alzack conell

Ft couples sleeping (headcanons)

1-Albis-This is the exact position i imagine them sleeping

2-Gajevy-Well nothing better than snuggling with your shrimp

3-Bisca and Asuka-When Alzack goes on a mission its cuddling time with mommy time for asuka

4-Loke and Lucy-I dont know about this one to be honest but if loke ever has to share a bed with Lucy i doubt shell let him come any closer

5-Gruvia-Gray isnt much of the cuddle type but he sure as hell loves his girlfriend to spoon him

6-Nalu-Well natsu does have a thing for her hand

7-Natsu and Gray

8-Jerza-Jellal will do anything for Erza(not to mention the guy cant pull out a confession much less cuddle with her)

A bit late but happy eight birthday Fairy Tail ^^!I think we all have to thank Mashima for his amazing work and his great attitude towards his fans