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ok but at the start, they seriously told us with visuals who would pilot the lions, other than their designated pilots………………….

pidge and hunk are the only ones for green and yellow….

we don’t see a mini blue lion or learn anything about what it looks for in a paladin because lance interrupts, but we only get shots of allura and lance while the blue lion is being discussed….. allura goes on to pilot blue.

the red lion is in between keith and lance…. lance pilots red at the current time. this makes the shot of the black lion and who is shown with it very intriguing….

shiro is there, of course… then keith, his head completely in the frame. he’s now piloting black. then — barely there but there, nonetheless — there’s lance.

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“Um, Malfoy,” Harry muttered. “What are you doing?” Baffled, he looked at the Slytherin, who didn’t seem to be concerned at all.

“I’m resting. I’m so tired,” Malfoy mumbled, eyelids fluttering shut. He did sound pretty sleepy. Harry blinked as Malfoy’s lips stretched into a soft, contented smile.

“Okay,” Harry said slowly. “But why are you resting on my lap?”

“Why not?” Malfoy replied. “Seems like a good place to me.”

Harry stiffened as Malfoy turned his head and snuggled into him. What was he playing at?

“Oi, Harry!” Harry looked up. Seamus had just entered the eighth year common room and was grinning at him. “Don’t you two look cosy,” he said with a wink. Harry blushed and tried to move his legs but Malfoy was just too heavy.

“I have no idea what’s going on,” Harry murmured. What had gotten into Malfoy?

“And then we have to get started on Transfiguration but first we have to- Oh!” Hermione stopped dead behind Seamus. Her eyes widened as she took in the sight before her, her studying schedule obviously forgotten. If only momentarily. Ron, who had seemed rather displeased with his girlfriend’s evening plans a second ago, suddenly had a weird glint in his eyes.

Harry watched his friends and was shocked when Hermione clutched her chest and put her other hand on Ron’s arm. He smiled at her and nodded.

“I thought something like this might happen,” he snickered.

“What?” Harry spluttered. When Pansy came into sight, a knowing grin on her face,  Harry felt like they were all in on a joke he didn’t get. “Can somebody please tell me what is going on?”

“Shhhhh,” came from Harry’s lap. “Trying to sleep here, remember?”

Harry eyed Malfoy suspiciously. He had to admit, he might have reacted a little differently if they had been alone. It was a bit sudden, but he wasn’t all that opposed to Malfoy lying on his lap.

Harry’s eyes darted to his friends again when Hermione leaned over to Pansy and whispered something to her. Looking exasperated, Pansy nodded. Harry still wasn’t used to the fact that they were all getting along so well now. Pansy could be fun but, still, Harry was a bit wary around her.

He kept his eyes on her as Hermione strode over to him.

“Don’t be mad,” she told him. Harry frowned.

“What did you do?”

“Well…” She looked at him sheepishly. “It’s more what I didn’t do.”

Harry looked at her, puzzled. She leaned closer to him and dropped her voice to a whisper.

“I didn’t stop Pansy, when she stole something from Slughorn’s personal stores and put it into Malfoy’s tea this morning.”

Harry’s frown deepened.

“What did she put in his tea?”

Hermione bit her lip and put a hand on his shoulder.

“We just felt like he deserved a good day for once. He’s been through so much.” She gazed at Malfoy thoughtfully. “That’s not to say you haven’t been having a hard time, either,” she added hastily. “But Pansy thought you might… benefit from it as well. Seems like she was right.”

Harry looked between Malfoy and Hermione, not understanding what she was telling him. It must have shown on his face. Hermione sighed and shook her head.

“Felix Felicis, that’s what Pansy put in his drink.”

Harry’s mouth dropped open.

“That’s why he’s being so weird?”

“You were weird, too, when you took it in sixth year,” Hermione reminded him.

Yeah, Harry mused, it had been a strange experience. He had felt so happy and cheerful, like nothing could go wrong. And, somehow, he had known exactly what he had to do to get… to get what he wanted.


Harry’s eyes darted back to Malfoy, who was still smiling contentedly with his eyes closed. Harry wondered what would have happened if his friends had given him the potion, instead of Malfoy. He doubted things would have been this forward but, maybe, it would have had a similar outcome.  

Ignoring the fact that everyone in the room was watching him, he slowly raised his hand and ran his fingers through Malfoy’s hair. The Slytherin let out a long sigh that made the corners of Harry’s mouth twitch.

As he sat there, stroking Malfoy’s hair and marvelling at the fluttery feeling in his stomach, Harry thought it was lucky he and Malfoy apparently wanted the same thing.

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request! mccree and hanzo arm-wrestle... who wins?

it was rlly hard to pick a winner but..

i talked to @overdrivecow who figured out that theres more to arm wrestling than just pure strength; a lot of it is in the technique, which mccree certainly learned somewhere at some point!! 

Shoutout to all my fellow shy studyblrs who are too shy and awkward to make comments on posts or get involved in discussions. I see you liking and reblogging stuff, you’re doing great. You are still part of the community. I am proud of you and I hope you achieve what you want to. Remember to believe in yourself 💜

Please don’t worry about me.
I’m just a little tired from being strong all the time…. Between dealing with all my own problems, pretending everything’s fine and helping other people with their problems – I sometimes feel like I have no energy left.
Sometimes I imagine what it would feel like to be taken care of… for someone to wrap me up in a blanket, hold me while I cry and tell me that they love me and that everything will be alright. But for some reason, whenever anyone asks me if I’m okay – I always say I’m fine!?
I think deep down I’m afraid…. Afraid that if I reach out for help, I might be let down… or afraid that if open up, all the pain I’ve been holding inside will come flooding out and I won’t be able to stop it.
I think that’s possibly the biggest paradox of having strength… that sometimes you spend so much of your energy being strong for yourself and others that it ultimately weakens you to the point where you feel you have nothing left to give… That’s how I’m feeling right now – but give me time and I know I’ll be okay.
I’ll push through like I always do… because I’m strong….
and I don’t know how to be any other way.

Lost woods redraw


What we take for granted about our sense of self, everything we see, everything we remember, is nothing more than a construct of the mind.

Someone needs to look after Dirk, okay?

Like, he wakes up in the morning, probably on Todd’s sofa, all rumpled and uncomfortable from sleeping there. And he finds that someone put a blanket on him last night, which was nice of them, and he smiles a little. Pulls it around his shoulders. And then Todd emerges from the kitchen, because this is the one time he’s ever been up before Dirk (because it had been a tough case they just solved, so he figured Dirk could use the rest) and Todd makes him a cup of tea. And they sit and talk and Dirk’s all wrapped up in his blanket with his tea and he has this smile on his face, and says,
“Thanks Todd.” In that little way he does.

The giraffe man just needs a BREAK, okay?

“Heaven is a place on earth with you…”

  • *221B*
  • Client: *wringing his hands* Look, mate, I'm not asking for much. I just...want to find her.
  • Sherlock: *sitting in his chair; hands clasped* She knew of your affair?
  • Client: *guilty* That's what we was arguing-
  • Molly: *bursts in* Right, mister, I've had it!
  • Sherlock: *blinks; chuckles nervously* Molly, I'm-
  • Molly: *points* I don't care. I-I'm not some case work you can just *pauses* do.
  • Client: *raises his eyebrows*
  • Molly: *swallows* I barely get to see you a-and when I do, it's for experiments or casework.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *nods* You're right.
  • Molly: *stunned* I am?
  • Sherlock: Yes. I've been neglecting you. We need to spend more time together.
  • Molly: *smiles* I'd like that.
  • Sherlock: *removes his phone* I'll text Angelo. He'll have the finest wine on ice, a private table ready for tonight.
  • Molly: *kisses his cheek* Can't wait *smiles awkwardly at the client* sorry for interrupting. Err, good luck with... *gestures; leaves*
  • Sherlock: *puts his phone away* I'm going to marry her.
  • Client: *nods slowly* Good for you.

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molly, consider,,,, the briggs bunch when they're sick. GO!!


  • Buc is the biggest baby about it like “Miles I can’t move bring me soup” and “can I have tea with honey and lemon” and “can you bring me more books I already finished these” and of course his every request is granted
  • Miles keeps on working and insists he’s fine until he falls over or someone physically hauls him to bed
  • Patricia is well aware of the irony of the situation and doesn’t want to hear about it. she just wants to take a hot bath and sit by the fire
  • Olivier is pretty good at hiding it whenever she’s sick but as soon as someone finds out she’s immediately fussed over and doted upon by everyone in the vicinity (which she secretly loves). she always recovers in record time because Efficiency is important

“We shall not say the word forever, even though we wont say forever, please be together with us for a long, long time- Kim Jongdae 150308

Thank you exo. This is for five years, here’s to five more.


Whenever the name Rumplestiltskin came up in my life, I always reacted to it – and suddenly I discovered it right in front of my eyes as a character to play in Once Upon A Time. Immediately, I knew this was the part for me.

Since I show Johnny quite a bit of love by drawing solo pictures, it’s only fair Ash gets the same treatment. ;-p Gotta love that hardcore rocker porcupine.

If any of y’all are interested, I posted new chapter of my Johnny x Ash fict, “Set Me Free”.

Also, I just saw the new Sing shorts that came out and “Eddie’s Life Coach” showed what I know has to be Johnny working out in the background…Being the sick individual I am, it inspired me to so some NSFW Johnny x Ash smut….you’re welcome.

Far From

Blame @cullenappreciationweek. I wanted to do something for the redemption/change aspect, and something with his Inquisition self trying to come to terms with it all.

Cullen finds it some time after coming to Skyhold. He hadn’t even known he’d taken it - an unusual slip; he thought he’d been rigorous in checking his luggage when leaving Kirkwall, not wanting to waste any space when there was none to spare, and yet he must have carried it through the Conclave, through Haven. It must have been sitting at the bottom of his personal bag while he stood in front of the skittish Herald and assured her he was no longer a templar. He grimaces at that, his head aching from his own stupidity rather than from the withdrawal, before he returns his attention to it. There wasn’t time when they came here; they’ve spent weeks struggling to maintain the Inquisition hour to hour, never mind unpacking and worrying about home comforts.

He pulls the piece of material from underneath the books and potion bottles, the keepsakes of a life that he doesn’t know whether to call his own anymore. He unrolls it between his hands, and simply… looks. Red and purple silk shines in the candlelight, and his eyes are drawn to the golden Sword of Mercy.

Mercy. He thought that meant something, once. Before Kirkwall, before… No, since Kinloch. Maker, he lost himself there, and only ran even further from himself in Kirkwall.

“Cullen!” a bright voice says behind him, and there’s a half-hearted knock on his office door.

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So I thought of Aethelrik again (HOW COULD I NOT?????) and I was inspired with this. ENJOY!


     Aethelflaed wondered. Her husband was a handsome man; seemingly kind and gentle with his golden locks and big blue eyes; so fair. It had been only natural for her to assume his soul and temper matched his beauty. But a night with him convinced her that ugliness and evil hid in the core of even the most handsome man. Aethelred was a Saxon and as such, Aethelflaed would have believed him to behave like her father to her mother; kindly and lovingly. But he did not. Evil hid even in the fairest of Saxon prince. Evil hid even in the core of a Christian man.

     Erik was not as fair; he was different with his stiff stature and his strange haicut; his scars and his eyes circled with black. Erik firstly appeared fearsome and cruel. He was a pagan who refused to convert and worship the one true God; a man who sought the destruction of her dear Wessex. But a night with him convinced her otherwise. Erik was kind and gentle; caring and loving. He was all she had ever dreamed of. He was the prince she had wanted to marry.

     A night with a man – any man – was enough to convince a woman of his worth.

     Appearances were misleading to a man’s temper and this had made her believe Aethelred was as fair as his face and Erik as cruel and evil as his. The beauty inside Erik showed the truth of his being to her eyes; he was handsome, the most handsome man she had ever seen. More even than her husband. He was so different, like the sounds he made when he spoke his tongue and his foreign gods. If a man she saw as ugly was that beautiful, then she wanted her daughter to marry an ugly man. For it was now all she cared about; the daughter Erik gave her’ happiness. She wished for her to be married to a man whose love was gentle and kind. She wanted her to find her own Erik. She wanted her to be loved as she had been loved. It was all she wanted now.

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It's been 3 years since I started seeing a therapist and 2 years on anti-depressants. At yesterday's session my therapist announced that I had made significant progress and I'll now only see her on an "as needed" basis. It honestly feels like a huge weight has been lifted and I'm finally seeing the light. Thanks for being an inspiration.

I am so happy for you!! 



may have gone overboard, but seriously his hair are the real deal!