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To Pewdiepie haters, Wall Street Journal, Youtube and Felix.
(my English is not perfect, sorry for that)

First of all, hey. I am a bro since I can remember. Yet, it doesn’t mean I agree «as a ship» with Pewdiepie on everything, without being capable of differencing right from wrong. I have my own opinions, my own ideology and my own beliefs. And this, is my opinion.

The reason why I am writing this, is because I see how unfair the situation is, the media taking advantage of everything, not caring about how it affects and puts down other people’s lives, in this case, Felix’s. And I want to be heard too, because this is also becoming kind of a personal issue.

First of all, I would like to begin with the Jewish and Hitler issue. Allow me to ask, and open your mind just for a sec: why when someone makes a joke about Jews or Hitler, it becomes such a huge polemic? Stop, and keep reading. Why, when Stalin or Lenin are mentioned, nobody gives a shit? Why everyone knows about the «6 million» Jews that died in the holocaust, but nobody knows about 10-13 million Ukrainians that starved to death because of Stalin in 1923-1933? That was also a holocaust. Yeah, I am Ukrainian. And yes, in case you didn’t know, Ukraine is that country that is being invaded by Russia since 2014. But right, who gives a fuck? It’s always about the Jews.

Second of all, did you people hear about black humor? It’s funny. It is. And I enjoy it. And here goes another thing: you all scream how «nazi» (the right term is National-Socialist or NS btw) Felix is, but you are the only ones who still think that making fun of Jews is such a big deal. You are the only onces who make it feel like the white (race) supremacy is real in people like Pewdiepie, don’t you see that? Because a lot of ethnic groups make fun of others, and nobody gets offended by that, but hey, the Jews man, poor Jews, they are untouchable man, stop. Right?

Anyway, now about Pewds… the media doesn’t care about anything or anyone’s life, only about the money. It’s sad, but that’s how the world works nowadays. And it makes me extremely sad and furious the fact that Wall Street Journal took advantage of everything, and said to Disney and Youtube: «hey, this guy… pewdiewhatever… look what he is doing, he is a nazi, you should do something about it, huh?» hey, Wall Street Journal, how is that you goddam problem, man?! What do YOU care about what Felix does or stops doing? I completely understand that you morons are trying to break Pewds down, because you are too scared of such a powerful, intelligent public figure, that actually can change a lot of things and influence a lot of people for good. And guess what? He succeeded. He got an army and I am not joking. Among those «fat fanboys and little fangirls», as you all enjoy to denominate Pewdiepie’s fans, are university graduates. Me included. And, mark my words: you are digging your own grave, Wall Street Journal. You guys are going down in less than a decade. Old dogs fear new ones, right?

Youtube, I can’t say that I’m disappointed because your reaction was just too obvious. Still, better luck next time taking sides.

Felix, to you: I don’t know you, but I do know two things about you, and those are that you are honest and that you do not give up. So, don’t. You got this huge gift of being such an influential public figure. I want you to know that you can change a lot of stuff and a lot of minds. A lot of people will try to put you down, but if you give up, that means they win. And as far as I know, the bad guys can’t win. I believe in you. I do and 53 million people too.

I know you hate quotes like this, butttt…. Be the change you want to see in the world. 


The Bees Knees

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Sebastian Stan x Teenager! Reader x Chris Evans

Request: So I’m going in for knee surgery tomorrow and I’m feeling kinda down about it, so could you do something about Chris or Sebastian taking care of the reader after a surgery?



Genre: Friendship, Family, Humor

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Surgery, swearing, slightly crude humor, WORRIED BROS

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

For anybody else, knee surgery wouldn’t really be a worry. But for you, it was the biggest and most terrifying moment of your life. Here you were, a young and healthy (age) year old going through knee surgery. Of course, torn cartilage or any slightly minor injury can happen to anyone, but to have a completely shattered patella? You really don’t see that everyday. How did that happen? Well, let’s think back.

You were filming a scene with Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans for Avengers: Infinity War. You were a villain that had to fight Bucky and Steve, almost killing Bucky but ultimately being killed by Steve. In one of the fight sequences, you had to run off a platform onto a shorter, farther platform. When you had ran, you had miscalculated the time and when you tried to land, you landed on the edge right on your knee cap, shattering the whole thing. 

Now, being the youngest, everyone was worried sick. But being the best friend of Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan? Well, they might as well be your mother. Both of them. Chris had been the one to put you in the back seat of the SUV, and Sebastian had been the one to drive like hell. When you got to the hospital, you were screaming, you were in so much pain. You would never forget the look on Sebastian’s face.

The look of fear and helplessness, of wishing he could take the pain away. Chris had tears in his own eyes, still in his Captain America suit, as Sebastian was still in his. Sebastian had held your hand, soothing you with Romanian words that you couldn’t understand, but still appreciated. You remember when the doctor suggested taking you in for X Ray and the two men stayed with you the whole time as you cried and whined in pain. God, you’d never felt pain like this in you life and you never wanted to feel this again. 

After that, the doctor told Chris and Sebastian that they were going to perform surgery. Talk about overprotective mother ducks! 


Sebastian was holding your hand gently. 

“(Y/n), they’re gonna put you under for surgery.”

You whined and cried. 

“Please! It hurts s-so fucking much.”

Chris looked over at the doctor and then at you, kissing your forehead. 

“I don’t think we should keep you for another moment, sweetie. Come on, Sebastian.”

Sebastian nodded and bit his lip. He didn’t like seeing his best friend in so much pain. He couldn’t do a thing about it; he couldn’t take it away. Sebastian felt helpless. Looking to his friend, Chris, he knew he shouldn’t feel so self-centered. Chris was just as worried as he was. As they wheeled her away, Chris murmured beneath his breath.

“Stay strong, (Y/n).”

Sebastian could only think the same thing.


You were still asleep, but Chris and Sebastian stayed with you the whole time. With one man on either side of you, each holding a hand, they spoke quietly. 

“Today was…eventful.”

Chris said. Sebastian looked up and muttered unhappily.

“Ya think? I hope they don’t let her go because of this.”

Chris stayed quiet. They might have to, but he secretly wished they wouldn’t as well. (Y/n) was his best friend, as well as Sebastian’s. She lit up the whole casts day, and made everyone on the laugh every time she came in for filming. She was a total sweetheart, and Chris hated to see her in so much pain. Looking at (y/n)’s face, Chris could only sigh and then say.

“I’m gonna text the guys and tell them that she’s doing ok. Want anything?”

“A coffee, if you don’t mind.”

Chris nodded and stepped out, laying a gentle kiss on the young girls hand. When he stepped out, Sebastian couldn’t help but smile. Chris was such a kindhearted man, and was so caring. (Y/n) was lucky to know such a sweet man such as Chris. It was amazing how much of an older brother Chris acted towards her. But, then again, Sebastian, himself, acted the same. But who in their right mind would deny (Y/n) of such acts of kindness?

She did more for the crew than anybody else. She ensure their happiness. It was only right that someone, like Chris and himself, returned the favor. 


It was a hectic day and night, but in the morning, Sebastian, Chris, and you were all laughing. Chris asked after a moment. 

“Are you feeling better?”

“Yeah. Still really numb and a bit tired, but I’m gonna be ok. How about you guys? I’m sure I scared the hell out of you guys.”

“That’s an understatement.”

Sebastian teased lightly. You glared at Sebastian and he chuckled. You couldn’t help but chuckle and then exclaim.

“Alright, bring it in!”

The boys immediately hugged you and you smiled, hugging them back.

“What would I do without my favorite, wanna-be big brothers?’

“Probably dying with a shattered knee.”

“Shut up, Chris. It was a rhetorical question.”