am i a rebel yet

I'm not ready

For the final episode. This two month emotional roller coaster that I’ve been on has been truly spectacular.

The amount of personal attacks this show has swung at me have left me shook and I don’t know what new show will have me as personally invested as this one but I’m still glad I got on for this ride. Thanks to the teeny fandom on here for being so great, both in terms of analysis and general flailing.

I might cry tomorrow as much as Gil Dong and Ga Ryung have in the past 9 episodes. We all need our happy ending!

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Oh i can’t until those exams are written! Also, how beautiful is this copy of “A Thousand Nights”? But a few of these books are so beautiful and i have heard a lot of good things about some. I am so excited, this is one of the best book hauls! 

spica-tea  asked:

hiii so your ahsoka is so amazing, I saw it on the livestream and was really impressed. Especially with the montrals, they are perfect!!! Are you in RL, do you have a build thread? Did you make the montrals or buy them from someone? One of my 501st friends wants me to do Ahsoka if he does Fives and I'm scouting for info, and you're really the best Ahsoka I have ever seen. I hope you don't mind my questions >_<

Aw thank you! I made the costume from scratch, including the montrals! I am Rebel Legion, but I don’t have a build thread (yet). I’m working on editing a tutorial video AND trying to open up an Etsy store soon. I hope to sell 4-5 different headpiece sizes :) I’ll definitely be posting an announcement when the store goes live, but if you’re on Instagram I recommend following me on there since I post there most regularly