These images illustrate one’s obsession with technology and the convenience of the cellular device. While this concept derives from a personal conflict, the issue at hand has become something of an epidemic within today’s society. Having instant access to digital communication has removed our focus from our immediate surroundings, in turn disconnecting our involvement in face-to-face interactions.


When two different people (@william-snekspeare and @moonglowbaticorn, respectively) tag you in this “selfies of 2015″ thing, I guess that means you gotta do it, hey? So here is my face several times. Yep.

(I give @commonvee, @alysonbowen, @notfitforsociety, and @mountainredhead the dubious mission, should they choose to accept it, of taking on this task.)

Before I start posting my Thesis series “Cognitive Dissonance”, I would like to extend an offer to anyone who is interested in receiving a 3.25in x 5in signed print. I have a couple dozen available. If you are interested please message me your mailing address.

Also, let me know if you are interested in pen palling as I am an avid postal enthusiast myself. I find handwritten letters/postcards to be precious and enticing. 


Self Destruction. Fall 2013.


Cheryl by Alyson Bowen
Via Flickr:
He gives her flowers. 

 Sony a7ii