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Stealing my shit?ಠ_ಠ

A lovely person told me that some people are stealing my shitty stuff and post it on instagram without giving me any credit (or give a wrong one) :D (It’s really a suprise cuz’ why would anyone want to steal my garbage when there are so many great artist they could steal from) Anyway if you see my sinful pictures somewehere else please write me ;)

Over the last 30 years Link’s partners have included at least five different fairies, a talking ship possessed by the ghost of the king, a robotic spirit that lives inside his sword, a flying bear, and a sentient version of his own hat, yet somehow people seem to feel the strangest and most illogical idea we have been presented with is Link going on his journey alone

Kpop fans be like

Idol: *Breathes*
Fans: Oh, my gosh, (s)he’s breathing air and air is composed of Oxygen. The elemental name for Oxygen is ‘O’. You know what else looks like an ‘O’? A circle, which leads to the 'Circle of Life’. The 'Circle of Life’ comes from Lion King, whose protagonist is Simba. You know who looks like baby Simba? LEE DINO FROM SEVENTEEN. That must mean SEVENTEEN’s comeback is going to be inspired by the song 'Hakuna Matata’ that was sung by Timon and Pumbaa. Oh, but there’s more! EXO’s Park Chanyeol and Byun Baekhyun has a similar friendship to Timon and Pumbaa so it’s possible that EXO’s comeback could be inspired by 'I Can’t Wait to be King’! WOW, TWO GROUPS’ COMEBACKS ARE INSPIRED BY LION KING WHICH MUST MEAN THAT THE LEADERS OF BOTH GROUPS WILL BE PLAYING THE FAIRY GODMOTHER FROM CINDERELLA AND GASTON FROM BEAUTY AND THE BEAST WOWOWOW.


april 9th, 1990  happy 26th birthday, kristen jaymes stewart!

wishing a very happy birthday to a very special girl. you’ve touched so many lives and continue to make an unforgettable mark on mine each day. thank you, kristen, for showing me it’s okay to be me and that who i am is nothing to be ashamed of, but something i should take pride in. thank you for showing us your breathtaking talent in all the incredible women you’ve played, for gracing us with your smile, and being a friend to those who have needed and continue to need you as a source of positivity and inspiration in their lives. you are certainly one of a kind and anyone who knows you, either personally or as an admiring fan, is lucky to have you around. i’m proud to call myself a kristen stewart fan and i will always have your back. i love you, we love you, and we hope your birthday is just as amazing and memorable as you are. happy birthday, babydoll.


Tonight’s giveaway is shiny Shaymin! Level 50 modest nature perfect stats
Holding a Master Ball!
DEPOSIT: Pikachu, either gender.
No code/wrong code=no Pokemon.

Pictures are always appreciated!

I love you guys, sorry if I ever flood your giveaway tags ^^’ I’m a bit new to tumblr.
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