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Candice Swanepoel is the luckiest girl in the world. (Well second to Behati Prinsloo who is engaged to Adam Levine). She will be wearing the £10m bra in the VS fashion show, airing Dec 10th. 

Diamonds, rubies, and every other jewel you can imagine is perfectly placed to create a bra specifically designed to fit her. The ultimate fantasy bra. 

Well isn’t that just special…

We aren’t the least bit bitter. 



Short Girl In A Tall World:

Harper’s Bazaar recently wrote an article on 5 Rules for Being a Short Girl in Fashion.

In a world of everyone over 6 ft, there are actually many benefits of being under 5 ft.

Last year, I was shooting the Lacoste runway when security said everyone in the aisle over 5 ft. had to leave because they were blocking the views of the attendees. He looked at me. I smiled. And continued to photograph the show. 

Here are our 5 rules for short girls under 5 ft.

1. You can be mistaken for one of the PR girls. Use it to your advantage and weasel your way backstage.

2. You don’t  have to squat in the front of photos. Often people push you to the front. Lucky for us, that means your whole outfit is in the photo. There is nothing worse than wearing your favorite skinny jeans and heels and only seeing your head in the photo.

3. Now that wedge sneakers are in, you can wear these instead of stilettos or Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s all the time. 

4. You can squeeze into an already packed taxi or Uber. The middle seat is actually your best friend. This means you don’t have to pay for an Uber all alone to trek over to Alexander Wang’s show in Brooklyn Navy Yards. 

5. It is quite easy to squirm your way to the front of the line at the bar at the after-party. Getting a drink however is another story.

Overall, weasel, push, squeeze, and squirm your way to the front. You won’t be in anyone’s way.



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Why Don’t They Get It?

Fashion men don’t understand… 

Platform Shoes: Once referred to  by my dad as “Lady Gaga Shoes”

High waisted shorts: They think they’re mom jeans.

Crop tops: Seem like 90s to them

Purses: Don’t understand why we will spend hundreds and thousands on something that’s sole purpose is to hold all our other shit.

Bright lipstick: They don’t want to kiss us when we wear it because they don’t want to be wearing it too.

Maxi Dresses: Known by men as Mommy-to-be dresses

Bralettes and bandeaus: Is it a bra or not a bra? But more importantly how do I take it off?




The Angels:

It was only a couple days ago that I was standing amongst the most beautiful and rare creatures of the world: the Class of 2013 Victoria’s Secret Models. 

Backstage was a sea of pink. Pink curtains, silk robes, blush, table cloths, and press passes. 

In a daze, I aimlessly walked around the makeup tables and hair stations and was in awe that I was standing next to some of the models I envied adored and swooned over in TV and print campaigns. 

Adriana’s red wings were by far the most stunning, outrageous, and eye catching angel wings. Runner up, being the ensemble my Karlie Kloss that looked like a flashback to Britney Spear’s toxic video, but much classier.

Cara was even more hilarious in person. Taking selfies with Taylor Swift and catching altoids in her mouth being thrown by Behanti, Cara was a ball of fun backstage and on the runway (literally). 

Hilary had abs I could only dream of. Candice’s fantasy bra shined in the lights of the runway. Jourdan’s whip and red blazer jacket and Lindsay’s 3D printer wings dipped in Swarovski crystals are only the beginning. 

Check in on December 10th on CBS for all the looks and kisses from the Angels. Even Valentino caught an air kiss. And when you aren’t drooling over the bodies of these women, you can drool over Adam Levine in the front row.



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Grungy but stylish:

Sometimes you just have those days when you don’t want to dress up in those big high heels, bright colored lips, and sundress.

For those who love to look effortlessly chic or the grungy but stylish look, this is the post for you.

It is important to still look put together despite just rolling out of bed. You don’t want to be pulling a Helena Bonham Carter in her pajama pants while running through the streets with a package of salmon.

So when getting dressed on those lazy days pick a basic tee, paired with a simple jacket, jeans or cargo pants (just promise us not the ones that have the draw strings at the ankles), and a patterned flat. Then feel free to experiment with jewelry and accessories to have your outfit complete.

Not feeling like straightening your hair or curling it either, throw it in a ballerina bun. It will have the appearance of sophistication, when it actually took you 5 minutes to do.

So go ahead and hit the snooze button.



When In Doubt Belt It:

If you take anything away from our blog take this…

Tailor clothes to fit you. It is impossible to create sizes 0, 2, 4, 6…12 that will fit every woman in America. Some of us are curvier than others. Some have longer legs than a “Regular." 

I once found a dress from LF that I loved. Leather heart shaped top and pink sheer gown to the floor. I looked great in it, but so tiny. So I brought it to a tailor. I made the dress go high in the front and kept the length in the back. This showed off my legs making me look taller. I made the dress fit me.

So do what you can to make the clothes fit you. You shouldn’t have to fit them.

Belt it at the waist.

Cuff the bottom.

Or our favorite…buy capris as pants. 



Raising Helen: Since our original love of her developed in the movie Raising Helen back in our early youth (Also featuring Aiden from Sex and The City), we have watched Kate Hudson blossom into a gorgeous woman. Making us jealous through her new photo shoot for Harpers Bazaar, she is looking even more radiant. (And it is not just because she is the spokeswoman for Almay Cosmetics.) It is because she is a confident woman who struts her stuff. You go Kate! Love, A&E

Love Your Mothers:

In honor of mother’s day we Short Sisters are making a tribute to the most stylish woman we know..our Mom.

Through it all she has been the most inspiring, intelligent, beautiful, and compassionate person in the world for us. She has taught us to love ourselves, try our hardest, and live life to the fullest.

Without her we would not be the women we are today.

We love you mom and this one is for you.



Take off that vest you look like Aladdin:

Much like Mclovin in Super Bad, the vests are an item of clothing that some people were never able to get into.

Paired the right way though, they could look quite fabulous.

Seen above this brightly colored vest tightened around the waist with a belt and a colorful dress with a similar color is a nice way to brighten the look and add a little more. Add a clutch and your outfit is complete!

Just make sure you don’t wear a brown suede one with fringe.