Here’s my latest picture Tala. According to Tagalog mythology, the moon goddess hid the stars behind the clouds during the day so they wouldn’t be burned. The stars would come out when Tala, the morning and evening star, would say it was safe. Thanks a million to Klarissa Delos Angeles both for the idea and for posing for me! If you have a moment, it’s worth checking out some of her awesome art! You can also check out the work in progress shots over at my website.

Daily Draw day 37. It’s a party Apatosaurus! Another quick little ten min sketch. I’m making a resolution right now–to schedule more time earlier in the day for my daily draw. I keep waiting until 11:50 to start, and by then I’m exhausted and cant do as good a job. Tomorrow will be better!

Anyways, the reason for the party Apatosaurus is that I got the Illustration excellence award and I’m Valedictorian! :D Very happy day. 

An assignment for figure painting. We had to go with a concept for this assignment, so I went with star zombies! Inspired by this Carl Sagan quote. The idea that the elements we’re made of come from these huge, larger than life, magnificent but non-sentient stars is freaking awesome to me. That we could only be conscious of that life after it ended, that as the star’s corpse we’re so small, so insignifacant compared to what it was in life, and yet only we, not it, have the capability to be self aware … yeah. I have no words. It blows my mind. So here’s an oil painting of it. (Pic quality is a bit bad because it was taken in my studio, so I might update this later with a better photo if I get one).


Daily draw day 112. Today I started a painting of Bill Nye, who is currently rocking his way through Dancing with the Stars. I’ve never watched DWTS before, but I tuned in to see Bill and I thought he was awesome. He wasn’t the best dancer there, but he had the courage to get up in front of millions of people and dance his little heart out. I get self concious dancing in front of my dog (she has judgemental eyes). So yeah, respecting the hell out of Bill Nye right now.

Have a long ways to go on the painting, but I’m pretty happy with my start today :)   Aaaaaaand here’s the finished thing

Daily draw day 114. Finished up the bill nye painting :) (here it is in progress). For those of you who don’t know, Bill Nye is on dancing of the stars. I hope he’ll be dancing tonight–he tore a ligament last episode. If he is, everyone should go vote for him! He’s doing a great job!

EDIT: Awwwww, he got eliminated. Well, he was awesome while he was there! And he danced despite having a pretty serious injury–that’s dedication. You rock Bill Nye!