Ты в сказке, как Алёнушка,
Заблудишься в лесу…
Тебя на сердце, солнышко,
По жизни пронесу.


Like in a fairy tale Alyonushka,
You’ve got lost in the woods in the dark.
Please, don’t worry, my sunny and gorgeous girl,
I will carry you home in my heart.

Fathers and Sons is a short writing exercise, but sometimes I get random thoughts like, ‘Man 819 has a super hard time finding a nanny who speaks Russian, Swedish, and English, who they actually like, and who the kids actually like. Grandma Ovechkina does so much babysitting that first year…’ and ‘Nicky sort of thought he was prepared for Alex’s latest plan but then he met eyes with four year old Alyonushka and all bets were off’ and ‘Arsya is going to be the most difficult baby ever, they have no idea what they’re getting into’ and it makes me very happy. Caps Dads forever!