alyx does awards season '12

anonymous asked:

don't you think gary deserves the oscar more than jean tonight?

-sighs- i wish i could put this answer under a read more, because i feel like i’m just going to upset everyone with my answer. SO YOU SHOULD PROBABLY STOP READING THIS RIGHT NOW, OKAY?

i would just like to say that this is just my opinion, and of course people are going to disagree, but that’s what makes opinions opinions!

basically, no. i think gary deserves an oscar yes, but for tinker tailor? no. yes he was absolutely fantastic but i still think he played the part a bit too melodramatic, and when you compare his performance to jean’s i just still think jean outshines him. and sometimes i really struggle with the whole “he deserves an award for his body of work!!” because while that is true, i would much rather see gary win the award for a role i truly think he deserves to win.

this isn’t to say i won’t be happy if gary wins. i will be ecstatic! he really does deserve an oscar. probably like 3 at this point. but i just don’t think his performance was the best of 2011.