alyssa's follow forever 2012

It’s that time of year again where everyone is creating lists of their favorite blogs and people. Some of these people I am friends with and they are legitimately the best people on tumblr. Other people I just worship from afar because of their amazing photoshop skills and all around quality-ness. If you are looking for amazing new blogs to follow look no further! 

[abcd]: a-torvs, adrasteas, andrew-garfield, annperkinss, aryastark, barbieklaus, buckyrogers, captaincrieff

[ijkl]: idrisian, ireneadlered, ironboner, itsoswald, j-hnnystorm, jamesmcvoy, janeyoucrazy, katarras, khaleesie, lannisters, lizayzay

[mnop]: midnightsorrow, mrauders, obriens, padalecky

[qrstu]: samsevans, sebstans, sherleston, skyfalll, spoiltheending, tom-hardys, tomhiddles

[wxyz]: watsonly, whychester, xanis