am i a silver fox now


So this is the full post, the changes I’ve made, albeit small changes, to the Fox Hunt AU.

I am working on more of the plot itself during this update! I’ll be finding a way to keep notes and all that stuff.

The symbols on their faces are relating more to Alchemy symbols now, though couldn’t find a super close one to Bill so he got Gold anyways, maybe he rebelled and really wanted the gold symbol.
Dipper is Silver and Mabel is Copper.
The idea of them being Dream hunters (Bill and Dipper) is still going too, as for what was said on the very first post I put! If there are any questions or suggestions to this AU, I’ll answer them, given that I can actually have my brain cooperate on providing them.

What I’m Working On

I was tagged by the nutritious and delicious @ltleflrt

1. No Righteous Path - my Destiel silver fox a/b/o fic. Which is now famous thanks to being dragged on YouTube! I’m so proud!

2. Our Home Above - my continuing Sabriel a/b/o fic. I burned out on it, but I am going to finish it eventually. The timeline isn’t working out the way I wanted, so I’m rearranging the outline.

3. A DCJ fic that I’ve put on hold after dropping out of the DCJBB. It just didn’t come together fast enough.

4. A handful of other AU’s, mostly Destiel at this point, and one Sabriel that I’ll continue on after finishing my current WIPs.

I’ve fallen into a new fandom and I don’t want to get up. I am now 100% Richonne trash and I have a lot of eps to watch and fics to plan. The realization hit me this morning and I reacted accordingly on Twitter...

1. So, I’m #Richonne trash now & it’s all y'all’s fault! I’ve noticed #TWD in the background but never got into it but then y'all on my TL…

2. It never fails. Give me a silver fox, an awesome black lady, give them layers, make them lovably flawed, and I’m doomed to OTP! #Richonne

3.#TWD And just going into the #Richonne tags, reading ALL the fic, looking up their story arc and I’m just…

4. And OF COURSE, I get fishhooked by #Richonne just in time for Denny from Grey’s to rise from the dead to try & off them. OF COURSE. #TWD

5. Now, I’m not too worried. It would make no sense for Rick or Michonne to get got by Negan’s bat of DOOM but is it October yet? #TWD

6. Why do I always do this to myself? Please tell me that #TWD’s showrunner is better than #Scandal’s or #SleepyHollow’s! I NEED MY #RICHONNE!

7. I'ma need all Grimes Family 2.0 to live. I'ma need #Richonne to make it and kick Savior ass and for Carl/Enid to be a legit thing, too. #TWD

8. I guess it’s time for me to binge watch. I’ve been #TWD adjacent for years but now, it’s time to plunge headfirst screaming into the fandom.

9. #Richonne makes me feel like I feel for #Olitz. Actually, they make me feel harder for them because their showrunner’s not a total POS! #TWD