am embroidery

I want to stitch you a song

It looks like I will be between jobs for a few months and I thought meanwhile I’d try something new and sell my embroidery art. I’ll be making lots of beautiful embroidery hoops with One Direction lyrics and solo lyrics from all the boys.

I’ll probably open my shop on the 1st of July 2017!
This is a sideblog. I’ll try to keep this place somewhat professional, so you can savely follow me on here (if you’re interested in my work) without being afraid of me clogging your dash. I will keep all my other stuff at my main blog.

Lots of love, Liz.

So you can pet your support pods in Nier: Automata and if you don’t think that’s the cutest thing i don’t know what to say to you.

Just over 48 hours until this game is in my hands omgomgomg

Also yo this is my 200th post on this blog!!

ID #21707

Name: Leah
Age: 17
Country: United States

Hello! I’m looking for somebody to exchange snail mail with! I’ve never done this before but I have fancied the idea of having a pen pal of my own for a while now. If you become my pen pal, I’d be sure to send you parcels of trinkets, goodies, plenty of doodles, along with letters and postcards(as long as you are willing to do the same). I’d say I’m an artsy fartsy person. Things I enjoy include storytelling, drawing, embroidery, dogs(especially corgis!), cute Disney/Pixar movies, and adventuring. My head is in the clouds, I’m your typical infp-t/Aquarius. I am pretty understanding, life happens and pen palling doesn’t always work out, but I’d love to have a long term friendship/penship!(?)

Preferences: I’d like someone between the ages of 15-25, preferably older, for I already have several younger pen pals. Gender doesn’t matter. Strictly snail mail please! I’d like to communicate only through letters after the first few emails. There is something about waiting for the letters, keeping mementos, learning more about you over time… It all sounds so magical! I’d like a pen pal from the US or Canada to start out, but I’ll probably be willing to mail overseas if we are a good match, especially if you are experienced with pen palling!

sseabury  asked:

hamilton but everyone's wearing actual clothes from the time period instead of the simplified outfits that they use in the show


jesus christ i m a g i n e

h, holy shit,,

hamilton in pink……………….


eliza…… in this….. amazign…..

i mean i know it’s. impractical and they’d probably sweat tonnes on stage and it’d be a pain in the ass AND cost a lot of money/time to make several hundred of these but. fuck me in the face.

u bet ur ass hamilton bought and wore this kind of flashy shit…. let him wear it…. let him prance about like the proud pretty boy he is…

I am GROOT! 

Soon to be posted for sale on Etsy. In the meantime, check out my listed hoops, or request a custom one

Finally listed by I Am Groot hoop to my Etsy: Cutiosities

Check out this listing, or request a custom hoop through Etsy!

Gideon of the Trials: Done!

Not quite in time for this morning’s story, but it didn’t focus on him anyways, so that’s fine! Look, Gideon of the Trials is crocheted!

Shield detail!

Sural detail!

Altogether, not that bad, and no where near as complicated as Ral was (I purposefully kept this one less complicated). The Sural just sit, which is nice, though I may experiment for a way to keep them up. Gideon’s Intervention does show his back.. but it came out today, so no real time to incorporate that, whoops. 

But! Enough artist notes, look at how nicely Gideon game out!