The Perverted Illusionist to His Skylark

This is why I should never be allowed near literature. HAHA. A parody of Marlowe’s The Passionate Shepherd to His Love that I wrote, like, aaaages ago. This stemmed our from the fact that my headcanon dictates that Mukuro likes reading and that he’s a bit of a bibliophile.

So. Anyway. This is me committing a crime in the face of English Literature. I’m sorry, Christopher Marlowe. 


Come form a contract with me, my dove

And you shall learn the pleasures of love

Those other simpletons cannot yield

For only I can break through your shield

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pagdating mo sa up, dapat maging handa kang makaramdam na ang tanga at ang bobo-bobo mo. dahil up nga ang pinasukan mo, lahat ng magagaling e malamang nagtipon-tipon diyan; lahat ng poster children nang kung anu-anong science hayskul ay nandyan. pero kahit ganun, wag kang mawalan ng pag-asa. lesson ito para maging humble ka, hindi para mag-settle for mediocrity! …pero minsan, ayos na rin ang tres. kesa naman sa singko.
I ended up reading Mark of Athena again...

I didn’t really realize when I read it the first time, because, okay, yeah, new book high and all, but now that I stopped and thought about it, I have a few problems with how Riordan handled the Hercules thing, (as well as some other things too). 

  • Okay. Yeah. I get the Jason volunteered because of the whole Son of Zeus/Jupiter shtick going on. BUT. I really wanted Percy to be the one to talk to him.
  • I somehow expected Percy to react in SOME OTHER WAY other than his…bitchfit(?) where no one loves him and stuff. (I LOVE PERCY, but he kinda got on my nerves with his whining in the book.) Seeing as, I DON’T KNOW, HERCULES WAS THE REASON ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS GOT BOOTED FROM THEIR HOME. DOES THE NAME ZOE NIGHTSHADE RING A BELL?
  • I mean, srsly. I wanted Percy to at least angst over this, because ZOE! 
  • Sure, we really got to see how much of a douche Hercules is, but still. 
  • Oh, and don’t get me started on the whole Nico thing. I HATED how Percy was so detached from it. Hazel was the only one who’s panicking like hell for Nico’s sake! Okay, so the kid tricked Percy into doing something stupid, but at least show some concern! Nico fought with you, convinced his dad, the God of the Underworld, someone who could hardly care less about the Titan War, to fight Kronos. I get the fact that Percy will be annoyed at Nico for pretending that he didn’t know him in SoN, but you’d somehow expect that he’d already treat the kid as one of his friends. 
  • I hate pulling the Bianca card when it comes to Nico, BUT FREAKING HELL PERCY, the kid’s sister died for you and the least you could do is to be concerned for your COUSIN. 

I’m sorry. I just have a lot of feels. Especially for the Hercules part. And Nico, of course. 

So I was whining to my friend about the new KHR! chapter...
  • me: I'm so disappointed, I was really, really excited to see Tsuna's boxers!
  • friend: I know right?!
  • me: Goddamnit, I was like, "MY BODY IS READY" for Tsuna's boxers-clad glory, and then BAM, all my hopes and dreams went down the drain.
  • friend: Hey, hey, what if...they didn't show Tsuna in his boxers because he was going commando that day?
  • me: wat.
  • friend: TSUNA.
  • friend: WENT.
  • friend: COMMANDO.
  • me: Holy shit.


see these glowing things? these pretty looking bamfs are called ctenophores (from phylum, surprise, surprise, ctenophora) and most, if not all of them are bioluminescent, hence the pretteh lights. they’re like close relatives with jellyfishes and corals and sea anemones. (these guys are relatives even if it’s not very obvious. they really are. i swear.)

but anyway. ctenophores are also probably one of the creepiest little fuckers you will ever see. don’t let the pretty lights fool you, because these things are cray-cray. see, most of them are predators and they have the ability to SWALLOW JELLYFISHES AND CRUSTACEANS AND JUST LIKE WHATEVER THAT COMES THEIR WAY WHOLE. and as if that’s not enough, they have rows of teeth* to CUT YOU UP. 

LIKE IDK MAN. they’re like insane marine mafia or something.

one minute you’re doing your own thing and then bam! some little fucker’s swallowing you whole to eat you. (they only grow up to like 59 inches and are probably not that harmful to human, but still, if you happened to crush a jellyfish and spread it all over your fist, i doubt you’d want them trying to EAT YOU.) 

also, they have this creepy ability to get the abilities of the things they eat. like, if they eat a jellyfish, they can get the jellyfish’s stingers and attach them to themselves. 

creepy motherfuckers.  

*not exactly teeth. they’re aggregate cilia that turn into these macrocilia that are very sharp. 

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Every time I write an autobiography, I always end up mentioning that time when my classmates blew up a toilet.

as well as the fact that our class president practically blew his top in pure, unadulterated rage. (my memory dictates that he even cried in sheer frustration, but that’s probably just me.) 

sorry eudes for slandering your name but really, this was one of the hallmarks of highschool.