The madness begins! I missed the first connecting flight for my trip so I’m spending the night in San Salvador, El Salvador. Could be worse, got another stamp in my passport at least. Hello Central America, hello Rainbow Road to Happiness! Día primero: ¡que loco!

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question 3

im not sure which questionaire youre reffering to

3 im single…

3 if i was trapped on a burning plane and could only call 1 person…id have to say i would call #alyssawhoaa because shes the only person who can make me smile anymore…id tell her it was a great pleasure knowing her!! shes amazing and im sorry ill never see her again she was a fantastic person and im really going to miss her…id tell her i love her!! even if she doesnt recipricate…wish her a happy life…then i would put my head between my legs…and wait patiently for death…

Tomorrow I leave for the first part of my trip around the world. I’ll be posting regularly on here and on my travel instagram (@therainbowroadtohappiness), but I will posting on my regular tumblr, instagram, and facebook as well! This is where you can keep up with everything I’m doing, who I’ve met, where I’m going, and anything else you may be interested in. Feel free to ask questions! I’ll be in Central and South America from tomorrow, January 6th, until February 4th. Feel free to shoot some love my way, and I will miss everyone greatly. Stay good while I’m gone, and stay warm! (:

so fun story time! at my hostel in bolivia there was a large group of guys from uruguay that were crazy soccer fans that came to stay, and they were extremely rude, messy, and disrespectful to everyone. they were rude to the owners and made all the girls uncomfortable. they put up their soccer team’s flags in a hostel in BOLIVIA. they were loud and obnoxious during dinner, so me being me, i cut one down and put it in the toilet. you can see how this almost started a riot.