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Finally, I finish my 366.

I have one hundred different emotions concerning the end of this project, though none I can put into words. It has been a year (and sixty-one days) of tremendous growth, experience, frustration, inspiration, relationships, risk, and education, and I am so thankful for all that I experienced. During my 366, I experimented with HD video, mixed media art, and 35mm, 120mm, and Polaroid film, and I purchased my Nikon D7000 and my Hasselblad 500c (pictured above). This year has been a great challenge, and as well as a great gift. In 2013 I will continue to dedicate myself to this art. I know now I what field I want to study - I have chosen photojournalism, and I will be travelling the world with my camera and a backpack to capture countries, cities, cultures, people, and moments to share.

I owe so much gratitude to my family, friends, supporters, and the multitude of photographers who answered all of my many questions. Thank you all so very much.
I also owe much gratitude to Christ, for having the freedom, means, equipment, and encouragement to pursue the art I love beyond a hobby to my career. Every single blessing I have been given, I owe to Him.

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