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I'm not looking for Yuuri/Yuri but do you have a list of smol Yurio with a crush on Yuri but still Victuuri I just think love when Yurio ONLY likes Yuri instead of hating him

+4 more requests! Thank you all for these! All of these will be one-sided! I hope you enjoy! Please let me know if I missed any you think should be on here!

Yurio Has a Crush on Yuuri

it doesn’t take a scientist by alykapedia, Teen, 2.3k
In which Yuri Plisetsky has a crush, Mila Babicheva is a terrible listener, Otabek Altin is an equally terrible advice-giver, and the only possible solution to his predicament is to kill Viktor Nikiforov and marry Yuuri Katsuki himself. Love!

With a Little Help From My Yuri by youaremarvelous, Teen, 5.4k
5 times Yuuri helps Yurio out + the one time he (begrudgingly) returns the favor. THIS IS REALLY CUTE OMG

Songs About Your Boyfriend by cryingoverspilledvodka, 17k
Yuri is in love with Victor’s ambition, deeply in love with Victor’s skating- and stupidly in love with Victor’s fiancé. Thumbs up!

Where It Counts by Harlequinade13, 1.7k
Yuri Plisetsky goes out for a run in Barcelona. He doesn’t expect to meet Victor where he does. He doesn’t expect a lot of things. Nice one-shot!

Edit Sober by counterheist, Teen, 4.2k
Yuuri finds Yurio’s plisetsuki fanfiction. Viktor has a talk with Yurio, which consists mostly of a bottle of vodka and an I know, I know. RIP YURIO… teen crushes and fanfiction omg

salchow fury by winchilsea, Teen, 3.1k
When asked what it feels like to be both the youngest ranger in the PPDC and the legendary Viktor Nikiforov’s co-pilot, Yuri Plisetsky looks at the camera dead on and says, “Like walking in on your parents having sex. Continuously.” Definitely recommend!

Yuri Plisetsky is not in denial by thatoldeblackmagic, Gen, Not Rated, 1.4k
Sometimes Yuri can look at Katsudon and semi-honestly think, ‘You’re not that great’ because he really isn’t. Sometimes this works. Until Katsudon catches him staring and then turns his full attention towards Yuri complete with a small smile and a confused head tilt like he’s a goddamn puppy. Great one-shot!

In jokes and Pettiness by preciousbunnynoiz, Teen, 5k (WIP)
“It hurt to see Yurio’s reactions because Phichit understood very well what it was like to have a one-sided crush. Specifically, he knew what it was like to have a one-sided crush on Yuri. Yurio was going to suffer for three reasons:
one - because Yuri is as oblivious as he is charming and never notices flirting,
two - because he was only 16 and not at all a possible love interest for Yuri and
three – Yuri only had eyes for Victor.” Love this fic so much!

in wine we trust by fireblazie, Teen, 1.9k
Yuri peers into the expanse of the apartment and finds a single, flickering light in the kitchen. He stealthily tiptoes across the floor with the baseball bat clutched tightly in his fists, only to find that, what the hell, this bastard is actually fucking raiding his fridge. “That’s my pirozhki, asshat!” he snarls, ready to swing his bat when the intruder turns around.Shit, Yuri thinks. It’s Beautiful International Student Yuuri Katsuki. Awesome fic!

Secret Language by preciousbunnynoiz, Teen, 1.7k
A story where it turns out Yuuri secretly speaks perfect Russian and Yuri finds out and it helps further their friendship. HAHA I LOVE THIS

A Foreign Warmth by sugarsubstitute, Teen, 3.1k
Big surprise, Victor has abandoned him. Not in Russia, not on the ice rink but in an onsen with his rival. Despite his predicament, he puts up with it. After all, dinner with the person he currently hated the most in the world wasn’t really going to change much, right? Nice one-shot!

Authors I Checked out this Week (pt. 1)

1. AlexWSpark ( @alexwspark ) - Author of On Online and Offline Love, Communication is a Two-way Street, and Unexpected. Alex’s tone in writing really complements the plot of their stories. They have this way of writing that makes their story seems like you’re looking back at a memory that’s not actually yours, but it feels like it is. They are also quite good in writing out the emotions that comes with longing and pining.

2. Alykapedia ( @alykapediaaa ) - Author of The Most Painful Affliction, Hush, and More than Three Quarters. From what I’ve read of their works, they write in different styles or tones, but somehow always manages to make it feel equally satisfying for its genre. Heartwarming if it has to be. Fun and light, if it matches it better.

3. AuraJenkins ( @aurajenkins ) - Author of Reading the Signs, The Stars Incline Us, They do not Bind Us, and Smooth Predators. Jenkins is very good in coming up with interesting concepts and themes for their stories. Because I binge read Smooth Predators in one sitting, I skipped school the next day because I didn’t have enough sleep. It’s that good. (And good thing I didn’t miss much in class because most of the teachers did nothing at that time, according to my classmates.)

4. Azriona ( @azriona ) - Author of Those Three Words, Katsudon, and The Second Kiss. They are excellent when it comes to writing emotions. They can turn a simple scene, a simple plot into something extraordinary by making it burst with vivid emotions.

That’s all for now. I’ve covered all the authors whose usernames start with letter A, B, C, and D in batch 1 of my to-read list. I don’t think I can post the B’s. C’s, and D’s tonight so I’ll try to post them tomorrow–which is ironic, because tomorrow is going to be a new week in my time zone. However, for some people, it’s still going to be the same week, so I don’t think anyone would mind :D
Hush - alykapedia - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

“I got you a gift.” Yuuri says and Viktor has to physically stop himself from quipping, is it your dick?

Explicit, No Archive Warnings Apply

My comment: Holy wow. If you like your porn amazingly hot and with a side of  D/s undertones with bonus toys, then this is the fic for you. The first chapter alone had my heart pounding (in a good way!), and the last? Well. Let’s just say the last is… yes. The last is yes. Who even needs a plot, honestly?

Fic Recs #4

For today’s recs, we’re going to focus on Variety – specifically, we have four AUs of various sorts, and six porny fics with varying amounts of plot. (Coming soon: Omegaverse recs!)

Click on the title for the link to the fic!

Rec List #1 – All the Fluff, Slightly Angsty, Two WIPs worth watching

Rec List #2 – Angst/Fluff, PWP?, One WIP worth watching

Rec List #3 – Fluff & Porn!

AUs of Various Sorts:

Unwritten by kaizuka

Soulmates AU where whatever you write on your own skin appears on your soulmate, but when there is a language barrier, meeting becomes just a little more difficult than it should be.

My comment: Baby!Victor is so sweetly endearing and enthusiastic, and Baby!Yuuri is shy and hesitant. Watching them dance around each other is so super sweet, you’ll be a puddle of happy goo by the end. Fluff like woah, and utterly adorable.


These Frozen Nights by viciously

Yuuri gets along okay with most of the ghosts in Saint Petersburg.

My Comment: Such a fun concept – Yuuri being able to see ghosts. (Do not think about The Sixth Sense; this is very different.) It gets a little dark at the end but oh my, it’s completely captivating.


centripetal force by braveten

Victor speaks seven languages.

(Physics isn’t one of them.)

Luckily, though, he ends up rooming with his antithesis: a shy, black-haired boy who just so happens to be a physics major.

My comment: University AU with minimal ice skating. Okay, guys, I have five words for why you need to read this fic: Victor Nikiforov on a skateboard. No, seriously, it’s goofy and endearing and utterly delightful. It (almost) makes me want to go back to college.


Maelstrom by feelslikefire

Victor Nikiforov is poised to win gold in his fifth consecutive Grand Prix Final. He has the world at his feet, is unparalleled in the sport–right up until a snowstorm blows into Sochi, and he finds himself repeating the same day over and over and over. He stumbles over Yuuri Katsuki, and everything changes.

(Or, the time loop au. Loosely based on Groundhog Day.)

My comment: So many levels of fabulous I can’t even begin. Victor’s reaction to being in the time loop is utterly predictable and hysterical and adorable. It’s just enough unlike the movie to keep you on your toes, and just when you think “Aha! This time he’s broken the curse” – that damn alarm wakes up him again. Of all the AUs I’ve read, this one’s probably my favorite, because the payoff is perfect.


Porn with varying degrees of plot:

I Caught Fire In your Eyes by Ashida

Yuuri walks in on Victor doing something he couldn’t ever have imagined in his head, and it’s now that Victor is the one saying: “Don’t take your eyes off me for a second.”

My comment: No plot whatsoever. The only problem I have with this is that at 1600 words, it’s WAY TOO SHORT, OMG. Ashida needs to write all the porn. Guh.


The Neighbors Know My Name by Defiant-Dreams

“They want me to write smut and I don’t know how,” Yuuri whines and Viktor blinks. “Phichit said I should include sex scenes in my latest Hiro!!! On Ice fanfic but I’ve never written sex before so he said I should just write down what we do,” Yuuri admits and Viktor bites down hard on his lip so that he doesn’t laugh.

My comment: No plot, but funny and sexy. Yuuri needs to learn to take more mental notes, but until then, the rest of us get a treat.


Victor Effing Nikiforov by shysweetthing

AU in which Yuuri still doesn’t remember the banquet, somehow doesn’t blow Japanese Nationals, runs into Victor at the World Championships, and has absolutely no idea why his idol is suddenly friendly and incredibly handsy.

Does Yuuri care about his reasons? No. It’s Victor Effing Nikiforov.

Basically this is an excuse for total fluff. And porn. And shit-talking with bonus smut. (Edited for accuracy.) Happy birthday, Victor.

My comment: Sort of plotty porn. Look, there’s a lot of fics out there that will give you sexy sex. This fic gives you funny sex, and not just funny sex, but hysterically funny sex that is also sexy and will have you aching for more. Utterly delightful. Happy birthday, Victor, indeed.


tu étais formidable, j’étais fort minable by neomeruru

Chris visits Victor and Yuuri at their home in Saint Petersburg. It’s been a long time coming.

My comment: OT3 first-time mild D/s undertones porn-with-pining for Victor/Chris/Yuuri. This is technically the second in a series, though you don’t need the first to enjoy this. (But read it anyway, because it’s also good.) The characterizations are fantastic, there’s more pining than plotting, and it’s so well written that I wish there was more. Reeeeeeaaaaaaaaaad.


honey sweet and slow by alykapedia

Viktor wakes not for the first time to the sound of waves, the faintest rustle of sheets, and most importantly, the sound of Yuuri’s steady breathing.

My comment: Lazy morning married sex with minimal plot and lots of photography on Victor’s part. Let’s hope he doesn’t post ALL those pictures on Instagram.


Nights So Slow by jibrailis

“Well,” Viktor says helplessly, because it’s all ruined now, “I was going to try and seduce you.”

My comment: First time, tiny bit of plot. Mostly this is just funny and sexy and sweet, with such an over-the-top extra!Victor that I giggled until I wasn’t meant to be giggling anymore. (For very good reasons.)

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Hello! I was wondering if I could request fics about wonderful Wedding and Honeymoon Adventures? (you're amazing).

Hi! Thanks for all these requests! These fics are so cute!

Wedding Fics

the clavicle-snapped wish by astoryaboutwar, Mature, 6.5k
The sun glints off their twin gold bands, the band strikes up their first dance, and together, they follow each other into the rest of their lives. SO CUTE 

What happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas by Gayson, Teen, 21k
What better place to hold a bachelor part then Vegas! Yuuri and his groomsman: Emil, Minami, Seung Gil, Otabek, and Phichit all embark on the craziest night of their lives thanks to the few connections the best man has within Sin City. LOVE!

Simple Misunderstandings by wine_did_this_to_me, Gen, 2.8k
Yuuri has finally won a gold medal, and when he and Viktor return to Russia, Viktor begins behaving strangely. He asks Yuuri strange questions and forces him to buy a new suit, and takes up discussing color schemes at all hours of the day, and finally, he realizes he might be misunderstanding Viktor’s intentions. Pre-wedding! Thumbs up!

vows by fan_nerd, Gen, 1.1k
The wedding is held on April 12th after Yuuri receives his first gold medal at a major event. I’m totally not sobbing *sobs*

On the Wedding Night of Two Lovebirds by leoji_is_life (pie_stained_trench_coat), Explicit, 3.7k
“Shouldn’t you be dancing with your husband?”
“Mmm, I don’t mind watching.”
“Uh huh.” Phichit raised an eyebrow when Viktor turned to look at him. “Are you sure he doesn’t mind you just watching?” OMG 

How to Be a Good Husband by phoenixwings, Teen, 2.7k
It’s not that he’s having second thoughts about getting married — Victor’s never wanted anything as much in his life as he wants to marry Yuuri, he’d trade all his gold medals and wealth for the privilege of being Yuuri’s husband — but he has no idea how to be a husband. SO CUTE!

We’re Going to Have a Wedding! by rememberednoah, Gen, 17k
After an intense figure skating season, Yuuri and Viktor decide to take a well earned break. Why? Well, there’s the small matter of having to plan their wedding. As the pair relaxes in their rented apartment in the States, they discover just how stressful wedding planning can be. Maybe they should have asked for some help… But this sort of stress can work as a bonding experience, right? Wedding planning fic! I AM ACTUALLY SOBBING I LOVE THIS 

Newlywed Bliss by garbage_dono, Explicit, 1.5k
After the ceremony, Victor and Yuuri celebrate their marriage together. Bottom!Victor!

the warmest part of winter by dadvans, Mature, 8k
The wedding is in early February, right after Yuri comes home to Yuuri and Victor’s crumbling farmhouse in upstate New York from the European Championships with a gold medal around his neck. So cute, I love the art in it!

One Night to Blow by qwartooty, Teen, 3.2k
in which Yuuri gets drunk, Viktor probably gets a boner, and Phichit finally gives his best man’s speech. BIG THUMBS UP

Wedding Presents by BatMads, Gen, 1.7k
Victor has a wedding present to give Yuri on their honeymoon, and it’s better than anything Yuri could have expected. Lovely one-shot!

5 Hidden Talents of Yuuri Katsuki (And one not so hidden) by Fangirlshrewt97, Gen, 16k
There are only a few days to the Victuuri wedding so all the skaters have joined our favorite couple at Hatsetsu in the days leading up to it. During their stay, they all learn some new things about the Japanese skater that they had previously not known. Love!

Something Borrowed, Something Red by bibliomaniac, Gen, 1.5k
Kenjirou Minami is feeling incredibly #blessed. The wedding from Minami’s point of view! SO CUTE I LOVE

Wedding Night by utlaginn, Explicit, 3.6k
The world may not believe it, but they haven’t yet shared a bed.Yuuri decides that that changes–tonight, of all nights. Smutty and sweet!

sight of the sun by cityboys, Teen, 6.4k
It’s still new, reaching inside himself and finding nothing but love there, and a yearning for life—for the rest of his own life—that’s never been this sort of present before. It’s still new, just like the band on his own ring finger is still a wonder, just like seeing Yuuri’s own band has not stopped giving Victor such a dizzying rush of emotion every time he sees it, days after the wedding. HONEYMOON FIC

Get me to the Church On Time by InsominiacArrest, Teen, 4.1k
Everyone on the big day as Victor and Yuuri prepare to get hitched. CUTEE

honey sweet and slow by alykapedia, Explicit, 2.5k
Viktor wakes not for the first time to the sound of waves, the faintest rustle of sheets, and most importantly, the sound of Yuuri’s steady breathing. I adore this honeymoon fic! 

we’ll call this place our home by perennials, Gen, 2.2k
The Big Day approaches, and Viktor seeks advice from various members of the Katsuki family. I LOVE THIS

Always and Forever (Stay Close to Me-YOIWeek2017) by paxton1976, Mature, 5k
Battling nerves, Yuuri embarks on the greatest journey of his life with Viktor. LOVE!
crush - alykapedia - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Two-part series. The first story is a one shot; the second is a WIP with two chapters. The summary is from the first story, it doesn’t take a scientist:

On Wednesday, Yuri skates right in between Viktor and Mila and says, nonchalant. “When I grow up, I’m going to be Yuuri Katsuki’s second husband.”

Viktor chokes on his own spit.

“What happened to the first one?” Mila asks, amused.

“Nothing you can prove,” Yuri says, glancing meaningfully at a wide-eyed Viktor before skating away to the sound Mila’s laughter.

(Or: In which Yuri Plisetsky has a crush, Mila Babicheva is a terrible listener, Otabek Altin is an equally terrible advice-giver, and the only possible solution to his predicament is to kill Viktor Nikiforov and marry Yuuri Katsuki himself.)

Teen, No Archive Warnings Apply

My comment: Utterly adorable set of stories from Yuri P’s POV. Yurio is young and angry and suffering from a crush on Yuuri Katsuki, and has no idea what to do about it. Angry teen Yurio is my jam; this is excellent jam. The second story is two chapters in, set several years on (when Yurio is 18) and is clearly setting up to be Otayuri (though at this point, it’s unrequited only because we have no idea what Otabek is feeling). Even if you don’t ship Otayuri, though, read the first, which is the best sort of fun.

6/23/17 recs

Note: I have a new icon now, thanks to @nicaforov

1. And A Ghost Will Follow You Home by Yuripaws || Rated T, 29.4k

When Yuuri stumbles upon a magnificent and ominous mansion deep within the woods, the last thing he would ever expect is a warm welcome from a gracious Ghost Host.

Disney’s Haunted Mansion AU

  • This should have been yesterday’s list, but I published that one early. It’s a really long fic, but flows well throughout. The author does well in their descriptions of the setting and immersing us in Yuuri’s experience as well as Victor’s situation. I was genuinely torn at some points with the choice that had to be made. The backgrounds of everyone waas really interesting and added depth to the story. This isn’t just a love story, I’d like to say, but a story about a kind of redemption as well. 
  • *coughs* it’s hauntingly well-written. give it a try if you have time! 
  •  」( ̄▽ ̄」)!!!!

2. Systema Naturae by mr_dr_felicia || Rated M, 5.4k (WIP)

Viktor is a blood doctor with a flighty apprentice, an aloof manservant, and a poodle. One day, he finds a vampire.

  • A different take on a vampire au! It’s really promising so far, with the different roles everyone has. Since it’s only begun, I can only say that I look forward to how it unfolds ovo

3. if this be error by alykapedia || Rated T, 7.8k (WIP)

Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me prov’d,
I never writ, nor no man ever lov’d

Yuuri Katsuki wants nothing more than to retire back to the country and busy his days with managing his family’s declining finances. At twenty-three, he is facing his fifth season in society unmated and with no prospects in sight.

At least until Lord Viktor Nikiforov makes him an offer he would be foolish to refuse.

    • “It is a truth universally acknowledged that an unmated omega in possession of a not-inconsiderable dowry, is in want of an alpha.”
  • JFALKJDA;FJS;LA THE PRIDE AND PREJUDICE ECHOES. This isn’t a p&p au though, it’s a regency au, but still that first line had me right away. This has an absolutely delightful beginning, with background offered and hints of worldbuilding throughout. The interactions are lovely, the setup is lovely and just
  • just 
  • ♡✧( ु•⌄• ) super duper fucking recommended wip to follow
  • just read it oh my god (⌯⌅⌄⌅)

kinpatsu-san  asked:

Hey! I just wondered if you know any good victuuri fics where Victor or Yuuri is an author? I just read one with Yuuri as a famous one and it was so good that I would like to read similar ones.

Hi! Thanks for these requests! I love this AU!

(The gif was created by @nicaforov! Thank you so much!)

Author AU

how the mighty fall (in love) by braveten, Gen, 21k (WIP)
Every Victor Nikiforov fan has three things in common.
1. They have unrealistic expectations for romance.
2. They mark their calendars with the dates of his newest book releases and the premieres of his latest movie adaptations.
3. They either passionately hate or love his greatest rival, a mysterious author whose pseudonym is only two letters: “KY.” I’m… shook to the core I already love this fic so much!

Are you a library book? Because I can’t stop checking you out. by AriWrote, Teen, 9.3k (WIP)
Yuuri works at his family’s bookstore. Viktor is his favorite author. Somehow he doesn’t realize the cute stranger making eyes at in him in the self-help book section is his idol. Yuri just really wants a break. LOVE this!

more than three quarters by alykapedia, Teen, 5.3k (WIP)
The thing is, Yuuri never imagined that he’d end up as an author at twenty-four. Great fic so far!

Beside the Dancing Sea by lily_winterwood, MapleTreeway, Explicit, 186k
New York Times-bestselling author Viktor Nikiforov arrives in the sleepy seaside town of Torvill Cove to cure his writer’s block. After encountering local wallflower Yuuri Katsuki at a party, he discovers that this mysterious dark-haired man has a couple secrets up his sleeve. Amazing fic!

Unassuming by withoutwingsx, Teen, 7.2k
Where Yuuri is the author of a famous book series, but writes under a psuedonym, and Victor is possibly his biggest fan. Nothing like the man of your dreams complimenting your work without even knowing that you created it. It’s not like Yuuri can tell him… right? Thumbs up!

rekindling by fan_nerd, Mature, 9.1k
Victor stands on Yuuri’s doorstep in the pouring rain with a bouquet of flowers. It’s the middle of the night. The tall man is out of breath, soaking wet, and his eyes are red.
Yuuri sighs, letting his ex-boyfriend in like the sympathetic fool that Victor knows he is. “What are you doing here?” He hurries to catch his breath and reply, but his mouth is dry. Victor doesn’t exactly have an answer to that question. Slow burn!

of paperback novels and several loud screeching noises by katsusin, Teen, 6.1k (WIP)
Yuuri Katsuki: lonely bookstore owner
Victor Nikiforov: lonely author.
Phichit Chulanont: everybody’s favorite meddling best friend. Great fic!

Show by RavingRaven, Explicit, 1.4k
Yuri is very salty when he comes back to finish his work and realises it’s gone, and it’s Viktor’s fault. SPICY!

dear true love by cityboys, Teen, 36k (WIP)
Victor is a writer pretending to be on a break; Yuuri is a pianist pretending to not be on a break. They meet, somehow, in the backwaters of Saga Prefecture, Japan. Rec’d by a follower!

Victuuri Recs #6

Maelstrom by feelslikefire (NC-17, 43,6k)
Summary: Victor Nikiforov is poised to win gold in his fifth consecutive Grand Prix Final. He has the world at his feet, is unparalleled in the sport–right up until a snowstorm blows into Sochi, and he finds himself repeating the same day over and over and over. He stumbles over Yuuri Katsuki, and everything changes. (Or, the time loop au. Loosely based on Groundhog Day.) [Time Loop/Time Travel AU, *FAVORITE]

Victor Effing Nikiforov by shysweetthing (NC-17, 13,2k)
Summary: AU in which Yuuri still doesn’t remember the banquet, somehow doesn’t blow Japanese Nationals, runs into Victor at the World Championships, and has absolutely no idea why his idol is suddenly friendly and incredibly handsy.

Does Yuuri care about his reasons? No. It’s Victor Effing Nikiforov.

Basically this is an excuse for total fluff. And porn. And shit-talking with bonus smut. (Edited for accuracy.) Happy birthday, Victor.
Victor turned back to him, supernova smile in place once more. “I really, really like you. Promise you’ll still dance with me at the banquet if you take gold this time around.”

Yuuri stared at the man. He looked at their entwined hands—he hadn’t wanted to pull away—and their thighs, pressed together despite there being plenty of room in the backseat of the cab. That scent of Victor’s cologne—just a dab, lightly applied somewhere on his neck—swirled around him. This was too real to be a dream, too physical for him to have imagined it.

“I’m sorry,” Yuuri said slowly. “But…have we talked before?” [Canon Divergence AU]

i know my madness by astoryaboutwar (NC-17, 14k)
Summary: It’s hardly a secret that Victor Nikiforov is a massive player. (In which Yuuri doesn’t blow the Grand Prix Finals the first time round, does blow Victor, and everything changes but ends up the same.)

Right Off His Feet by EmilianaDarling (R, 7,4k)
Summary: One of Yuuri’s hands is sliding around his waist, guiding him effortlessly until they’re dancing together. Really dancing together, and Viktor forgets to think, to breathe. Yuuri’s so close that Viktor can feel the heat of his breath against the back of his neck, the warmth of his skin through his clothes.Then he closes his eyes, leans into the touch, and gives in completely as he lets Yuuri lead. [Missing Scene]

Six Kinds of Love by Frilly_Axolotl (NC-17, 13,4k, WIP, Warnings)
Summary: It’s almost funny how one night can change a person’s life forever.

They were caught and sold together over a year ago. Two Yuris for the price of one, the auctioneer said. But now their sadistic Masters seem to have angered the enigmatic Viktor Nikiforov, who is willing to take on another slave or two as compensation.

Yes, one night can change a person’s life forever. Perhaps that is not always a bad thing. [Kidnapping, Slavery!AU, WARNINGS - This is a much darker fic than I normally rec, but it’s incredibly well written. Just mind the warnings and take note that they heavy stuff is in the first few chapters, and the story turns into one of healing and recovery from there]

lovesick by Ironinkpen (PG, 2,7k)
Summary: “Did the doctor send you?” When Yuuri doesn’t reply fast enough, since he’s still gaping like a fish, he turns to Yuri. “Did the doctor send him? Because wow,” He drops his arm and presses his hand to his chest like the dramatic bastard he is. “You’ve got to be the prettiest man I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh my god,” Yuri groans. “Is he hitting on you?”

(In which Yuuri worries, Viktor’s on the good drugs, and Yuri puts up with a whole bunch of bullshit.)

a match worth waiting for by fan_nerd (NC-17, 17,8k, WIP Series)
Summary: a collection of fics centered around a/b/o dynamics. victor is an omega; yuuri is an alpha. [Omegaverse, Series, Not Complete]

A Fellow With a One-Track Mind by ken_ichijouji (dommific) (NC-17, 3,9k)
Summary: Victor decides in order to help Yuuri land quads more consistently, he should have some kind of reward system. (AKA the Victor strips every time Yuuri lands a quad fic.)

i think i was blind before i met you by incode (NC-17, 4,9k)
Summary: Victor has a thing for every new bit of Yuuri he sees. (It’s odd, when he thinks about it, how awkward he has historically been in everyday life in contrast with the way stepping onto the ice feels like fitting into a disguise, an alternate persona where he’s confident, alluring, captivating. Yuuri used to feel so invisible; Victor has made him blossom into someone present.)

Immaculate Dream, Made Breath and Skin by RC_McLachlan (NC-17, 2,8k)
Summary: Almost half his life has been spent training for the day that Victor Nikiforov takes him to bed, so when it finally happens after the Grand Prix Final, Yuuri’s prepared. More than prepared: he’s ready. No one’s ever touched him as a lover, sure, but there’s nothing that he hasn’t already dreamed about doing or having done to him to make anything that could happen a shock.

But apparently Victor’s sole purpose in life is to subvert all his expectations.

Life is a Series of Accidents by BrinThePuffling (R, 24,6k)
Summary: When Yuuri started college in America, he had a certain amount of expectations. Pretending to date his history TA was certainly not within that realm of expectations. Falling in love was even further outside his expectations. [Fake/Pretend Dating, College!AU, Ace!Yuuri]

silver by pageleaf (NC-17, 2,9k)
Summary: "Oh? You can’t kiss silver?“

Viktor makes a mock-horrified face. "Silver? No way!”

Ah. Yuuri recognizes this—Viktor getting into one of his bratty moods. Yuuri’s never really tried to do anything about it before, and eventually Viktor always tones it back down, but this time, Yuuri wonders…

He shrugs. “Well, I guess I just won’t be able to kiss you then.” [Dom/sub]

Distraction by SuggestiveScribe (NC-17, 7,9k)
Summary: "Yuuri, let’s not think about that,“ Viktor said, holding out his hands. Yuuri set his other skate aside. "You should take your mind off it; maybe seek a distraction–”


“–Anything to disengage from the nega–” Viktor stopped, blinking. “Wait, what?”

Yuuri rose back to his feet, moving to stand in front of Viktor. Emotion burned at the edge of his irises, and in the limited light his stare flashed more crimson than brown, “I said, ‘okay’.”

a day for all the rest by Etharei (NC-17, 6,2k)
Summary: Phichit clears his throat. “You, ah, might want to wear your scarf again.” He taps meaningfully at his own collarbone.

Victor touches the indicated spot on his neck. The skin is markedly sensitive. He presses down, unable to help himself, and the sweet little ache summons a sense-memory: strong fingers carding through his hair, then digging into his shoulder, powerful thighs like a vice around his hips, his name gasped into his ear before a hot mouth seals over the skin of his neck.

The day after the Cup of China.

Breathless by MilkTeaMiku (NC-17, 5k)
Summary: “Take whatever you want from me, Yuuri,” Victor urged. “Use me however you like. I’ll give you anything you want.”

After being in Russia for two months, Victor is eager to return to his mate and finally mark him. [Omegaverse]

Watch. by SuggestiveScribe (NC-17, 7,8k)
Summary: "You have pretty legs, Yuuri.“

You searched for: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov by Arumattie (PG, 8,2k)
Summary: Having discovered the ice skating fandom, Victor takes a keen interest in the fictional love lives of himself and his fellow skaters.

That said, he’s quick to pick a favorite ship.

We Share a Common Interest by autoeuphoric (FreezingRayne) (NC-17, 2,9k)
Summary: Yuuri lets the music fill him up, feeling Viktor’s attention prickle over his skin. The flames remind him of the sweeping lights in an exhibition skate, and Viktor’s gaze reminds him of the Grand Prix. But dancing this close–he doesn’t remember that. It’s completely new.

(Yuuri and Viktor revisit the time they met)

Hooked On Your Love by EllaWinchester24 (NC-17, 5,3k)
Summary: Yuri is whining, rutting against the mattress, nose buried in Victor’s shirt. His lithe body is naked, every beautiful inch on display for Victor to feast his eyes on.

Which is… not what he should be doing, fuck.
The one where Omega!Yuri gets his heat in Russia and alpha!Victor discovers exactly how much his mate likes it when he praises him. Basically, me indulging myself with some smut and fluff. [Omegaverse]

 be the salt on your skin by alykapedia (NC-17, 2,2k)
Summary: Yuuri’s heat arrives two weeks after Viktor shows up. (Or: the five times Katsuki Yuuri spent his heats alone, and the one time he didn’t (and never would again). [Omegaverse]

Unimaginable by emilyenrose (PG, 4,8k)
Summary: Sixteen year old Victor spontaneously travels to the future, where he’s… retired? And married? [Time Travel AU]

all come praise the infanta by pearl_o (PG, 1,2k)
Summary: One week after Victor announces he won’t be competing next season, he posts to his Instagram account a photograph of an impossibly tiny onesie and a small stuffed poodle lying atop a comforter. [Kidfic]

turntables by exocara (PG, 4,3k)
Summary: It happens approximately one week after Yuuri’s disastrous performance in Sochi.

Viktor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
I wish I could date pretty black haired boys who dance well.

“Ooh, the candidates are already flooding in!” Phichit says with an amused grin.

“Candidates?” Yuuri asks and Phichit helps Yuuri scroll down to read the replies. Most of them are variants of “date me!” with pictures attached. It’s all very interesting.

“You should send one too!” Phichit says and Yuuri doesn’t even bother answering him. “Look, I’ll send one if you send one. It’ll be fun!” [Canon Divergence AU]

Shut up and let me hold you by shysweetthing (R, 2,4k)
Summary: “How can you tell me to return to the ice while saying you’re retiring?” As Victor spoke, his anger flared into something just a little darker. Something just a little possessive, and Yuuri was usually the possessive one between them. Victor found himself closing the distance between them, grabbing hold of Yuuri’s leg. Yuuri shrank back—a centimeter—but Victor followed. Their noses brushed. Their lips were so close that when Victor spoke, it was almost a kiss.

“Yuuri, how am I supposed to skate my heart out when you are my heart?”

Stupidly Happy With You by qwartooty (PG-13, 2,9k)
Summary: “You have that stupid look on your face again,” Yurio said, skating up to where Viktor was watching Yuuri.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Viktor said, putting on a very deliberate frown.

“Face it- Katsudon is sucking the cool right out of you.”

“He’s not sucking anything out of me.”

“Ohoho?” Phichit glided by them with a gleefully scandalized look on his face.
(post episode 9 - in which Yurio means well, Viktor loses his cool, and Yuuri helps him find it)
(oh, and Phichit is a little shit)

Deluded by SuggestiveScribe (PG-13, 3,4k)
Summary: “Say Yuuri,” he began, gently brushing off the legs of his slacks, “do you know much ballroom?”

“Uhm, well,” Yuuri was wringing his hands now, suddenly overflowing with anxious energy, “Just the very basics that helped with skating. It was mostly ballet for m–”

Viktor extended his hand where he stood, arm and fingers outstretched and beckoning to Yuuri, “Then you know how to waltz.”
if this be error - alykapedia [WIP]
By Organization for Transformative Works

Pairing: Victor/Yuuri 💕
Author: alykapedia
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 7000 for now!
Summary: Yuuri Katsuki wants nothing more than to retire back to the country and busy his days with managing his family’s declining finances. At twenty-three, he is facing his fifth season in society unmated and with no prospects in sight.

At least until Lord Viktor Nikiforov makes him an offer he would be foolish to refuse.

I’m thinking: 😲😲😲 How is my Yuuri this dense… Surely he should know what a catch he is. But it’s okay! I come in to offer him marriage, because of course I would! No requirements of a gold medal here, even. Will my Yuuri say yes?! I can’t wait!! 😭

YOI Fan Rec Friday

Hi! Thanks for all your recs! A few things to mention this week:

1. I randomly select 20-25 fics to put on this list each week to keep the list manageable! If you don’t see your rec on here, please send it in again! Tumblr also eats asks, so please send in your rec again if you don’t see it!
2. Please look at my guidelines before recommending fics! I will not put fics on the list that violate my guidelines. This is to keep my blog a safe place for anyone and everyone! You can check out my guidelines here.

Without further ado, here are the recommendations this week!

Rec’d by @sacchariwrites :
I Want It All by venoms, Teen, 5k (WIP)
When Katsuki Yuuri misses the podium by half a point and finds himself in fourth place during the 2015 Grand Prix Final, he is ready to give up, but Yakov Feltsman sees something in him and offers to coach him the following season in Russia alongside his idol, Viktor Nikiforov and Yuri Plisetsky, whose next season is his senior debut.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Whenever I Fall at Your Feet by thesleepingsatellite, Explicit, 4.8k
Victor would have been lying if he’d said he didn’t find feet erotic. Feet were the primary tools of his and Yuuri’s profession, the instruments they used to dance across the ice, the supporting foundation of their performances. They were simultaneously punished and treasured. Finally, Yuuri was allowing him to cherish his feet the way that Victor had wanted to for months.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous and anonymous:
if this city will bloom by RennieOnIceCream (Hitsugi_Zirkus), Gen, 8.9k
The story where Viktor accidentally brings home a cherry blossom spirit from Japan, and his life and heart are turned upside-down.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by @mixberkaan :
The Rules For Lovers by ADreamingSongbird, Teen, 128k (WIP)
Prince Yuuri Katsuki has a duty to his country, above all else (his desires, his dreams, and his happiness included), and he knows this alliance will help to ensure the safety of his people. That’s the only reason he accepts Prince Nikiforov’s hand in marriage. The pleasant surprise, of course, is the part where they fall in love along the way. The unpleasant one, well…That’s a long story.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous and anonymous:
Love and Gelato by flowercrownyuri (elevensong), Teen, 7.6k
Victor’s life consists of three things: taking classes at the local university, figure skating on the weekends, and working at a florist shop downtown. After years upon years of monotony, he’s convinced that nothing can take him by surprise anymore. However, when a new employee begins working at Celestino’s, a gelato shop across the road, Victor’s immediately intrigued. 

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Just Hold On (We’re Going Home) by kiaronna, Teen, 10k (WIP)
Where Yuuri remembers the banquet, Viktor forgets, and Yakov Feltsman has his own plans.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous and anonymous:
A Political Affair by ChibiFoxx, Mature, 85k (WIP)
As a young Omega, Yuuri had wanted nothing more than to be able to live freely and pursue his dreams. But with the crushing reality of having an Alpha-dominated government, Omegas were forced to live the life society wanted them to have, even if it meant selling their lives to an Alpha suitor at a young age.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
I can be your devil or your angel, baby by hinatella, Teen, 5.1k
Yuuri Katsuki didn’t ask for any of this, and he’s starting to question all of his life choices that lead up to this cursed moment.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
do something pretty (while you can) by renaissance, Teen, 14k (WIP)
Everything is going wrong, and it’s all Viktor’s fault. It all started when he got Christophe involved. That was a mistake. But no, it started before then. It started with Georgi and Anya. Even earlier, it started with one small victory that gave Viktor a lot of big ideas. It started when Lilia arrived with her ballet students on the very first day of term. Really, if Viktor’s being honest, it started the moment he met Yuuri.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
you think my bruised knees are sort of pretty by fireblazie, Teen, 4.7k (WIP)
In which Yuuri gets drunk at a con, earns the nickname Cake Boy, and promptly forgets all about it.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by @sentwithcitation :
The Boy Who Watched by Rosie_Rues, Teen, 12k
In which Victor pines, everybody drinks too much, and Yakov deserves a sainthood for putting up with these idiots. Basically, it’s a decade’s worth of near misses, misunderstandings, and pure obliviousness.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
you are the best thing that’s ever been mine by JMonCheri, Mature, 4.9k (WIP)
Wherein famous actors Yuuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov are forced to fake a relationship for mere reasons such as fame, money, and for teenage girls to make thesis long rants about them on Tumblr. A pact is made, then things snowball into a complete mess, and ya’ll already get the idea where this is going…

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by @dragondoodle0268 :
Painting by Homosexualrussian, TwinDragons0268, Teen, 1.3k (WIP)
After Victor Nikiforov settles into his comfy new Barcelona apartment while taking a break from skating, he goes to many new places, he experiences many new experiences. However, out of all of them, his favorite hang-outs is the art gallery near his residence (as he goes nearly every day). Everyone there knows him by name, he knows each painting, sculpture, collage by heart, but after an overly angry guest leaves, Victor slowly begins to discover that change can be for the better.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
will lose my desire for you (never my love) by ken_ichijouji (dommific), Mature, 16k ***Major Character Death
Victor is ten when he leaves home to fine tune his alchemy, nineteen when he meets Katsuki Yuuri, twenty when he becomes a State Alchemist and a husband, and twenty-two when a teen named Yuri Plisetsky begins to report to him. 

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
That April (you were knowable) by llythl, Teen, 10k (WIP)
“He said there were dead bodies buried beneath the tree,” Victor explains, eyes wide. Yuuri remembers his sister telling him in passing that Victor could not be more typical as a tourist - possessing a charming naivete that was really only charming when it was not doing any harm.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by @flyingsuits-blog-blog
You Have Witchcraft in Your Lips by RememberingEmbers, Teen, 4.8k
Victor falls in love with the new cheesecake-on-a-stick vendor at the Renaissance Faire.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Fontaine de jouvence by EdosianOrchid, Teen, 4.7k
Maybe he should have chosen a different place to spend his eternity, calmer and less eccentric than San Junipero but Yuuri has promised himself that he will overcome his anxiety to catch up here all the missed opportunities from his previous life. Besides, it is what his best friend Phichit would have wanted for him.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
more than three quarters by alykapedia, Teen, 9.8k (WIP)
“No fair, I wanted to do a review for your new book too!”
Pulling the phone away from his ear, Yuuri Katsuki—New York Times best-selling author and winner of the Akutagawa and Naoki Prizes—squinted at the screen bearing his best friend’s grinning face. 

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Take Hold by LavenderProse, Mature, 20k
“I believe…” Yuuri says, pensive. “I believe that when you’re connected to another person so closely that you share a soul, it’s stupid to think that you wouldn’t feel it. How can you not recognize part of yourself when they’re standing right in front of you?” / “That's…I…yes.” Viktor tries to untie his tongue, mouth suddenly arid. “You—I think you would know, yes.” / Yuuri skates onto the ice and Viktor’s soul screams after him, Do you know? Can you see me? I’m here, I’m here.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
I’ll be loving you for quite some time by Singittome, Teen, 1.8k
Twenty-eight little stories from Saint Petersburg.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
i never could’ve asked for more by flowerbolt, Explicit, 3.1k (WIP)
It’s like having a genie in a lamp.Or such were the tales on the worn-out books he used to have as a child, anyway. Always containing a wondrous spell he never quite understood—though it seems a little unfair on him to have to give something in return, and inevitably even less fair on his benefactor to not have a wish limit in the first place.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Cherry Wood and Golden Robes by Skowronek, Not Rated, 8k (WIP)
When the up-and coming Japanese wizard Yuuri Katsuki arrives in Sochi for his most important duelling competition so far, he expects to flub his duel, embarrass himself, and panic. He doesn’t expect to exceed his own expectations and gain a rival in the process.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
The Force Is Strong in My Family by explanationintime, Teen, 1.8k
“The force is strong in my family. My father has it, I have it, and…my brother has it.”

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by @hystericblue:
Found Myself in a House I’ve Never Been Before by QueenofFennoscandia, Mature, 9.4k (WIP)
Yuuri was almost sure that this was reality. His favorite tea blend could be found in the kitchen cabinet on left, and the teapot was on the top shelf, exactly as he favored. Two important thoughts went through his head. Could he even skate anymore, and more importantly, did any of the people he knew exist?

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Unsinkable by terra_incognita, Teen, 18k (WIP)
Victor is a wealthy heir with a lonely soul. Yuuri is a poor dancer with a tender heart. The deck of the Titanic might be a very romantic place to meet your one true love, but it’s not exactly a fortuitous one.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by @exile-wrath :
On Our High Horses by Bad_Wolf, Teen, 11k (WIP)
Sara Crispino loves her job, riding the broad flats and hills of her adopted planet on her beloved horse. She doesn’t have to talk to anyone for days, just the cows and horses she herds. Usually the only other person she interacts with is the landowner of half the planet, Yurui Katsuki, and he’s just plain shy. Sara would have been happy to go on like that, one day flowing into the next, seamless and unvaried; except when a group of uppity nobles decide to invest money into the Katsukis’ business. Now while Yuuri is off schmoozing the money, Sara has to play host to an infuriating rich lady who wouldn’t know hard work if it bit her in the ass.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by @nagoyadelay :
Setting Sun by LittleLostStar, Explicit, 52k (WIP)
With the world watching their every move, Victor and Yuuri begin trading lyrics in a secret conversation; from playful rivalry to intense seduction, through Savage Garden and San Fermin, their virtual affair unfolds, hidden in plain sight. But the Grand Prix approaches, bringing with it newfound opportunities for Yuuri’s career, and his new life hinges on two things: winning the gold, and staying away from Victor.

Thank you for all your recs! ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

The amazing “YOI Fan Rec Friday” banner was created by @omgkatsudonplease! I love them a lot, check out their blog!

forochel  asked:

dear god, a post of yours drifted across my dash & I decided to check this blog out...& holy crap if your blog were a fic I'd be slamming the kudos button so hard right now. this is so much effort; how do you find the time/energy??? & also yes good def check my bro alykapedia out she writes v compelling and light-hearted easy reading

Thank you! Well, when I first created this blog I intended it to be some blog where I wax poetic about some of the authors I really like…but then I thought why not make it a full author recs sort of blog??

Managing the blog is not tiring… in fact I enjoy it a lot! As for time, well, my classes are only half day and so long I’m not busy studying and doing chores, I have plenty of time.

And yes, I have checked out Alykapedia. I especially enjoy her More than Three Quarters fic but I don’t think she’s updated it recently… I’ve subscribed to it some time ago but I haven’t been receiving any notifs in my e-mail. I really look forward to reading more of it,
rouge my knees and roll my stockings down - alykapedia - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Victor Nikiforov
Additional Tags: NSFW Victuuri week 2017, Day 2: Clothes, Day 3: Roleplay, Alternate Universe - Regency, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Wall Sex, Knotting
Series: Part 2 of an ever-fixed mark

“It’s just that only whores wear the knot in front,” Yuuri says, stepping in close to breathe in Viktor’s intoxicating scent before peering up at him through lowered lashes and affecting an accent he’s heard during one of his and Phichit’s ill-advised jaunts to Covent Garden. “Did you want me to be your whore, milord?”

(Or: A morning well-spent with Lord Nikiforov and his expensive whore.)

oh MAN, this is done! I MADE IT!! For Days 2 & 3 of NSFW Victuuri Week.
play me and put me away - alykapedia - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov, Christophe Giacometti/Katsuki Yuuri, Katsuki Yuuri/Other(s)
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Christophe Giacometti, Victor Nikiforov, Katsuki Mari, and a bunch of other people who had their worlds rocked and heart broken by Yuuri Katsuki
Additional Tags: NSFW Victuuri week 2017, Day 1: Exploration, 4 + 1 fic, Katsuki Yuuri: Actual Heartbreaker, Semi-Public Sex, Oral Sex, Frottage

Yuuri’s only ever wanted one person.

(Or five four wall kisses to forget and one to remember.)

my SUPER late entry for Day 1: Exploration of NSFW Victuuri Week /sobs
more than three quarters - Chapter 5 - alykapedia - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works


In this installment: we meet internet sensation, Phichit Chulanont, and Viktor’s ULTIMATE LOVE RIVALLLLLL, Yuri Plisetsky!!! (and his tiny BFF Beka, who has like…one line. SORRY BB I RAN OUT OF WORDS FOR U)
Limited Edition Box Set Extras - Chapter 1 - alykapedia - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Katsuki Mari, Okukawa Minako, Nishigori Yuuko, Katsuki Hiroko
Series: Part 2 of On Ice Trilogy: Limited Edition Box Set




source: nikoushi-5ever #On Ice #I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED

(Bits and bobs inspired by more than three quarters)

SO. UH. I did a thing.

Partly inspired by the deluge of merch the YOI team keeps springing on us HAHAHA. 

I have a bunch of these planned out?? But I’m open for suggestions so if you happen to want to know about Viktor and his army of kindly babushkas, or that time Viktor babysat an 11-year-old Mila, you can go send an ask and I will try to write a drabble as long as it’s not terribly spoiler-y.