am i a good secret santa


Basically, I’ve seen a bunch of fandom Secret Santa kind of things. I got to participate in some in the past few years and am considering running one for Camp Camp.

Planning wouldn’t really start until the end of the month. I’d set up applications, etc. For now though, could you give this a like if you’d be interested in taking part? Or reblogging to spread the word. Just so I have a good idea of how big of a project it’s going to be.

Thank you so much

~Campe Diem~

APPLICATION | #psychonautssecretsanta2017

Hello! Welcome to “Psychonauts in the Secret Santa Extravaganza 2017!” I decided to host another Secret Santa this year! This event is open to all fans of Psychonauts!

I’ve learned a lot from last year, and I believe by starting earlier, it can give everyone more time to edit their applications if they want anything changed before the application period ends and give everyone more time to make their presents. The application and gift-making periods have been extended to allow for more time.

For those unaware, a Secret Santa event is about participants filling out the application found above containing what they want for the holidays among other questions. Their list is assigned to another Secret Santa participant based on the answers provided.


-Applications are open from November 15th to November 30th. If you would like to join after November 30th because you were unaware of the event happening or for other reasons, please shoot me a message or an ask so that I may accommodate you. I will be reblogging this post frequently as daily reminders until the application period closes.

-On December 1st, I will hand out the assignments to the participants.

-From December 24th to December 28th, your gifts are due.

-In the event of someone dropping out, being unable to finish their gift, or dealing with personal circumstances among other concerns, new Secret Santas will be assigned based on provided answers.

-The late gifts will be due from January 4th to January 8th. If they are completed earlier, that’s great, too!


-You are required to make ONE of the presents listed. You do not have to fulfill everything on their list. You may choose which present you want to make. If you choose to do more than one, than that is your decision.

-Adult/child romantic pairings are not allowed whatsoever. If you put in an adult/child pairing, I will completely disregard your application. Platonic friendships or parent/child relationships are completely acceptable.

-This is a SFW Secret Santa. Please do not list any prompts with sexual material.

-If you are making a video edit, PLEASE ask permission to use any fanart and provide a list of sourced artwork.

-Please use the tag “psychonautssecretsanta2017″ when uploading your gift! It’s a good way to keep everything connected, and all the participants can see your hard work! If you would like to check out last year’s Secret Santa event, please click here! We had a lot of great presents!

-If you are requesting an OC, there is a section at the bottom for you to put a link to their description if need be.

-I will send your Secret Santa list through TUMBLR MESSAGING. Please respond with even a little “okay!” or “got it!” so that I am assured you have received your person’s list. If I don’t hear from you by December 2nd, I will intermittently contact you through asks and the messaging system to make sure you have your list.

-If you want to contact the person you are making a gift for, you can go on anonymous (if turned on) to ask them or you may ask me to relay a message to your assigned person. I will get back to you when they reply.

-If you do not receive a gift by December 29th, please let me know. I will inquire about the status of your gift. If I do not hear back from them or something has happened within two or three days of me messaging them, I will assign a new Secret Santa for you.

-If you are unable to complete your present before the due date, and I totally understand because the holidays are a busy time among other personal circumstances. please let me know so I may assign a Secret Santa to your participant in a timely manner.

That’s all! If you have any questions, please let me know!

Its a little late because life and Secret Santa gifts and so on but… 

Merry Christmas @hchano. (Not a secret santa gift just a regular one) 

I am not very good at having female friends, but you have been such an amazing person to get to know and be friends with. Even before I got a chance to ever talk to you on a personal level you were someone that I was just blown away by due to your talent and your positive presence in the fandom. Bless you for everything you bring to this fandom and keep on being amazing ^_^ 

anonymous asked:

Can you do a master list of the best Whouffaldi fanfictions? I'm new to the fandom and I want some recs :3

Hello! I don’t think I have enough Whouffaldi fics saved up to make a master post, but I do want to make an official one in the future, organized properly.

BUT I do have a few recommendations on tap! Also, welcome to the fandom ^___^

First, my favorite Fanfiction of all time, The Time that We Love Best by @nehswritesstuffs . I wish I could circle, underline, highlight, cover in hearts, etc this fanfiction. It’s an AU starting in 1940. Seriously, it made my love for Whouffaldi grow so much that I can’t even. It’s 100 chapters long so buckle in. And once you fall in love with the characters, and you can’t bear to not have any more content about them, there’s the supplemental content, The Time That We Love Best Prompt Fills. Seriously I cannot praise this enough. I can’t.  I’ve already gone on too much about it haha.

Some Smut (some with plot some not)
White lies
Not As Simple As Goodbye
Living the Dream
Chocolate Powder

The Cure **** One of my absolute favorites****

^^^ All by  @lornesgoldenhair

The Blue Pill by @dreameater1988
Mind-Dive @nehswritesstuffs 

Love Isn’t Complicated (Fair warning I’ve only read the first 5 or so chapters of this, I still need to finish. I loved what I read though!!! IT does have a plot but some sexy time if I remember right.)


Stars On His Fingers by @antennapedia (I think) ***I love love looooove this one**** (I mean I love all the ones I’m listing… but you know

Not A Monster, Not Ever 
Tiny Human
Lucy Oswald, The Girl That Never Was
The Cared-for and His Carer

^^^ All by @nehswritesstuffs

Your Old Man by @c1araoswa1d

The Good Man by @anotheruserwithnoname (This one has a dash of Meta in it. In fact, if you want amazing editorials and analysis, this is the person to go to.)

Somebody I use to know

Lucky I Love You (This was written for me as a Secret Santa gift!!)
Palimpsest by @butterflyinthewell

Shameless Self Plugging
A True Hybrid - Pregnancy AU
The Lost Timelord
The Most Brilliant Place In The Universe
The Clara Box
Twelve Real Dates (This one is unfinished, but I am proud of what is there.)

Wow, that’s a bit of a list x] I hope it helps, enjoy your Whouffaldi adventures!! I really should start tagging it, but if you scroll through my blog you will find Whouffaldi fanfiction reblogged there as well.

Ooooh, boy.

I seem to find myself saying this often, but let me reiterate for those who who do not understand:

Canon is not fandom. Fandom is not canon.

I’m also gunna let you in on a little secret: we know our fan fics and fan art aren’t canon. But hey, even if your fics and art are canon-compliant, they still aren’t canon either.

This is why I am 100% against going after fandom content creators, no matter what they ship. Even if you ship something I absolutely loathe (canon or not), that is your right. I’ll never say a word about your fic, your art, your manips—any of it.

If you’re being an asshole harassing other people for their ships because your ship happens to be canon or more popular in fandom, that has nothing to do with the content you create.

That just makes you an asshole.

And no, even if the canon ship is fucked up, you don’t get to send nasty messages to people who do like the canon ship and participate in fandom. I’ve said that a million times, and I’ll say it a million more. Criticism of the canon source material is fine—this has nothing to do with fandom. It has to do with a physical product we have spent our money on, and how we didn’t like it. 

People who love their canon? Cool! Good for you! You don’t have to think people are attacking your fandom when they have an issue with canon. Live and be merry in your canon world, with your canon-compliant fic and art. I am not here to stop you in any way, shape, or form.

I’m playing in my fandom sandbox. You go play in yours. We all don’t have to like the same thing. 

My ship is having fun, making art and fic. We’ve got shipping weeks and secret santa and discord channels. We get to enjoy ourselves openly and excitedly. If our fandom pisses you off… then I think we know what the real problem is.

My mother told me that if I were good enough, santa would give me a gift for Christmas.

Be a good girl they’d say.
Be obedient they reminded.
Stay away from the naughtly list they’d warn.

But I was never good enough no matter how much I broke my bones to fit into the mold they gave. Be less. Don’t be too loud. Cross your legs like a lady. I zipped and buttoned every skirt, every dress. I covered my mouth with hands aching to explore the world. I crossed my legs and denied the existence of a book with secret folds. I took tattered cloth and turned it i to a ragdoll, hoping that it lures santa into thinking that I am good enough.

But I was never good enough.
There was no gift under the tree or inside the socks.
I was never good enough.

So I became a sinner.
A temptress.
A part of the naughty list.

With a bottle of beer on one hand and a cigarette on another, I’d puff and puff until I blow the house down.
With my little red cape and crimson lips, I’d run into the forest and call unto the wolves to devour me whole.
With a needle and thread, I’d recreate the ragdoll I once made – eyes and lips beckoning men to come deeper into the abyss.
With newly dyed hair, locks of gold, I’d venture into a home that was never mine to begin with.
With cookie crumbles and wine dripping on my body, I’d call for predetors to follow the lead and explore the unconquered land.

Yes, I was never good enough so I stopped waiting for a christmas present.

—  //a tale of tales

As I promised yesterday- here are photos of my amazing secret Santa gifts! I did receive the package yesterday but as mentioned before I had to wait until today to show pics but seriously- LOOK HOW DANG WONDERFUL MY SECRET SANTA IS!! Literally took the time to put together this beautiful package (which had holo tape that immediately made me smile #holosexual) Words can’t describe how grateful I am for each and every one of the gifts my secret Santa sent me. As a whole, it’s made me feel so good and so happy and I appreciate every amount of effort and dedication that went into these gifts. Makes me wish I had sent my secret Santa a little more but I still but a lot of love behind it hehe. I can definitely feel the positive feels here so from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being the best secret Santa ever ♡♡♡

Also special thanks to @myrtlemorgraine for arranging everything and making this so fun and awesome for everyone involved ♡

HanxLeia Summer Fic Exchange

Title: Yes
Relationships: Han/Leia
Rating: M?
Warnings: Extreme sap, proceed at your own risk
Summary: Leia comes to a realization in the aftermath of the Battle of Endor.

@graciecatfamilyband I AM YOUR SUMMER SECRET SANTA!!!!!! I think you might have suspected this??!! It was an absolute pleasure to have you as a giftee, friend!!! I all but squealed when I saw your url in the assignment email!!! I’ve felt like a spy for the past few weeks lurking on your blog hahaha. Anyways, I hope you enjoy what I wrote!!

Also, a HUGE thank you to the amazing @erindarroch and @jhgraham, who both spent a considerable amount of time helping me revise this out of the goodness of their hearts!!!

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Hi and welcome to the Swiftie Secret Santa Blog! I created this account in honor of Swiftmas. I am a swiftie with my own personal swiftie account, however I am going to stay anonymous for the purpose of the secret Santa. Basically over the past year or so I have noticed and come across so many wonderful and amazing swifties and their blogs. The purpose of this blog is this, I will lurk (in good Taylor spirit) and when I come across a deserving, sweet and wonderful swiftie (which you all are) I will contact them privately, get their information and their gift will be in the mail ASAP! I thought it might be a fun way to connect swfities to each other during the holidays and I think it will be fun! If I contact anyone who does not feel comfortable giving me their information, I completely understand! Also, if anyone knows of or feels they have a great suggestion for a deserving swiftie who should get a gift then by all means please send them my way. I just want to spread joy and love this holiday season in the name of Taylor! 

Thanks y'all!
Good Better Best, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction
The trip back from Tatooine leads to an important revelation. Three little words Han might have forgotten to say.

Author: KnightedRogue
Pairing: Han/Leia
Era: OT (mid-ROTJ)
Language: Some course language.

Note: Happy Gift Day, @organanation! I am your @hanleiasecretsanta gifter! This guy has tortured me for weeks now, and I just want to give it to you  because I just can’t with my anxiety anymore. :D I hope you enjoy: it is fluffy and sweet with my, erm, particular penchant for language difficulties. 


this is what i hope to keep my posting schedule as for Wander (the heith pirate au). Which means, I’ll start posting next weekend, and hopefully finish by december. At the very latest, I hope to finish before the next season drops.

In case the calendar is a little hard to read: 

Starting October 21, I’ll be posting twice a week (every Thursday and Saturday) (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

i’ve never had a posting schedule before so we’ll see how it goes!!

“Do you guys think I could rig up the office with traps like this kid does?!”

“If you do I’m not defending you in court Trucy.”k“Haha, we all know Polly’s gonna be the one to get into all of them!”

And here’s my secret santa for @miluotic!! I know you said you wanted some family fluff and being the grinch that I am I chose the only festive thing I’d ever done; watching home alone with the family.

I hope you have a good one this year!

Peter Parker Imagines:

X   Prompt ideas: 4. “I can’t see anything.”   5. “I heard a noise.”
X   Holding and Being Held
X   Imagine studying with Peter Parker
X   Imagine Team Flash meeting Peter Parker, your boyfriend, and Barry calls Peter’s web-fluid “silly string”, and hilarity ensues
X   Prompt ideas: 81. “Excuse me for falling in love with you.”   91. “Sorry I’m protective over the things I love.”   99. “Be brave, sweetheart.”   100. “I’m sorry, but that was adorable.”
X   Prompt ideas: 59. “…or we could make out…”
X   Prompt ideas: 24. “If I trip over one more of your shoes, I’m throwing them all away.” 35. “I’ll just tell your mom on you.”
X   Prompt ideas: 115. “Ew ew ew you’re so gross.”
X   Prompt ideas: 58. “You’re never this quiet, what’s wrong?”   62. “I warned you, he warned you, your freaking mom warned you.”
X   Prompt ideas: 25. “Aren’t you supposed to be an adult?”   40. “Am I your husband or your taxi service?”   46. “I could beat you up, you know that right?” 48. “I bet you can’t go twenty-four hours without cussing.”
X   Prompt ideas: 148. “Are we lost, or do you know where we are?”
X   Prompt ideas: 92. “That soooo classifies as a date.”
X   Prompt ideas: 69. “Can you just leave me alone?”   71. “We’re not ‘fine.’”
X   Imagine Peter Parker being your secret Santa
X   Secrets
X   “What part of this did you think was a good idea?”
X   “Why are you looking at me like that?”
X   Imagine Peter trying to impress you with his powers when he first arrives
X   Imagine Peter saving your life
X   “Don’t you dare.” 

Secret Santa

Originally posted by homicidequeen


Harry makes sure he has (y/n) for secret Santa

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Make it Blue

HAPPY (super duper late because I am the absolute worst) CHRISTMAS IN JULY @fericita-s!! I AM YOUR SECRET SANTA :D I know I am reallyyyy late on this and I am so so so so sorry BUT I hope you enjoy it! I know you wanted some fluff so I went for some fluffy goodness within my Football AU for some fun! Also, special thank you to @karis-the-fangirl for proofreading this, thank you lovely! <3 

Anyways, hope you like it fercitia! :D <3 

Words: 1102
Pairing: Kristanna (obvi)
Summary: Will it be a boy or a girl?

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[DJ] Beyond Closed Doors 1

First of all-

Merry Christmas! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

After 10,000 years and a monster fic-sized worth of ranting on Twitter, it’s done! Well, most of it. I’m so sorry for the late submission!! I am such a bad Santa! This is dedicated to the awesome sparklingganymede! I was inspired/motivated at the same time, pressured coz I really want to give you something really good coz you are such a nice and cool writer/artist/friend/person! Her request was Secret Agent AU/Merman AU. I was tempted to do both but obviously I failed. So I went for the suits. 

Since it’s Christmas, I DECIDED TO GO FOR CHEESE. Hopefully I didn’t go overboard. Well, I tried not to. I just wanted there to be fluff! Reminder! This is an AU. The swimming universe didn’t happen.

Here’s a back story of what you’re going to see below.

Matsuoka Rin entered the Secret Service in order to have greater access to information regarding the death of his father, Matsuoka Toraichi. Rin had been a lone agent for over a year after his partner retired due to a permanent injury. Rin then, was forced to take in a new partner, a younger man with a handsome face and a cocky attitude, namely Ryugazaki Rei.

To be continued on RinRei Week Day 4: December 31, 2014.

The supposedly fluff ended up becoming sereious but I really hope you like it Butt the Conqueror-chan-san! Thank you for the continuous support when I drew this! I admit, I was nervous and awkward I might slip up somewhere. I know I ranted a lot but that’s just me freaking out about deadlines. I actually enjoyed drawing this despite the story being meh.. Quantity over quality this time. /shot

Please look forward to latter part of this. That’s what I enjoyed drawing the most. :3