sketchuary: oh man can I just say I really like watching Ohm’s videos now??
omfg man he’s like those chill dudes you wanna hang with because he’s so goddamn helpful and oh man hell yeah he’s a nice dude. Stupid Gary Oak looking hair ohmygod. I got it from his Xbox Live account look anyways. Yep.

ALSO: is the mask really a Cry thing?? I hope I don’t get bashed or some shit. I mean, I really like the idea of an Ohm mask for Ohm too.cough The weird part is that they’re both named Ryancough. They’d be good mask-buddy-gamers. hAHAHAH GEDDIT MASKEDGAMER-oh shut up.

also, Detective, Face-Ohm design is by the magnificent doodlepie ! Thank you for making it! Yep.

One last thing: I watched way too many TTT/Murder videos with Ohm and Minx. Thanks. bye.


i couldn’t sleep it’s 4 am and nOW I WANNA SLEEP.


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