother in the fandom.

His fox is also pretty realistic (apart from the fact that it talks) while horsekeeping it says: “(Whimper)…… I don’t get along well with other animals……” foxes are usually scared by large animals and will scream or whimper at them.

He also has a line removed from Feb. 18, 2015 which says: “Sorry, master. Nakigitsune is currently sleeping……” probably as the Citadel (injured) line.

He is currently still at Tokyo National Museum and had been on display in the past years, though no new dates are pending.

*The big production of tantous include: Hirano Toushirou, Honebami Toushirou, Atsushi Toushirou, Akita Toushirou, Gokotai, Midare Toushirou, Maeda Toushiro, Gotou Toushirou, Shinano Toushirou, Yagen Toushirou, Hakata Toushirou and Namazuo Toushirou.

Uchigatana - 🌸🌸 Medium Rarity - #23

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Soooooooooo I couldn’t deal with it being silver so cotton candy hair it is 😼

I’ve fallen into a new fandom and I don’t want to get up. I am now 100% Richonne trash and I have a lot of eps to watch and fics to plan. The realization hit me this morning and I reacted accordingly on Twitter...

1. So, I’m #Richonne trash now & it’s all y'all’s fault! I’ve noticed #TWD in the background but never got into it but then y'all on my TL…

2. It never fails. Give me a silver fox, an awesome black lady, give them layers, make them lovably flawed, and I’m doomed to OTP! #Richonne

3.#TWD And just going into the #Richonne tags, reading ALL the fic, looking up their story arc and I’m just…

4. And OF COURSE, I get fishhooked by #Richonne just in time for Denny from Grey’s to rise from the dead to try & off them. OF COURSE. #TWD

5. Now, I’m not too worried. It would make no sense for Rick or Michonne to get got by Negan’s bat of DOOM but is it October yet? #TWD

6. Why do I always do this to myself? Please tell me that #TWD’s showrunner is better than #Scandal’s or #SleepyHollow’s! I NEED MY #RICHONNE!

7. I'ma need all Grimes Family 2.0 to live. I'ma need #Richonne to make it and kick Savior ass and for Carl/Enid to be a legit thing, too. #TWD

8. I guess it’s time for me to binge watch. I’ve been #TWD adjacent for years but now, it’s time to plunge headfirst screaming into the fandom.

9. #Richonne makes me feel like I feel for #Olitz. Actually, they make me feel harder for them because their showrunner’s not a total POS! #TWD

So, I visited my father’s farm again recently so that Daisy and Athena could get some fresh air and run time.  For most of the visit, I sat on the porch by the big Elm tree in the front yard.  It’s the same tree I always attached Vader’s lead to when I brought him out there. As I sat, I held his ID tag in my hands and talked to him a little. I told him about all the presents we got, and about all the pictures, letters, and flowers.  There was a little breeze that rustled the leaves, and I thought of how Vader used to pounce on them and try to eat them. 
Just then, Athena came to the tree- I was sure she was going to pee on it (she thinks she’s a man sometimes, I swear)- but instead, she rolled on her back and started wiggling around. She was grunting and growling, and her tail was wagging. I assumed she was rolling in something gross, as she usually does when we visit the farm. But when I looked closer, it seemed to me that she was playing.
She did this for maybe five minutes- running, rolling, and wiggling around on her back.  Now, normally I am a pretty down to earth person- but I’ll be damned if it didn’t look like she was playing with something.
I always think that Vader is still hanging around. Maybe to make sure the new pet knows how to make messes properly. Or that when I walk  with baskets of laundry, there’s always the feeling of something weaving between my legs to try and trip me. 

It sounds silly, but some days it brings a little smile to my face to think of my little silver devil still walking the house.

Exotic Pets

Given a recent Tumblr tragedy, I have been pondering a view point back and forth through my head.

Vader, a silver fox owned by a couple in North Dakota, US, was recently killed by police after an anonymous tip about a bite, followed by a lack of evidence.

Now, I have never delved into the fox community, nor claim to know anything about owning a fox, but I am still greatly saddened by the thought of anyone losing a family member. These are domesticated variations of fox that you can purchase from a breeder and care for as a pet.

As a dog lover, would you own a domestic fox? If so, what about Servals, Skunks, Fennec Foxes, Capybaras, or Wallabies - which are all currently living in domesticated form in peoples homes? Where is the line? Or should any animal be fair game to domesticate?

Just got first bill for the health insurance I got through the healthcare exchange. It is a premium silver plan. I don’t know how I am going to afford these monthly payments… Haha.

The affordable care act and the insurance exchange are good things! For the first time in my life I can afford healthcare, and not have to pay $800-1000 a month like before if wanted to be covered.

To all the fake stories on Fox News and stuff about how people will be paying more now than before and how the plans don’t cover much, here is a proof those stories are wrong. I will now also be able to get a high tech prosthesis under this plan.

Feel free to share this so people can see the truth, and not the lies being spread!