am i a lady

Trans women? Y’all cute as fuck

Masculine trans women? You rock, don’t stop being awesome

Femme trans lesbians? Heavenly angels, beautiful

Butch trans lesbians? Amazing, wonderful, stunning

Chubby trans women? Best hugs, amazing smile, beautiful

Autistic and adhd trans women? A gift to the world

Chronically ill trans women? Absolutely lovely

Disabled trans women? Stay cool, stay true, be you

Stealth trans women? I love and support you, you’ll get there some day

Passing? Not passing? Ya’ll are amazing, wonderful women

  • me: [at work, ringing up two parents and their toddler who's sitting in the cart trying to get their attention]
  • toddler, quietly, waving hands around: [incomprehensible]
  • mom: what?
  • toddler, even quieter: [incomprehensible]
  • dad: you gotta speak up, bud
  • toddler, at full volume: FUCK.

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asdklfjsdkasdkjfk bless you, how are you so darn sweet?? consider me kissing your knuckles right back, you sweet charmer and brilliant artist you! <3

@sadtothebone247 welcome to this lovely club, i’ve got a membership card waiting for you whenever you’re ready, drinks are in the corner, we’ve got snacks and skeleton decor for your enjoyment as we all fall stylishly deeper into this hell together ;D

@-iloy- you all encourage me far too much. ‘oh myyy…’ is basically what i kept whispering to myself as i finally caved on the skeleladies OTL <3

please dear stars above @bluestale high-five your friend for me and welcome her to the club. X) more super-gay skelelady content is probably definitely coming soon because i am weak

anon hell heckin’ yes i would love to see anything you’d draw of them

excuse me while i wheeze and clutch my pansexual, monster-loving chest


Sole: *appreciate companion* 

I had a bad day today and want to draw these dudes blush


Behind her rode Cristina, who had her hands in the air and was shrieking with happiness. “Emma!” she shouted. “Emma, look, no, hands!”

Emma glanced back and laughed aloud. Mark who rode Windspear with and air of familiarity, Kieran clinging to his belt with one hand, was not as amused. “Use your hands!” he yelled. “Cristina! It’s not a roller coaster!”

- Lord of Shadows, (The Dark Artifices Book 2) Cassandra Clare


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your love could start a war

billy hargrove x reader

words: 1303 (this one got long idk i love dacre’s face)

warnings: language, fighting

request:  Could you do an Imagine where Billy flirts with the reader and he’s like a dick to everyone else but her and he even kicks someone’s ass because the person tried to flirt with the reader. Like not as aggressively as his fight with Steve at the end. Thanks if you do it :)

Billy Hargrove had a reputation. It wasn’t a good one, as most saw him as kind of a dick. His ‘fuck you’ attitude and disregard for what people thought of him, most of Hawkins wasn’t quite sure how to feel about him. Most were intimidated, trying to fly under his radar. But you never really understood why.

You’d only ever seen him as caring and kind since the first day you met him. He was always more concerned of you than himself. He gave you a sea of compliments, no matter how many times you told him to stop, and was the first person you called when you just needed something. From the first day you met him, he was nothing but the most amazing guy in the world, it was hard to think of him as otherwise. He always sat with you at lunch on the same bench every day, even though it wasn’t his lunch period. You sat on the bench now, basking in the sunlight and waiting for him.

“How’s my favorite girl?”

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