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I am doing an art trade with @the-feral-lady of our Lavellans–this is a quick reference sheet of my Lavellan’s basic outfit, which I just edit in color schemes, etc, in my head, or adjust some of the fabric. I want her to look like a little goddess, hahah.

My Lavellan Inquisitor’s name is Vala’Hani Lavellan. I miss drawing/playing as her! Her and Adele were always my favorites to play as for females and my Inquisitor Astor for males (he is my beefy beauty).

I got tagged to share 11 things about myself by @innerdaemmon, thanks! :) So here’s some more facts about me that y’all probably didn’t wanna know lol

1. I want to get really into heavy lifting (a long way off from being good at it, but I think that would be pretty rad)

2. I am probably the most clumsy person in the universe, if you have something breakable keep it far away from me lol

3. I’ve been playing the piano since I was 8 years old

4. I love anything and everything western themed. I love old western films. I have always wished I was a cowgirl lol

5. I love the smell of car garages, wet stone, old books, and sharpie pens which is probably weird but oh well haha

6. I want to write and illustrate my own horror comic books

7.  I am a crazy cat lady through and through. Dogs are great, but I think cats are the best

8. I’ll eat pretty much any kind of food, not a picky eater at all

9. I’m left handed

10. Nothing makes me happier than having a good book, music, a ton of blankets, and a quiet place to myself

11. I love everything Disney related. My favorite Disney movie is the Princess and the Frog

Tumblr acting up again!


Tumblr is anything but working these days!
I cannot even reach my own blog on my ipad, through tumblr
If someone mentions me in a post, I tap to see it, and answer, but all I get is post not found.
The only thing I am able to do is reblog!
This has been going on, on and off since your last update.
Please do something about it.
I will only mention this issue. There’s a ton of problems happening, but this is most important, since I want to stay connected with my friends.
Thank you!

Tagging my friends to let them kniw the problem! Sorry ladies, I am trying to answer your posts asap, but with this problem, it seems impossible !

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anonymous asked:

Why are most insults of sexual nature?

Good question. 

I think that men instinctively use sex as a way of emasculating enemies. In fact, in ancient times they literally emasculated their enemies with bronze knives. In ancient Rome, on medieval battle sites, in the American West of the native peoples and in Vietnam a generation ago the extreme insult was to cut off a dead enemy’s private parts and put them in his mouth. I guess that macabre joke never got old.

Sorry, that was kind of a shocking mental image.

It is a way of saying I am dominant, I am the man, you are passive and a woman. Sorry ladies. In the bad old days, the worst insult you could offer a young man was that he was “like a woman”. 

A young man was “like a woman” if he cried, if he talked too much, if he backed down from a fight, if he didn’t like sports, expressed emotion, or liked some traditional “woman’s activity” like sewing or cooking. You throw like a girl! You run like a girl! You are a big p***y!

We guys heard the older men hurling these insults and would do anything to avoid being on the receiving end of such taunts.

some white after watching literally 1 (one) asian movie in their entire life: haha!!! those funny lookin yellow ppl really know how to do that cinema!!! am i right ladies



(I am so glad I decided to switch to that bow skin, too. Look, it matches the set! Ironically, it’s not the PVP skin.)

Set: Fearless/Vindictive Gladiator’s Chain with LFR Eagletalon cloak. 12 Marks of Honor now. Yes, you can BUY this stuff now, if you’ve ground out the badges, which was how I finished the whole shebang (all I really needed was boots and gloves, belt was optional, but hey, I’m not complaining.)

Thanks for the advice m’lady. I am an impatient possum though so I’ll be watching series 3 first as I’m way too excited to see Renfield. So I guess spoilers will be on the cards? :( But I’ll watch series 1 and 2 one after the other so I guess it’ll work out…HAHA! I’ve only heard good things about the show from various sources so I am intrigued. Any production that writes a part especially for SB is alright in my book. @princessparadoxical 

“ I hope this isn’t insensitive but do you think you’ll get another cat? “

I got this message from a couple of people so i thought I’d address it here. :)

The answer is no. I know I am the biggest fucking cat lady on the planet and most of you can’t believe that my answer is such a resounding no, but it’s true.

For those who have read The Story of Sarah and Mystic, you know that I never went looking for a pet, they found me :) I never went into a pound or a pet store and said I want a cat, gimme a cat, and then had a cat. No, both of them came into my life in very special ways, and I was lucky to give them all the love I could.

And that’s really the gist of it isn’t it? With both, they came into my life and said “Here we are, you now have a cat!” But more than that, they gave me the one thing I needed more than anything else in life, love. In return, I gave them everything I had in my heart and life. It worked out great :)

But, no.

I am going to be able to go see mom now, and help her in person as she goes through more chemo and radiation. I couldn’t do that before because I couldn’t leave mystic.

I am going to look into studying abroad.

I am going to look at internships and other stuff, and maybe even just travel for a bit.

I no longer have any responsibilities that I care about. i no longer take care of anyone worth mentioning.

I can simply pack up what few things I have, and disappear any time I want and fend for myself. 

And … with my surgeries coming up, I can simply stay in the hospital and heal.

In fact, I have a feeling I won’t be home much at all anymore. I really have no reason to be here … campus libraries are open late, there’s always stuff to see and do…

I’ll figure it out as I go along, but no. I miss Mystic so much, I hurt so bad, and I still love him so very much… he was so special… the story of him, the things we did, the places we went, it was… special. he wasn’t just a pet that I could replace, I wouldn’t want to….

If something happens and I end up with another ball of fur, or even a service animal… so be it :) But it’ll be by the fates hands, not my own.

Hey… maybe… just MAYBE… I might actually meet a great woman who will love me and not treat me like shit and drop my ass on a whim like the last few… and maybe she’ll have a great cat or dog to love to :)


I Am Convinced This Happened
  • Lady Gaga: Alright, Trump's president and I'm performing at the Superbowl half-time show... How do I say "fuck you" to him and Pence without actually saying it?
  • Lady Gaga's Brain: Sing God Bless America and This Land is Our Land, but then follow it with Born This Way